Slave Harem – 068 – Jealousy

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I went to the slave traders business in Vale and picked up Sherry’s maid cloths.
I am introduced to a new slave while I’m there.

An 18 year old woman from the wolf tribe. She’s quite cute.
Her hair is a little scruffy, and her skin complexion is a little bad, but there probably wouldn’t be any problems after a little polishing.
If this were a school, I’d compare her to the one or two students in each class that stood out.
When I was in Japan, it’s a level I’d take notice of.

However, things have changed.
Now that I have Roxanne and Sherry, I’m not interested.
You could say that I graduated and calmed down, or maybe that I’m used to a higher level of luxury?

Roxanne and Sherry will be waiting for me when I return home.
I don’t need to be greedy.

A party is six people.
I should choose them carefully.
I can choose more than five people, but it wouldn’t be worthwhile.
Five is the most effective amount.

“What do you think? She can’t speak Brahim yet, but I’ll be happy to sell her to you after she’s learnt it.”
“I’ll pass this time, though she isn’t bad.”
“I understand.”

That discussion is finished, and I declined Alan, the slave trader’s offer.
I don’t have enough money anyway, so there’s no helping it.
I changed the topic quickly.

“Can I leave a will for Sherry?”
“Sure, what kind of will?”
“I’d like to free Sherry when I die.”
“The change in the will comes to 300 nars, is that fine?”

I’ll make a will for Sherry.
Since I only asked for one thing this time, the 30% discount doesn’t work.
I pay three silver coins.

“That’s fine.”
“Then, please hold out your left arm.”

It seems that the intelligence card is used to leave a will.
The slave trader pulls out my intelligence card and does something to it.
I check it after he’s done.

Kaga Michio| 17 year old male| Freeman
Owner of Slaves: Roxanne, and Sherry (releasing on death).

The will seems to be displayed on the intelligence card.
Saying that I’m releasing someone, and then not releasing them would be difficult.
Well, there’s no problem if I don’t show slaves my intelligence card.

“I’ll give you this as well.”

After he finished with my intelligence card, the slave trader passed me something.
It’s papyrus.
It’s folded with a wax seal on the center.

“What’s this?”
“It’s a letter of introduction to the slave trader in the Imperial Capital. Though they won’t have a Master Smith, it’s still good to stop by at least once.”

The Master Smith is already unnecessary.
There doesn’t seem to be any slaves that stand out here anymore.
After I’ve built up my money, I’ll go.

I returned home with the case of maid cloths.
I passed the case to Sherry.

“Some cloths for Sherry. Put them away in the wardrobe.”
“May I put them on?”
“That’s fine, it might be good.”

I nod. Sherry looks at me once, then goes to the corner of the room.
She starts taking her cloths off.

You’re changing your cloths here?
Well, there’s no need to be modest changing cloths.
Not anymore.

Since I always see, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
Well, there’s not that many times that I can watch it so clearly.
Her slight bashfulness is nice.

“Um, can I wear mine too?”

While I was enjoying the sight, Roxanne interrupted me.
When I approve it, she leaves the room.

“While you were out we received a message from Luke. He’s made a successful bid on a green caterpillar monster card.”

Sherry speaks while she changes her cloths.

“Ah, the green caterpillar monster card.”
“Yes, with the substitute skill.”

It’s finally come?
I said it was fine if it was a little high, so it’s natural to get it soon.

“That’s all we need for the Misanga?”
“Yes, and it seems that a green caterpillar monster card cannot be fused with a weapon, or with a kobold monster card.”
“So there’s only the substitute skill?”
“Yes. The winning bid was 4,300 nars. The previous time it went for 3,900 nars, so the difference isn’t much.”

Sherry explains as she puts on the maid cloths.
She opens the buttons from the bottom.
The buttons on the maid cloths go up the back.

“That’s good. I’d complain if it was too high.”

I move around behind Sherry to help out.

“Thank you. They are quite smart, they’ve likely charged the very limit of the amount you’d pay before complaining.”

They’ve made a guess at how much they can get from me.

Roxanne comes back with her maid cloths.
She opens the buttons on her maid cloths.
Why is Roxanne changing here?

There are no bra’s in this world.
In other words, everything is exposed the moment Roxanne starts to remove cloths.

They jiggle and bounce with the movement of undressing.
Soft, elastic, white fruit jiggles beautifully.
They swing like they are blowing in the wing.

So powerful.
Soon Roxanne puts the big things away.

“…Roxanne’s are big.”
“Ah, Roxanne, I’ll do up your buttons as well.”
“Thank you, Master.”

I moved to Roxanne’s back.
How should I comment on Sherry?

“Sherry, that suits you well. Your small stature is cute in it.”
“Thank you.”

Sherry’s beauty is like a doll in maid cloths.
The charm of Roxanne’s maid cloths is a more sensual womanly impression.
I love both of them.

The maid cloths are good things.
They emphasize their feminine charms.


After I do up the buttons, Roxanne turns around.
“What about my cloths?”
“Of course, you look really good.”
“Thank you. Oh, and…”

She looks away a little awkwardly.

“What’s wrong?”
“Can you carry me like this?”

I don’t need to respond.
I lift Roxanne with both arms.
She’s rather light, and has a soft warm feeling.

Where should I carry her?
It’s obvious.

“Wait a moment Sherry, and I’ll carry you as well.”

I carry Roxanne to the bedroom.
TN: Scene change, goooooo!

Lack of sleep.
Last night I enjoyed the full service of two maids.

A maid serving me from the right, and a maid serving me from the left.
I fully enjoyed the service of the two maids showering me in affection.
Afterwards, we had a late dinner, followed by enjoying the path of the Sex Maniac some more.

Probably since it’s my routine, I wake up in the morning at the same time as always.
My sleeping time probably wasn’t enough.

I’m worried about going to the Labyrinth with lack of sleep.
I consider it, but it wouldn’t be good to enter with a tired body that’s slower than usual.
My health is alright.
My sleep was insufficient though.

I check on Roxanne and Sherry, but both of them seemed to be alright.
I could give a reason for not going, but I decide to go after all.
I’ll just have to pay careful attention while hunting demons.

NT Ant is easily defeated with three spells. It seems things are alright?
We moved through Vale Labyrinth’s ninth floor, and found a small room.

“Master, a treasure chest.”

When we enter the small room, there’s a small mound in the center.
A treasure chest.
It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen one.

“Wait, wait, wait.”

The young mustn’t be impatient.
Roxanne had pierced it with her scimitar, and pulls back panicking.
Don’t rush in immediately.
Your allowed to do things immediately in bed though.

Does Roxanne have lack of sleep too?
There’s a chance it’s a mimic.
I should prepare carefully.

I put the wand away, and pull out Durandal.
After I take a stance, I give Roxanne a nod.

“There isn’t much chance of having a mimic boss on the lower floors.”
“Yes. It doesn’t seem to appear on the 11th or lower floors. It’s possibly because there aren’t many treasure chests on the lower floors. It’s the 12th or higher floors that sometimes have a chance of a mimic boss.”

Does the floor boss come out from a mimic?

Roxanne thrusts the scimitar while Sherry explains it.
The floor is cut open.
A silver coin comes out.

“Master, a silver coin.”

In total, there were 13 silver coins. 1,300 nars.
It’s a nice small sum of money.
Won’t more come out?
Well, that’s expected for a lower floor.

Treasure chests contain equipment, or things from the item box of people who died in the labyrinth.
13 coins, is the previous owner a Lv13 Explorer?
I give a small prayer to the previous owner, and then receive the coins from Roxanne.

“I’ll use my sword to fight for a while.”

I’ve used a fair bit of MP, so I’ll use Durandal to recover since I already have it out.
We leave the small room, and Roxanne leads our exploration.

Roxanne guides us.
She guides us to a place with four NT Ants.
A group.

“Here they come.”
“I’m going in.”

First I swing Durandal at the left NT Ant.
I parry an attack from the ant and then swing my sword again.
The NT Ant on the left is defeated. Sherry is fighting the next one.
I sneak around behind it and attack it.

Under the center NT Ant, an orange magic formation appears.
The skill.
NT Ant has a skill that shoots poison.
It seems quite dangerous.

Turning, I extend my body and arm towards the central NT Ant and swing Durandal.
It’s a really bad posture, but it’s unavoidable.
Durandal cancels the demons skill with [incantation interruption].
There is no poison.

I’m relieved, but I feel pain.
There’s a blow to my right thigh.
The NT Ant that I left behind attacked me.

I feel the impact to my thigh through my whole body.
It’s quite a shock.
Even with [Plating] it’s this strong?
It doesn’t look bad, but it feels horrible.

My heart strains from the shock.
It’s more shock than pain.
It’s like someone grabbed my heart.


Sherry and Roxanne seem to be saying something, but I can’t hear it well.
This is dangerous.
I don’t think it was that big an attack, but was it?
I swing Durandal to my left and absorb some HP.

However, I don’t feel like I recovered at all.
I start to break out in a sweat.
It feels like the shock is getting bigger.

I clutch my chest.
I collapse down onto my knees.
It’s hard to endure the pain.

Even my head feels like it’s been hit by a major earthquake.
My trembling doesn’t stop.
I can’t think. I’m starting to feel delirious and have a temperature.


Sherry comes forward and says something.
I can’t understand what she’s saying anymore.
All my nerves are under fire from the shock.
I can’t think about anyone else.

Sherry’s face approaches me. Why?
Her lips are pressed against mine.
Sherry’s tongue moves & enters my mouth.
What are you doing during combat?

I accept her, even though I don’t understand the reason.
I open my mouth and let her in.
A soft, gentle tongue.
Something rolls from the tongue.

Something replaced her tongue.
The thing which rolled in is obstructing my mouth.
I swallowed it to remove the obstruction.
After that, I stuck to Sherry’s mouth.

I twirled around Sherry’s tongue, that entered my mouth again.
Twirling, clinging, and sucking.
Sherry’s tongue tastes like I’ve forgotten everything.
Entwining my tongue with Sherry’s, it feels like I’m forgetting the impact.

Actually, the shock seems to be going.
Sherry’s kiss is acting like a tranquilizer.

The shock is really decreasing.
The burden on my whole body is leaving.
The pain leaves, the dullness leaves, and the cloud over my mind clears up.
It feels like my heart has been released by whatever was grabbing it.

The burning is gone.
The trembling has stopped.
My thoughts are back.

What was that?
What happened?

“Are you alright?”

Sherry asks, as she separates her mouth from mine.

“Oh… yes.”
“I fed you the antidote pill. It seems you were poisoned by the NT Ant.”

I was poisoned?
So it was poison.

I was poisoned.
It came from the attack by the NT Ant.
The shock was due to the poison.

It was a tremendous shock.
It was a terrifying shock.
I’d surely die if I was left like that.

This is bad. This isn’t the time to think about it.
My mind is clear.
We are still in combat.
Two NT Ant’s are left.

Looking at my surroundings, Roxanne is fighting the other two.
She’s dodging them perfectly.
I attack the nearest demon with Durandal.

I cut it from the side, since it’s facing Roxanne.
With each blow, the remaining burden on my body lifts.
The damage done by the poison is being recovered by [HP absorption].

They aren’t a problem if I beat them with Durandal.
The remaining NT Ant’s are beaten straight away.

“Master, are you alright?”
“I’m alright, sorry about that. I’ve caused you to worry, Roxanne. Lets go back to the small room we were in a little while ago.”

I don’t think there is a problem, but I should confirm my physical condition.
We pick up the [Sting]’s, and return to the small room with the treasure chest.

“It’s safe here.”
“I was saved. It’s thanks to both of you. Roxanne kept the demons busy, while Sherry gave me treatment. Thank you, thank you both very much.”

I wasn’t able to deal with the poison at all, probably because it was my first time.
I didn’t even realize it was poison, and didn’t think of taking the antidote.
The poison would definitely have been dangerous if I was alone.
The labyrinth is a terrifying place.

“Thank you. We did what was natural.”
Roxanne puffs up her chest with pride, while Sherry turns away embarrassed.
She had to transfer it mouth to mouth.
This is a different embarrassment to kissing.

“But, I wanted to do it as well, and Sherry’s done it twice now.”

Roxanne mutters in a quiet voice.
Ah. Previously when Sherry was out of MP, I fed her medicine mouth to mouth.
This is the second time.

“Do you want some water? Get out your cups.”

I take a small tub from the rucksack.
I get some water with a [Water wall].

“I’m still a bit sore, can you give me some water with mouth to mouth?”

I asked Roxanne, and she raised a cup up in front of her chest.

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