Slave Harem – 070 – Mirror

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I went back from Palmasque’s Adventurer Guild to Zabir’s myself.
Normally, they would immediately gather customers for next trip, but the adventurer who brought me to Palmasque was not doing so.
Because of break.

My MP decreased so much that it could clearly be felt.
Zabir is closer to Palmasque than Quratar.
That being the case, moving between Palmasque and Quratar via Zabir seems a daunting task.
Even more daunting, however, is moving between Palmasque and Quratar directly.
I must also take my party into account.

“How much does a Palmasque Mirror cost?”

I ask the adventurer stationed at Zabir.

“Palmasque Mirror? Depends on its size.”
“About this long.”

I use both my hands to show him the size — from top of my head down to my chest.

“From forty to fifty silver coins to as much as a gold coin. Prices of decorated ones are sky high. If you can go to a workshop in Palmasque, however, you can get it for a little cheaper.”

The adventurer replies.
I have no idea what decorated mirrors are like. It must be decorated on the rim, otherwise, it would difficult to use if it were decorated on the surface.

I form party with Roxanne and Sherry again, and move to a corner of the guild.

“Sherry, open your Item Box.”

I ask Sherry to open her Item Box, and hand her some silver coins.
Because one column (x10) is reserved for Antidote, there are nine columns (x10) still free.
I hand both Roxanne and Sherry a silver coin in respect of entry toll.

“We’ll go to Palmasque now. You’ll be buying a mirror there. Don’t buy decorated, but the plain one. Its price should not exceed the coins I gave you. Entry toll is one silver coin.”
“Are you not going with us?”
“Yeah, kinda.”

Since there’ll be verification of Intelligence Card outside the guild, they’ll find out that I’m not an adventurer. Therefore, I’ll be staying inside.
So, I’ll leave the shopping to these two.

“I understand.”
“How much time will it take? One hour? Return to the adventurer guild in an hour. If you can’t find a mirror, come back immediately.”

I can’t stay in Palmasque’s Adventurer Guild for long, or I may look suspicious.
I should better leave for somewhere else.
I’ll get bored of waiting too.
If you’re in a party, you can figure out general direction of the party members.

I Warp us through the wall of Zabir’s Adventurer Guild to Palmasque’s.
My MP is really low now.
It decreased more now than it did when I returned from Palmasque earlier.

It decreased.
It decreased considerably.
It decreased completely.

Consumption of MP increases with the number of party members after all.
There’s another possibility that the consumption is more when going eastward.
Even more likely possibility is that my ability is not adequate.

“We will proceed then.”

I almost went out of the guild with Roxanne and Sherry subconsciously.
I know.
It’s because my MP is really low at the moment.

I first went from Vale to Zabir, and then moved between Zabir and Palmasque twice.
I have used up most of my MP.
I consume a Mana Pill after parting with those two.
I look like a good-for-nothing husband whose wife has left him.

Those two get their Intelligence Cards verified, pay the entry toll, and wave at me.
Even slaves are allowed entry into Palmasque, it seems.
Well, the adventurer who brought me here said that anyone is free to enter the town.

There’s no reason for those two to come back to me.
There isn’t any.
No reason whatsoever.
There isn’t any, is there?

Because they hate me, they would seek refuge to Palmasque.
I’m afraid that may be so.
There is no reason for Roxanne and Sherry to follow me forever.
Roxanne mentioned earlier about switching masters.

I know I’m not an able master because I don’t know anything about this world.
I even think of running away from unfavorable situations.
They would lose all respect for such a master, of course.
I’m useless.

I’m overwhelmed with negative thoughts.
I take another pill.

So wasteful.
But I have to replenish my MP.

My mind is clear now.
Now that I’m calm, I know there’s no reason for them to not come back.
I have faith in both Roxanne and Sherry.
There’s no problem.

Having calmed down, I exhale deeply, and take a look outside.
The view of Palmasque from inside the guild is pretty exotic.
It feels artificial. Tall white buildings are lined up.
With few small white buildings here and there.

All the buildings are white probably due to protective cement.
It’s quite different from the Imperial Capital and Quratar. Actually, there’s nothing like it even in Japan.
The closest to it I can think of is that greek city off Aegean Sea.
It feels like an oasis in a desert.

Although I say that, there’s no trace of green in this town.
No trees. No forest.
But that doesn’t mean it’s a desert.
There’s weed growing in vacant spaces between buildings.

It felt strange, but then I realize.
Were all the trees cut?
If there’s a large tree, Field Walk can be used.
Because they used protective cement on all the buildings, they couldn’t leave the trees out there.

I have no idea what their reason in doing this may be.

Well, I can use Warp even through protective cement.
But that doesn’t mean I’ll go as far as using it.
What if I get found out?
I can probably do that in the dark of night, but surely not in broad daylight.

I wait till I was completely calm, and then go to Vale’s labyrinth.
I must test whether I can Warp without any problem.

My MP decreased considerably yet again.
It won’t be exaggeration if I say it was completely out.
So, the consumption of MP is high when going westward just as well.
Distance is what matters.

I can definitely not make a return trip as I am.
And one way trip is no good either.
I wonder whether MP becomes negative if decreased beyond limit.
It’s possible.
I recover my MP in Vale’s labyrinth using Durandal.
After that, I return to Zabir’s Adventurer Guild.
It is necessary to establish a rest stop somewhere on route to Palmasque.

“Is there any labyrinth around here?”

I ask the stationed adventurer.

“Err… what kind of labyrinth are you looking for?”
“I have no particular preference. Whichever is closest.”
“Closest one, alright. Go via eastern exit and head straight. It’s not under the management of explorers, but there’s a way from here because many people go there from the guild. The road is branched up midway. Take left, you’ll find the labyrinth. It’s close, you can walk to it if you can’t use Field Walk.”

I thought I would have to use two silver coins for Field Walk, but the labyrinth seems to be nearby.
Is it same as Vale’s labyrinth, that is right next to city walls?

He could advise me to use Field Walk service, and I would have to spend two silver coins. But he didn’t.
He’s not crafty.
He’s honest.
I thank him, and leave the adventurer guild.

Zabir is rather serene.
Red bricks and greenery go along quite well.
In total contrast of Palmasque’s white buildings and absence of trees.
But I may be wrong in judging only by the appearance.

City walls made of reddish brown bricks look splendid.
About three meters high.
There’s a small gate on the side.
About a meter wide, single swing gate.

Above the gate is a turret.
The gate-keeper seems to be there.
I may have to crouch if I am to go through this gate.
It looks more like a back-door than a gate.

Past the gate is a field, which turns into a forest.
The forest isn’t dense. Groves of the trees aren’t spread far. There are many openings.
Inside the forest are trails left by people.
Is this perhaps the way the adventurer in the guild was talking about?

After walking for about five minutes, I’m standing in front of the labyrinth.
There’s no one at the entrance.
Is this what he meant when he said that it’s not under the management of explorers?

If there was an explorer here, I could immediately go to higher floors, but I’ll have to start with 1st floor now.
I take Durandal out.
Because Roxanne isn’t here, I wander around looking for monsters.
I now understand true value of Roxanne in labyrinth.

After that, I go to Vale’s labyrinth, and then return home.
I take some time out for siesta to make up for lack of sleep.
After I wake up, I go to the labyrinth to recover my MP fully, and then head to Palmasque.
No matter how much the distance is, it’s fine as long as I recover MP along the way.

Those two were already there.
Both of them are holding luggage in front of them.
They seem to have bought two mirrors.

It’s thoughtful of them to buy two, but what about transportation?
What if they get damaged during transportation?
They didn’t think it through.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“It’s alright. We have bought the mirrors.”
“Let’s go home then?”

Oh well, there’s no helping it.
There’s no choice but to test it out.
I Warp us from Palmasque’s Adventurer Guild to home.

When we arrive at home, the ground becomes distorted.
It’s distorted. It’s screaming.
The ground turns into liquid. Darkness envelopes. The air stagnates.
The atmosphere feels crushing.

The cause, not to mention, is excessive use of MP.
It has been quite a while since I last experienced this condition.

I’m useless.
Oh god.
I beg your pardon.
Did I do something against your will?

“Master can really go to Palmasque directly. As expected of master.”
“…Just barely. Drop the luggage. We’re going to the labyrinth. Quickly look for a monster there.”

I ask Roxanne.
To be praised in such a condition feels really awkward.
We go to 4th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.

I can’t bail out of this situation without a sacrifice.
Survival comes first.

Quratar’s labyrinth is closer than Vale’s from our home.
The shorter the distance, the lower the consumption of MP.
And the monsters of 4th floor which can be taken out in one blow of Durandal are perfect for the job at hand.

Although I think so, the monsters that come out are two Spi Spiders and one Cheap Sheap.
Please! Not the groups!
What’s more, Spi Spider can use poison type attacks.
I may be poisoned again if I fight.

Because Spi Spiders are native to 3rd floor of Quratar’s labyrinth, they also appear alongside monsters of 4th floor.
I didn’t think it through.
I’m not good at thinking.

Roxanne had best intention. She obediently searched for the monsters.
She searched for the monsters without arguing with me.
Had I thought about it a bit, I would have realized this would happen on 4th floor.

Damn my pea of a brain.
I’m not good at thinking after all.

Somehow, I take all three of them out with Durandal.
My mind is clear now.
Now that I think calmly about it, there was no need to be scared of only two Spi Spiders.
Not running away is the answer.

I ended up putting an undignified sight in front of Roxanne and Sherry.
Having recovered MP, we return home.

“This mirror was chosen by Roxanne-san.”

When we arrive at home, Sherry unwraps the mirror.
It’s a medium-sized table-top mirror.
A stand is attached on its back.

“I was able to buy something good thanks to master.”
“I had only heard about Palmasque Mirror before. It’s my first time seeing how clear it reflects.”

That said, it’s an ordinary mirror.
Rather, isn’t the reflection slightly dull?
Well, it’s not a surprise, considering polished metal is used as a mirror in this world.

“At any rate, it’s really good.”
“Thank you, master.”
“This mirror costed fifty five silver coins. The plain one costed thirty five.”

They seem to have used up all the money I gave them.
The stand on its back costs twenty silver coins?
That’s too much!

Plain one, however, is slightly smaller in size.
Ten silver coins can be attributed to the difference in length.

“I didn’t choose this one only for the stand, but also for its size.”
“I thought larger one would be easier to use. Was I wrong?”
“No, not at all. You made the right decision.”

I tell Roxanne.

“People buy Palmasque Mirror for decoration purpose, not for daily use. It doesn’t matter if the price is high, because we can resell it for even higher. Those in Palmasque are aware of it, therefore, they decorate the rims of the mirror with gold, silver and/or jewels.”

Sherry explains.
Is the other mirror decorated too?

Although I say that, I have not yet decided to sell it to the duke of Harz.
I’m not sure if something chosen by Roxanne will be up to a noble’s liking.
Plain one would be better.

“Is there anything we can do to add value?”
“Glassworks, mirrorworks, clockworks, goldworks, silverworks, jewelworks — there’s no match for Palmasque in these crafts.”
“There are clocks too?”

I had no idea there were clocks in this world.
Let alone seeing one, I haven’t even heard about it.

“Because Palmasque is the home of glassworks.”
“Are clocks made of glass?”
“Sand is not visible unless it is contained in glass.”

Hourglass huh?

“Well, they have some talented people there, it seems.”
“Entire island of Palmasque is talented.”

Indeed, there were no mountains.
As far as I could see from inside the guild, at least.

“Because it’s an island, craftsmen and artisans can’t run away. Therefore, the arts and crafts of Palmasque stay in Palmasque.”

Is that why Field Walk is not allowed outside the adventurer guild?
To ensure that their techniques are not leaked outside?
Sounds like a terrible place. There’s no freedom for craftsmen and artisans there.

“Because it’s an island, there’s no labyrinth either?”
“It seems so.”

Sherry nods to my question.
Apparently, we can’t establish a rest stop in Palmasque.

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