Din No Monshou – Chapter 04 (B)

Message from Rumashi: “Sorry that I gave up~ Way too hard for me ^.^”

Jammerg55 here, I’ve been following this site for a while now (since I started reading Slave Harem), and decided to start giving back. I’ve been studying Japanese since 2006 but am by no means perfect. I also like to be a bit poetic where the lines allow. It is my intent to regularly release a chapter every Friday/Saturday depending on time zones. I would also like to request one or two translators as well as a proofreader for simple grammatical errors. I’ll take anyone willing to help with those I’d just like to point out that this story is rather difficult to translate, but that being said anyone is more than willing to try. Feel free to send me a message for anyone willing to give it a try and willing to stick with it. At any rate I look forward to getting along with all of you and put out more releases in the days to come.

Translators: Rumashi/Jammerg55

Editors: Cyro Gen/Jammerg55

With out further ado Chapter 4 Part B:


I always study and train in the library.
And for today’s training, Walkins is teaching me a new magic.
In order not to interfere with the training, most of the furniture was placed to the edge.

However, there is one thing to be concerned about.
I don’t know what these books are, but book like things are scattered around.
Furthermore, they are near the middle of the room.
It felt intentional.
Like there was a great statement concealed it that mountain.

[Well, today what shall we learn?]
[Please teach me attack magic.]
[That’s fine, but, anything that requires a lot of magic is rejected.]
[I know that. Can I ask for 2 fire magic spells? A single target spell, as well as one for multiple targets.]
[Fire, it is? That is within my area of expertise. There is no need for this magic book then.]

As she said that, Walkins threw the magic book behind her.
It seems that she’s going to personally teach everything she knows.
By the way, training is doing well.

That’s because I almost never fail in learning magic.
I first magic that I learned was Mega Telepathy.
All the magic medium and higher is incredibly difficult.
High level magic like that, ordinarily wouldn’t be able to succeed in learning without knowledge of magic first.
That’s according to Walkins.

[When trying to use an un-acquired magic for the first time, usually recoil is received several times. The reaction in many cases appears as pain and discomfort. But Regis-sama’s concentration somehow isn’t interrupted by the pain. As to be expected, you are far more resistant to the pain than an ordinary person.]

Is it something like that?
It doesn’t feel bad to be praised for that.
My pain resistance is one of my few merits.
The barrier on which many people get stuck at, I pass through by will-power.

So, after that is image and pose.
Then if the magical power control is successful, it is easily acquired.
As long as it isn’t difficult magic, I wont fail the chant.

[…Or rather, you are able to do fire magic. By any chance, can you cover all the attributes?]
[Not at all! Such a thing is only possible for the Four Sages Of the Continent. I’m not such a great person.]
[Is that so?]
[Well first, the magic book is comparable with a beginner’s class. Shall I teach ‘Gun Fire’? ]
[That is for a single target?]
[It is.]

Fumu , I see.
I observed Walkins example pose.
As for an image, it is kind of like of firing towards an enemy?
It’s similar to a bullet being fired, don’t excite my boyish heart.

[This is different from ‘Mega telepathy’ as the pose is important. After that, you can activate it by saying it aloud while getting used to it.]

Saying so, Walkins promptly made me pose.
Thrusting my arm out in front, spreading all my fingers. Relax the shoulders and prepare to push the entire power through your whole body.

Clinging to my back, Walkins instructs me of the incantation.
Even so, is this person too close?
Her soft breasts are overwhelming.
Pressing them as hard as she could against my back.

[…Walkins, you’re close]
[Close aren’t I? Is there something wrong with that?]
[Why you…]

As my body is still immature, it isn’t really affected by sexual desire yet. However, what did you intend to do if I was an adult.
This foolish servant.
It was irritating to mind everything, magic was recited obediently.

[Orbs of light clad in demonic fire light Bore through the enemy — ‘Gun Fire!’]

With a faint report, the flames shot forward. The flame bullet hit the mark directly on the wall, causing a small explosion.
There’s almost no recoil.
As the bullet is fast, it looks easy to use.

[Gun Fire.]

Good. Acquisition was successful.
In addition the embarrassing pose, because Walkins was clinging to my back, success was questionable at best.
I did it somehow.

[You did it, Regis-sama! It was a splendid hit. The mark was burnt leaving no trace.]
[By the way, what is that target? It looked like a book. ]
[It’s one of Shadverga’s personal books.]
[It’s one of father’s books?]
[Contrary to his appearances he loves hard training] (Tln: BDSM if you didn’t figure it out.)
[I didn’t want to hear that]

What do you mean “sad’, I don’t want to hear about Shadaverga’s inclinations. If Sefina where to hear about it, she would order them burned anyways.
That person’s body seems rather painful though, Shadaverga’s infidelity was being watched for like a hawk.

He was even restricted from books.
Don’t die someday.

[All right, next.]
[Wouldn’t it be better to rest a little while?]
[No, I can’t rest with just that, Mother should be suffering even more than me.]

Walkins eyes moistened as she stared.
Well, it’s fine to be emotional.
But, shouldn’t you get off me soon?

[Ee, *Ahem* Then the next step is to use a medium magic, so please be prepared.]
[Exactly how I want it.]
[It’s a relatively easy to use fire magic, We will acquire the fire carpet “Cross Blaster” ]

Cross, blaster huh?
The sign of a blazing cross?
Is the image something like that?
That’s pretty cool.

[Rather than the pose, the image in your mind is more important. Imagine flames dripping onto the surface of water; please call that image to mind at once.]
[Aa, I got it.]

If I could just learn it here will I be able to control Astral Fire as well?
I don’t really know, but for now I should concentrate on the task at hand.

[…… Fall to the ground, Red Light. Send hellfire across the earth—‘Cross Blast’!]

My whole being was enveloped by magic as I chanted.
It was an aura like power; I felt it concentrating in my arm.

[Cross Blast]

Acquisition successful.
At the specified starting point on the floor, a violent flame arose.
At the same time. my body suffered a heavy recoil.
It sure consumes a lot of magic so I was influenced by it after all.

The raging inferno bursts into flames.
It tried to expand while emitting an intense heat.

[Aqua Voice!]

Magic surges from behind me.
My ears rang from the high frequency.
But if you were to ask if it was unpleasant, I would be inclined to shake my head.
Walkins voice is beautiful.
The transparent wave motion of her voice wrapped the flames.

Then the flames were put out in an instant.

Neither the furniture had been ignited, nor drenched either.
What is that superb control?
Or how should I put it, any more and–

[You weren’t even chanting properly just now, how did you do that?]
[Ahh, chanting omission? You will be able to reach such a point when you are used to it. It is difficult to apply to high rank magic, but that was low rank magic just now, it is possible to invoke it by only saying the magic name.]

That was pretty deep wasn’t it.
Or should I say, Walkins magic stockpile is just too much.
What sort of sage-sama is she?
It’s the kind of strength that you would use to decimate an entire army.
The name Hyper-employee isn’t just for show?

[I mean, the book burned a little but is it alright?]
[Yes. Shadverga-sama has spent many years collecting elf shunga. There’s no problem.] (Tln: Shunga: Erotic or pornographic woodblock prints. )
[What a binding chain.]

Shadverga doesn’t have the right to read anymore.
Even I put ten to twenty books in the corner of the room in my past life.
How does that compare to Shadverga?
Just because he’s a noble, doesn’t mean he’s privileged.
Isn’t that a great saying?

[But, isn’t it time for a break?]
[No, not yet. I’m still fine.]
[Oh, Regis-sama has such fierce determination!]

Walkins was pressing her body against me again even closer.
It was irritating so I did my best and pealed her off.
But, that did elevate my spirits somewhat.

[Are you going to follow me Walkins?]
[Of course. From practice guidance to helping at night. Please leave it to Walkins!] (Tln: Perverted female employee vs shota)
[Alright, don’t come any closer.]

Leaving it to this guy will put my chastity at risk.
I’ve been given some authority so that won’t be allowed.
Wash your face, put on some cat ears, master neko-go and then try again.
Then maybe my heart will throb.

While that raging delusions burst into my mind… A pink book burned in the corner of the room.
If I was in Shadverga’s position, I’d have no choice but to cry.
Because while I’m learning magic, his valuable collection was disappearing from the world.

But at the same time, there are good points to this training.
Sefina knows my growth from training every day, the will to live becomes the will to be happy or so they say.
Hearing that, there’s only one place left to go.

I feel bad for Shadverga and his collection but, I’m going to use it to move on.
Leave this to me and go.

As his treasured books crackled and sparked like fireworks, I put my hands together to wish them off.

[To the disappearing treasured books, three cheers……!]

By this, every day I was advancing my magic――


So, did you like my translation? Although honestly it was a continuation/edit of what had already been started. Any questions, concerns, suggestions or answers for me feel free to put in the comments section.

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