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“If you visit Palmasque often, you should consider selling amber there.”

After buying mirror, Gozer advises me.

“Yes. There’s quite a demand of amber in Palmasque because it’s a jewel. It’s small but expensive. However, I have no idea about the price prevailing in Palmasque.”
“I see.”

I can seemingly double my earnings if I sell something in Palmasque when I go there to buy mirrors.

Because it was translated properly, amber does seem to exist in this world.
It can easily be carried by adventurers for commercial purposes, since it’s not as bulky and expensive as diamond.

“I’ll introduce you to an amber merchant here in Bode. He’s reliable. He takes care of almost all of amber dealings in Bode. His store is right next to Bode’s Adventurer Guild.”
“I’ll write a letter of recommendation for you. If you have my letter of recommendation, he won’t try selling substandard goods to you.”

The duke picks the quill up from the table and starts writing.
He folds the papyrus and drops some wax onto it.
He stamps something on the dropped wax and seals the papyrus.
Is this a letter of recommendation?

I receive the letter of recommendation and leave the room.
I return to the lobby and leave the Imperial palace.

For now, I go back home.
After breakfast, we go to Vale’s labyrinth, where from we move to Zabir’s labyrinth.
No sweat.
As long as I recover my MP along the way, there’s no problem.

“Where are we?”
“It’s a rest stop I established on route to Palmasque. Mino appears on 1st floor here.”

Roxanne asks and I reply casually.

“We are going to Palmasque?”
“We are going to buy same mirror as yesterday. Plain one, no decoration. About ten mirrors.”
“I don’t mean all ten at once. We will carry one at a time.”

Mirror is fragile and its packaging is not strong enough, so it’s difficult to transport.
Even if I can, I shouldn’t carry more than one at the same time.
If it breaks, it’s over.
I can simply make five round trips.

Five round trips?

Will I be going through that experience five times?
If it’s about going, there’s no problem.
The problem is with returning.
Because I’ll have to go home directly, it’ll take all my MP.

I can’t take it.
Because we’ll be carrying mirrors on our way back to home, we can’t go via labyrinth.
It’ll be troublesome if the mirror cracks.

I can laugh it off if it breaks in my hands. But what if it breaks in the hands of my slaves?
They won’t be able to laugh it off.

Having recovered my MP, I take us to Palmasque.

“We’ll be going then.”
“Buy two mirrors. Same size as yesterday. Also, ask them if they want to buy amber.”

I instruct sherry.
She nods and leaves.
Having seen the two off, I go to Bode via labyrinth.
As long as I stop by a labyrinth, there’s no problem with covering long distance.
That said, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s bothersome.

I ask for the location of the adventurer guild at the Imperial palace and head downtown.
The merchant, who deals in amber, is right next to the guild.
After walking for a while on the stone paved street, I finally find the guild.

A square emblem with the insignia of the guild is hanging outside.
The motif looks like land.
Signifying probably that adventurers travel around the world.

Next to the adventurer guild is a building the entrance to which is open.
It must be that amber merchant’s store.
I enter the building.

There’s no amber anywhere in the store.
Rather than store, it’s more of an office.

“Is this the place that deals in amber?”

A courteous, cat-eared man comes out.
He looks like a clerk of a cosplay store.
These ears don’t look good on him at all.

“There are no elves here?”
“Amber is found near sea which happens to be catkin tribe’s territory.”

Oops! My ignorance is on display yet again.
There are many things about this world that I don’t know and this is one of those things.
Amber is found near sea?
Is it perhaps pearl, not amber?

“I often travel to faraway places, so I’ve decided to sell amber. I heard from the leader of knights about this place.”

I show him the letter of recommendation.

“This… is written by the duke personally!”
“Yes. What about it?”
“There are not many people who receive letter of recommendation personally from the duke. Can you please come inside?”

He takes me to the inner part of the building.
I’m even served herbal tea .
The authority of the duke is unquestionable.

“Well, let’s hear it then.”
“We sell most of our stock in the Imperial capital and its vicinity. If it’s not about that region, and if we can fulfill your order from remainder stock, it would be great. So, what’s your plan?
“This time, I’m going to Palmasque. Because it’s only an occasional thing at this point, not regular, I don’t plan on selling large quantity.”
“If you plan on selling small quantity in such a distant place as Palmasque, I have no issue.”

The merchant leaves the room and comes back with a small wooden box.

He puts the box on the table.
Inside the box was a transparent gemstone tinged with amber.

It’s amber.
It’s not pearl.

“A small amber gemstone costs several thousand Nar. An amber necklace costs tens of thousands of Nar. The price of this one is 55,000 Nar. Big ones are quite rare.”

The merchant passes a necklace to me.
There were about ten oval-cut amber gemstones in the necklace.

Can something like this be found in modern Japan?
Or is this a little old-fashioned?
I have not much idea about jewellery.

“Palmasque is a town famous for its arts and crafts. You might want to sell raw gemstones there.”

Because I returned the necklace immediately, he thinks that I’m not interested in it.

“That’s right. I think raw gemstones will be better.”
“Raw gemstones are not available right now. I’ll have them prepared by your next visit.”
“I’m going to Palmasque to have an idea of the demand there. When it’s time to sell, I’ll be in your care.”
“Please look forward to it.”

Before I lose more face, I leave the building and Bode thereafter.
I head to Palmasque via labyrinth.
Although it’s bothersome, it helps me in covering long distance.

Those two were already back and waiting in the adventurer guild.
They seem to have bought two mirrors as asked.

After dropping the mirrors at home, we go to 2nd floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.
I can’t take the risk of facing a group of Spi Spiders again.
Although Spi Spiders are not difficult to deal with, I would most likely get poisoned in my present state of mind.
Having recovered my MP, I take us back home.

Am I going to do it four more times?

“You seem to have bought the right thing.”
“Yes. Also, we can buy ten mirrors for a total of three hundred silver coins.”

Did you haggle over the price?
As expected of Sherry.

“But there are no coins left. They asked for the payment of one mirror in advance. I’m sorry.”
“If it’s only that much, there’s no problem.”

Earlier, I gave Sherry ninety silver coins. They bought two mirrors and paid for one in advance which means one mirror costed thirty silver coins.
So the discount is effective immediately.
Sherry is really good at thinking.
Because we are buying large quantity, it’ll be a little cheaper.

“As for the size, they have agreed for both large and small alternately.”
“That’s great.”
“About amber, they said they would like to buy raw amber. We can sell raw gemstones to the workshops that use jewels for decoration.”

Raw amber?
So the merchant was right when he suggested so.
Earlier, I wasn’t sure when I asked Sherry to inquire about amber but it turned out to be right decision.

To reward them for their hard work, I have them take bath.
I enter as well, of course, to give them full service.

The day after next, I take both Roxanne and Sherry with me to Bode.
However, I carry the mirrors to the Imperial palace by myself.
Two mirrors in two days.
I didn’t try to sell more than one at a time because Gozer’s job is Grand Wizard, so he doesn’t have Calc skill.

10,000 Nar for one mirror is enough as is.
Also, I can’t carry more than one mirrors alone. I can ask Roxanne but I don’t want her to see good looking men.
Today, I have them accompany me because I’ll be buying amber this time.

“Oh, welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.”

When we enter the building, the catman merchant welcomes me.
He doesn’t look pretty by even one millimeter, but there’s a strangely warm feeling.
Courtesy, politeness and cat-ears match quite well.
But this appearance may be deceiving.

“There seems to be demand of amber in Palmasque after all.”
“Is that so? I have prepared something for you. Come with me, please.”

He takes us to the inner part of the building.
A catgirl brings four cups of herbal tea.
Catgirls are so pretty.

Roxanne and Sherry seem to be treated well too.
I sip some tea.
Meanwhile, the merchant puts a large wooden box on the table.


Voices come over from both sides of mine.
From Roxanne and Sherry.
They like jewels after all.

“So, do you like it?”

Availing the opportunity, the merchant quickly interjects.
As you would expect from a merchant.
He’s shrewd.

“You can have a look at least.”
“Okay, we’ll take a look.”

Because they were being hesitant, I press the two on.
Roxanne and Sherry pick amber up in their hands.

“So, this is raw gemstone?”

Instead of amber, there was a reddish stone in the box.
But it can’t be a stone, it has to be amber.
The merchant picks one up, and passes it to me.

“It may appear to be but it’s not completely raw. It’s slightly refined. Its quality is difficult to assess.”
“I see.”
“Do you know what kind of amber is considered best?”
“I’m afraid I don’t.”

I can’t possibly know.
Even if I knew about amber of earth, which I don’t, it’s not necessarily same in this world.

“Highly transparent with a tinge of red is considered best. It needs refining of raw gemstone to some extent.”
“Is that so?”
“The more the amber is refined, the more it’s subjected to foreign substances. Amber is believed to be formed by the insects that were driven off by the magic of the goddess. You’ll find many insects near the area where amber is mined. One with an insect inside is extremely rare and equally expensive. But it’s difficult to tell from a completely unrefined gemstone.”

Amber is fossilized tree resin.
But it’s different in this world.
There was something I didn’t understand, so I ask Sherry.

“The magic of the goddess?”
“Because it has the magic of the goddess, dwarves tried to make equipment that could utilize the magic contained in it but there was no success. Scholars, who tried to extract the magic of the goddess from it, failed just as well.”

So, it was all in vain.

“But the great scholar of the past and few others claimed that they extracted the magic of the goddess by rubbing the gemstones together.”

It was most probably static electricity.
I turn to the merchant and return the gemstone to him.

“It seems difficult to assess the quality of an unrefined gemstone.”
“Yes, it’s impossible if you don’t have experience of several years in this field. For now, this is the only stock remaining. 800 Nar for one gemstone of same size and quality. I can provide you with twenty in total.”

800 Nar may seem cheap but it’s not, considering it’s essentially a stone.
Refined one costs several thousand Nar.
But it’s understandable if you take all the hassle into account, don’t you think?

“Oh well, the duke recommended you after all. I’ll buy all of it.”

I don’t know how it’ll turn out but i’ll buy it all.
I have already earned enough profit from selling three mirrors to the duke.
If the cost of failure surpasses my limit, I’ll just drop the idea.

Roxanne and Sherry are still absorbed in amber, even though I was finished talking with the merchant.
It was unnecessary to bring them here, for they seem inexperienced in this regard.
Or are they that surprised after seeing amber?
Roxanne is staring fixedly at the necklace.
I visualize the necklace on her chest.

Mind blowing.
I imagine the necklace sitting on her chest and appreciate the image from the bottom my heart.

I want to rub it.
I want to squeeze it.
I want to carry her to the bed.

There’s no other choice. I have to buy it.
Roxanne will be pleased as well if I buy it.

Do I really have no choice but to buy it?

No, wait.
Don’t be rash.
It’s a trap of the amber merchant.
Yeah, it must be.

I avert my eyes.
My gaze falls upon Sherry. She’s having a staring contest with Roxanne.
She has a grin on her face.
She doesn’t look like the Sherry I know.

“I wonder if this one will look good on you.”

The merchant brings another necklace.
It’s dark red in color and comparatively larger.
Sherry tries it on.
Right after appears a gleam on her face.


The necklace shines gorgeously on Sherry’s chest.
It really looks outstanding.

“B-But… I-I don’t…”

Although Sherry likes it, she tries to decline.

“This necklace with dark red amber is priced at 45,000 Nar. The other one is for 30,000 Nar.”

The merchant interjects.
It’s surely worth the price but I feel disgusted.

It’s really unfortunate.
Does it mean Roxanne’s necklace is cheaper than Sherry’s?
Even when she’s the number one slave?

Is there no escape?
What if I don’t buy?
Damn it! The amber merchant showed the more expensive one to Sherry.

“I see.”
“And I recommend this one for the lady over there.”

When I was pondering over it, the merchant brings another necklace.
He puts it in front of Roxanne.

“Although its color is faint due to high degree of refining, it’s one of the few necklaces our firm takes pride in.”

It’s highly transparent with a tinge of amber.
There’s a big jewel in the centre with several smaller ones lined up on both sides.

“How much for this one?”

I ask the merchant while Roxanne tries it on.
There are three mounds on her chest now.
The amber mound is in the centre.
On each side of the amber mound is a big mound.

Because it has faint color, it doesn’t assert itself too much.
It’s sitting quietly on Roxanne’s chest.
Sitting on two surrounding mounds.

Don’t you be kidding me!
This means war!
I can do nothing but watch while it’s sitting on her chest.
This is war!

“I-It looks good on you.”
“Thank you.”

Her smiling face looks so dazzling.

“Do you like it?”
“It surely looks better than the previous one.”
“This one is priced at 50,000 Nar.”

It’s 5,000 Nar more than Sherry’s.
In other words, my escape.

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