Tran Sexual Online ~ A Heart-warming TS Life ~ Manual

Jammerg55 here,
I decided to start translating this story and Cyro Gen has given permissions to post here. This story is only about 40 chapters long but I think that’s a good story. I hope you enjoy it too.

The original web novel can be found here.

The chapters are long but easy to translate. I will probably publish 1 or 2 chapters depending on “things”.


TSO: Manual

Welcome. To the world of《Trans Sexual Online》.
This is a virtual space (Virtual reality area).
You can live how you wish here.
However, there is one condition.

Your gender is reversed in this world.
Men as women.
Women as men.

Haven’t you ever wished you could?
Become a different gender from the one you are right now?
That becomes true in this world.

The time flows differently in the world of《Trans Sexual Online》 than in the real world.
One day in the real world is equal to 1 year in this one. (tln: not quite accell world)
For those current generation people whose lives are so busy they cannot enjoy a normal VRMMO this virtual space (Virtual reality area) was created――.
That is this 《Trans Sexual Online》.

In this world you can live without rules (laws) however you wish.

You can spend your time managing a ranch.
Thoroughly study cooking.
Dive into the dungeons looking for treasures, knocking down monsters with your companions.
Smith weapons and train to become the fiercest warrior.

The tale only depends on the number of players.
The degree of freedom on this VRMMO is virtually limitless. (tln: pun intended)

Now then, please enjoy 《Trans Sexual Online》 to your heart’s content.

2114.5 (Probably May 2114)

From everyone at the Development Management Department for《Trans Sexual Online》

I think it’ll go well. Thoughts, concerns, suggestions, or answers for me are welcome below. Thanks!

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
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Shinka, Smartphone, and Din
Tran Sexual Online Chapter 01

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Looks interesting


This… Looks like I have a new one to read.


Not a fan of genderbend, but I give it a +1 for not giving a bs contrived reason that ultimately has no effect on the plot. Here, anyone that participates knows what they’re getting into.


Fufufu. Let’s give it a go. 😉


Ffs gender bend is so popular.. i just want more novels in which the protagonist is smart and villainy


Hee, same here, it’s feels like their pretty just using it for the heck of it, or as a punch-line for the laughs, then anything else, especially with how the setting is only described in about 6 sentences/lines.

sliding touch

any ninja class inside.


… What?
Well, this looks interesting :p


seem interesting

License-Less Rider

G uys
I n
R eal
L ife


M any
M ales
O nline
R ole
P lay
G irls

Trans Gender

I thought it’s Trans Gender LN and some gaysh!t thing are in it.. Well that’s my first thought but after reading the description it might be interesting to read.. 😀


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One day is one year.. holy shit. Good chance of forgetting everything you were doing before you started playing. Game must be coming with a warning, not recommended for students appearing for entrance exams lol.


Could be useful for them as a place to study though.


They should have education/training software too. Did they even need to go to school anymore?


I would totally play this, I already play only fem characters in MMOs anyway sooo…


but I also play them like solo games, so I’m not sure how much it really effects the whole GIRL archatype.

Albedo's Ahoge

I’ll pass on this one.


Same. A shame because it seems like the tran-slator is dedicated. But any gender bender isnt for me, it feels to wierd, guy to girl and girl to guy..


If everyone dropped everything just because someone didn’t like it the no one would ever do anything. I’m doing this one because its short and quick to translate. I’m trying to get in as much experience as I possibly can.

I’ll keep translating it until I’m done. The condition of me being able to post this here was that I not abandon it. So I’ll finish this, I’ve already taken over Din and am working on that as well. I just picked this because it was funny, regardless of the fact of the gender switching.

Sounds interesting. Thanks! Damn 1 day IRL = 1 year. That’s major time compression. Pro: When you decide to play, you get a lot of time. Con: Distorted internal clock, when you don’t play there’s a huge time gap on what’s happening online. (I’m imagining if I play 8 hours, then off to sleep and work after. That’s about 243 days in the game you missed. More if you don’t play everyday.) It seems like it would be a huge issue with NPC interactions Well that’s just my thoughts on the game set up, if that time flow was more… Read more »
Nguyen Gia Thai

Genderbend is a much better name than Transexual, bad though it is. Look at the current name and my teeth are on edge.


Yeah i agree its not for me hahaha. Such a weird story lol


no, thanks. I’ll pass on this one

“pokok’e nggilani”

I needed to say this
I don’t think you know what lawless means also. Also the gender bender thing makes no sense it’s like “you found treasure but if you want it I change your gender” a few things I just need to say 1.what about transgender would they stay the same? How does a machine make time go 1 year in a day if that isn’t mental beak down material then just add the fact that you now have a organ that your brain never had… Would you get hormones from that sex organ or is it just for show it would be weird… Read more »

Dude Chill. Its a work of fiction.