Tran Sexual Online Chapter 01

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I had actually finished this about an hour ago but made the mistake of over writing it with chapter 2 and THEN closing word so i couldn’t fix it, so i had to re-translate it again. Moral of the story — be sure to pay attention!

Anyways, Chapter 1:

Chapter 01: To Virtual Space

  「It’s hot」

It’s already hot despite the fact that it’s only May.
Golden Week in Tokyo was like being in the midst of a sunbaked desert.

「It’s hot……I’m dying……」

The sun poured down brilliantly, while I filled my mouth with Ice Cream.
If it’s this hot in May, how hot is it going to be this summer?
I shudder just thinking about it.

It’s noon.
The lectures at college had already ended this morning.
I mean, supplementary lessons during Golden Week is a little…….

「Well then……」

I finish eating the rest of my ice cream in a single bite, and stand up from the bench.
I can’t stay in such a hot place any longer.
Let’s hurry home and go to (・・・)

I finally got my hands on a popular VRMMO.
The official service begins this afternoon.
After all, the real pleasure is TS. (=”sex change”) it seems.
No, it’s not a “sex change” operation. Not some graphic story like that.
It’s just a feature of the game.

I, Sadzuka Manami, had always wanted to experience what it was to live like a man at least once.
And this game will make that come true.
Obtain a man’s body, enter virtual space and destroy monsters right and left――

「Yes……! What pleasure……」

I quickened my pace home as I muttered to myself.
There are no more lectures starting tomorrow, I’ll probably spend the entire Golden Week at home concentrating on the game.
I don’t have a boyfriend, so for a person with few friends such as I, it was a perfect way to spend a holiday.
I chuckle to myself with a very pleased face while I think about it.

I arrived home and started the game.
I installed the game card into a palm sized CPU.
I put on earphones and linked up to the data storage.

I felt a light vertigo as my consciousness began to fade.
I always feel that every time I enter a virtual space (virtual reality area).
I’ve played VRMMO’s ever since I was little but I’ve never gotten used to it.

A seven colored light is projected on the backside of my eyelids.
Information from by brain is input to the CPU.
A light pain begins to prickle the tips of the fingers on my left hand.
From there it passes through my brain to the fingertips on my right hand.
Then it spreads throughout my entire body.

For a moment a strong light shines on the backside of my eyelids――

I was called to the world of 《Trans Sexual Online》

USER NAME: Sadzuka Manami
SEX: Female
LOGIN TIME: 0000:00:15

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Too short…. :/ Will it become longer on the following chapters?


Waa- ? >_< thanks for the chap.!


I honestly dont know what to say. Its only 2 chaps so far and these 2 chaps are really shourt so there isnt much to feedback on. Please give more first! On the other hand, it looks like its a gender bender from female to male which is honestly really pretty rare. Can I ask if he/she (MC) is going to romance male or female?


From the summary on the authors page it says the partner is a boy who plays as a girl. So I’m relatively certain there’s probably not going to be any same sex crap. (Could be wrong)


With the chapters being so short, i’ll probably release several at once.


Why is sex female? Shouldn’t it be male? Would be a funny story entering a trans world as your own sex 😛


Somewhat short, can’t really say anything yet
“Information from by brain is input to the CPU.”
Information from my brain is inputted to the CPU?


If ya start to use google docs you wont have any more lost progress cause of derp situations.


Thank you for the chapter. Great work! I’m still not sure what I think of this.

Kensei Seraph

Thanks for the chapter.

It seems like it could be very interesting, although it is too early to say for certain.


Thanks for the chapter! Didn’t expect a female MC.


I hope shes an actual female with a penis and that she didnt go full man, cause going full man like half prince isnt any fun.


pfft hardly full man with the GM assisted bonus beautifying prince got. 3/4ths a man tops.


interesting only 40 chp? if they are this short are you gonna do 2 realses a week?


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The ONE time there’s a female protag aaaand, she becomes a man in the 1st chap … (T_T)

Silva Lau

aww MC’s a girl?