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Chapter 04: First Login

「I’m home!」

「Welcome home Haru. Mother is going out on night shift now」


I climb the stair after responding to mother’s voice from the living room.
I’m Kataoka Haruomi. A first year middle school student.
Because mother works nights at the hospital, I’m usually alone at night. I’ve gotten used to it.
I’m an only child, there’s no father here. So it can be pretty lonely at night all alone.

But, it’s going to be different starting today.
I begged mother and she finally bought me a game. The VRMMO 《Trans Sexual Online》.
The formal service is supposed to start this afternoon, so I should be able to play it now. I asked my uncle, who knew about machines, to set it up for me.
Because it was my first time playing this kind of game, I was strangely nervous all day.
I was so nervous that I don’t really remember any content from class at all.

This game. Tr- transsexual? was it? (He’s having trouble because it’s in katakana).
Ts is, switching to a different gender it seems.
In other words, I can play this game as a woman.
And, inside the game. This virtual space has different flow of time. Apparently one year in the game is one day in the real world.
That’s amazing. This is probably going to be really popular won’t it. My friends asked their parents to buy it for them.

I wasn’t really interested in becoming a woman though, it’s not something you get to experience in real life so it’s still interesting. Moreover, that’s not the most interesting part.
You can do absolutely anything in this game. Go into dungeons and fight monsters, or manage a ranch.

My friends were completely ready to go fighting.
But I’m different.
The reason I want to play this game is different, it’s for my own dream.


I entered my room, threw my bag onto my bed and took off my blazer.
I mean, it’s really hot today. I wonder if they won’t change uniforms yet. It’s severe to wear a blazer in this heat. I don’t want to wear these jet black clothes.

「Um…… this, goes like that……」

I don’t really play games very often. I don’t do console games at all, and this is my first time with online games.
What was I thinking as starting with VRMMO as my first one I thought, well whatever.

I put on the earphones as uncle had instructed and started the game.
It should be wrong.
I feel a little dizzy.
My consciousness fades.

It’s ok like this right?
It’s my first time so I’m not sure but its ok right?

A prickling pain pulses through me as and I completely lose contentiousness.

Thus, I enter virtual space for the first time since I was born――

――I was invited to the world of 《Trans Sexual Online》

USER NAME: Kataoka Haruomi
SEX: Male
LOGIN TIME: 0000:00:18

Chapter 05: Dreams of a Sweets Boy


This is……?

I look around at my surroundings.
It seems to be a forest. Wow, this is the game world? The virtual space thingy?
Everyone, I’m playing in this kind of world.

For the time being, I look at myself.
My clothing was a fluttery one piece dress.
What do they call it? Goth loli? These clothes certainly gave that impression.
And there are small bumps, things that I had never had on my chest until now. I felt my crotch and the thing that all men have wasn’t there.
What is it? This feeling of loss.
The loss of something that important was probably a huge shock.


For some reason, I touched my chest.
Oo, soft. They’re small but soft.
Wow, dangerous. How moving it is.
My hair had also grown longer, too. It was blonde. It was super beautiful hair but.
What does my face look like? Isn’t there anything like a mirror?

「Um, what should I do?」

My uncle explained how to display the screen.
In a place where there was nothing the screen pops up. It really is a game.


NAME: Haru
WEAPON: Walking stick


I don’t really get it.
I’ll ask uncle later. For now, I arm myself with the walking stick.
I want to use some simple magic so this is probably good.

A town, which direction was something like that?
There is something that I want to do in this world. For that I need a field and a house.
I walked in a random direction, and headed towards a town like place.

Oo, there are a lot of people aren’t there?
In a huge town, there were a lot of people.
The people that are here, their genders are reversed from the ones in real life. It’s kind of a strange feeling.

I walk around while looking around restlessly at various things, I discover the direction board.
It’s not written in Japanese. But I can still read it. I guess it’s because of virtual space.


A place like a public office, is here right?
There was a huge building in the middle of town. I’m sure there are a lot of procedures to do.
I run toward that place at a bit of a run.
I mean, can a just starting play buy a house? A lone maybe?
Can it be properly managed?

I walked for a few minutes and reached my destination.
I don’t really understand but, this seems to be an office like place. Or I think it is but I’m still uncertain.
I should have come here with a friend after all. If I’d have come with a friend then they could have told me about a lot of things.

「Oh well」

I entered the executive office and complete the procedures.
It was unexpectedly simple.
I could use a house with a field near the forest, I also was able to manage a shop in town.
It seems to be a first time login bonus or something like that. Thanks to that I was able to finish it smoothly.
After that, it’s up to me.

The thing that I wanted to do in this world.
That is, to make sweets.
Since I was small, my dream was to become a patisser.
So in this world, I think I can practice making sweets.
Start from scratch with the materials, and then sell the cakes that I make.
Because this world’s ingredients are recovery items, there won’t be a problem selling to people that want them.

After that I left town, Along with the login bonus money that I got, I bought various items.
Seeds for ingredients, things like fertilizer, and simple [Magic]
It’s amazing that you can buy [magic].
With this I’ve become a witch. Just kidding.

By the way, I bought [water magic]
It seemed to be convenient for watering the field.

I walked toward my rented house.
In this world that is my home. It’s wonderful that a middle schooler can have their own home.

I unconsciously started skipping as I left town.
I can’t start managing the shop yet but I can earn money by collecting ingredients.
I think that if someone buys my cake, and they like it, then my sales will increase little by little.
If I remember right, the recovery rate depends on the ingredients used? I should read the manual later.

After that clothes are important.
Something that was uniform-like would be good.
I’m became a girl after all, so I want to try something like that.

Well, one step at a time right?

In a place a few minutes outside of town, was my house.
The outside looked like a log cabin. Un, that’s fine right? The field is considerably wide, I get the feeling I could make a lot of things here.
First is wheat. And after that, fruit.
Un, there sure are a lot to do. Ah- that was dangerous, the fun part starts from here.

It really is amazing, this game.
My dream swells, my chest swells too!!

That’s right. My chest(breasts) will swell too!!

「Let’s start by taking care of the field first♪」

That’s not game like?
Who the hell cares? I’m going to do what I’m going to do.

I’m going to live the dream!!

Oh yeah.
I looked at myself in the mirror a little bit ago in my room.
A blond girl.

For the first time, I thought I was cute.

I also have twin tails.


USER NAME: Kataoka Haru
SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME: 0004:25:40

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