Tran Sexual Online Chapter 02

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Chapter 02: Suddenly in a Pinch


I opened my eyes.
The scenery gradually stretches before my eyes.


I’m standing in a valley somewhere.
Is that the crashing of a waterfall nearby that I hear?
I glanced down, I looked at both of my very ordinary looking hands.
Yeah. Not any different than reality.
The five senses were also clear.

And it came at last.
The world of《Trans Sexual Online》that I longed for.

And there was something (・・・・)that I confirmed.
While being a little excited.


It’s there.
The thing which I didn’t have, was there—-.

「…… I became – a boy.」
I was lightly shocked at my own words.
What is it, this deep emotion?
From the bottom of my heart, my senses throbbed.

「……became a boy……」

I wanted to dance.
Anyways, I want to dance!
My wish of obtaining a man’s body finally came true.
What should I do?
Let’s dance?
Shall we dance? (in katakana)

「I became a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!」


The valley echoes back my voice.
My voice sounded boy-like.
It felt like the timbre was a bit high.
I was expecting a cooler sounding voice, its management’s fault.

I became a man in this virtual space (virtual reality area).
I need to raise my dignity and become more like a man.


I calmed down a little and looked around the vicinity.
The formal service started just a little while ago.
At the time of login it was written in the manual that all players were sent to different starting points.
Even still, there really doesn’t seem to be any one here at all.
Does that mean that, other than me, no one else is here……?

「……Well, I guess I’ll encounter another user sooner or later……」

I had to queue up at the shop for such a long time.
It could just be that the login service is clogged due to it just starting and I was the only one able to login at that time.
Well for time being, right now, there’s only one thing to do–.

I double tapped in the air a little.
A pale green screen appears immediately.
I confirmed my own equipment.

NAME: Mana
WEAPON: Silver Knife

I confirmed the other screens as well.
Checking the status of each item displayed one by one. Confirming every single item was a pain.
I quietly closed the screen, un un, and nodded.

「Well, there’s a lot to enjoy. In this world of 《Trans Sexual Online》.」

After saying something good to myself, I pulled out my knife and put it up toward the sun.
My initial equipment.
I wave it around a little.

「Un. It’s a knife.」

Next I take a stance and thrust it forward.

「Oh… it went “shuba!”」

The sound effects are pretty cool.
I want to learn a lot of skills fast, I want to “Shakin.”
If only there were a monster handy――.


「……There it is」

It was as if it was waiting to appear.
That is a――?

I looked over the monsters head.
[NAME] Dzurime [HP] 300/300 [DISPOSITION] Brutal (Tln: Dzurime “ヅライム” literally translates into something like “Disgusting wig/hair piece”)
「It’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! Sli―――― dzura?」

Eh? It’s not a slime?

『Just who is a wig you jerk!?』

「Uwa! The wig talked!」

I fell backwards in surprise.
What is this sticky wig?

『Like I said, just who is a wig you say!? You’ve got some balls don’t ya gora!』

Even though I fell backwards the monster approached me quickly.
A green, no matter how you look at it, slime type monster.
Even still, why is it wearing a wig?
What is it?

「What are you……. I mean where did you get that…… is that some kind of promotional party item……?」

『There you go again! I (am sparrrrrrrta! jk)! I will not allow you to look down on this Wig! I mean don’t call me a wig!』

「Eh? You just called yourself a Wig――」

『Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! I mean aren’t you a tranny!? Stop talking like a girl! Gross! You’re so gross!』(Tln: you’d think you were talking to a 12 year old)

The monster had been spitting green liquid out of his mouth as he hurled insults at me.
Who the hell is a tranny!?
This a TS world that’s just how it works you know!



I had goose bumps as the monster suddenly had turned silent.

『……whatever, you have a pretty cute face don’t ya……』(tln: getting hit on by monsters now?)

「You’re way more gross!」

I thrust the knife in my hand forward at that moment.


The slime wearing the wig fainted in agony.
And then disappeared.


Just what the heck was that……
This world’s monsters……are they all like that……?
An item dropped from the Slime wig onto the ground.

【Hagedzura helmet】【Green liquid】【125G】

I picked the items up in silence.
I wonder where I can go convert these.
Let’s hurry an go sell these promotional items.
I’m not sure If they’ll sell though…….

「! 」

I felt the presence of something behind me, and turned around.

And there were ――

Tens of the same bitter faced wig wearing slimes like the one I had just beaten, staring at me.

USER NAME: Sadzuka Manami
SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME: 0000:04:23

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Lol cliff hangers


went the generic gender bender route sigh.


Yup, pretty much just physical, and only mentions the body(Only the you know what too), rather then changes that must be faces,; like how you walk / move around and how different it feels doing these activities, how your body would feel different due to the difference in hormones created/absorbed/released/etc, and so on.

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