Tran Sexual Online Chapter 03

Jammerg55 here, I must say that this was one of the funniest and most disturbing fight scenes I have ever read. Anyways, I had some good laughs and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Chapter 03: Infighting

I was surrounded by tens of those Dzurimes.
Looking closely, they all have wig feature.
Three hairs in a barcode pattern…….
They all have the same eccentric personality――.

『You jerk! You sure did a number on me just now! That really hurt!』1
『Yeah yeah! Don’t stab me all of a sudden, –just how did they educate you』2
『Apologize! Apologize to this Hagedzura’s sincerity! Oops, I said Hagedzura!』1
『What kind of mistake is that baldy!? I keep telling you its not Dzura!』2
『What was that?!』1
『Wanna go!? You jerk!』2


All of a sudden all the hages started arguing with eachother.
No, Hagedzuras.

Or should I say that they have a shared consciousness……?
What a retarded system, this VRMMO’s world……

『O,wa-! Hey you! Don’t you pick on my Dzura! I just said Dzura again!』2
『I said stop saying Dzura—-hey stupid stop that! Stop showing off you wig!』1
『Ouch! You ass! Stop waving Dzura around like nunchakus!』2
『Give—it—back—to! My wig give—it—back—!』3
『Aa! Time out! Where did mine go!? Give me yours!』4


What chaos.
They completely ignored me and started their own battle royal amongst themselves…….
One dzuraim after the other disappeared.
I went and silently collected what they had dropped.

【Hagedzura’s crown】【Hagedzura’s filament】【135G】【Green liquid】【Pale green liquid】
【210G】【Uncommon Hagedzura】【Dark Green Liquid】【95G】【Abnormal Hagedzura】・・・・・・

『A! Hey you guys! That guy, he’s taking our treasure without permission』

Ah, busted.
I stopped collecting for a moment and setup my knife.
There were only 3 left.
Un. It’ll be fine.

『That treasure is more valuable than our lives is being stole by a thief……! Unforgivable!』

One of the Hagedzuras jumped at me.
And then dived.
I avoided it just before it hit.

『You avoided it!?』

It had been convinced that it would be crushed under its might.
The Dzuraime shouted at the Hagedzura who had launched the surprise attack.
I made a full rotation with the silver knife.


A gratifying sound retorts.
Un. Pleasure.
Fighting has to be like this after all.
The Dzuraime screamed once more as I raised the knife, underhanded, over my head.



The Dzurime disappeared with a bon.
I gradually returned to my senses.
I’ve been to Virtual Space(virtual reality areas) and experienced many times.
Basic operations don’t really differ at all, there are few habitual movements too.
Yep yep, this is a great VRMMO isn’t it?
This 《Trans Sexual Online》is.
Except for the(se) monsters……

『Damnit……! What should we do……!』2
『Hey! We can’t be frozen by fear! We just have to do it partner!』1
『Hey, stop that! You’re embarrassing me! Saying partner……That’s the first time anyone has said that to me……』2
『O- oh I see. It’s been hard for you hasn’t it……No I mean it’s the first time for me too to tell you the truth. Using the word partner……』1

I ignore the 2 remaining Dzurime’s conversation and continue collecting the dropped items.

『Hey, we…… do you think we could become friends?』2
『Wai- stop that! Isn’t it obvious!? Whether its friends or lovers――――ah』1

They suddenly become silent.
What is with this delicate atmosphere?
Their cheeks were blushing?

『……After this battle is over……』
『Aa…….After we saftely get out of this mess, and collect our fellow Dzura……』

The Dzuras embrace each other closely.
Nay, Dzuriimes.
Then with firm determination face towards me――.

『Now! With our hearts one with an 「Ei!」pugyaaaa!』1

I strike a blow at the Dzuraime who was approaching from behind.

『Bastard! For my eternal partner 「Ei!」bugyaaaa!』
I struck a blow at the other Dzurime who decided to pay a visit.
And then the last of the Dzurimes disappeared.

「Haa……. That was exhausting but…… I felt something, well whatever……」

I muttered as I finished collecting the dropped items alone.

【Eternal Hagedzura】【225G】【Bright Liquid Dyed Red】【452G】

After I had finished collecting all the dropped items, I squatted down.
The concept of leveling doesn’t exist in this VRMMO.
Regardless of how many monsters you beat, you wouldn’t get any stronger.

「……Well, even still you might get experience for actual combat……mutter mutter……」

For the time being, let’s just collect items while getting used to this world.
If I remember right this world’s time is 365 times faster than the real world.
Which means 6 hours of play time in this game would mean that if I were to log out I would only have been playing for 1 minute.
It’s an amazingly wonderful setting for busy modern people.

「I wonder if I can keep collecting items like this……. I’ll run into another player eventually……」

Or rather, I want to learn some 【Magic】.
How do I learn some…….
I’ll read the manual once more afterwards……

While thinking about that I lay down on the ground right there.
The breeze fells nice.
A clear blue sky.
Can I fly in the sky too?
The excitement doesn’t end.

I began to doze before I knew it――.

USER NAME: Sadzuka Manami
SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME: 0000:12:56
(Tln: One year is 8,760 hours, the login time is based on the mmo’s time not the real world fyi)

Second chapter today. What do you guys think of my writing style? Anyways more to come.

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Thanks for the new chapter! Definitely a weird battle. Random but funny too, in some ways


‘Oly Crap. 1 year of that!? Won’t you need a month or so to readjust back to real Life?
I too usually don’t like genderbenders, but this one is nice! Thanks for the chap ol’ chap!


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