Trans Sexual Online Chapter 6

Jammerg55 here, I really hate cliff hangers, don’t you? So went ahead and did chapter 6 as well. For those you that like the story, wonderful, thanks for reading. For those that don’t, well we just wont speak of them. lol

Any ways please enjoy.

Chapter 06: First Magic

「He–, seeds basically grow in 2 to 3 days.」

After I cultivated my field, I returned to my house and read the manual.
Depending on what is grown, the fastest things grow in 2 days. Wheat is one of those that grow fast it seems.
Fruit would take longer to grow.

「What should I do about chocolate?」

Make it from cacao? (tln: cacao is basically the essence of chocolate, it grows in tropical/subtropical climates)
No, that would be really difficult. I wonder if they sell it somewhere.
I need to find a shop with someone in the same trade; I’ll have to procure the other ingredients.

「……Oh right」

Not only at my own shop, but I want to sell at other items shops as well. I’ll increase sales even more.
It’s probably a good idea. Research shops, make contracts with shops in similar trades. I’ll need to make items first though.
Can’t I order things through a mail order service? This is my first time doing something like this so I don’t really know.
I should have asked uncle more about it. After completing the first stage, let’s go out into town.

「Ah, eggs」

I’ll also need milk.
What should I do? Maybe I could raise those as well. Might as well. Yep.
I still have some money left. There’s a pen attached to the side of the house.
Un, let’s do that. Doing everything myself. It’s the best.

I mean, the ingredients in this world, there are a lot from the real world.
Well, agriculture and ranching are fun. Adding strange names just makes it confusing.

「Alright. After sowing the seeds, I’ll go back to town」

I closed the manual screen, and went outside.
Somehow, this world’s value of money is strange. It’s this easy to rent a house.

「First lets plant the wheat here…」

I took the seeds out of the item box, and then planted each seed in sequential order, starting on the edge.
I wonder how deep you need to plant these. I wonder if it’s the same as the tomatoes I planted during elementary school.
I’ve made cake and candy quite often but, I usually just bought the fruit from the market.
In the future, if you’re going to aim to be a pro then you shouldn’t be so picky over the ingredients.

「Now then」

I planted all the seeds I had purchased.
The next part is fun. It’s [water magic]’s turn.

「First, I equip the wand to use [magic]… um, like this?」

From my status screen, I equipped the walking stick and [water magic].
With this I should be able to use [magic].

I held the wand in my hand and pointed it at the field in a long arc.
What should I do about the spell? Is there a spell?
The manual didn’t really say anything about it. Well, it did have spells but those were for more advanced spells.
But this was only for simple magic. Probably, silently praying would be good.

Imagine it.
Yeah. That’s probably right.
With the image in my mind, I used my senses to draw it out.



That’s right. Something that feels like rain.
Water drizzeling down to the parched ground in a myst. ――Like a spray.

――Oh rain, fall……!!

I prayed strongly in my heart, deep within the recesses of my head it began to get hot.
That sensation traveled to the tips of my fingers and though the wand.

And, waving the stick in my hand with the image drawn in my mind the wand turned it into reality.


It was my first magic.
Shining droplets sprayed onto my fine clothing and poured onto the ground.

It’s so, moving.
Magic is just so beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s amazing, this game!!

「Wa…..ha, haha……ahaha!!」

I began to run around in the middle of the field, pitter pattering around.
It was cold and pleasant.
Even this feels real.

「Fuha-, haha!」

My mood greatly improved, in the spur of the moment I started dancing around and singing in the rain.

This game seems like it will be fun.

I mean super fun.

The best!

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LOGIN TIME: 0007:06:54

So what do you guys think of the story so far? Feel free to let me know below thanks!

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Thanks for the new chapter! It isn’t bad so far. Just some character building, so I don’t have much of an opinion so far. Haru is a true to oneself personality in the game.

It’s a sign of good things to come at least. Taking time to properly introduce the attitude of characters to the universe they’re in is extremely important, and I rather like how TS online has them embracing being the other gender and enjoying themselves rather than bothering with petty dilemmas and mental conflicts. I do wonder how it’ll affect their daily lives though with the extreme time dilation. I would like to see later on how it’s addressed, as having played for a month every 2 hours is an excessive dilation compared to the dilations the other stories use, and… Read more »

This seems interesting, my first impressions is that is a more blunt Only Sense Online setting.


urgh, it isn’t my cup of tea, but i’ll try to read it ⊙﹏⊙


Well, this is great! Really, it’s interesting with the gender issue, kukuku…~! The developments that may happen due to it are really going to be amusing~! 🙂

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


So, in this WN you must change your gender to play this game!?
I don’t want it but I want to read it (;´Д`)


Don’t bother with petty dilemmas. The characters sure don’t. Just go ahead and have fun, because fun is what matters.


Its cute so its not gay.


I like it a lot!!!!!!


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