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#15 Royal capital and Duke Mansion

[Ooh! I can see it! The royal capital!]

Shouts Sue who is leaning forward on the window. When I also look at the distance through the window, I see a large waterfall with height that towers behind a white castle and tall castle walls.

Royal capital Arefis. The capital city of this country is located on the banks of the palette lakes flowing from the waterfall. Also called the [City of Lakes]

The Belfast kingdom, located on the western part of the Europa continent, is relatively peaceful thanks to the easy going atmosphere and benevolent Royal rule.

The silk produced in the Kailua province of the Belfast Kingdom is said to be the finest product in this world and the major industry in the sewing business. It’s soft and light, durable and beautiful. This livelihood seems to be an important source of income and pride for this country which is the purveyor for nobles and Royal families in foreign countries.

As I approach the Royal capital of that country, I’m once again astonished by the length of the castle walls. How far does this wall continue?. You could say its iron wall defense that doesn’t permit any enemy invasion. Although it’s not made of iron.

There were several soldiers at the checkpoint on city gate inspecting those entering into the capital. However, we passed through without being checked just from them seeing Suueand Reim-san’s face who were next to us. Free passage for being known is it? That and the fact that the crest of the Duke’s house is drawn on the carriage.

Just like that, the carriage advanced straight towards the castle and we crossed a long stone bridge where a large river flowed. There’s also a checkpoint at the center of the bridge, but we pass through just as before.

[That is because ahead of the bridge we crossed is residence of the nobles de gozaimasu]

Reim-san explains and I nod to this response, indeed. So it’s something to separate the commoner’s area and the noble’s area.

We passed through a street where beautiful and splendid looking estates are lined up in rows and before long a big mansion appeared in front of the carriage. The wall of the grounds is also long. When we finally arrive before the gate, five to six gatekeepers open the heavy looking gate slowly from the left and right. I notice just now that the crest on the carriage is the same as the crest on the gate. So this is the Duke’s residence.

Huge. At any rate, from the garden and from the house it’s huge. What is this pointless hugeness. (note: or largeness?)

The carriage stopped in from of the entrance and Sue opened the door energetically.

[Welcome home, Ojou-sama!]

[Umu!] (TLN: if anyone doesn’t know, it’s a form of acknowledgement.)

The maids lined up in a row all bow simultaneously. Reim-san urged me, who was dumbfounded in the carriage and I get down。Somewhat, I may have come to amazing place.

When we go through the entrance, one man came down from the large stairs onto the red carpet spread in front of us.


[Father!] (TLN: chichiue)

Sue runs straight towards the man and mightily jumps onto his chest.

[I’m so glad. I’m so very glad…!]

[I am safe, nothing happened to me. Did you not receive the letter I gave to the messenger?]

[When I received the letter, I felt more dead than alive]

Sue’s father. So this person is the King’s brother, Duke Ortlinde. Bright golden hair and a seemingly sturdy build that exudes healthiness. Contrary to the gentle face which that makes you feel kindness.

The Duke walked towards us when he finally parted with Sue.

[…Are you the adventurers that rescued my daughter? I must express my gratitude. I am truly grateful, thank you]

I was surprised. The Duke who said that bowed to the four of us. The King’s younger brother de aru.

[Please raise your head. That was because we only did what was natural]

[Is that so. thank you. You’re very humble]

While saying so, the Duke seized my hand and gave a handshake.

[Once again let me introduce myself. I am Alfred Ernes Ortlinde]

[Mochizuki Touya desu. Ah, Touya is the first name and Mochizuki is the surname]

[Hou, Where you born in Ishen?]

…This phrase, how many does this make?

[I see, so you guys came to the royal capital at the request of the guild to deliver a letter]
(TLN: he uses kimi-tachi)

We are sitting down, facing the Duke on the terrace facing the garden on the second and enjoying tea.

[I was enjoying it] is mainly only me and the Duke, but the other three are fidgeting from tension. Sue left her seat and is not here. I wonder where she went.

[If you didn’t take the request, Sue might have been kidnapped or even might have been killed. It’s thanks to that person who gave the request]

[Do you have any idea of who the attacker might have been?]

[None…that I can say. Considering my position, there are some nobles who think of me as an obstacle. Kidnap my daughter, threaten and manipulate me at will…perhaps those people thought as such]

The Duke took the tea with a bitter face. There’s also a lot of things in the world of nobles.

[Father, Thank you for waiting]

Sue came over to the terrace. In a pale pink frilly dress to her blonde hair adorned with a katyusha headband decorated with a rose of the same pale pink. It’s suits very well.

[Were you able to speak with Ellen?]

[Yes. I kept silent about the attack so as not to worry her]

Sue sits down softly next to the Duke. Without delay Reim-san came carrying tea.


[Ah yes, my wife. Sorry, she doesn’t reveal herself even though you’re our daughters benefactor….My wife can’t see]

[She is blind de gozaru ka?]

Yae asks in a sorry manner.

[It was from an illness five years ago…she narrowly escaped death, but lost her sight]

The Duke lowers his eyes bitterly. Sue who was looking put her hand above his. I wonder if she’s concerned about her father. What a kind child.

[Did you perform magic therapy desu ka?]

[We called out to all healing magic users all over the country but…it was no good. It can be possible to repair the body to some extent due to injury. However, it seems to be ineffective against the after-effects of the illness]

The Duke feebly answers Lindey’s question. Is that so…is even healing magic no good?…I thought I might be able to do it with ‘Cure Heal’ but….We can only be powerless in a situation such as this.

[If only grandfather was alive…]

Sue mutters regretfully. The Duke opened his mouth when he noticed my strange glance.

[My wife’s father…Sue’s grandfather, my father-in-law was a user of a special magic. He was able to remove abnormalities of the body. It’s also because father-in-law’s magic was elucidated and somehow thought that was can acquire it, that Sue had gone out to travel]

[Mother’s eyes can be cured if it’s with grandfather’s magic. Even if we cannot elucidate the magic, if we could just find someone who can use it…]

Sue clenches her fist in vexation.

[Such a thing has a considerably low probability, Sue. As non-attribute magic are mostly personal magic. There is almost no other person who can practice identical magic. But, there are surely users of which have a similar effect. We would surely find one]

[ [ [AAaahhhh─────! ! !] ] ]

The three people who was sitting beside me suddenly stood up and gave a loud cry. Uowaa, that startled me! What, what, what!?

[It’s Touya !]

[Touya-san desu!]

[Touya-dono de gozaru !]

[What is it ! ?]

In rapid succession the three extended their fingers and without knowing why, pulled my body. What is this, scary. Aren’t these three too excited?

Even the Duke father and daughter who was similarly startled began to pull a little. Hey look.

[You might be able to use that magic if it’s you!]

[The none-attribute is personal magic…it is mostly unusable to other people. However !]

[If it’s Touya-dono can’t he use all non-attribute magic gozara nuka!]

[Ah? ……Aaaahhh ! So that’s why!]

I know at least! Is that so, is it, If it’s none-attribute!

[What…is this about? Don’t tell me…]

[Can mother be cured? Touya !?]

The Duke said in disbelief, Sue grasped my arm and clung onto it.

[Truthfully, it’s a magic I have never used. But possibly….Please tell me the inherent name and the effect of that magic in detail]



[Ara, a guest?]

There was a lady who is sitting on the bed who resembles Sue. I expect that when she grows up in the future, her figure will become like this. Only the color of her hair is hazel which is different to the daughter.

A white blouse in a pastel blue skirt that gives quite an ephemeral image. When likened to a flower rather than roses or lilies, she is a woman like the baby’s breath. Her age seems young, probably still in her 20s.
(TLN: It is another name for “Gypsophila” commonly used in flower arrangement.)

However contrary to that youth, I felt that her eyes that cannot see is brought into prominence. It was in such a state that even though her eyes are open, you can’t tell where she’s looking, or rather her point of view isn’t fixed.

[I am Machizuki Touya to moushi masu. How do you do Ellen-sama]

[How do you do. Anata, this person is?]
(TLN: how wives address their husband, means “dear”)

[Aah, Sue met them who she is very indebted to……Heard the story about you, and will take a look at your eyes]

[My eyes……?]

[Mother, please be at ease]

I hold up my hand quietly in front of Ellen-sama’s eyes. I concentrate my consciousness and invoke the magic I learnt just now. I’m begging you, please work.


A soft light started to flow from my hand into Ellen-sama’s eyes. I remove my hand after the light fades slowly.

For a little while her gaze wandered about in the air and gradually calmed down. After blinking incessantly, she silently turned her face towards the Duke and Sue.

[……I can see……I can see. I can see, dear!]
(TLN: She said, “mieru”, “miemasu” and “miemasu wa” but with our limited expression in english I couldn’t do anything about it.)

Tears starts falling from Ellen-sama’s worn-out eyes.

[Ellen……n…….! ]

[Mother ! ! ]

The three began to cry as they embrace each other. Seeing her daughter and husband after five years, while laughing and crying, Ellen-sama continued watching them intently. The face of her beloved husband and daughter. For as long as possible even with her eyes we in tears.

As for Reim-san who was watching on the side with his face directed towards them, were also shedding tears.

[Thank goodness……Gusuu]

[Thank goodness, desu]

[Thank goodness de gozaru yo〜]

Even you guys are crying too!? Huh? This is, me who isn’t crying, doesn’t this make me look like a heartless human being?

I am deeply moved too you know. It’s just, there was the pressure of if I failed, the relief of having succeeded came first…… …Well, never mind.

We watched as the parents and child indefinitely cried for joy.

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It’s light and I like it but the plot need to be a bit more elaborated.
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agreed, in my opinion, this novel is “soft, light and lacks enough depth” but I will continue reading it since I had thought the same things about Death March in the beginning chapters but now I can’t get enough of it.

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