Slave Harem – 074 – Cassia

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After Quratar’s labyrinth, we headed to Vale’s labyrinth.
The Green Caterpillar hardly appears on Vale’s eleventh floor.
There is a chance of being poisoned because the Spi Spider and NT Ant appear, but some risks are unavoidable.
The danger caused by the increased frequency of magic and poison effects have both increased.

When you enter the labyrinth, there is always risk.
It’s not possible to do it with no risk.
There is no guarantee that the green caterpillar won’t appear on Vale Labyrinth’s eleventh floor.
There was a chance of it appearing on the ninth and tenth floors as well, but I’m not sure if I could endure long enough to cast three spells if I was covered in thread.

Did it appear on the ninth floor?
Maybe I last saw it on the eighth?
Well, that’s how common it is.
On Vale Labyrinth’s eleventh floor there’s nearly no chance of coming across it while hunting.

Well, there’s still a chance, so I need to think about counter measures.
If a green caterpillar appears and uses thread, it will be too late to think about it.
The best option would be to increase my magic attack power, and Sherry’s defense.

Sherry’s leather jacket is pretty much beginner equipment.
We should start by doing something about it.

The wand I’m using is a boss item, but it’s a boss item from a low level floor.
It would be good to improve my cane. TN Wand is the item type, Cane is the item category. Like Sherry’s Hammer: Club
The the number of spells needed to defeat demons decreases, then the time spent fighting the enemies decreases as well.
If it’s one spell less, then fighting time can decrease by a quarter.

Is a fight still hard if it’s just three quarters of the original time?
Or does it need to be just half the time?
I’ll have to think about it seriously.
Strengthening the wand should be a good idea.

I can also give Sherry a sacrificial misanga.
But sacrificial is a one time effect.
I can’t put too much faith in it.
If we are unable to move because of the thread, then surviving one attack won’t mean much.

Sacrificial misanga is a piece of equipment that should be used to cover an unexpected blow, and not considered as part of a battle plan.

After leaving the labyrinth, instead of going to the armor shop, I go to Bode.
I deliver my daily mirror.
It’s my current daily routine.
I haven’t been cooking breakfast lately.

I’m guided to the duke’s room, and I exchange the mirror with Gozer for one gold coin.

“You should be used to the castle a bit now. Instead of being guided in you can come to a more direct room.”

The duke says this as he sits on the chair.

“Is that alright?”
“It’s fine. There are some things happening here.”
“The order of knights has become quite busy. A third labyrinth has just been found in our territory. The second labyrinth was only just found the other day and we need to move forward with our exploration immediately.”

Gozer added an explanation.
A labyrinth appeared?
It’s the lords responsibility to exterminate labyrinths.
It must be serious.

“I see.”
“The number of knights in the castle will decrease. I don’t want to increase any unnecessary duties.”

The number decreases, and a strange adventurer is allowed to wander around?
It should be fine.

“That’s the situation.”
“The people in the castle are already talking about it.”
“Also, I’d like to make a request of you Michio. Your assistance in exploring the Labyrinth would be a help to us.”

It’s the duke’s request.
Is my help alright?
It will seem strange if I get embarrassed.
Should we fight together?

“Ah, it’s alright if you just enter it.”
“That’s enough?”
“You can bring your own party as well Michio, we don’t mind.”

I just have to enter it?
That reminds me, Gozer saw Sherry and Roxanne at the merchants guild.
It will be a nuisance if it’s too difficult, but there’s no problem if I just have to enter it.

“You aren’t contracted to a town, or order of knights are you?”

The duke asks a question.

I see.
An adventurer might not be completely available.
Many people are restricted by territorial boundaries or relationships.
Maybe they can’t invite someone from another order of knights?

“There’s no problem if I go to the labyrinth here for the foreseeable future.”

This way I don’t deny any connection with a hometown either.
He’d be likely to go after me more forcefully if he knew I was completely free.

“It’s reassuring to have an excellent adventurer enter the labyrinth.”
“I can only handle the lower levels, but I should be able to explore.”

I need to set things straight.

“That’s fine. Just having you enter will be useful, Michio.”

I don’t understand.
Is that right?
Shouldn’t Gozer handle this?

“Ok, do I need to know anything about entering the labyrinth?”
“You can enter wherever you want. Just show the emblem you have to the member of the order of knights watching the labyrinth, and he will take you to the topmost explored floor for free. There are advantages to newly discovered labyrinths, there’s a reward from the knights to the first person to make it to a new floor. The first labyrinth is in Haruba, the second is in Tare, and the third is to the south here in Bode.”
“I see.”

I don’t understand some, but nod anyway.
It would be a problem if “an excellent adventurer” didn’t even know basic things.

“Tare is a village that received care packages during the floods. I will organize an adventurer to guide you to Haruba.”

They’ll take me?
That’s good.

“Thank you.”
“I’ll organize it straight away. You can wait in the lobby Michio, and we’ll be there for you soon.”

The duke stands up and leaves the room at once.
He’s always in a rush.
I just need to head to the lobby.

“Well, I’ll be going then.”

I bid farewell to Gozer, and head to the lobby.

The duke comes while I’m waiting in the lobby.
He’s with two good looking men, and three beautiful women.
One of the women is stunningly beautiful.

Her beauty can be mistaken for the brilliance of the sun.
White skin, bright golden hair, pink lips, and large faintly colored eyes.
It’s a woman that reminds me of a large rose in full bloom in the middle of a bouquet.

All elves are beautiful, but she’s another step above that.
No, maybe two steps.
The highest possible.

“This is my wife, Cassia.”

The duke introduced the beautiful woman.

His wife… so that’s it…

“I’m Cassia.”

Cassia steps forward and says hello.
Even a greeting is elegant when a beautiful woman does it.
It’s different from the feeling Roxanne gives off, but both are feelings of perfection.
It’s like comparing a Greek sculpture to a French doll.

Could I have such a beautiful woman as my wife if I was a good looking man?
Or is it because he’s the duke.
I am envious.

The social class system.
The difference in social standing.
It’s very unequal.

Is this exploitation allowed?
Is this atrocity allowed?
Is this unjustness allowed?

It’s unfair.
It’s absurd.
We need a revolution.

The rulers should tremble in fear.
The working class has nothing to lose.
They can take the world.
Workers of all nations, unite!
(From: The Communist Manifesto)

“Nice to meet you, I’m Michio.”

However, I bow my head to Cassia.
You must behave as a gentleman in front of a lady.

“I’ve heard good things about you from the duke.”

Cassia shares her words with me.
The duke seems to have talked about me.

The duke is a good person.
Maybe we don’t need a revolution.

Cassia|Female|29 years old.
Wizard Lv41
Equipment: Staff of Offerings|Waterproof Tiara|Fireproof Robe|Windproof Gloves|Earthproof Loafers|Sacrificial Misanga

Oh? The duchess fights as well?
Waterproof, Fireproof, Windproof, Earthproof. The four elements.
This is duchess class equipment?

“You enter the labyrinth as well duchess?”
“It is my duty.”

She gives a graceful nod.
The duchess who takes the lead and fights for the people.
With this, there is no chance for a revolution.

“First, four of us will go to Haruba, Michio, Cassia, Klaus, and myself.”

The duke declared.
They have a party of six, so they need two round trips to include me.
It’s bad.

These six might be the duke’s party.
Holy Knight, Knight, Wizard, Shrine maiden, Explorer, Adventurer.
Since they have a Shrine maiden for recovery, and a Wizard, it’s a balanced party.
The Adventurer is their only transport.

The adventurer forms the party.
I prepare as I wait.

“Here it comes.”

I’m the last one in the duke’s party, and the Adventurer faces the wall.
This is a chance.

Holy Knight Lv14, Knight Lv50, Warrior Lv30, Villager Lv6, Wizard Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Swordsman Lv1, Forest Ranger Lv1, Herbalist Lv1.

I used [Party job settings].
I look at the duke’s job.
I’m not familiar with it yet, because I’ve never seen anyone use it.

If I guess, the order is Warrior Lv30 –> Knight Lv50 –> Holy Knight?
Forest Ranger, probably the elves racial job.
Even the other elves have it.

Did he pick up a leaf to get Herbalist?
He’s always being hasty.
I can picture him grabbing items before even getting a chance to see them.

The duke follows the adventurer into the wall.
Next, is Cassia.
I entered last.

By the way, since I can use [Party job settings], it’s also possible for me to change the duke’s job.
To Herbalist Lv1.

The duke might enter the labyrinth after this.
It won’t be the first floor.
What would it be like to be a Herbalist Lv1 against the stronger demons on the upper floors?

Cassia would become a widow.

No, I won’t do it.
I won’t do it.
I probably won’t do it.

When we arrived at Haruba, the adventurer dissolved the party, and went back.
This is Haruba? It’s in the forest somewhere.
The entrance to the labyrinth is nearby.

“Did someone get past the 41st floor yet?”
“Not yet.”

The duke talks to the Explorer at the entrance.
Currently the labyrinth exploration goes up to the 41st floor.

If the entrance has appeared, the labyrinth has more than 50 floors.
How long will it take to exterminate the labyrinth?
It will be difficult if they have two more labyrinths to worry about.

It’s possible for me to go up to the 41st floor for free if I show the emblem.
Should I do it now?
This labyrinth might be defeated by the time I can get to the 41st floor.

“Well, I’ll be going on ahead.”
“I look forward to your continued support.”
“Thank you.”

I bid farewell to the duke and Cassia, and I enter the labyrinth.
I don’t want to be with them any longer.
As soon as I appear in the small room on the first floor, I go home.

While having breakfast, I talk to Roxanne and Sherry about the labyrinth.

“I will enter three labyrinths in the Harz territory. I won’t be going to Vale or Quratar’s labyrinths.”
“I understand.”
“Do you know the location of the labyrinths? I can ask about them in the explorers guild.”
“Bode, Haruba, and Tare.”

I informed Sherry.

“Bode, Haruba, and Tare. I’ve got it.”
“I have some questions. What’s a reward for passing a new floor?”
“In the case of an explorer managed labyrinth, when you defeat the boss and then take the explorer to a new floor, you’ll be paid money.”

There’s a reward?
The explorer at the entrance can only take you somewhere he’s been before.

He’ll pay you money if you take him to a new floor.
He gets money from other people, and takes them to the new floor.
It works well.

“Oh, Zabir’s labyrinth wasn’t managed.  Some labyrinths aren’t managed?”
“All labyrinths in the empires territory are managed. Labyrinths outside any territory aren’t managed. Zabir is on the frontier, so it might not be managed.”

Is the labyrinth at Zabir outside the territory of the empire?
Is it in the territory of Palmasque?
Palmasque won’t manage it?
Oh well.

“I see. Thank you. Also, I was told that I would be useful, even if I’m not exploring at the highest level. Is that true?”
“Um, oh, yes.”

Sherry has a strange look for a second.
She isn’t sure?

“How so?”
“The labyrinth prey’s on people. They’ll become highly active if people don’t enter them. The activity decreases if lots of people go in. The labyrinth is less dangerous if more people go in.
“For example, the labyrinths near the city and village don’t have many demons outside them. And the few that are there are weak, and not aggressive. Labyrinths that are secluded will have stronger, more aggressive demons outside them.”

Labyrinths have a difference like that?
If you think about it, the duke put me in the labyrinth as food.

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