Tran Sexual Online Chapter 07

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Chapter 07: Dark Magic

「N……Huh? I……」

I rubbed my eyes as I woke up.
They were full of that sleepy eye crap.
I had fallen asleep before I knew it.

「A-……. If I remember correctly there were still supplementary lessons, I needed to turn in my report……」

The face of the university professor suspended in my mind.
Ah—, no no.
I entered the virtual world, I don’t want to remember things like school……

I slowly got up, and stretched wide.
How many hours did I sleep for……?
Since its still daylight probably 3-4 hours?

I looked around the area.
There’s a comfortable breeze, I can hear the sound of the waterfall.
I was as if I’d returned to the country side.
I wonder how grandma is doing…….

「……now then. I hope I can make it to town by night fall」

The plan was to stay logged in continuously for 2-3 days in the real world.
If I were to log out then there might be a restriction as to when I can log back in.
It’s something that happens often right after a service begins for a VRMMO.
Hardly any time has passed in the real world, let’s take it easy easily.

「Um…….I wonder if it’s this direction……」

I advance in the direction away from the waterfall.
The gloomy forest continues ahead, I couldn’t do any sightseeing.
I firmly grasped my silver knife.
I need to pay attention for a monster attack……

While walking forward, I opened my window and checked how much money I had on hand.


I made quite a bit from that crowd of Dzurimes for a little while ago.
I’m not sure what these items that the wigs dropped are for…【Green liquid】【Pale Green liquid】【Dark Green liquid】【Liquid dyed red】etc. but I think they’re mixing items.
It looks like this virtual world’s 「Hand made」system is considerably detailed.
Ranch management to restaurants, clothing shops, arms and armor shops.
Various 「Hand made」fields were available.

「……That doesn’t really suit me. Managing a shop……」

I want to jump into dungeons and find treasure.
I want to get a weapon that will beat down monsters loudly, I want to hurry up and ‘shakin’.
There should be a 【Monster capturing system】if I remember correctly.
Make monsters your companions and have them help in battle, or help in a shop――.

「……But that army of wigs was a bit……」

I thought about having Dzurimes as companions, and then shook my head.
What exactly can those guys do?
Those were probably beginner class monsters, if I’m going to have a companion it should be stronger――.

『O-ho ho ho!』

「Uwa! That scared me!」

I suddenly heard a woman’s laughter overhead and fell down.
I stood up and set up my silver knife in the direction of the voice.

【NAME】Witch【HP】450/450【PERSONALITY】Ecchi (Perverted)



『Ah! You now in your heart thought『an ecchi witch gag!? Uwasabu! (fall down)』didn’t you!?』


『iyunte』(sound for her jumping down, I think)

The thing that jumped down from the tree was, a female magician monster.
Her chest area was open provocatively and approached me.
Rather than ecchi more like bitch……?

『……Oh well. You, you are passing through my territory, you’ve got some nerve don’t you?』

The witch who approaches puts her hand on her hip.
Is it that? Is attack magic going to come at me?
I think I want to see it but, she seems stronger than the Dzurimes from a little while ago.

I gulped.
Seeing that, the witch gave a broad trashy grin.

『……Ha-han. You……you’re staring at my body aren’t you?』

While she wiggled her body back and forth, for some reason she looked pleased.
She’s probably just an idiot.

「Um, Bitch-san」

『It’s Witch』

「Ah, excuse me. Um, can Witch-san. Can you tell me how I can get out of the forest, and who to get to the nearest town please? 」

『Eh? Ah- un. Go south to get out of the forest, then from there go east and there is a large town.』

「Oh I see. Thank you very much.」

I bowed lightly as I expressed my gratitude and started off.
That’s good. If there’s a large town, then I can get my equipment changed.
I was hungry so I want to get something to eat.

『On the way, there’s a brutal monster so you should be careful—- te hey!』

You just realized something; I heard the voice of the witch behind me.
I just want to stop screaming in that shrill voice.
Because it was vibrating it was making my head pound…….

『Why the heck am I kindly telling you how to get out!? If you want to leave the forest you need to pay money!』


「That’s right! You need to pay a toll is what I am saying!」

A toll……
I don’t wanna…….

「If I refuse……then what?」

I ask timidly.
While watching her face it turns scary.

『You……you don’t know the terror of this witch who causes crying children to be silent do you……』


『You’re too honest it surprises me』

Well, even if you say that…….
I really don’t know…….

『……Oh well. If you don’t know then I guess I’ll just have to tell you……!』

She answers and reaches her right hand into the sky.
I see something black gathering in that hand

『fufufu……. If you’re a man then you can’t escape from my 【Dark Magic (Darkness)】!』

She shot a fearless smile at me and shot the magic at me.
A black mist envelopes my body.
A completely hopeless pinch――.





The black mist cleared up.
There didn’t seem anything particularly unusual.
Was it a misfire?

『Why didn’t my 【Charm】work!? It works on any male, it’s my best magic! Are you unusual somewhere?!』

Well even if you say unusual…….
I mean male……?
Ah—, I see.

「Um you see, Bitch-san」

『It’s Witch』

「Ah, excuse me. Um Witch-san. I’m actually a woman.」


The witch became silent.
She looked at me from head to foot, she gave me an extremely shocked expression.

『You’re kidding』

「Ah, well, no it’s true……」

「Eh? Then can I confirm that? 」


Because the witch had a dreadfully perverted expression I answered promptly.
Just imagining how she intended to confirm it scared me too much.

『You certainly have a girlish face …… but my male senses are tingling……』

The witch starts to smell me.
Is there something male smell?
I mean you’re close.
You’re crowing me.

「Umm, What I mean is, This is the game world of 《Trans Sexual Online》――te Stop touching me!」

I struck the head of the witch who kept groping me without permission.
It really does seem like her 【personality】is ecchi.
I probably shouldn’t have anything to do with this guy…….

『Ku……! Then my 【Charm】won’t work on you is what you’re saying……?! That should not be! Then, I ask you, do you feel nothing when you look at this body!?』

「Well, rather than feel nothing, it looks like you’re pushing it too much」『I am not pushing it!』

「I like you’re trying to blow off some steam with your eccentric behavior」『I’m not blowing off steam! What do you mean eccentric behavior!?』

The witch screams into my ear.
You are terribly noisy.
Your voice is making my head pound…….

But, if that 【dark magic (darkness)】then――.

『……Wh- what? That scary smile……. No…… stay away…… I’m sorry, I apologize……! 』

The witch draws away noticing my bloodlust.
I pop my knuckles as I smile from ear to ear――.

『If it’s money I don’t need it……! No, I’ll pay you instead…! So, so please over look this……! 』

Even if I were to defeat this monster, there would probably be another 『witch』 that she shares her consciousness with.

『No…… This person is really scary……! Could it be…… the fear of a true tranny――』

「Don’t say trannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!」


I gave her a blazing uppercut.
She disappeared after a moment.
Then an item and gold dropped.

【Torn magic clothing】【Book of Darkness ⑤】【585G】

「【Book of Darkness】……? What is this?」

There was the figure of a ⑤ carved into the back.
So does that mean there are also a ②and ③?
In any event, I should probably head for town quickly.
I wanted to acquire some information.

Thus, my heroic battle with the witch had ended――.

USER NAME: Saduka Manami
SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME: 0004:05:11

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