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Jammerg55 here, Time for the tea to fly… at the end of the chapter. I spent over an hour translating that ancient techno-babel. On a separate note Din no Monsho will resume on Monday (US time).  Thanks for your patience. Enjoy the Chapter!

Chapter 27:Ancient Language, and the Explosive Statement

「According to the report from the General, the direct perpetrators were the head waiter and the food taster. A search of Earl Balsa’s residence located the poison that was smeared on the glass, it was the same poison that had been used in the incident. Additionally, he personally admitted to the attempted kidnapping of Sue. Case closed.」

The Duke sits in a chair in the royal palace, looking rather pleased while talking.
Besides the Duke were, His Majesty the King, Princess Yumina and Charlotte were sitting around a table drinking tea while enjoying themselves.

「What became of the Earl?」
「In addition to the attempted assassination of the King, there were nothing but treasonous acts. He is being executed and his house is being dissolved along with forfeiture of all land and assets.」

Well it would normally be like that. I don’t really feel any kind of guilt. He reaped what he sowed. There was no room for pity.

「And the Earl’s family?」
「All members that were involved will be executed…… The rest of the relatives will all be stripped of their noble titles and exiled. Although he didn’t have a wife or children, all his relatives discriminated against demi-humans, so it’s just as well. With this, the people who stand opposed to my Elder Brother were so easily removed, I guess.」

The Duke spoke happily. Indeed, with the events that occurred, the other Nobles discriminating against the demi-humans were restrained.

「However, we are deeply in your debt as our benefactor that saved our life, is there anything you wish for?」

The king cut straight through to me, but at present there wasn’t really anything I really needed.

「No please don’t worry about it. I just happened to visit the Duke’s house. It was just a stroke of luck for the King. Please think of it as such.」

It really wasn’t that big of a deal. ”Recovery” was something that came straight from God. I think I would receive divine punishment if I were to ask for a reward. …N? Punishment would have to come from God wouldn’t it? Please spare me the lightning.

「Touya-dono doesn’t show the slightest amount of greed, as usual.」

The Duke smiles while returning his tea cup to the saucer on the table.

「If there is someone I know that is in trouble, isn’t it normal to want help them? It’s not really as if I’m looking to gain something that I help them. I help them because I want to. It’s just that.」

Those were my honest feelings. Contrarily, if Earl Balsa were to ask for help, I don’t know if I would want to help him or not. Because, I knew what kind of man the Duke was, because he was troubled that I lent my power to help out.

「You’re truly a mysterious person. You can use the two no-attribute magic “Recovery” and “Slip”, you’re something else」

Charlotte smiled while looking at me. Being praised by the Court magician, made me feel ticklish.

「No, Touya-dono can also use other no-attribute magic as well. He also used “Gate” to come to the Capital. He also detected the poison, and made a Shougi board using no-attribute magic as well.」

At the Duke’s words Charlotte froze. Ah–…… I should probably be honest here.

「Um, yeah, well. If it’s no-attribute magic then, I can use all of them. Probably.」

I never failed to acquire any of them. Ah, I failed to acquire “Aport” the first try. But, I acquired it none the less.

「All of them…!? If this is true……, that’s completely unexpected! Wa- wait a moment please!」

Charlotte hurried out of the room in a panic…. Did I do something bad……?

「You made the Shougi board? Al recommended that I try it but, that’s really interesting! I’m completely addicted to it. But, how did you make it using magic?」

Ah, the King got addicted to it after all. The brothers are so a like.

I took a glass from the table and used “Modeling”. The shape of the glass began to change… after about 30 seconds, on the table stood a 10cm tall, stately-dignified figure of the King.

「As you can see, just like this.」

I handed the figure over to the King. Because the real deal was present the figurine was as detailed as possible. Well, being made of glass it would break if it were dropped.

「Th- this is amazing… it’s something made of magic that looks just like the real thing, the King is also here but…… how heartfelt it is…」

The King accepted it with a light hearted positive feeling; his eyes glittered in admiration at the figure.
I continued using more glasses, I made two more figurines. I should make the whole family.
After a while the Queen and Princess’s figurines were completed. I gave them to the persons in question. The two rejoiced as they accepted them, and showed each other their own figurines, then lined them up on the table. Yep, when the three are together it’s picturesque.

「Well, we received something wonderful」
「Actually, I those glasses were really already yours. I should apologize for using them without permission instead.」

I quickly bowed my head to the king. I saw the wistful expression on the Duke’s face when I looked up. What an easily comprehensible person.

「…Next time I should make the Duke’s family」
「Really!? Well, that’s great!」

If I’m going to make them Sue and Ellen should be there so they can be made well.
While looking at the Duke who had the goofy grin, bang! Charlotte jumped in holding various items.
With a bloodcurdling gait, she approached me, she placed and expanded before me a piece of parchment that had some writing on it.

「This, can you read this!?」

Charlotte was approaching like a growing bamboo shoot. What is it, it’s scary!
With a look of obsession, I looked over the parchment, there was a language I’d never seen before and had absolutely no idea what it meant.

「I can’t read this. What is this?」
「You can’t read this right? Then, can you use this no-attribute magic item?」

The next thing she brought was a thick book and opened to one of the pages. I can read that. Um, no-attribute magic “Reading”? It was magic that was able to decipher some languages making them readable? But, knowledge of the language was still required. I see, with this you can certainly read it.

「I think I can use this but… do you understand anything about this language?」
「It’s an ancient dead language of the spirits. But almost no one can read it.」

N- Well, might as well give it a try.

「Reading: Ancient language of the Spirits」

The magic activated. I picked up the parchment and looked at it…….. nu…….

「This is……」
「Can, can you read it!?」

Charlotte stared at me with glittering eyes. I lowered my eyes back down to the parchment.

「I’m sorry… I can read it, but I don’t understand what it says.」
「You can read it… but don’t understand? What do you mean by that?」
「Well, ‘mamoto niokeru imi no aru jutsushiki no motanai degomento ha, maryoku wo butsuketa soma shiki niote no edosu no henka wo……’(regarding meaning of the demon’s origin of a certain ability that isn’t dismissed, the discharge of magic that hits the soma equation depending on the Edosu’s change…… its ancient techno-babel) and the like are written but I have absolutely no idea what any of it means.」

No clue. “Ability to read” and “Ability to understand” are two different things. It’s too difficult for me to understand.

「You can read it can’t you! That’s amazing, Touya! With this research will progress by leaps……! Excuse me, can you read this as well!?」
「Pl- pl-, please wait a moment!」

Charlotte approaches me at a frightening pace, was stopped. Your breathing is ragged! Scary!

「Charlotte. Won’t you calm down a little?」
「Ha-! I’m sorry! I just got excited….」

Reacting to the King’s words looked down, the court magician bit her lip, and her face turned brilliant shade of red.

「Well, I know you’ve been researching the magic of the ancient spirits of the dead for a long time, it’s not as if I don’t understand that feeling.」
「That’s right! Until now we were researching every word, one by one, and even then there were still misinterpretations that took years to trace out, just for a moment. Touya! Please help us decipher this by all means!」

Eh? Keep reading like this…? Forever?

「By the way, how much is there…?」
「Let’s see, there are countless documents but…… first, the Ancient civilization Paruteno left –」
「Ok, stop!」

You lost me at “countless”. Once in a while would be fine but I don’t want to do this as a job! I have no desire to become a translator.
Charlotte made a “it’s the end of the world” face at me for refusing. Even if you make that kind of face.
Oh, that’s right.

「Excuse me, Your Majesty. Can I use another glass?」
「I don’t mind but, are you going to make something else?」

Um this is fine for the glass part, for the metal part,….a will a silver coin work?
Taking out a silver coin and using the glass, I use “Modeling” to form its shape. I use the silver coin for the frames and the glass for the lenses and complete it.
They’re a rather simple design, but they’re glasses. The lens part is just regular glass so they’re really just “fake” glasses.
Charlotte, who hadn’t seen the glass figurines being made, was the only one who was startled. It’s not finished yet.
Next I apply an “Enchantment” to the glasses to give it an enchanted effect.

「Enchant: Reading / Language of the Ancient Spirits of the Dead」

After a short while the light emitting from the glasses subsided. I took them in my hands and placed them on my own face. I then removed them and handed them to Charlotte.

「Put them on the same way I just did.」
「Eh? Haa……」

Charlotte in glasses

While saying that, Charlotte put on the glasses. Oou, they look better on her than I thought. Birth beauty in glasses.
I returned the parchment to Charlotte.

「Now then, please read this」

「Eh?…… ‘mamoto niokeru imi no aru jutsushiki no motanai degomento ha, maryoku wo’ I- I can read it! I can read it too!」

Great, it was a success. The translation glasses were now complete.
Looking at the other pieces of parchment she had brought in each hand, she overflowed with glee, and her frolicking figure looked nothing like an adult woman but it was very cute.

「The effect should be continuous and almost permanent. If the effect stops, please tell me.」

「Yes! Ah, um, you mean I can have these!?」
「Please. I want you to have them」
「Thank you very much!」

Phew, now I don’t have to worry about my job suddenly changing to translator.
Charlotte was so please and bluntly announced that she was going to begin research! And left in a torrent.

「Excuse her. Once she gets like that everything else disappears…. Although she’s this country’s number 1 genius in magic……」
「Ara, that’s one of her good points isn’t it?」
「Well if you’re pleased then it couldn’t be better」

While the King had a worried look on his face the Queen laughed quietly under her breath. While watching that I sat in a chair, and drank my now cold tea. First class teas are good even when cold.


…Yeah, she’s been staring at me for a while now.
Who is it you ask? The Princess of course. The blue and green heterochromic eyes wouldn’t stop looking at me. They had a “locked on target” kind of feeling. What exactly are you planning……? Her face was somewhat red…….
Fu, the glare attack seemed to stop. I glanced at the Princess, who had stood up facing the King and Queen.

「What is it Yumina?」
「Father, Mother. I have decided」

“What exactly did you decide?” I thought with a sidelong glance, I started to drink my tea again.
Her face turned bright red, she opened her mouth and said

「This Mochizuki Touya person…… is the person I wish to marry!」


At the Princesses’ explosive statement, the cold tea danced in the air.

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