Din No Monshou – Chapter 05

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Chapter 05: Where is Elf’s Canyon

There is no day that is more tense than today.
Right now, I’m sneaking out of the residence.
So no one can find me as I make my way, I mutter in a subdued tone.

「……Who knew that going out without permission, would be this much of a thrill」

It was something that I hadn’t even considered since in my previous world.
It was when I was in High School I think.
On a holiday at midnight… I tried to go watch an R-rated movie…

「I’m going out-! Jo◯yon!」(Tln: Sorry don’t get the reference)

As a result of shouting, I missed a step, and rolled down the stairs all the way to the first floor.
Upon seeing my disgraceful behavior, Mother was silent.
Father said “go die”
Now that I think about it, that time I had probably won.

However, the circumstances are different now.
The people close to me were all overprotective and would rarely allow me to go out.

It was evening.
The time when public order seemed to get worse.
At this time, one probably wouldn’t dare go out.

I didn’t want to put more stress on Shadvergua.
It would be painful to worry Walkins.
But, I must go!

「……Underneath this village, an elf has come」

I wanted to try and obtain one item…
A certain『Elven medicine』
As the name suggests, it’s a panacea that is made on the Elf Continent.

In all the other races besides human, Elves were the greatest in number.
However, they were oppressed and therefore had a considerably bad image.
By other races, things like Dragon’s are here.

And, the important thing right now was the Elven medicine.
There were a lot of elves scattered over this continent.
The place that had the greatest mystery …the『Elf’s Canyon』as the place was called.

With one taste, the tonics effects would last around-the-clock for a month.
If you matched it with this 『Spoon of the Dragon King』
you can make a panacea that denies all sickness.

Once long ago the queen contracted a disease, it was something called eternally incurable.
Even with recover magic, it was impossible to treat, and all was thought lost.
It was that time.

One day, a woman with Elf’s elixir and a spoon of the dragon king appeared, it seems.
The woman mixed it, steeled her resolve and made the queen drink it.
Then, the sickness healed immediately, the King even cried for joy.

Although half of it’s a legend, the effects are properly guaranteed.
It should absolutely work.
For Sefina’s sickness that has no normal treatment method.

In that case, there is only one thing to do.
I must go, I must find them.
To the person in Elf’s Canyon who has the clue.

「Even still, this village has declined considerably.
public order should be pretty bad as well.」

The village was so lifeless that it causes one to complain unintentionally.
It looks like this village needs a redevelopment campaign.
I might do something that someday.

After walking a short distance, I discovered my target.


The village’s sole relay station.
At present, the elf is staying here for some reason.
Because elves are an unusual race, they’re favored highly by the nobility.
Mostly, in a poor taste meaning of popular, one can’t help being embarrassed.

I enter the store, there was a nice built uncle minding the store.
His muscles were taunt.
Did he used to be a mercenary?
I saw scars here and there?

「Excuse me. Is there and elven guest here?」
「Ah-? There is but, what of it boy? If you wanna stay here ya gotta pay」
「This is who I am」

As I was saying that, I showed a small knife to the shop owner.
On the nice quality blade, there was carved a silver sword and a golden shield.
This is the object that is proof of the nobles that rule the territory.
In other words, the Din family’s crest.

「……Hi!? That means, you’re the Din family’s……!?」
「It seems you’ve been paid to remain silent but
seeing as an elf is here could you not be so loud please?」

If it was known by the locals that an elf had come to the village the things they might do.
It went without saying that the town would overflow with bandits.
Even if such a visitor had money they would be turned away.

There were many that considered elves to be a gold mine.
Strange people would come into the village and start trouble; even the hotel would be in danger.
Even the very fact that the rumor had come to me, although I lived in the hills away from the village—
It might already be too late.

「I got it! The elf is staying in the interior of the second floor」
「Thank you. I’m sorry, although I’m part of the lord’s family, I can’t give you anything.」

I obediently bowed my head.
Although there were no other guests, I didn’t want to be seen as irresponsible.

I also understood.
It was the same as the one time I saw the blog of my former classmate.
That time, all the alumni except me were holding a reunion.

Happily holding beer.
Everyone smiling happily as they chugged beer.
It was certainly stealth marketing.
Being reminded about popularity really depressed me.

「Far from it. Please don’t lower your head」
「I will someday definitely promote around here. I promise you.」
「I am grateful. Even if by chance the inn were to be ruined, I would probably survive as a mercenary. Although, if I were to leave the inn to my wife it would absolutely never fail.」
「Aa, good luck with that」

I wave my hand as I ascend the stairs.
I wanted to help with Shadvergua’s work, gradually.
It was painful that the results didn’t come very easily.
I guess I need to raise the standard of living around here.
Next time, let’s discuss it with Shadvergua.

I reach the second floor and look toward the room in the back.
There stood a dimly lit lantern.


I’ve heard that elves have a strong sense of tribalism.
The Elf’s Canyon that I wished to visit, to the elves was sacred ground.
The person that was staying here, there was a strong possibility that they knew the whereabouts of that place.
Even if they were to have no knowledge about it at all, there was no choice but to try and ask.

This is the first step.

「Excuse me」

I knocked and entered the room.
Don’t you clean in here, it reeks of dust?
Because there usually aren’t guests, they went lazy on the cleaning?
If it stays like this, you’re going to lose more and more business you know.

「ah……absent huh?」

Even if you were to look around the room, it was apparent there was no one there.
Is he out at the moment?
But it’s already late.

I gazed out the window at the neighborhood, a sound rang out from the jars on the back shelf.
According to intuition, it was a danger alarm.

—-From behind

I spun around in a hurry.
The ingredients storage flung open.
There was just enough room for 1 person to hide there.

I carefully inspected inside.
There was —- no one inside.
Right, no one there.
Instead there was a thin glittering string.


The string continued behind me,
as if invited an unsuspecting guest into a trap.


A sharp sound whizzed by my ear.
The muscles along my spine trembled.
I flew sideways quickly.
Then, several hairs floated gently in the air.
It was the assailant.

「Hey that’s dangerous!」
「Aa, it missed!? Then how about 2 long swords!」

They followed up with a sweeping horizontal blow.
Here, my self-defense instinct awoke.
I gathered magic in my hand in an instant, and activated the magic.

「Be lit clamoring light ball of demon fire, bore through our enemy — 『Gun Fire』!」

The bullet in my hand shot toward the assailant.
Bo- it emanated a showy explosive sound as it struck the katana and blew it away.
There wasn’t any damage.
However, this was a potentially deadly weapon.

「What?! Then with this sword!」

Jakin, and he setup a with a new weapon.
How unexpected.
Why do you have two katanas? How rude!
It can’t be helped, should I use the magic once more?

If you were to find one cockroach there would surely be 30 more is the law I think.
Even if I were to blow that weapon away there would probably be more that he would pull out from somewhere else.
There’s nothing to do other than to keep that person in check.

I tried to chant range magic.
At the same time the person in front of me was looking at my appearance—

「……ah, huh? A kid?」

His mouth opened with a pokan.
Then, he lowered his katana and sheathed it.
In reaction to that, I couldn’t help but stop chanting.

「I, I’m sorry. I thought that a thief had come after me.
while I walked around the area I had been attacked.」
「Getting killed with a knife because of a misunderstanding would have not been a joke……」

I’m relieved as I see the appearance of a girl.
Her ears pointed out a little, while she had short golden hair.
The golden hair was down to her shoulders, and glittered dazzlingly in the evening sunlight.
An elven woman.

「I’m Isabelle. I’m the elf that came from a village in the surrounding area. What is your name?」

It seems she’s Isabelle.
Speaking of which, don’t elves have family names?

From her appearance, she looks about 17-8 years old.
But, if I remember correctly, using their face to determine their age is unreliable at best.
There is a clear distinction in growth speed and longevity when compared to a human.
When asking a middle-aged uncle about an elf’s age he said,

『When your great-grandfather was born, they were already here.』

—-or something like that.
This girl named Isabelle too is most likely to have already lived a long time.

「I am Regis Din. I am the son of the ruined lord.」

When I introduced myself, Isabelle’s ears reacted suddenly but subtly.
At the same time, a vigilant glance appears.
Aa, did she react to the word noble?
There is a clientele who want elves after all.

「I’ll say it once, I do not intend to do anything to you, but I don’t mind if you are weary.」
「You aren’t going to report me to a relative? I’m an elf after all」
「My family doesn’t have anyone what that kind of hobby. Even I hate those kind of people, I wouldn’t want to cooperate with them.」

Isabelle looks at my face with insight.
It remains silent for a moment, and then she lets out a small sigh.
Apparently, the alertness fell away.
I cut straight to the point.

「The reason I have come here is, to ask the location of the 『Elf’s Canyon』」
「Canyon? That place is the elves’ sacred ground though. Do you want to go there?」
「Aa. Would you please tell me where it is? 」

Isabelle shows a difficult face.
After giving a few seconds to think, I asked her for her conclusion.

「Is it impossible. Because there is a law that says you cannot teach a human the location. 」
「Even if I were to ask it would be impossible?」
「It is impossible. Or I should say, what do you intend to do once you reach the Elf’s Canyon?」
「……I want it. Elf’s elixir.」

The moment I said the name of the item, Isabelle’s expression became tense.
What kind of thing it was, an elf would be the most knowledgeable about what it was.

「Do you intend to use it on a relative?」
「Aa, my mother. When I was born her strength failed her and she was infected by the『Rise no More』illness 」
「Do you feel responsible?」

I immediately shook my head.

「No. It’s neither a sense of responsibility nor sense of mission.
It’s just that when a person close to me is against a wall,
wanting to help then is the same for anyone in the same position.」
「Fufu, what a dutiful son to his parents.」

Well done well done, she seems to be saying in a light tone.
However it was said neither in sarcasm nor in satire.
Is it simply stating one’s impression?
However, her answer did not change.

「But, it’s impossible.
Regardless of the reason, Elf’s Canyon is an inviolable holy ground.
Teaching a human that an elf had just met, that by itself would be an elf’s shame.」
「…I see. I understand」

If you say it like that, there’s nothing I can do.
Even if I were to keep pressing the matter, it seems it would only cause more trouble.
Should I leave for now and try a different approach later?
At my words, Isabelle looks mysteriously at my face.

「Huh? You’re not going to keep pressing it?」
「It’s already late today. I’m going home for now.
However, I haven’t given up」
「Nice spirit. I look forward to the future」
「Well thanks for that」

The possibility of her teaching me it even if I were to stick to it was non-existent.
Let’s come back and try again.
It would be only a short while before Walkins was supposed to come to my room.
I need to hurry up and get back, it was convenience of conveniences.

「After, Please be careful of the thieves.
Talk about you reached my ears even though I was staying indoors on the hill.
「I know. I was planning on leaving tomorrow, your worry is useless.」
「te, Tomorrow!?」
`「Un. We will probably never meet again. Farewell young boy」

You should have said that in the first place.
I thought there would still be time to negotiate.
If I were to pull back here, wouldn’t my only chance completely slip away?
But, the person in question had absolutely no intention of teaching me, so in the end it didn’t really matter.

Damn it, even the chance of meeting an elf was so rare.
Why am I so unlucky?
It was the same in my previous life.

When I tried to take a street car, I would almost always end up in an accident injured.
In the end I was killed by an iron frame on Christmas Eve.
While poisoning my mind, I suddenly glanced outside the window.

The air surrounding the inn had an insidious atmosphere.
Then, I was convinced.
There was just one more thing I could do.

「……Tomorrow, I’ll see you off」
「Is it alright for a noble to come out this often?」
「It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.」
「I see. It’s the first time some has been there to see me off.
Then, I look forward to it.」

I raised my body and went outside the room.
I couldn’t allow myself to show unhappiness in front of her, I restrained it.
I went out of the inn and let out a great sigh.

The moment I think I’ve grabbed a clue, it’s like this.
But, it’s not time up yet.
For the possible next time, there is only one thing I could do.
The guys aiming for Isabelle seem to be approaching.

……If they’re coming, it’ll be tomorrow?

That alone is enough.
My feelings sharpen and I head for home.

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