Shinka no Mi – Chapter 15 and a SOS signal

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Chapter 15 The past of the dark noble
In the end, I was able to hold onto my reasoning. Barely.
Iya…… Seriously it was a big bang. But you know? Its not because of her age, in the first place I have never heard of a demon that transforms into a woman, I can’t attack Saria that suddenly became a bishōjo, it’s impossible. The sadness of the virgins…. You can call it a Hetare. (TL: Japanese losers)
But, I thought again and I want to take care of Saria. That’s why, I think its no good to be caught up in the moment……. Its not like I accepted the invitation that was given again and again when she was a Gorilla, I wonder what should I think about myself as a person if I accept the invitation now that she has became a bishōjo. Iya, its terribly attractive but……
For the time being, I gather my thoughts because Saria who became a bishōjo is suddenly embracing me, as expected her nudity is becoming a bad problem, so from the Item Box I took out a shirt and pass it to Saria. That is to say, currently Saria is in a——– nude T-shirt.
I,I am not a hentai!(pervert) I,its just a coincidence that I had these clothes, Its not like I wanted to see the rare image of Saria in a nude T-shirt! ……. The destructive power…..! But, if I think carefully me having female clothes is in its own way an out. Why did it become this type of conversation?
But…… I have to do something about the clothes Saria is wearing…… there is no underwear and no pants either…….
As I worry about this problem, Saria is sniffing the T-Shirt with her lovely nose.
“Su ̄ …… ha~a! it’s Seiichi smell”
“Eh, it stinks?”
“Un! Nothing! It has a very good smell, its so relaxing, it fells like Seiichi is hugging me?”
…….. Oh! This is so embarrassing. Saria saying that with a big smile is so cute……
What’s more…… the smell is it?…… This is the first time someone told me this since I was born. Since when has my body odor changed? I smell my own body as a test to see if something has changed, I sure don’t understand it. Well, I don’t think it changed.
…… The title [Smell prayer] that I had, seems to have been lost. I’m a bit upset about it.
After I did such a stupid thing, I speak to Saria.
“By the way…. Saria made quite the amazing evolution.”
“Eh, you think so?”
“Iya, haven’t you become a complete human in appearance? You have changed race completely, haven’t you?”
I say so with a wry smile while Saria has a blank look.
“Eh? Did something change?”

“Wha? Iya…… The outside appearance has completely changed. The inside didn’t change in the least….”
“No, my appearance hasn’t changed.”
……Huh? Has Saria-san evolved into a birdbrain? The appearance has undergone a massive change, to not notice it……..
As I have an unbelieving face, Saria puffs her cheeks up lightly.
“Ah. Its True!”
“Iya, But……”
As I was saying so.
“Then I will show you!”
Saria says so, and again a violent light covered Saria’s body.
Then, I was in front of it looking at it…
“Ey.. es……-my ey e e e e e es!”
Again! Ahh! My eyes…… will be destroyed! Will I become blind!? In such a close distance looking at such an intense light so many times!! I hold both my eyes with my hands, and roll around the ground, until the pain in my eyes gradually disappears.
“U~u…… to sparkle so much ……”
With my head dizzy, I wait until my sight slowly recovers, and return my sight to Saria.
“See? I told you so?”
I, I’m speechless.
Saria, is a gorilla.
What happened!?
When my vision returned, without realizing it Saria reverted back to that gorilla version again.

“E e e e e! ? You can revert to Gorilla!?”
“Yes. I can even do partial transformations.”
Amazin ~iing useless power!
I was making tsukkomis at Saria when a situation I can’t put words to happened.
That is ――――
“Who asked for a gorilla nude shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt!”
Unlike Bishōjo version Saria, gorilla version Saria has the thick chest which is bursting out of the shirt. When she was a Bishōjo, there was a different meaning from bursting out……. This…… I don’t want this~! Someone…… Someone tell me if there is a demand for a gorilla nude t-shirt……! To me who was screaming in my head Saria told me with blushing cheeks.
“If you look at me so intensely…… it’s embarrassing but, I’m happy”
“Why is your sense of shame higher in gorilla form aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!”
When in Bishōjo mode Saria wasn’t particularly ashamed of showing me her own naked body, in contrast now in gorilla mode she is desperately trying to hide her important woman parts so they can’t be seen.

Isnt it weird!?
When she is a gorilla normally she is in the nude right? Why is she all embarrassed now? I don’t understand the meaning! (TL note: Its love man love…)
I was hanging my head down into my hands, and suddenly, the ground was dyed in white and the violent light appeared again, when it stopped I lifted up my sight to Saria to confirm again if she returned.
“See, I told you”
There was, that bishōjo appearance of Saria with a dazzling smile looking at me
To being able to become a Bishōjo, I think that I am truly glad. This, is not my imagination I thought. It’s just, can you just stop transforming in a nude t-shirt? Its difficult for various reasons….. Mainly psychologically.
Recognizing yet again this case, I asked Saria.
“Heck….. it’s fine if you can transform, but is there a meaning?”
I tilted my head, and Saria answers a bit troubled.
“I, in this form it seems I became weak. Thats why, returning to the previous form I can pull out my true combat power”
I see. The current Saria is apparently weaker than the Gorilla Version Saria. In short, bishōjo Saria = no combat mode, gorilla Saria = combat mode …… and that’s it.
Un. It seems there is a need for Gorilla Saria.…… I don’t know if there is a need for the appearance though.
With the new characteristics which can be said to be the constitution of Saria understood, its time to retrieve the drop items that appeared from the defeated Zeanosu.
“Oh…… what a huge amount of drop items.”
In front of my eyes, there is a huge amount of drop items on the ground.
“Zeanosu’s drop items are……”
…… I don’t know what type of cheat item will appear. It’s good to get many but, being able to handle them is another story……. For the time being, I pick up the dropped skills cards.
[Skill card «disguise»]…… It is possible to learn the skill “disguise”.
[Skill card «assimilation»]…… It is possible to learn the skill “assimilation”.
[Skill card «clairvoyant»]…… You can learn the skill “clairvoyance”.
[Magic card: Darkness Magic attribute series]…… It is possible to learn the magic of darkness attribute.
[Style card: Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship] …… It is possible to use Zefodo flow pattern swordsmanship. (TL note: Style refers to a school of swords. Think in the Sword god style from mushoku tensei or three sword style from zoro. In my opinion this already surpassed the level of cheat and is a bug. Holy shit swordmanship that cost a whole life of training in a single card)
[Secret Technique card «Flash»] …… It is possible to learn the secret technique “Flash”.
[Secret Technique card «Mist»] …… You can learn the secret technique ” Fog”.

“O, oh……”
I pick up the skill cards in my hands to confirm them but, I don’t know what reaction I should have.
In the end, what’s a Style card? I can somehow understand the Secret Technique Card because I already knew a secret technique……. But, as expected the rare Darkness attribute magic was there, a Magic card, just like last time.
Now that I think about it, Saria and I have the appraisal skill, probably because I already have expert appraisal, the card did not come out. What’s more, unexpectedly I feel there are no skills that are for attack ……. While thinking such a thing, from behind me comes a curious Saria.
“Seiichi, what’s that card??”
“U ̄n…… Its a card that allows me to learn a skill……”
The moment that I said so while twisting my neck, the card became a sphere of light, and was sucked into me.
[Skill «Disguise»] has been learned.
[Skill «Assimilation»] has been learned.
[Skill «Clairvoyant»] has been learned.
[Darkness Magic attribute series] can be used.
[Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship] has been learned.
[Secret Technique «Flash»] has been learned.
[Secret Technique «Mist» has been learned.
It resounds in my head, the voice that confirms the skills have been mastered and can be used.
[Disguise]…… trick the opponent, hiding your own status and ability, it is possible to make your opponent lower their guard. It is constantly activated, it can be released by your own will.
[Assimilation]…… it is possible to disappear by blending into the surroundings, and you can hide your presence from enemies using Search. But, the moment of the attack you have to release it or it won’t hit.
[Clairvoyant]…… You can know the skill the enemy is using. Always active.
[Darkness magic series]…… Darkness magic series. All the Darkness magic can be used.
[Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship]…… you can use all the techniques of the zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship.
[Flash]…… a sure-hit technique.
[Mist]…… see through an opponents movements, parry all attacks, a secret technique that alters the attacks just like that. However, if you are tired mentally, it cannot be activated.
“What should I do?, I don’t have the confidence to use them….!”
I scream as I confirm the skills.
I’m hesitant. Isn’t it weird!? Or maybe the skills are normal…..
But [Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship] isn’t it bad? In other words I thought there was no skill for attacks, but this [Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship] has included them all!?
Darkness attribute magic too, is the same as that time with the Aqua Wolf after defeating it, suddenly I had all the information about the water attribute magic flowing into my head. Then [Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship] is the same, that styles abilities flow into my head. Now I obtained knowledge about Darkness attribute magic, somehow it had a dangerous name, Oi.
That I don’t know the effect is a bit regrettable…… but can I seriously use this? Somehow I am scared that the skill will misfire again…..
But, I cant use the skills blindly, thinking carefully about things is what the battle with Zeanosu taught me, The skills I got in my hands now I think I will slowly but steady learn how to use them properly.
While thinking about such a thing, Saria says a little excited.
“Hey, what happened!? the lights entered inside Seiichi!?”
“Ah , just now I learned the skills”
“He~e…… Amazing! Seiichi, will become more powerful right!?’”
“Is, is that so?”
Until this day nobody has told me that I am cool, being told that with a big smile by a bishoujo such as Saria, more than embarrassed, I am confused.
“Well it’s fine, next is….”
While saying so the next thing I picked up is, [The Dark noble Zeanosu’s story] booklet
I am surprised by the word that didn’t appear before. What’s more, in little letters below the title is “Non fiction”
“Then don’t call it a story!!”
I involuntary raise my voice. But, this booklet is different to the ones until now.
“What will be written?”
While I say so, Saria peeked from behind me. But, because it’s a little difficult to see I read it out loud.
“Let’s see…”
[The dark noble Zeanosu existed for more that 1500 years, and was part of the world leading aristocracy as the Duke and head of the Zefodo family. Zeanosu Zefodo became a demon. Before becoming a demon he had influential power rivaling that of royalty in the Harumaru Empire, he was know as a good Lord inside and outside his country.
He created the Zefodo-ryu flow swordsmanship, he was very talented in swordsmanship, He taught swordsmanship to the Yuusha summoned in the Harumaru Empire to defeat the Maou.
He had a strong patriotic felling, and his relation with his loved wife Elizabeth was well-know.]
“he~e ~”
I don’t know if she could understand it, but Saria was making an impressed voice.
But….. to teach the Yuusha swormanship. Just how strong was he? And he was a Duke. I understand now the title of dark noble…….
Whats more, it truly became something like a story……
[But, the Harumaru Empire’s Emperor Erushutatto III feared that after the yuusha had defeated the maou, he would turn his power against him, so he spread false rumours in the populace saying that the yuusha killed allied people from the country. And that rumour affected Zeanosu, the master of the Yuusha. There is also the fact that Zeanosu had power comparable to him and was an eyesore, it was the perfect chance to kill Zeanosu.]
…… Somehow the story is taking a dark turn?
[Zeanosu desperately tried to defend himself saying that there is no way he betrayed the country he loved, only to be completely ignored. Furthermore, after his beloved country betrayed him, the woman he loved even more, Elizabeth, betrayed him as well.]
…… ghe Seriously!? Didn’t he get along with his wife!? I was surprised, but the hand turning the pages didn’t stop.
[Zeanosu’s wife Elizabeth only married him from the start for gold, it was a well arranged marriage between aristocracy. Furthermore, after the wedding she was a good wife supporting Zeanosu but, when the position of Zeanosu worsened she discarded Zeanosu, and ran away.]
Oi, Elizabeth! …… well… thinking of yourself first is not wrong……. But, hearing the story from others, left a bad feeling.
[Zeanosu, even in a marriage of convenience, truly loved Elizabeth. But, his beloved country and his beloved wife betrayed him, not understanding true love any more, he despaired in the world]
I thought I heard a voice, I turn my back and there was Saria with tears in her eyes. I patted Saria’s head with a smile, from my back she strongly embraced me.……
Br, breasts……. While holding onto my reasoning so it doesn’t fly again, I keep reading.
[But, atfter that the one who encouraged Zeanosu was a maid, Mari. Mari was in a orphanage on the verge of starvation when Zeanosu saved the place, and following that day she is a girl who became a maid. Mari, not only being saved, but even given work was greatly thankful to Zeanosu and fell in love with him. But, Zeanosu was the master and Mari was a maid. In this time when position was important, there was the mistress named Elizabeth, Mari couldn’t become engaged with Zeanosu. Its not like there wasn’t polygamy, but Zeanosu was a devoted man that didn’t take even a single concubine.]
Saria and I read it eagerly.
Somehow the more you read the more you want to read the next part.
[His beloved country betrayed him, his beloved wife betrayed him, Zeanosu was in absolute despair and was incapable of trusting anyone. Then, the country sent the army with an order to catch Zeanosu. Getting caught was only a question of time, so Mari took Zeanosu who was in a impotent state and ran away to another country]
The escape kitaaaaaaaaaa!
Ne, next is!?
[While they were running from the soldiers, and when trying to save Zeanosu, Mari keep moving. Zeanosu who has fallen in misanthropy had closed his heart, but after seeing the hardworker Mari trying her best he opened his heart to her]
I turn the page in silence.
[Then, to such a Zeanosu, good news arrived. That was that Erushutatto III died from illness, and the IV rose to power. Erushutatto IV, told Zeanosu, that he wanted to apologize because of the hardships his father caused him. The paper requested him to return to the castle. Thanks to Mari his Misanthropy was almost cured, and again he could return to the country he loved…… whats more, the emperor in person wants to apologize, Zeanosu was so happy, and hurried to the castle]
“I, I am so gla~ad……”
Saria and I, without realizing it had both become tense following the story.
[But, what was waiting for Zeanosu in the castle was a cruel reality]
At that sentence Saria and I leave out a stupid sound.
[The paper that hurried them to the country, was all to attract Zeanosu, a trap to kill him. The Harumaru Empire, used Zeanosu’s patriotism to trick him.]
“Harumaru Empire you bastard!”
I shout without realizing, Saria was letting out tears without stopping.
[Erushutatto IV, didn’t have the intention of capturing Zeanosu, he wanted to kill him just like that. Obviously, for the security of the emperor in order to get an audience with the king in the castle, the weapons are confiscated, there is no way to resist. If it was the previously powerless Zeanosu, it will be easy to kill him, but now he has Mari as his heart support, so in order to return to Mari alive he fought the soldiers bare-handed]
“Oh, Zeanosu’s so coooool……!”
[But, Zeanosu has a limit too, the moment his physical strength hit the limit he will be killed on the spot. The one who shielded Zeanosu was, the maid who gave Zeanosu a reason to live, Mari]
“Mari ~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~i~iiiiiiiiiii!!”
Saria and I shout without realizing.
[The Girl, used her own body to protect Zeanosu from the arrows, swords and spears that attacked him. To the stunned Zeanosu, Mari confessed she always loved Zeanosu, and took her last breath with a smile. Before Mari, Zeanosu broke. His heart broke completely, he changed, and started killing all the soldiers with his bare-hands. That was, Zeanosu didn’t consider that his physical strength has hit it’s limit.]
“gusu n……”
[Then, taking good care of the body of Mari, he hide in a certain forest. Inside the forest he tried using the elixir that was made using the anti-soul grass, but Mari’s body was so damaged that revival was impossible. Zeanosu’s light attribute magic could heal her wounds, but could not revive her. But, in the darkness magic, there is a forbidden technique to call back the dead, if he used that magic, it was possible to revive her. From here on, Zeanosu started researching the darkness magic, reaching the pinnacle of darkness magic.]
I understand now……that’s why Zeanosu searched for the darkness magic.
[But, Zeanosu was getting old, weakening both physically and mentally, and was rotting away without a chance to use his magic. But, because Zeanosu had strong feelings of tenacity, Zeanosu survived by transforming into a demon]
[Zeanosu converted into a Demon, and tried to revive Mari using the forbidden spell from the darkness magic, but the result was a failure. The reason was because Mari had been dead for too long, she reached a stage where not even the darkness magic’s forbidden spell could revive her.]
Now, Saria and I didn’t think of anything but to keep reading.
[After finding this out, Zeanosu, from the eyes without eyes cried. From the body without vocal cords he let out a crying voice. From then on, Zeanosu, together with the body of Mari spent his days in the depth of his proud most difficult high grade dungeon,[The Forest of the endless sorrow]
That’s where the [Dark noble Zeanosu’s story] came to an end, and I closed it and looked at [The dark noble Zeanosu’s life] cover.
“This world is cruel……!”
“Is so sad…… Seiichi……”
We are, crying from Zeanosu’s story. Zeanosu…… that guy has been through a lot of things. From the beginning I could not imagine it from his tone and his attitude.
Saria looked away from the booklet in my hand, now she put her face in my back and is quietly crying.
I pat the head of such a Saria, and just like that start reading “Dark noble Zeanosu life”.
As a result, a tremendous amount of information entered my head.
That was 1500 years ago, so the situation right now might be different.
The most interesting thing is the amount of demons he fought before becoming a demon. You could consider him a hero.
The information about demons, from the eliminations methods to the things you shouldn’t do, with the defeated number of demons from Zeanosu plus my 3 defeated monsters it was a lot of very important information.
The yuusha in the information, it seems to be a ritual of yuusha summoning that takes place in a variety of countries each time the devil is restored. In other words, other than the guys of my school, there might have been some yuusha summoned that God doesn’t know about.
In addition, the summoned yuusha, apparently are automatically given a weapon called the holy sword of legend when they are summoned.
The Maou can only be defeated by the holy sword, or so it seems, Zeanosu was only a swordmanship teacher of the yuusha, it was one of the reasons why he did not go to subdue it directly.
The first reason, ironically was that Zeanosu was the strength of the Harumaru Empire, and apart from the revival of the maou the country was also in a violent war so Zeanosu could not be sent on a journey.
After reading all the booklet, it became a light, and disappears into the inside of my body.
“Fu ~u…… lets change the atmosphere!”
I blow away the dark atmosphere, and became cheerful. (TL note: What a positive guy… )
“Um? Next is……”
Then, next I picked up Zeanosu’s Stat’s that became a sphere. I, checked them one by one.

『Magic Power:60000』
『Attack Power:50000』
『Defence Power:20000』
『Magic Attack:60000』
『Magic defence:60000』

“These numbers …!?”
It’s weird right!? The stat’s are all above 20000!? Wait, Luck is so low!
Well I knew he was a ridiculous guy with a level above 1500……. What’s more, the luck after reading the [Dark noble Zeanosu story] I can believe it……!
Heck, is my charm even lower than a skeleton!? Even more, Zeanosu’s charm is 50000! Ohhhh…… so depressing. But don’t be discouraged!
The sphere of stat’s, just like that entered my body, then ignoring the voice in my head I go to the drop items.
The remaining things were, a jet black sword, a pure white sword and a treasure box beside it. I open the treasure box.
“This is……?”
The first thing that is inside is…… a black collar? Iya, I think it’s a choker.
Observing it well, it doesn’t seem to be plastic nor metal…… well, it seems that it’s a mysterious material with a weird feel that I never felt before when I was on earth. In the middle, a beautiful blue gem is embedded. I start appraising it immediately, to confirm the name and the effect.
[Choker of the Black king]………. Class <Mythical>

Equipment class. Of all the materials that exist in the world, this black king stone that is made into a choker is especially rare. It can reflect magic attacks. But, the power to reflect magic, depends on the level of the wearer. The jewel embedded in the middle, called blue healing stone, has the power to augment the power of recovery magic. The size of the equipment varies according to the wearer.
“Suddenly too big a cheat……!”
And furthermore it’s Mythical class!? It’s stronger than my dagger of water spirits ball!?
Scary wa~a…… Zeanosu is scary.
But, it has very nice effects, I hurried and equipped it to my neck.
Following that, for some reason it fit perfectly on my neck, there is no felling of discomfort. This is, the effect to change size depending of the owner.
“Um? Next is……”
The next thing that was inside the treasure box is, another neck equipment, a necklace. A silver chain, and hanging in the middle of it there is a pink colored jewel with the form of a heart.
“A heart ha?…… I wonder if I should give this to Saria?”
While thinking such a thing I started appraising it.
[Endless Love necklace]…… Fantasy class equipment. Under Zeanosu’s special conditions the only way in the world to get one is to defeat him. A Pink coloured jewel with the form of a heart which is called the “Love jewel”, or “Love Heart””, which has been said to be a jewel of legend. The silver from the chain part is a special silver called Sawden silver that is said to be only in legends.
It has the effect of both copy silver and Sawden silver. The copy silver and Sawden silver effect synergy, the first owner has to divide the necklace and give it to a loved person. The persons that have this necklace, even when they are far apart can use the ability called “Sense talk”, no matter where they are they can contact each other. The effect of “love heart” can double your stats for every person wearing the same necklace. TN: Maybe person nearby.
“………… OH…………”
For this reaction I want your forgiveness.
Wait Fantasy class!? I knew they existed!?
And what’s with that effect, I don’t understand!? Eh, the stat’s get doubled if there are two people with the same necklace!? In short, a pair gets doubled and three people make it triple!?
This is a dream like item for a harem bastard!? It is absolutely! I, I am gla~ad…… that I am the one with this, that way a harem bastard can’t power up. Somewhere harem bastard……
While I was thinking various bad things with the necklace in front of my eyes, Saria was looking over my shoulder at the necklace without me realizing.
“U wa~a…… such a cute necklace!”
“Eh? A, ah. That’s true”
un…… this, is better if Saria is equipped with it rather than me. While thinking so, I give the necklace in my hand to Saria, in that moment.
“N? Tte…… waa!?”
Suddenly the necklace started emitting pink light for the first time.
“Wait…… what!? What happened!?”
While I was panicking, the light died down and there were two necklaces in my hand.
“………… Wai?”
Eh, why did it become two? It isn’t cursed right? Well…… seriously it became two? I am scared. …… Yes. I know the reason. Well…… I didn’t think it would seriously become two.
In short, the first owner gives the necklace to the person he holds affection for…… the first owner that will be me, and the person I love…… that’s Saria, and then the necklace will become two.
Wait…… now that I saw it with my own eyes, I am glad I noticed that I truly love Saria. …… Oh, well…… in the end it’s all right! Its not like thinking about it is a pain! If I say it’s not then it’s not! With such silly thoughts going around, I turn to Saria.
“Saria. This pendant…… will you accept it?”
“Eh? It’s fine?”
“Yes, and ……”
While saying so, I pull out the other pendant, and show it to Saria.
“Here. If I wear one as well then Saria and I will match”
I say so while smiling, Saria is surprised for a second, then here face grow red as she says.
“Ummm…… well then…… I’ll accept one?”
Saria in bishōjo state, the destructive power of the combo that comes from the up-from-under look while the fidgeting was terrifying. I could feel my own face getting red, I pass the necklace to Saria, but Saria stops me, shaking her head.
“Umm. I don’t want to put it on myself, I want Seiichi to put it on for me.”
“It’s no good?”
Here is Saria with her killer class combo from the up-from-under look while fidgeting, without saying a word I put the necklace on Saria’s neck .
“Is, is this fine?”
“Un, thanks!”
When you say so with a smile on the whole face, nothing matters anymore. Ah, I completely fell in love. I haven’t known her long, but to fall in love with a Saria Class bishojo, for a lot of reasons it’s so hard!…… Like being a former gorilla. Well, she is still a gorilla.
After having such an exchange with Saria, I confirm again the inside of the treasure box, there is only money. So, I remove the money bag and check the contents, 5000 Platinium, 47000 gold, and 76000 silver. ……
Certainly when I get out of the forest I will need money, but I’ll never need this much…….
But, even if I don’t need it, I am not gonna throw it away. I put every drop item into the items box. With this, almost all the drop items are appraised. So, the only thing ――――
“………… The problem, is this…………”
In front of me is, the pure white sword, and the jet black sword. The pure white sword, I know it’s the one Zeanosu used, the jet black sword, after the defeat of Zeanosu it fall and pierced the ground…….But, thinking about it won’t do a thing so first lets appraise the jet black sword, I activated the appraise skill.
[Sword of revolting hate (Black)]…… fantasy class weapon. The thing that embodied Zeanosu’s hate, a rapier. The slashed enemy will be affected by a random status effect. In addition, every time it cuts the opponent it steals magic and stamina, and recovers the users magic and stamina. But, it can’t heal wounds. Recovery amount of stamina and magic is dependent on the level of the owner.
“Oh, this is such a cheat”
But, I wont use this cheat weapon even if I have it. I don’t have that type of ability. (TL note: and the style you just learned?)
First of all, I came from a peaceful world, and suddenly getting this dangerous weapon it has to be some weird misunderstanding (TL: I give up on this guy….).
From the very beginning I misunderstood my power. Well, its not good to be overconfident on skills. If the skill user is useless then they wont be able to use the full power. Un…… to live in this dangerous world, strong weapons and skills are essential, but the confidence to use them……. This is where the effort is, my eternal challenge.
“Wait, this sword has no scabbard……”
While saying so, suddenly the [Sword of revolting hate]…… Black, was wrapped in darkness coloured light, when the light disappeared the sword was in a scabbard.
“…… Uwa~a, as expected from another world. Everything can happen.”
However, now that it’s in this form it’s a big help, without complaining about anything I put it in my belt.
“The last…… this pure white sword”
I pick the pure white sword up in my hands, and activated the appraisal skill.
[Sword overflowing with Benevolence (White)]…… fantasy class weapon. Zeanosu’s special conditions, defeat him to obtain the weapon. Touching a comrade, it is possible to transfer magic and physical strength with the intention of the owner. The owner, enters a supernatural recovery state, to some extent the damage and scratches are completely healed overnight. When you use recovery magic, the effect is doubled from normal. However, these effects depends on the level of the owner.
“As I said, so much cheating!”
What the hell!? I am graced by the great cheat!?
And the compatibility with black one, isn’t it too great!? It’s almost invincible!
With all the cheat equipment, the only salvation is that even now I am a level 1. If I had Zeanosu’s class level…… With only the equipment I won’t stop being human. It’s kind of funny, I feel having this equipment is unfortunate, but I haven’t met any other humans yet. If I finally meet someone and they have equipment like mine I will be relieved.
“More important…… this sword also doesn’t have a scabbard”
As I murmured so again, the “Sword overflowing with Benevolence”…… was wrapped in a kind light and when the light disappeared it was in a white scabbard.
Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. Zeanosu’s drop items were… for a lot of reasons there were so much tsukkomi packed in that I am tired. I made a sigh while thinking that it will be great if I can somehow use them.
But, I was forgetting the most important part.
I shouldn’t relax in a place like this.
“The acquisition of a large amount of experience has been confirmed. The state to do the final evolution has been confirmed. Special evolution conditions achieved. It was confirmed that you have achieved the evolution conditions by the difference of 1000 levels. Upon the achievement of the final evolution, the other party was confirmed to be a dungeon boss. From this, the final evolution, the special evolution will happen. Bonus evolution occurs. Now, all stat’s will receive 50000 + 20000 + 20000 + 10000. From now, the final evolution, special evolution, and bonus evolution will happen.” Why is the indifferent voice that I always hear so much longer than usual ――――
That’s all I could say.
Author note
Saria being a gorilla girl I think is an important factor, I changed it to that setting.
And Seiichi………. Goodbye to humanity.

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.
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