Smartphone Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Silver Wolf and The Great Ape

We went to the guild together the next day.

Because Yumina’s clothes are too dazzling and they stand out too much while walking around the town, we borrowed clothes from Lindsey and Elsie for her to wear.

Yumina from Web novel

A white blouse decorated with a ribbon on the chest and a black jacket, black knee-socks in blue culottes. Although the clothes belong to another person, it suits her well and gives a pleasant feeling.

Her long blonde hair is tied together in a braid, to allow her to move easily.

As for me, I thought her odd eyes would stand out but, that doesn’t seem to be the case in this world. Odd eyes doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil eye carriers.

From just appearance alone it makes her a completely normal girl. Whether or not that normal puts her considerably in the pretty girl category, I’ll leave it at that.

[Just from interest, if Yumina gets married to Touya, is Touya going to be the next king?]

[Let me see. I would be glad if that were to happen. To do this, Touya will need to be recognized by the nobles and the people. Well, if a younger brother was born, that child will result in being the next successor]

While Listening to Elsie and Yumina’s conversation along the way to the guild, I sent a sincere yell to King. Do your best, for my happiness. Somehow, just another child. I wonder if I should search with my smartphone how to make a stamina drink afterwards……Wrong! Doesn’t make it that it’s assumed that I’ll marry Yumina!

[I don’t have any intention of becoming the King, just so you know]

[We are aware. There are other ways that someone else can succeed! Like if a son is born in my uncle’s family, uum, or if our child that is born is a boy]

What is this, between us? Saying it yourself then becoming bright red after. I’m also being infected over here.

We decided to prepare equipment for Yumina so we stop by [Weapon shop Kumachi] before going to the guild. If they ask me whether we have money, I’ll show them the farewell gift I received from the king rattling with money inside. I have a bad feeling that if I show them that I received a bag with contents of 50 white gold coins inside. 50,000,000 yen for a farewell present is indeed a bit too much.

I have the store owner of Kumachi show me the bows. The assortment of goods aren’t as good as the capital but, the things here are reasonable to some degree. When choosing what from among them, Yumina pulls the bowstring and checks the sensation, a short length and light, M shaped synthetic, composite bow was chosen.

It seems she prefers easily to handle and quick firing more than ones for distance. It is certainly difficult for a small girl to use a longbow.

We bought a quiver with a set of 100 arrows at the same time. We also bought a white leather chest protector along with matching boots. Good, with this she is more or less OK I think.

We enter with Yumina into the crowded guild as usual.

People who are also in the guild as always, they turned their line of sight and glanced at us, some of the men threw an intense glare at me.

I didn’t understand the reason at the beginning, but I understand now.

Elsie and Lindsey, also Yae…are quite cute even if they aren’t seen in a favorable light. And, together in their gaze at me are these cute girls. Thorny de aru.

Actually, when the girls weren’t present, it was easy to be influenced by “I don’t like it” kind of feeling. Well, we’ll just keep that politely under the surface.

Well, it’s better to be with these group than none at all.

While I ask the onee-san of the reception desk for Yumina’s registration, Elsie and the others go to the request board and check the contents.

We finish the registration and when we go to where the others are, they had a green request form.

[Did you get a reasonable one?]

[Nn, Well, I wonder how this one is]

I was handed the request form. It’s a subjugation task. Umm,

[Five king apes…….What kind of demon beasts are they?]

[They are great ape demon beasts, desu. They form a crowd of several of them and attack. They fall for traps because they don’t have much intelligence but, their power requires attention desu. If it’s with our level, we can handle them almost no problem]
(TLN: He keeps interchanging between king ape(kingu eipu) and great ape or large monkey(dai saru)

A power monster with a brute force approach is it. Still, even as [King] they seem to crowd in large quantity, which gives an out of place feeling. I hand over the request form to Yumina, while thinking about the explanation we hear from Lindsey.

[How is it? is it alright?]

[There’s no problem. It’s okay desu]

Our guild card is green, but Yumina’s card is naturally, the beginner black. Although it wasn’t necessary to match ours. But, Yumina refused to let go of having green too.

They’re black>purple>green>blue>red>silver>gold and changes respectively,

Black > Beginner.
Purple > Apprentice adventurer.
Green > Third class adventurer.
Blue > Second class adventurer.
Red > First class adventurer
Silver > Top first class adventurer
Gold > Hero (Eiyuu)

It seems to be like this. As your rank rises, it gets increasingly difficult to rank up. Incidentally, there are no gold rank adventurers in this country. So that means there aren’t any heroes idling about.

For now we take the King ape subjugation request to the reception desk to get it accepted. The place is south from here, it seems to be a former forest across the Alaine River.

Unfortunately, because we haven’t been to the south yet, I can’t use gate so we had to use a carriage.

Elsie and Lindsey are sitting in driver seat, me, Yae and Yumina sitting in the carrier. By the way, it seems Yumina can drive the carriage as well. Despite being a princess. No, is it because she is a princess? Is it for doing things like long distance riding? By any chance people who can’t handle horses in this world are a minority….

[Nn, because we rent the carriage every time, should I buy it?]

[Although there are all sorts of carriages de gozaru ga, will it be fine? Besides taking care of a horse is difficult de gozaru. We can’t just leave it at [Silver moon] all the time]

That’s right. It has its good and bad points. To be honest, I can’t take care of a horse. Since I can’t take care of it, I shouldn’t buy any kind of living thing.

The carriage advances forward while we have such a conversation, three hours later, we cross the Alaine River and arrive at the south forest.

Now, where are these king apes? I can look for them using [Search], I would normally notice demon beasts within a radius of 50 meters. I can also use [Long sense], it’s like having an alter ego in a long distance, it doesn’t change the fact that I have to search the forest after all. However, the degree of risk decreases.

Looking at the map in my smartphone, the forest is large in its own way. From here, looking for a specific demon beast is difficult huh. Even the search function of the map can’t look for living things or demon beasts.

As expected, we have to steadily search. When we try to set foot into the forest, Yumina stopped.

[Sorry, can I use summoning magic before we enter the forest?]

[Summoning magic? Something that calls?]

[Yes, even though we’re looking for king apes, this will probably help us]

Yumina backs away a little from us and starts activating the magic.

[Darkness Come Forth, What I see is a proud silver wolf (gin ookami), Silver wolf (Shiruba urufu)]

When she finished chanting the spell, silver wolves started coming out of Yumina’s shadow one by one. Five in total. Their size is about 1 meter. They go around Yumina while wagging their tail joyfully, one of the wolf was slightly bigger with a cross pattern on its forehead.

[These children will search as well. Because we can communicate even if we’re far apart, we will know immediately if they’re discovered]

I see. Dogs…I mean, wolves huh. I wonder if they can be discovered quicker with their sense of smell.

[Then, everyone please]

When Yumina gives the order, they ran into the forest barking with a ‘wan’. So this is summoning magic. I thought at the time when I saw the lizard men, can I use this too?

While advances our steps into the forest, I try asking Yumina.

[Fundamentally, if you can form a contract with the summoned demon beast, you can learn it. The contract conditions for those children wasn’t difficult so I could make a contract easily. Among them that appears is to show them your fighting strength, answering to their requirements. The stronger is it is the harder it will be for them to obey]

I see. The stronger the demon beast the stronger the requirement. It’s reasonable, naturally speaking.

Thinking about this while looking around the vicinity, Yumina suddenly comes to a halt.

[……It seems those children have found them. Ah, however there’s somewhat a lot of them. There’s seven of them]

[Seven of them…what shall we do? The request is five]

Elsie smacks her gauntlets together.

[I think we better exterminate them in one go. If one of them escapes there’s a chance that it will call for more companions]

I also agree with Lindsey’s idea. It’s possible that there’s more than seven of them. I think we should strike while we can.

[Yumina, can you lure the king apes over here?]

[It’s possible but…what are you going to do?]

[I’ll lay a trap. If it’s just something like a pitfall trap then I can do it immediately with earth magic]

I make several pitfall traps with earth magic, then we hide in the shadow of a tree. Before long gogaaaa! They, shouting roars together, chasing after Yumina’s wolves, several great apes make an appearance

They’re slightly larger than gorillas with long fangs. Apes with sharp pointed ears, bright red eyes, and a ferocious expression while chasing after the wolves.

Just before the pitfalls disguised on the ground, the wolves make a great jump and leap over the traps. Without even doubting to think, the great apes plunges straight ahead and falls into the trap magnificently.



Me, Yae and Elsie jump out of the tree’s shadow. Three fell into the trap. They’re buried in the ground chest deep, somehow struggling to crawl out.

Soon an arrow silently stick into the eye of one of them. Yumina huh. From the blind spot of the great ape that lost the eye, Yae assaults forward and severs the carotid artery of the neck.

[Come forth flame, Whirling spiral, Firestorm]

A tornado of flame which Lindsey called attacks the other two caught in the trap. The two of them are charred in no time, me and Lindsey gives finishing blows to the weakened king apes.

Without having time to catch our breath, the remaining four appear from the depths of the forest. Approaching towards us, raising roars and thumping the ground while swinging their giant thick arms.



The forceful momentum of the one vanguard charging towards us falls down due to my magic. Arrows fired in succession and pierced the great ape that fell down. Lastly, Yae jumped onto its chest and using her falling weight stabbed with her sword, the great ape stops its movement.


Elsie who activated her body strengthening magic plunged onto the stomach of the next king ape then dealt heavy blows on its abdomen continuously. It couldn’t endure her blows and just like that Yumina’s wolves began to attack the great ape that fell down.

Two remaining.

[Come forth lightning, lightning spear of the white lotus, Thunder spear!]

[Come forth flame, flaming spear of the crimson lotus, Fire spear!]

Yumina and Lindsey fired their magic. A wind attribute and a fire attribute, the two magic spears pierced the chest of the two great apes.

GugogaaAa! They yelled in their last moments and the two fell.

Ooh, amazing. Is the skill in magic the same level as Lindsey?. Which means that in terms of the six attribute magic types it’s higher than me? Advanced magic, especially attack magic that is not easily acquired. I’m quite good with light magic though.

All seven of the king apes were defeated. With this the battle ends huh. It’s good that it was cleared easier than I thought.

The five wolves jumps into Yumina’s shadow and disappear.

[Err, How was, I?]

What Yumina is saying is probably along the lines of did I pull everyone down. Frankly speaking, far from being a burden she was a great help. I didn’t think that something like covering fire was so effective.

[I see no problem speaking of ability]

[Your magic too is quite something, desu]

[Likewise, the rear support is helpful degozaru na]

They give comments on Yumina’s ability affirming their recognition one after another. Although I agree……even so, to somehow let a 12 year old child to go through that danger…..Hmm.

The girl continues staring at me who is lost in thought with an anxious look. Those eyes are foul play…….could it be this child doesn’t understand right?

[……Please take care of us from now on ne, Yumina]

[Yes! Please leave it to me! Touya-san!]

Yumina embraces me with a face overflowing with a smile. Wai, please save me from that! Everyone is watching!

I pull her off somehow and we start gathering the confirmed fang parts of the king apes.

[However, When Yumina joined us four I’m the only male huh…..]

I breath a small sigh.

[Is there a problem?]

Lindsey looks puzzled. Being unaware is also a problem.

[The three of you might not notice but, I stand out at places like the guild…and the gazes towards me are painful]

[? Why degozaru?]

[That’s because if someone was surrounded by girls you’d get jealous too. Because Elsie, Lindsey and Yae are especially cute]

They all stiffen. What? Did I say something strange? If there was a guy surrounded by cute girls, you will ‘tsk’ if you’re a male.

[A, again, what are you saying, Touya. Stop joking, saying something like I’m cute…]

[Eh, what is?]

[ [ [ ……… ] ] ]

Why is everyone’s face turning red?

[T, Then, l, let’s return!]

[…T, that’s right, onee-chan!]

[L, let’s return degozaru yo!]

The three move into the forest rapidly at a quick pace. What’s with that…….

The sleeves of my coat were pulled a few times.

[Touya-san, What about me? Am I cute?]

[? You are cute I think…?]


Yumina embraces me again while wearing an embarrassed grin. Like I said, stop that! After that, we return to carriage, activate gate then returned to Leaflet.

At any rate, summoning magic huh….I still haven’t touched the dark attribute yet. Firstly, because of the lizardman that I saw, somehow my image is bad.

If there was also that kind of animal system, I’ll try contracting at least one. Next time, shall I get Yumina to teach me?

since all the characters so far are out. ill put up the light novel cover illustrations. still cant find one for yae but a rough one. These images are 1/3 of the original. So click them to see clearly.


You need to enlarge the image to see Yumina’s eyes (girl on the left)fswljmnujr449p90dw2no215fhx_m5k_m8_v8_g4ac



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