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Chapter 8: Burned at the Stake

After exiting the forest.
I headed toward the east and was able to see the vague outline of some buildings.

「Just how long will it take to walk there……?」

My feet are pretty tired, why not take a rest?
However, I was hungry.
The same senses as reality are reproduced in this virtual space as well.
Although the pain associated with the body seems to be greatly reduced, the senses of smell and taste don’t seem to have changed much.

「Kunkun…… Huh? I smell something good……」

The fragrant smell drifts from town in this direction just then.
What smell could this be?
It’s a nostalgic smell from somewhere……

「……Let’s go. Someone might be cooking something somewhere……」(Tln: Thank you captain obvious)

I changed my route to where the smell was coming from.
Along the way, my stomach growled.
To even reproduce such a detailed extent……

After wandering for some 10s of minutes, I arrived a something like a farm.

「……I wonder if anyone is here……」

After having logged in for several hours since the beginning.
It’s quite possible that other players had plenty of time to build farms and grow products.
Could I finally meet a person at last……?
At any rate what a good smell――.

『Stop it!』

From the sudden yell I became nervous.
I face the person that grasped the silver knife.

『It’s hot! My body is burning up! Stop it! Please stop!』

This……is a possible emergency!
Burning up? Is someone being burned at the stake?

『Wai- leave off the soy sauce please! Hot sticky! It’s hot! Damn it, it’s fragrant!』


And I am astonished at the spectacle.
A corn monster is……being barbecued?

『Imean you’re the bad one aren’t you!? Look! At my surface! It’s become all bare!』

Another corn monster shows the back of its head and shouts.
Certainly, 3 or 4 corn kernels had torn off……
I mean, what are you doing?

『It’s just a little prank isn’t it?! Look, it’s pretty popular isn’t it?! Something like only part of it is the skin head thing! I mean it’s hot! It’s fragrant!』1
『Stop messing around! Who wants that kind of eccentric hairstyle!? I want a normal haircut!』2
『O, wai-! Enough with the soy sauce already! Bu! Not the face! Stop with the soy sauce in the face! It’s hot! It burns!』1


This is the reason for the fragrant aroma?
I mean, is a corn monster trying to be a beautician?
What on earth are the settings of this VRMMO world?

『A, oi! A human came! We’ll leave this for now! You can grill me later!』
『You……You aren’t just saying good things to run away are ya?……』
『I won’t run away. I mean I’m burning! I’m seriously burning! I’m fragrant!』

I’m not really sure but, the one corn monster seems to have been saved.
I, the same as always, confirmed their statuses.

【NAME】Comrade Murderer【HP】20/750【Nature】Dense

Comrade Murder……
Un, well no problem there.
I mean, go and burn to death.
Is it alright?

「Um, hello」

『Eh? Ah, hello. Good weather isn’t it?』1
『Oi! What are you being a good neighbor for and greeting them for?』2
『Ow! That hurts!』1

【NAME】Comrade Murderer【HP】10/750【Nature】Dense

A, it fell another 10 hp.
It’s pretty much dead already.
Is it alright?

「Um, would it be alright to ask you something?」

『Yes, what is it?』
『Yes, what is –He’s asking me right now! Don’t go answering for me!』

After hitting him again, the remaining HP disappeared and it died.
With a bon it disappeared and a dropped item appeared.



Time flows silently.
What is it?
This unbearable sensation……

And the one that was poking the other slowly picked up the dropped item.
It looked at me with a forced smile and said.

『…Um……do you want to eat it? It’s freshly cooked』


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LOGIN TIME: 0005:58:43

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