Slave Harem – 078 – Rod

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After breakfast, Sherry does her smithing.

“What is the next thing you should make?”
“A wooden walking stick, it needs two boards to make.”
“A walking stick like a cane? Is it different from my wand?”

I asked as I passed her the boards.

“The wand type cane strengthens the power of magic. The walking stick type cane can be used to beat monsters, as well as strengthening the power of magic a bit. Roxanne said a while ago that priests and shrine maidens will use it if they are in a vanguard position.”
“Ah, so it’s useful for both.”

The price is about the same, so maybe the walking stick is weaker.
If the strength wasn’t related to price, then the wand would be weaker.
For my weapon, I think the wand is better?

In the future I might find a good candidate to use the walking stick type.
There’s nobody for it yet, but we will probably have a difficult time in the future as the demons get stronger.
Someone using magic, and then attacking a demon with a walking stick that has [MP absorption] might be a good fighting style.

I don’t think I’ll be able to absorb MP with a magic attack.
I don’t recover MP if I have Durandal out while using magic.
Even if I put [MP absorption] on my wand, or a walking stick, I don’t think either would recover MP while casting.

“I’ll make it.”

Sherry has the boards, and recites the incantation for the skill.
A dazzling light flows out, and then stops before long.
A walking stick is left in her hand.

“Oh, it’s a success.”
“Oh, there’s supposed to be a large chance of failure if you haven’t been training for a long time, this is kind of anti-climactic.”
“It’s because Sherry is excellent.”

Making a walking stick from two boards leaves me with a feeling of it being wrong.
To begin with, it’s strange that clubs and walking sticks are made using square boards.
I can understand a wooden shield being made from a wooden board.
I can’t help but wonder about the magic that the skill uses though.

“Thank you. The wooden walking stick is a cane that also has physical attack power.”
“It looks like it would hurt a bit.”
“Aside from the walking stick, there is also a weapon called the sacred spear that strengthens magic. It’s quite valuable though, and can be hard to get outside the auctions.”
“Oh, there is?”

It might be a good weapon for someone in a recovery job to attack from the rear.

After smithing, I head to the merchants guild.
I buy the rabbit monster card from Luke.
I confirm it’s the real thing with [Analyze].

“I’d like to use this with the kobold monster card. Is the price for one still around 5,200 nars?”
“Close. The last time was 5,300 nars and the time before that was 5,200 nars.”
“Well, it can’t be helped, if you can get it for up to 5,400 nars then I would like it.”

People are still paying 5,200 nars for the kobold monster card.
I want it.
I need to be tenacious.
I want to get one soon.

The last winning bid for the kobold monster card was 5,300 nars.
I have to pay even more if I want one.

“I’ll get it. You just want one?”
“…that’s right.”

Well, Sherry won’t fail, so I just need one.
But, Luke can’t understand that.
Is there a chance of failing when fusing it with the rabbit monster card as well?
One kobold monster card gets me one chance.

The person who bid 5,300 nars last time might not bid anymore.
Maybe I didn’t need to offer 5,400 nars?
There’s no choice if I want to be sure to get it.

People buy it for 5,200 nars as well.
People will also need to buy the same number of monster cards that fuse with the one they have.
If they miss out on the kobold monster card, they can always go hunting for it.

If I think about it, maybe I could have waited a bit?
I could have saved hundreds of nars.
The amount of other bidders will decrease at some stage.

“Ok, I’ll aim for a kobold monster card for up to 5,400 nars.”
“I’d also like a goat monster card.”
“The goat monster card? The last successful bid was 5,000 nars.The time before last was 5,100. It might cost a bit more to obtain it immediately. It often sells from 4,700-4,800 when it’s cheap, and up to 5,400-5,500 if it’s expensive.”

Luke gives a quick answer.
I’ll remember it.
Sherry is looking at the list of bid results in the waiting room.

“That’s rather high.”
“The wizard is the main fire power in a party.  Increasing magic attack power is the first choice for a party if they have a wizard. Also, parents of wizards are normally quite wealthy. It’s easy to go to upper floors if you have a wizard, so the price of the goat monster card goes up compared to other cards.”

So it’s a card that rich people want?

“I see, so there’s no helping it, I’ll buy a goat monster card for up to 5,400 nars.”

You’re not going to ask if I’m fine with just one?
It’s a necessary monster card for me.
I also need more cards for [Incantation interruption], and sacrificial misanga’s, but I only need one goat monster card.

Just one will be fine.
I can’t mention that one is enough though.
Luke doesn’t need to know that Sherry will succeed every time.
That means I should probably buy extras.

Eventually I will need it on multiple items, so they won’t be useless.
I need the goat monster card quickly though, since it increases magic attack power.
After ordering the kobold & goat monster cards, I leave Luke.

I leave the merchants guild by walking, instead of using the wall.
I go to a nearby weapons shop.

Spear: Steel spear: Skill slots – empty, empty, empty.

Is a steel spear a good item?
Three skills slots is probably it’s maximum.
There are two with three slots.

“Choose one of these.”

I pass the two to Sherry.

“Um, I’ll do my best.”

Sherry sounds like she’s straining a bit as she answers.
Even if you don’t choose well, I don’t think there is a difference.

“If I fail at fusion with this, I won’t be able to remake it.”

She’s muttering in a quiet voice.
I see, she’s worrying about monster card fusion.

“It will probably be alright.”

I pat her on the shoulder, and then turn to the canes.

Cane: Rod: Skill slots – empty, empty, empty.

Is this rod alright?
It might be the best cane available in the weapons shop, unless there is something made from damascus steel in the back of the store.
There isn’t much chance of there being one with an empty skill slot though.
This is enough for now.

In the case of cheap items, displayed in masses, it’s easy to find ones with empty skill slots.
The high quality items are displayed singly, so it doesn’t work out as well.
For an expensive, good item, the maximum number of skill slots will increase as well.
It’s hard to find one with large amounts of skill slots if they are just displayed one at a time.

The steel spear only had two available with three empty skill slots.
Weapons made from orichalcum are bought and sold by auction. How can I selectively pick one with free skill slots?
I worry for a moment as I think about the future.

I go to the weapons and armour shops frequently, so I’ll need to keep in mind to check for good items with empty skill slots.
I’m selling off the items that Sherry makes, so there isn’t any problem coming regularly.

Are the rod and steel spear the best things I can get from mass produced goods?
There’s probably not much difference between them, but I pick a suitable rod.
Sherry gives me the spear she chose, and I buy them both.

I don’t buy a weapon for Roxanne this time.
It costs three gold coins for the rod and steel spear.
If I think about it, I’ve bought Roxanne the hard leather jacket, and the amber necklace recently.

“Sorry, this time we are just getting weapons for Sherry & myself.”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”

I comfort Roxanne as I leave the weapons shop.
I can’t buy things for Roxanne all the time.

“At the moment there are no problems with the scimitar.”

I can’t favor her too much as a master.
Roxanne might start acting spoilt if I buy something for her every time.
Every now and then I need to show a firm attitude.

“We’ll need to increase the amount of party members to strengthen our war potential. I can’t just invest money into equipment.”
“Yes. Certainly.”

I can’t be a sweet master all the time, this world doesn’t allow it.
I can’t spoil you.
I can’t pamper you.

“I need to think of our income, I don’t want to be a bad master.”
“You aren’t. Our meals and everything is luxurious.”

I strengthen my resolve.
Dignity, bravery, manliness, I need to put on that kind of appearance.

“A bad, annoying master, wouldn’t that cause someone to look for a new master?”

Maybe I’ve become too dignified.

“We’ll probably strengthen Roxanne’s weapon some time soon.”
“Thank you. My weapon is okay at the moment.”
“Was the one handed sword hanging in the weapons store an Estoc? It looked like a good weapon.”
“…I think that it was a good weapon.”

Did my strict attitude work? Roxanne hesitated for a second.
I might have a strong resolve.
I think I was able to show off my dignity.

“Ok, we’ll think about it in the future.”
“Ah, yes.”
“If Roxannes weapon becomes stronger, the whole party will be helped.”
“Thank you.”

Roxanne will also have her own opinion.
I can’t be too arrogant.

We returned to the merchant guild, and used the wall there to travel to Haruba’s 11th floor.
We need to test our new weapons.
I hold the rod, and pass the steel spear to Sherry.
Sherry passes me her club.

Kaga Michio|Male|17 years old.
Explorer Lv36|Hero Lv33|Wizard Lv36|Monk Lv34
Equipment: Rod|Leather Shoes|Leather Gloves|Leather Hat|Leather Armour|Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne|Female|16 years old.
Beast Warrior Lv25
Equipment|Scimitar|Leather Shoes|Leather Gloves|Leather Hat|Hard Leather Jacket|Wooden Shield

Sherry|Female|16 years old.
Master Smith Lv23
Equipment:Steel Spear|Waterproof Leather Mittens|Leather Hat|Chain mail|Leather Shoes

As expected, the spear isn’t a weapon you can carry around town.
It’s length is over two meters.
Sherry said that it isn’t a weapon used by a vanguard.

“Since Sherry may need some time to get used to her new weapon, please guide us to somewhere with a small number of demons for now.”
“I understand.”
“Sherry, I know the spear isn’t easy to use as a vanguard, but please do your best.”
“Yes, I will.”
“Thinking about it again, it’s alright if there is a large number, since my cane has been upgraded as well and it should be an easier fight than before, so I’ll leave it to Roxanne’s judgement.”

First Roxanne guides us to a place with one ant.
NT ant Lv11 is defeated with three [Water ball]’s.
It became smoke before Sherry got to it with her spear.

It was four with the wand, so it’s an improvement.

Next, Roxane leads us to a place with one mino.
[Fire ball] is used.
I was not able to defeat it before it made it to us.

Roxanne stands in the way of the demon.
Sherry thrusts the spear from the side, and I throw a [Fire ball].
Roxanne easily evades the cow.
I used a total of five [Fire ball]’s.
The Lv11 was defeated.

It’s five? The mino doesn’t have a weakness to any kind of magic.
It was seven shots with the wand, and five with the rod.
So far so good.

So if demons on the 12th floor are 1.5 – 2x stronger, then the amount of spells needed would be 8-10.
It should be a reasonably tough fight on the upper floors.

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the mc is really weak-minded. he has multiple jobs 3x the level of the mobs and party members twice the mobs’ level. No wonder that even though he has exp multipliers, he’s not high level yet


They dont have a respawn point, though?


Yea but I think in the long run it’s better to use and level up more than one job rather than focus on one,the only disadvantages this way has is already gone with the multiple experience cheat.

Nguyen Gia Thai

It would be more understandable if you ever play a ironman rogue-like game. Death is final, no resurrection and no respawn. Once you get that condition, players act reaaaaaaally conservative and cowardly.


I must be an oddball then, I do the opposite and rush forward faster. I do become more conservative with my consumables though, to the point where I won’t use a health pot until mere frames before I would be killed.

considering it is their life and so far there is no resurrection spells… also considering the math he is doing from 5 hits to 12 to kill one random mob from 1 floor to next another … thats makes me think how to hell people are able to go to upper lvls?, well we dont know too much rarity of weapons and so far his jobs are the starting ones not the advance ones… and finally and most important issue. he doesnt really need to go to upper lvls to have a decent life with 2 hot chicks… so why… Read more »
Nguyen Gia Thai

Step by step. Very careful grinding throughout the days. Either you use money to create a well balanced party, or buying a lot of healing items for non-balanced.
You do note that the MC advance waaaaaay to fast for a normal char, right? His cheat allow that. Normal char would have taken 100 times slower. Seriously, this guy is way too blessed.


higher job tiers don’t forget MC has yet to unlock the basic adventurer job


isn’t adventurer is advanced job of explorer?


True that

It has already been said in the story that monster level and player’s class levels are NOT correlated. Even different class’ levels are not. A holy knight lvl 1 will be stronger or at least on par with a knight lvl 50 ( the supposed requirement to advance to holy knight ). Besides i really wonder why people here think he is weak minded…( i mean only on the dungeon conquering – fighting aspect ) this is (in the novel) real life, not a game. If he dies here its over… there is no respawn point (or maybe there is,… Read more »

Yup, I agree with u…
There are 2 condition when one must think first in the life like that, 1 can u be resurrection, 2 how much ur compatibility with the monster there…
If u can’t be resurrection then u must carefull in all the planing…
And if the monster can’t be 1 hit kill then u must be very very very carefull in each step…
Die cz of carelessness is not a laughing matter…


I wonder, if he set his first class as one of those advanced jobs, how many bonus points would he have? I.e. lvl 5 Adventurer – is it 5 points or 55 points (since it is advancement of lvl 50 Explorer)


5 points

Haha! You’re sonright, you must be cautious, I think the MCs outlook is a bit flawed but that’s just how the MC is, he could be learning a lot more from people instead of playing it so close to the chest, be selling things using his transportation to make more money, it feels he is lackluster there, he doesn’t double check card prices in other cities, hasn’t sought out a library, even when he knew of one just let sherry go but hasn’t asked her things that could help him a lot like upgrades of items, how mages usually get… Read more »

Problem with him going to the library is he can’t read.. He’s also afraid of them finding out that he knows none of the common knowledge of the world.


Thanks for the chapter.


Remove the 9.

(Did they ever mention if the Goat card can be fused with a Kobold card for a better Mgk Dmg+ on wands? I don’t think they did but that leaves me wondering why he hasn’t asked.)



As for the answer to your question, you’ll have to wait for next chapter. 😛

Albedo's Ahoge

Thank you~!

BTW, do fused cards take up two skill slots or only one?


I’m pretty sure fusing with a kobold card upgrades the skill to a different type, rather than “give this skill, then also add the upgraded version”.

Incantation Interruption instead of Incantation Delay and not both, etc.


It could be counted as two cards instead of one, or upgraded versions could take up more then one slot, there are many ways to explain reasons why it’ll take more slots. — Also, was it mentioned that you fuse the two cards together first, then fuse it to the equip? Or was it that if you fuse the two cards at the same time?


No idea about the second part, but don’t forget that Durandel has 5 skills and at least one (incantation interruption) is an upgraded skill.


Yeah, I know, was just pointing it out; there are ways to make it count as 2+ slots, but author probably won’t be using that, and instead just have all of them take one.


It takes one slot. It basically upgrades the skill, it doesn’t add new skill.

Albedo's Ahoge

Thanks mates.


thaks 4 the chapter!!!


Thank you for the chapter 🙂


Thanks for the new chapter!


Thanks for the chapter, I really enjoy this story. Some hate the MC and how he acts/thinks, but I like how it is written.


Thanks for the chapter.


Yeah he needs more members. I’m surprised he hasn’t been charging crystals in order to get money.

Could probably use a shrine maiden, an archer, and hot shield warrioress.


he plans to switch sherry to shrine maidden later as u can tell on this chapter. he’s keeping her master smith now since there’s only 3 of them atm and he needs the master smith job to be high lvl for crafting and shit later on

Ole Johan

So I wanted to help your guys translating this stuff and I tried out google, but stuck at so many words and so many sentence that don’t make sense. And Beginner tip so I can become better 🙂 ?


Thanks you always for ur great work…


Thank you for the chapter^^


Thanks for the chapter!


Since you advance in levels by killing monsters, is there any reason at all for her to craft all those junk items? Is there some hidden Skill Value that is trained by it, or does it increase her class level?


It would make perfect sense that all actions related to a job give exp, It just so happens that killing monsters is immeasurably faster and more dangerous.


Thanks for doing this Chapter!?


Also, do note that the only classes in the world with recognized levels are the ones that can summon the item box. So, whether other actions up exp or not might not be considered. Like someone already mentioned, most jobs might consider the decrease in total mp for skill use to be something that has to do with familiarity.


Seriously, how much of a retard at conversations is he? — He puts Roxanne on the spot by keeping the conversation about weapons flowing, even going as far as mentioning running away, even though she tries to end it, then thinks he’s ‘dignified’ and such -.-


Thank you! I’m not the only one then (-.-‘)


I love (sarcasm) how the MC had to keep telling Roxanne why he wasn’t going to buy her a weapon…alright dude, you’ve already made it nice and clear, stop making excuses. You’ve already given your reason, why continue?

…can’t wait for more chapters :p

Thanks for translating!


am i the only one shouting “level up alreeeeedy, we want new, awesome joooooobs”
sorry i needed to let that out


i keep thinking shouldn’t we be seeing adventurer already


not a chance 1st new slave or maybe x2 😛






The MC is just an idiot that follow his dick and protect his woman.


50% of world are like it 🙂


He doesn’t really ‘protect’ them, since they’re the vanguards (front line meat/aggro shields). Then remember how he tested out the meteor spell even though he didn’t know if it would result in friendly fire.


Thanks for the chapter!


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I swear, he spends hundreds on a new slave, but can’t spare a few 10s of gold to fully upgrade their equipment i.e. all hard leather, oh well
thanks for the chapter


lel, may have been wrong bout 100’s


thanks for the hard-work!!