Shinka no Mi – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 Result of the final evolution

I —- Takimiya Shota, due to a voice who calls himself god, have travelled to a different world.

Rather than traveled, saying I have been summoned would be more correct.

Currently, surrounding all of us from school, there are a lot of people wearing robes and looking at us.

“This is another world?”

“It was so sudden at first that I was confused…”

“But if you think carefully, aren’t we all cheats?  Let’s take it easy and live comfortably.”

“A Demon lord will be easy!”

“But, I still…”

While the surrounding people are observing us, we are in various states of emotions.  Some of us are excited and others are fearful.

Normally, when you are suddenly summoned you would be mad more than happy.  I will be mad.  No, I am already mad.

Because – I have my mom and dad back on earth.  What’s more, I have a lot of friends outside of school too.

My parents and friends won’t remember us now that we have been summoned to a world.  This…  I wonder how many people realise how sad this is?

Furthermore, something about an increasing population….  so annoying.  Just take away people from other countries.  Ours has a declining birth rate and an aging population.  Complete a thorough field survey.

Even while spitting curses, I don’t neglect the observations of my surroundings.  I don’t know what type of situation could develop suddenly.

For the moment, the place we have been summoned is a dim room made of stone.

Because I knew the entire school was summoned, I thought we would be summoned outside, so it’s a surprise that we are inside a room.  It is unusually big.  While I am lost in my thoughts, voices call me from behind.

“Ohh, there you are.  Shouta!”



When I turn around to see the the sources of the voices, both a male and female student are coming towards me.

“Kenji!  And Miwa!  You did well finding me.”

“Well, we are childhood friends.”

“I just followed Kenji-oniichan though.”

The ones that came here are my childhood friend and classmate Araki Kenji, and my imouto, Takamiya Miwa.

Kenji has short natural brown hair and a characteristic friendly smile.  It isn’t rare in our school but he is an idol-class pretty boy.

Miwa has black hair that extends to her shoulders and wears a flower hairpin.  The atmosphere is as it looks – feelings of cleanliness and healthiness are overflowing.  Even I, as her brother, think of her as cute.  I am not a siscon.

But it’s not like both of them belong to an idol group.   Me as well – it’s not like I didn’t get scouted – I rejected them all I as was not interested.

Wait, being a childhood friend has nothing to do with finding me…….

“More importantly, Miwa.  It’s Kenji-Senpai, no?  Don’t call me oniichan, call me Miyashiro-senpai.”

“Eh.  We are not in school.  What’s more, calling oniichan ‘senpai’, somehow I don’t like it-!”

Well, me too.  I feel uncomfortable with Miwa calling me senpai……

While I was having such an exchange, this time voices called not only me, but all of us.

“Ah, there you are!”

“We have been searchiii ~ing ~!”

Kenji and I turn to the source of the voices and two girls were coming towards us.

“Oh, Eri and Rika?”

The two that have appeared are my girlfriend, Niijima Eri, and Kenji’s girlfriend, Murata Rika.

Eri is, in short, a baby-face with straight hair – she is even shorter than my imouto and is possibly the shortest person in our grade.  By the way, I am not a lolicon.  I am not.

Rika has wavy black hair and slightly drooping eyes and somehow she gives off a quiet aura. Well, she practically just goes with my pace….

By the way, these two were reasonably famous idols.  Well, it is fine to say they belonged to an idol group.

“Alright, with this we are the usual members.”

When Eri and Rika reach us, Kenji says so.

“Ehh?   But Kannazuki-san and Hino-san.  Also, Seiichi-kun is?”

As Eri asked so in a lisping state, we look around.

“I saw Hino a little while ago with people that seem to be her friends.”

Kenji says so, but I don’t see Kannazuki-senpai or Seiichi.

“……  Well, Kannazuki-senpai will be fine.  Seiichi is……”

“As expected, that loner that was transported alone is Seiichi-onii chan!?”

At that mention, Miwa got a somewhat nervous expression.

“We don’t know for sure, but…..”

“Wait.  I will confirm it with Seiichi’s classmates.”

Kenji says so and calls a nearby classmate of Seiichi’s who just happened to pass by.

“Oy, Aoyama.”

“N?  What’s up, Araki?”

“You – know something about Seiichi?”


Aoyama tilts his neck from Kenji’s words.

“Was there someone with a name like that in our class?”

We frown at Aoyama’s words.

Then a guy close to Aoyama, Taiboku suddenly starts laughing and speaks to Aoyama.

“Aoyama, Seiichi is the pig – the pig.  Ihihi-.”

“Pig? … …  AH!  That pig bastard!  As it was such a cool sounding name, I thought he was an ikemen.”  TN: ikemen = good looking guy.

After being reminded by Taiboku,  Aoyama explains it to us while laughing.

“That trash is not here?  Because he was going to become a hindrance, we didn’t let him enter into the group.”

“That’s it.  That guy with no reason to live – he should die alr —- Ugh-!

I was waiting and listening to Taiboku and Aoyama’s words, but they were unable to say anymore.

Because, Kenji was lifting both Aoyama and Taiboku in each arm, holding them by the collar.

“Oy, bastards……. In other words, you abandoned Seiichi?”

Kenji questions both of them in a low voice.

Usually he has a friendly smile and is normally known for having a bright personality – when he’s angry, he is scary.

He has a height of around 185cm, knows boxing and possesses brute strength.

“Wh-why?!  It doesn’t matter!”

“Th-That’s it.  Aren’t we just telling the truth?!”

However, the two say so with faces distorted in pain.


It was the moment Kenji was about go berserk.

“Come on…  Don’t get so worked up.”

On Kenji’s hands who was lifting the two, a white hand was placed.


“Put them down.”

With glossy black hair that extends to her waist, this is a beauty that is wearing a dignified aura who is our school’s student president and our childhood friend, Kannazuki Karen.

Due to the words of Kannazuki-senpai who is a head shorter than him, Kenji reluctantly obeyed her orders and put them down violently.  Then the two fell to the ground.

“Why did you stop me?!  Because of these guys, Seiichi is….!”

“I know.  I too am very angry.”

Kenji says so and falls silent with a pale face.

I say so, but my, Miwa’s, and the others also turn pale from hearing senpai’s words.

This person.  She has gotten mad for Seiichi only once.

The incident at that time…  I think everyone, including me, remember.  At that time….  Seiichi better be alive.

In fact, in our eyes, Kannazuki-senpai is very angry.  Well, there is only one reason….

More than that, it’s super scary.  Yabe~e, I want to go home.

As if she knows what types of feelings we are having, Kannazuki-senpai makes a wry smile at us for a second, then she turns to Aoyama and the other guy and crouches down.

“Only one person from your class doesn’t seem to be here.”


Aoyama says so with a very frightened face and Kannazuki-senpai sends a frozen glare at them.

“Idiotic.  Truly idiotic.  In a situation of emergency, even in that time, you would still continue such worthless bullying? “

“That is……”

“In the end, the people from your class are only at that degree.  Mou, I have nothing to say to you all.”

Until the end Kannazuki-senpai glares at them with cold eyes, then takes them out of her sight and stands up.

N-No mercyyyy…..

Kannazuki is the daughter of the famous Kannazuki group on Earth.  In fact, she was supposed to go to a more prestigious school for smart students but she didn’t want to go there.  The reason, she said, is because it was close to her house, but the truth is she didn’t want to separate from us.  No, rather than us, she didn’t want to separate from him.

In addition, Kannazuki-senpai is popular with both the girls and boys of the school.  Even in our school which has the purpose of fostering idols, the beauty of Kannazuki-senpai was more than that.  Well behaved, beautiful and intelligent…… Those are the words that first come into your mind when you think of her, so her popularity is obvious.  Even when there is inconvenience.

If you see this person, you get the feeling of a powerful Japanese woman.  Well, you might call her the embodiment of  a Yamato Nadeshiko (Idealized Japanese Woman), but with the exception of us, she doesn’t get involved with others……

Due to the popular Kannazuki-senpai’s words that lack mercy, Aoyama and Taiboku have fallen into a state of despair.  Ah, out of these two people one was a fan of Kannazuki-senpai.

While I was thinking such a thing, Kannazuki-senpai’s bloodthirsty atmosphere from earlier seemed to be a lie and as usual returned to normal.

“Well, this time we can say that Seiichi-kun is also at fault.”

“That is….”

Kenji was about to deny it, but the words Kannazuki-senpai said were true.

Because I am his childhood friend, I can say that the man named Hiiragi Seiichi, for good or for worse, is too much of a nice person.

Eri, Rika and Hink didn’t know him before he entered this school so the time they have been friends with Seiichi has been short.

But, Miwa, Kenji, Kannazuki-senpai and I are not like that.

Seiichi is our childhood friend, a special existence for us.

Seiichi, even though he has been bullied since elementary school, helped us.

When we were in times of life crisis, he saved us.  Having Seiichi with bright personality close helped me maintain a positive attitude.

Such a Seiichi, because he cared for us, entered our school even though he wouldn’t normally go to such a school.  In middle school we realised, but since entering here his character was made more evident.

Even though none of us cared about it, he, on his own accord, avoided us….  To not put us in a bad position.

For thinking to cover for us and purposely separating from us, senpai got mad at Seiichi – Kannazuki-senpai was super scary.  Ah, I am trembling from remembering it.

Anyway, because he kept minding and avoiding us, even now Seiichi is getting bullied.

I don’t intend to boast about our appearances, but because Kenji and I have decent looks, we have a decent position at the school.  That’s why it was our turn to help and support Seiichi.

But it’s not like we were always at the place Seiichi was bullied.  What’s more, no matter how much we asked who was bullying him, he didn’t tell us.

When Seiichi’s parents died, there was a time when he shut himself indoors and didn’t rely on us.

With such an attitude, I thought he didn’t think of us as his friends so there were times when I felt it was frustrating.  I wanted him to rely on us, his friends, more.

Yet he carried it alone……..

While I was thinking about Seiichi, Kannazuki relaxes her cheeks and speaks.

“But…..  If it is Seiichi-kun, he will be fine.”

Those words, to people who don’t know anything, will seem too optimistic.  In fact, Eri and Rika twist their neck.  But Miwa, Kenji and I are different.  Without realising it, Kannazuki-senpai’s words make us show a bitter smile.

“True, if it’s him…..”

“If it is Seiichi-oniichan…..”

Miwa and Kenji say so with a smile.

Really, if it is Seiichi, he will be fine.  Although there is no evidence, that thought appears like it is natural.

His positive thinking is world class.   When you are with him, it is fun.

No matter the dangerous place he is at, it turning out fun isn’t weird.  He will survive while going on a path that is outside of our imaginations.

“Right, Seiichi?”, I muttered with a small voice.


I……  Hiiragi Seiichi, have to confront an unexpected reality.

“Seiichi!  I don’t want it……  I don’t want you to dieeeee!”

Saria who is beside the fallen me, cries so.  Such a picture, I am seeing it from above.  Yeah, let me explain what state I’m in.


[I am in a state of astral projectio ~o~o~oooooon!?]

—–  That’s it.

Wait, isn’t this bad!?  I am currently a ghost!

Ca-Calm down……  Why I am in this form, for starters, let’s re-organise it.

First, when I thought I heard the voice in my head announcing that evolution like a death sentence, my consciousness faded away.  Most likely, I lost my consciousness due to the abnormal pain.

I then awoke, looking down at Saria in tears and holding my body.

At first, I didn’t understand and looked at my own body, which for some reason is transparent.  And there are no legs.

…….  If you don’t call this a ghost, then what do you call it?

“!  This is not the time to calmly analyse!?  I am currently dying!?”

What’s more, Saria is crying over my dead body!  That is strange!

Because, apart from the hair and eyes on my body, the rest of the face and body are going ‘bokobokoboko’-!  Many times I have transformed, and dented, collapsed, stretched and shrunk……

In other words, my body stopped having a human form!?

And it’s not my imagination, I can hear sounds that can’t be heard coming from a human body!?  Like ‘kyu~i~i~i~i~in’!  Like Dogangakinzugan!  Like ‘Zugo~o~o~o~o~o’!

I mean, it’s so disgusting-!  My body…..  Somehow resembles a slime!  And because it is dressed, it is so surreal!

I thought that I will confirm what appearance I had……  But this is not the appearance of a human and it doesn’t resemble my normal appearance……  Huh?  I am unexpectedly adapting to this situation?  In this situation, I thought about confirming my appearance.

While I think of such a thing while looking down upon myself, Saria makes a face as if she remembers something.

“I-I know!  Certainly, at this time……”

This time, what time is it?  A human becoming a slime is not something that happens a lot, no!?  If I were to find such a situation, I am confident that I would run away.  While I was nodding to myself, Saria says a ridiculous thing.

“Cardiac massage and artificial respiration!”

No no, no no, no!  Wrooooong!?  To give a heart massage to a human that became something like a slime!  Furthermore, to give artificial respiration when the face is ‘gochagocha’, I don’t even know where the mouth is!  And more impressive, Saria knows about heart massages and artificial respiration……

“Now that I know what to do, I will put it into practice right away!”

That’s not what you have to dooooooooooooooo!

My body that is going ‘gunyangunyan’, trying to do a Cardiac massage!  You will only break it!  And what will happen to my bones, digestive system and liver!?

Heck, what will happen to my body!?  I myself became a ghost!

While I continue to tsukkomi Saria, and think about what to do about my state, Saria places her hand in the position that seems to be my chest and begins the cardiac massage.

“Ei~ E i~  E i~ Ei~!”

Extend and straighten the elbow, continue to put pressure on the center of the chest……  Even so, I doubt there really is a position of my chest – my body hasn’t kept its original form.  Well, if you have been putting the hand in the proper position on the chest, the method of the cardiac massage – it is perfect!  The only unfortunate thing is, my body doesn’t have a human form.  If the body is going ‘gunyagunya’, performing a cardiac massage is pretty pointless!

After performing the chest compressions around 30 times, she is probably going to do the artificial respiration.  But, Saria sees the thing that looks like my face, then twists her neck and without performing artificial respiration says

“Huh?  Where is the mouth?”

You don’t know-!?  Then why the hell did you start it!?

No, I am glad she was willing to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for me!  But, you know?  This isn’t the problem!?  In fact, I’m in a ghost state!!

But no matter how much I tsukkomi, right now my voice doesn’t reach Saria.

And, Saria in her crazyland, suddenly says such a  thing.

“I see!  It’s useless because my power is not enough!”


It’s wrong, Saria-san!  Completely wrong!  Right now, you should realise it is impossible to perform artificial respiration on my body!  Why, from here, do you think you don’t have enough strength?

“If that’s the case….  Ei!”

With such a shout, Saria’s body is wrapped in light and after a while the light subsides and what appears is a Gorilla naked shirt.  (Saria in Gorilla form)

“Seiichi, wait.   Now – assist!”

Wa-Wait a moment.  What are you planning to do?  Gorilla-san……”

Furthermore, why isn’t it only part that transformed into a gorilla – why did you transform into a complete gorilla form?  The nude shirt I never wanted to see a second time – I thought I wouldn’t ever see the gorilla nude shirt again….!

While I was feeling unusual anxiety from the Gorilla’s behaviour, suddenly the Gorilla made a fist with both hands, raises it up—-


—-  And swings it down at my body.

“My bodyyyyyyyyyy!”

Destroyed!  My body was destroyed!  It made a ‘Becha’ sound!”

“………… Huh?”

Huh?  My aaaaaaaaaaasss!

My body splashed around ~u~u~u~uuuuuu!  The body I need to return to aa a a a aahh!

I, who became a ghost, am crying with my head down at my wits end, when an incredulous sight is reflected in my eyes.

“………… E?”

That is, the part of my body that went flying slowly started moving, then became one piece again.


I wonder if I have gone crazy in the head.

If I, in my ghost state, manage to go back into my body, I think that at that time, I will quit humanity.  Certainly.  What should I say, let alone goodbye humanity, it is good to even say goodbye organisms……  No, it’s not good.

When my brain processing speed has caught up with the status quo, suddenly my body mass starts emitting light.

And, when the light disappears from in front of my eyes, there is a gorilla holding her eyes with bother her hands—–

“Eyes…… My Eyes”

Why do you know that line!?  Ah, I said it!  What’s more, what a messy pronunciation!

While I was watching the sole gorilla, suddenly a strong power starts pulling me.


Turning in the direction which i am being pulled, there is what looks like my body, shining…

“Eh!?  Can it be that I am returning to my body!?”

It is a lie, no!?  To that formless mass!?  It doesn’t even have human form!?   It’s wearing clothes even after it collapsed and gathered itself……  There are a lot of weird things!

No matter how much I resist, I can’t win against the force pulling me back, so I am pulled towards the shining mass that is my body.

Being pulled in, it’s somehow a mysterious feeling.

Even though my body hasn’t kept human form, I somehow feel that it is really familiar.  In addition, the eyes, mouth and nose don’t exist… …  But I feel everything.  This…  Is scary.

When I surrendered to this indescribable feeling, it looks like my body is gradually starting to take some form.

It is a familiar humanoid form.

Hands, feet, torso, head …… Like that, it’s taking more and more shape.

Eye, ear, nose, mouth and boy parts and etc. are formed.

Somehow, it’s a funny feeling.

I feel a strange sense of omnipotence.


Even though the eyes aren’t made completely, I know that Saria is already back in human form.

When I hear the surprised voice of such a Saria, my body was completed.


I quietly open my eyes.

And immediately, I look down at my body.

The clothes from before the evolution have not changed.

The hands and feet exist properly.

Only, it’s a fit body that I couldn’t have imagined while on Earth.  I also feel that my eyes are slightly higher than before…….

Far from going bald, it seems like the amount of hair has increased.  Prior to the evolution, my hair was thin……  While I was confirming my body, Saria suddenly comes into my sight.


…… I wonder what’s happening.  Saria is looking at me with reddened cheeks and an innocent face.   Well, it’s fine because she isn’t a gorilla!

Heck, even when I was in that disgusting evolution, Saria didn’t pull away from me – I without a doubt, would have run away.

On the contrary, she tried to help me……  Even now, I can’t understand what she loves about me.  A women likes me! ……  A former gorilla, though.  No, she is still a gorilla.

Oops……  More important than that, let’s check the status.  This is what I am more curious about.

I immediately display the status.  What’s changed after evolving, let’s confirm it.

<<Hiiragi Seiichi>>

Race:  Human (Human)

Gender:  Male (M)

Occupation:  Unnamed Monster (Magic Swordsman)

Age:  17 (17)

Level:  1 (1)

Magic:  116,024 (11)

ATK:  118,075 (11)

DEF:  113,252 (11)

AGI: 120,252 (12)

Magic Attack:  115,563 (11)

Magic Defense:  116,665 (11)

Luck:  109,030 (10)

Charm:  The pounding heart will break (10)


Fine quality shirt.  Fine quality pants.  Fine quality singlet.  Fine quality underwear.  Wise Monkey Chain.  Dagger of water spirits ball.  Bracelet of the night    .  Choker of black king stone.  Endless Love necklace.   Sword of revolving Hatred.  Sword of Overflowing Benevolence.

<<Unique Skills>>

Instant Memory.  Full Memory.  Instant Learning.  Instantaneous Recovery.  Complete Dismantling.  Mind’s Eye.


[Attack]  Kiashi.  Shokiba.  Tsuoyshitsume.

[Resistant]  Paralysis resistance.   Sleep resistance.  Confusion resistance.  Fascinated resistance.  Petrochemical resistance.  Inhibition resistance.  Poison resistance.  Fatigue resistance.

[Move]  Setsuna.

[Special Skill]  Senior appraiser.  Ultra Formation.  Tool Production:  First class.  Search enemy.  Impersonation.  Assimilation.  Clairvoyance.


Life Magic.  Water Attribute Magic:  Extreme.  Darkness  Magic:  Extreme.

<<Secret Techniques>>

Gale.  Spark.  Mist.

<<Martial Arts>>

Zefodo Flow Swordsmanship:  Founder.


Smelly player.   Man with a Gorilla Wife.  Top in Everything.  Restraint free.  Male king.



“It’s useless, I don’t understand iiiiiit…….!”

I understand that I have a crazy status, but I don’t get how it became like this……!

Why have a lot of things increased?  What does it mean!?

And, my race changed to a normal human!?  From that disgusting evolution!?

What was written in the race column, a lot of words making tsukkomis, suddenly changed to human.

“Human”……  I wonder just how much meaning is condensed in this word.  The final evolution, after all, has turned out to stop at a race named human.  I don’t think it’s only human.

“So deep.”

Say, I was human to begin with!?  I thought I was going to evolve into some lifeform that broke the level of humanity!?

Even so, I did not think that I would think so deeply about being called human here!

Well, putting the race aside, that I didn’t turn away from humanity is good.  Let’s think positively, Mm hmm.

But you know?  What the hell is the occupation ‘Unnamed Monster’?  Wasn’t my race human?  Why is the occupation monster?  Isn’t it contradicting?   I mean, treating me like a monster, isn’t it horrible?  Haven’t I been living up to this point as a human to the fullest?

And what a status!  It’s not even at Zeanosu’s level!  Seeing this status, you can only nod at the profession of monster, bakayarou-!  (ED:  Moron, Idiot, Dumb-ass.  the ‘yarou’ makes it more vulgar.)

And what the hell is that charm!?  ‘It seems like the pounding heart will break’?

Eh, what? Love 1000%. It’s like the song from ‘Uta no ouji-sama’!?  And even though I thought it was the long awaited departure from being blank….. I don’t understand, the meaning.  Fuck!

(ED:  Now it makes more sense to me.)

Tsuka, what is the new column  of unique skills!?  The usual ‘Absolute Disassembly’ is there too!

For the time being, let’s analyse the unique skills I haven’t seen before.

“Instant Memory”……  Skill that lets you memorize things instantly.

“Complete Memory”……  Skill that stops you forgetting anything once it has been memorized.

“Instant Learning.”……  Learn anything the instant you are taught.

“Shingan”  (Mind’s eye)……  Dynamic vision augmented, a skill that makes attacks seem slow.   Secondly, various things can be seen.

“Damn it-!  Isn’t it a cheat display-!? “

What the hell have I become!?   Isn’t the result that after a full revolution, the race ‘human’ is just for show!

Instant Memory and Complete Memory.  I learn and remember various things in an instant – I wonder if I won’t forget anything?  This cheat, I wanted it back when I was on Earth …!

Furthermore, the skill ‘Shingan’ is amazing……  Making the attacks go slower, this isn’t on the level of a human!  I am an evildoer.  And, I have become able to see various things.  What the hell can I see!?  A ghost!?

……  Well, the unique skills are fine like this.

The skills too, are somehow being organised like this to make it easier to see.

In the new column, magic and secret techniques haven’t changed.  Yes, the things I have obtained are displayed without a change. Alright, let’s move to the titles.

“—-  God Damn!  Don’t mess with meeeeeeeee!”

I screamed like so with all my might.  Enough –   I reached my limit!

At me who suddenly shouts, Saria looks at my face with a surprised face but I’m not finished.  In the column of titles, let’s check the titles one by one.

‘The Man with a Gorilla Wife’……  This title is amazing.  If you have this title, no matter what happens in the future, you will overcome it……  Or so I think.

“It’s not the spirit theoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

What’s more, it’s not confirmed-!  Certainly, if you have a gorilla wife, no matter what happens, anything will seem trivial!?  That’s because having a gorilla wife is important!

Far from a great effect,  It’s not even a trivial effect – it’s like a shit title!

While I think such a thing, I pass on to the next title.

‘Top in everything’ ……  Top in everything.

“The description is way too useleeeeeeeeeess!”

There is a limit to cutting corners!  I will not know all the effects?  What the heck does ‘top in everything’ mean!?  What is the meaning of this?  I have to search in google!?  Is there a result?  Well, I don’t have a computer or internet.

‘Restraint Free’……   Restraint isn’t known.  The limit of growth is gone.

“I really don’t know restraint!?”

If I do not have a limit growth, that means I can continue to grow indefinitely?

If I grow more than this, what should I aim for!?  Maou?  Or God?

‘Male King’ ……  The reproduction function becomes great.  An ultra-unequalled mode.  Hooray!

“And the last one is a joke-!”

It’s seriously impossible?  As a man, I am truly excellent!  But where can I show off the effects of this title!?  Will there come an opportunity to activate it!?  I want to go ask god personally-!

With this, the tsukkomis are over, right?  There is only one thing I am curious about.  That is……

“What are the numbers inside the parentheses that appear beside the status?”

I just don’t get it!?  In the profession, for some reason inside the parenthesis is ‘Magic status’ and the others statuses are either 10 or 11.  Just what are these numbers?  There isn’t an explanatory kind of thing!?

“Ha~a…… Ha~a…… Ha~a……”

“Are you ok?  Seiichi……”

I, in a state of breathing disjointedly, hear Saria’s caring voice.

Even if I scream violently, the problem won’t be solved.  In fact, I will only scare the worried Saria.

“Ha~a…… fu~u.  Un, I am fine already.”

When I calm down, I say so to Saria with a smile.

Then, Saria turns red in the face, turns away from me.

……  What’s with this reaction?  What state is my face in!?  Is it so bad that it turns your face red from holding in laughter?  Or so good that it makes you blush?  Just which one!?

While touching my own face, I can’t help but wonder what type of face did I get.   Mu~u…… I want a mirror.  Well, I will see it eventually.  It’s not that important.  Leaving that aside, what will happen from now on?

“Saria.  What will you do next?”


In response to my question, Saria looks towards me with a blank look on her face.

“I was thinking of leaving this forest……”

I have been feeling since long ago that I am missing the touch of human skin…  Well, it’s not like I’ve touched someone as to miss the sense of their skin, though.

Without getting sad spontaneously, Saria makes a smiling face.

“I will follow Seiichi wherever he goes.  Seiichi’s place…..  Seiichi himself is my place to return!”

…… …… Truly, I have a woman following me.  It’s a gorilla though.

“I see.  Thank you.”

From my heart, a hot feeling blooms.   Suddenly, a fanfare resounds in the cave that Saria and I are in.


“Do-Don’t know!”

Saria doesn’t know either and we go into full alert.  I was prepared to defend against anything that comes to fight.  Of course, Saria transformed into the gorilla nude shirt…..  Even though I didn’t want to see it again, it can’t be helped.  Un, it can’t be helped……!

Saria and I tense up.  What the heck is happening – I try to grasp the situation.

Then, to us who are like that, suddenly a third party voice appears from somewhere.

“U ~ n.  Wonderful!”


Saria and I turn quickly to face the origin of the voice.



Then after confirming the possessor of the voice, we are surprised and our voices leak out.

“Oops, this is so impolite.  Being called by a mysterious voice out of nowhere, being on alert is natural.”

Saying so, the owner of the voice gets closer.  Saria and I were so surprised by the owner of the voice that we couldn’t say anything.  But that can’t be helped because—–

“I am the manager of the labyrinth (Dungeon), I am called Eduard Liu Zen Stain Vanheart Heibatosu.   Because it is so long, please call me ‘Hitsuji-san’.  It’s a pleasure……”

—-  The owner of the voice, wearing a silk hat and a tailcoat…  Was a sheep walking on two legs.


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