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Now Here’s The Chapter



「A dragon…you say……?」,

I unconsciously muttered after being welcomed by the two.
I arrived at Palmasque’s adventurer’s guild after passing time at home and at the labyrinth.
Roxanne reported that a dragon had appeared when I came back.

「Yes, it seems that it attacked the coast this morning. Unfortunately, it was already intercepted when we arrived.」

Though I don’t know what’s unfortunate about that, is the ruckus in the adventurer’s guild because of that?
What a frightening situation.

Dragons seem to exist in this world.
Not only that, the city was also attacked.
That must be the reason for having such high castle walls.

However, both of them have a mirror.
It’s already greatly justified to come here for that.

「Is it common for this place to be attacked by dragons?」

It’s the last jump from Palmasque. After recovering MP in Quratar’s labyrinth, I tried asking Sherry.
「It’s more accurately a Drive Dragon. Palmasque, being an island can’t be attacked by normal demons. But Drive Dragons can fly in the sky. It’s something that happens quite often I think.」
「It’s that often?」
「There’s also a lot of people that have anti-dragon equipment because of this.」

Sherry replied to me calmly.
It seems dragon raids aren’t a cause of concern, despite just being a near-miss.

Still, is it really normal?
It’s probably the same concept as how Japanese people can tolerate earthquakes up to level three.
This world is scarier than I thought.

「I see」
「More importantly, the amber necklace was sold for 25 gold coins.」

Dragons were treated like that.
It’s a dragon, you know, a dragon?

「Are drive dragons actually weak?」
「It is the strongest kind of demon that appears outside of the labyrinth.」

So it is by no means weak, I don’t like it.
I feel that people here wouldn’t even be surprised even if a level 5 earthquake hits.
Those guys live in the future.

「I-is that so?」

I received gold coins from Sherry
The gold coins seem to occupy two rows of slots in the item box.
Because of the several different rows of skins, the item box is going to be full soon.
An item box can’t stack different kinds of similar items, so the capacity is being filled.

If it’s not enough, then I can set my cook job.
That’s also difficult.
Seeing as I have them, I should also use them.
It isn’t necessary for me to put coins and items in different lines to save space.

「The amber necklace that the boss’s wife had bought was a considerably good item. I asked if 25 gold pieces were really alright, and confirmed it many times.」

I listened to the story while receiving the gold coins.
I expected the market price in Palmasqe for amber to be five times greater than the market price in Bode. Was it a little more than that?
I feel a bit embarrassed since I did not know the proper market price.

「Was it considered too cheap? Well, it can’t be helped. It’s not really a loss.」
「I said it was a special service for being acquaintances. I also asked her to recommend us to other people since our prices are cheap.」
「Well done!」

Sherry’s surprisingly a good talker.

「I was able to sell the case for ten silver coins. Since it was originally 200 nars.」
「As expected, of Sherry.」
「The Amber was sold for 35 silver coins. And, we could also buy the mirror from them for 20 silver coins.」

To be able to sell the small case which I got for free, as well as to ensure future deals with them.
Such a smooth talker.

「It was the right thing to entrust it to Sherry after all.」
「Thank you」

Is that it?
Does she hate brokers because they are similar to her?
Hatred of the same thing.
They are birds of a feather.

When I was returning from the labyrinth, I was contacted by Luke whom Sherry hates.
There seems to be a successful bid for a kobold card for 5400 Nars
It says that it’s 5400 is it really the correct price?

「I want to fuse the kobold monster card and the goat monster card, that I had just won, to my rod. It will be more difficult otherwise on the 12th floor.」

I told them during supper.

「Ye…Yes! I’ll do my best! 」
「There’ll be no problem if it’s Sherry , though it would be bad if Sherry was anxious.」
「No, I’m not anxious at all 」
「The demons in the 12th floor will strengthen considerably. Increasing our fighting potential is necessary. Perhaps it’s time to add another party member.」

I was able to connect the two topics.
A new party member is essential to increase our fighting potential.
No, that’s not what you’re thinking at all.
It is definitely necessary to increase our fighting potential.

「Yes 」
「I already received a letter of introduction from merchant Alan from Vale. The remaining order for mirrors are two pieces, I would like to go to the capital to look for a new party member the day after we finish selling everything.」

I made sure that the two of them nod after hearing my proposed schedule.
I have 40 gold coins in reserve, it should be sufficient enough as funds.

「The number of party members will increase then.」
「I believe that master will choose a suitable person.」
「Yes. Of course, it is necessary after all to increase our fighting potential.」

Roxanne’s acknowledgement was obtained.
She doesn’t publicly object at the very least.
All is good.

「With that said, Let’s make the labyrinth exploration tomorrow a rest day, We can’t have a new member join us when we are tired.」

The candy is given this time.
The so called carrot and stick. You should alternately give good news and bad news.
They would hate me if it’s always the whip.

「It’s going to be a break?」
「It’s the same just like the other day, what would Roxanne want to do? Is Sherry fine with going to the library? 」
「Yes, that is fine.」

Looking in Sherry’s direction, she nodded.
As I thought, Sherry decided to go the library.

「Because I don’t have business tomorrow either, If Roxanne wants to go to the Labyrinth I could accompany you.」

I tell Roxanne who was at a loss of what to do.
When we took a break last time, Roxanne said an admirable thing about entering the labyrinth alone and training.
Though, I stopped it because I was scared of her entering alone, the situation is different this time however.

「Is it okay?」
「Probably, I’m also free tomorrow anyways.」

It doesn’t have to be the labyrinth in particular.
Sightseeing, touring, even information gathering.
I don’t have anything I want to do alone after all.
There’s nothing for me to do in a holiday.

This is a holiday for Roxanne and Sherry to rest, not for me.

「Well then, please take care of me.」
「Understood. Also, would you cut my hair tomorrow? It seems to have grown quite a bit already.」

Though I had intended to cut my hair when I bought mirrors, I didn’t have any chance to do so.
Might as well do it during this day off.

「Yes, Master」
「Please do so, Roxanne and Sherry’s hair seems to be fine. 」
「Eh? But I think mine has grown a bit.」

Sherry says so while fiddling with her own hair, her hair seems to reach the shoulder already.
Does dwarves’ hair grow quickly?

「I think it’s fine to grow it even more. 」
「It is still all right, Sherry」
「Is that so? Before, my hair becomes stiff when grown even a little, though it isn’t now. Probably because Master washes our hair very well.」

Roxanne and Sherry can let their hair grow even more.
It is still too early to cut their hair.

The next morning, we enter the labyrinth before sunrise without resting.
Even if I’m resting, my senses will become dull if it’s a complete rest.
Of course, there’s no rest for night duties.

Sherry’s going to go visit the library
I might have to let her rest tonight.
Roxanne will have to do her best then.

After having breakfast and selling the mirror, I gave one gold coin for the deposit and five silver coins to Sherry.
I first brought Sherry to the library.
Because the library has a fixed cost system until sunset, it’s best to enter as quickly as possible.

I stopped by the merchant’s guild before returning to get the kobold monster card.
I asked again to bid for another kobold monster card for 5,400 nars before returning home.
There, I sat in a chair while Roxanne cut my hair.

「I may not be good enough.」
「For me, as long as it’s a hairstyle liked by Roxanne, it’s more than enough. If Roxanne wouldn’t dislike me, then it is already good.」
「I could never hate Master.」
「Thank you, then, please.」

In this world, it seems to be the usual for family to cut your hair. Well, they don’t seem to particularly mind about hairstyles.
For me who didn’t really care about my hair even back in Japan, it was the same here.

Roxanne cuts my hair with scissors.
Thought I thought scissors would be different, it’s still the same from what you would call a common scissor.
There doesn’t seem to be a problem for cutting hair with it.

「Is this fine, Master?」
「Do I look a bit cooler now?」
「Master is always the coolest.」

It’s a bit embarrassing to be called the coolest.
She might just also be forced to say such words.

「Well then, which labyrinth would you like to go to?」
「If there would be too many enemies it might be dangerous, so I’d like to battle a boss. Rapid Rabbit’s fast movement will also be good for training, so Vale labyrinth is probably good.」

When asked, there was an immediate reply.
So it’s Vale labyrinth then?
Rapid Rabbit is the boss in the 9th floor of Vale Labyrinth
I don’t want to fight the Rapid Rabbit, however, it seems hard to try and convince Roxanne not to enter the labyrinth.

「Uhm.. do you not want to go shopping in the Imperial Capital?」

I can’t really say I don’t want to fight the Rapid Rabbit.
We’ve already challenged the 9th floor boss in Vale Labyrinth countless times.
It’s practically already impossible to count how many times we’ve fought there.
I choose to propose a different course of action.

「To the imperial capital.. is it okay?」

Anything would be better.
I wouldn’t want to enter that boss room repeatedly anymore.
Even if it’s hard to accompany Serious Roxanne during shopping.
TL: Serious Roxanne isn’t really a thing, I just coined it to make it exaggerated.

「It’s fine.」
「Yes, Thank you Master.」
「Tell me if there’s anything you want.」

Because she already accepted, We immediately warped to the Imperial Capital
Before she changes her mind.

We went to shops we’ve never been before in the Imperial Capital
It became sort of an information gathering, two birds with one stone.
Roxanne and I continued to walk the road aimlessly.

「I think this looks good.」

Inside the clothing store, Roxanne puts a shirt in front of my chest.
It feels like a date.
Or rather, It is a date.
It’s just the two of us after all.

When the party members increase, the bed will be smaller.
I’d like to look for a new bed today, but there’s no way I can suggest such a thing with this kind of atmosphere.
As expected, I’ll have to buy a bed by myself next time. I can’t ruin this date.

After my shirt, Roxanne goes to the children’s section and chooses carefully.
Is it for Sherry?
She chose one and said it was good.

「Is Roxanne not buying for herself?」
「This one is 300 Nars, while this one is 200 Nars, together it would already be five silver coins.」

500 nars for the two?
Just like last time, her pocket money is five silver coins.

「Ah, then I’ll buy the clothes and just take it from our expenses.」
「Well, it wouldn’t be a present for Sherry then..also..」
「I see.」
「Also, this is my gift.」

Roxanne hands me the shirt she chose earlier.
Even if I buy the clothes, even if it’s for sherry, it would still be considered my property.
If Roxanne buys it with her money then gives it to Sherry the owner would then be Sherry.
This shirt also, I did not buy it with my money but this is Roxanne’s gift to me.

「Thank you, then I’ll buy Roxanne a piece of clothing today as well.」
「Is it all right?」
「You may choose what you like.」
「Thank you.」

Because Roxanne is my slave, all her belongings are considered my possessions until I die unlike with Sherry’s.
After Roxanne choose clothes, we bought the three articles of clothing.
Because 30% discount worked, Roxanne actually still have remaining pocket money.
Oh well.

When we went out, I tried holding Roxanne’s hand.

「Shall we go to the next shop over there?」

Holding a girl’s hands outdoors in broad daylight seems embarrassing somehow.
Is this how people in a date feel like?
Both Roxanne and I were carrying swords so there seems to be a sense of incompatibility somehow.

I grasp Roxanne’s hands to feel its softness.
It’s a smooth hand with the highest value.
Roxanne also grabs my hand back.

I invite Roxanne inside a nearby general store.
The store was a wooden shop that deals with wood products.
Many wood products are displayed.
We looked around the shop still holding hands.

「It’s probably a Wooden Basket」

I stop in front of a certain product.
As Roxanne said, it was a basket.
The bottom is ridden with holes like in a grid so that water would come out when poured.
The sides are firmly enclosed with a board.

「So there was something like this.」
「I’ve never seen it before in Quratar, It’s probably something unnecessary.」

It’s an instrument for draining water; I guess it really isn’t necessary?
Is it that? Something like a luxury only used by rich people?

A Drainer made from wood.
Its appearance is as if it’s a bamboo basket.
If you add a dragon brand, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be seen in a Chinese restaurant.

If it’s reliably made, it could probably be also used as a steamer.
You just join the two lids together, put cloth in between and cover the lid properly. Boil the water in the bottom lid and you have a steamer.

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