Din No Monshou – Chapter 06

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Chapter 6: The Bandit’s Raid

After meeting with Isabelle, I’ve become somewhat nervous.
But, it’s probably not romantic feelings.
It brings to mind something like a young boy who just bought a new trumpet……?
That is to say, it was more important than something just lying down.

It’s no good, I don’t understand this feeling.
I loiter as I tear at my head.
I suddenly meet Walkins
She was holding cleaning supplies and looked at me puzzled.

「Regis-sama, Did you go somewhere yesterday?」
「No? I just went exploring the mansion.」
「Aa, so that’s why you couldn’t be found till evening.」

It’s a big fat lie though.
After hearing my answer, Walkins obediently agreed.
Then after gathering some luggage,  some books were thrust into bag.

Just then, a warbler’s song brushes my ears.
The rustling breeze feels good, it’s the perfect going out weather.

「Huh? Are you going somewhere? 」
「Yes, I’m going to visit the magic society headquarters in the Royal Capital.
Of course, I won’t hinder the master’s so please be at ease.
There are other maids on standby.
I have some business, please tell them that.」
「It’s a rather sudden story. Why are you going there?」
「Fufufu, it’s a secret. Because adult women wear secrets like accessories it makes them beautiful.」

Walkins places her hand to her mouth and sticks her tongue out.
I see, I don’t get it.

「The magic society has a lot of old men with congealed heads right?
The honest Regis-sama who doesn’t tell lies is greatly different from them」
「Ha, haha. Yeah……」

What is it, my heart became painful.
That said, in order to win, a few crimes would have to be committed.
Anyway, because the results depend on me, the only one that is worried is myself.
Why are you hesitating?

「Well then, I will leave now. I will be back the day after tomorrow.」
「That’s really fast. It takes at least 4 days on foot」
「I am a hyper employee. I will be using teleportation magic.」

Saying that, Walkins carried the luggage on her back.
And began to chant.

「……My magic before me, make the wall of distance meaningless.
Shrink space, distort cause and effect. ――『Giga Teleportation』!」

That moment.
Where Walkins was standing came an explosive blast of wind that blew hard.
The wind causes damage to the bookshelves in the library, the windows trembled
A particularly terrific light and magic exploded.
As the impact subsides, Walkins voice reverberates.

「Ah, right right Regis-sama. It’s dangerous outside, don’t go out」(Tln: yeah you didn’t fool her)
The moment her voice reached my ear, Walkins vanished completely.
However, the window curtains just fluttered.
The roaring was replaced by the noisy running of Shadverga .

「Wa, what was that noise just now!?」
「Walkins just left」
「I told Walkins to use teleportation magic outside!
Un. Because of this it’s painful to send her on even simple errands.
I’ve just gotten some time, I might as well clean thing up……]

While walking trudgingly around, Shadverga started picking up the scattered documents and books.
If you think about efficiency, it would be better to leave this to the correct person to clean up you know.
This person really is a man of the world.

Because Sefina had collapsed, it was depressing enough that they might have collapsed together.
Even still, there was still the mountain of problems of the territory; they could not be left alone.
It seems that it was finally up to me to help out.

「Oh dad. It’s about Walkins」
「What is it Regis. I’m busy now.」
「That guy, what on earth is she?」

With that simple doubt, Shadverga fell silent.
It appears that he knows the circumstances, but it’s difficult to say.
It was that kind of feeling.

「She’s not normal right?
When bandits come, she wields a sword and suppresses it alone,
Her magic level is not ordinary either.
She’s memorized magic spells that aren’t even written in the Expert volume of spells.」

「……I don’t really know.
Before Sefina’s house fell it seems she worked for her.
Anyways there are many mysteries about her.」
「I see. Dad isn’t very well informed.」

It doesn’t look like he’s lying.
It’s just that Walkins is too mysterious.
There is no intention to search for her identity.

However, that astounding ability weighs heavily on my mind.
Proceed to the Headquarters of the Magic society she said.
Umu. There are a lot of mysteries.

「Walkins is a good employee. Of course as a person as well」
「That’s true, that alone is firmly understood.」
「Although I would be happy if she didn’t search for my collection.
After that, I wish she wouldn’t report every little thing to Sefina.」

Remembering the trauma? Shadverga’s feelings sank.
Should I leave him alone for a little while? Or that’s what I thought.

「――Sha, Shadverga-sama! It’s terrible!」

The parlor maid blew through the newly mended door with enough force to break it again.
While panting, she reported to Shadverga.

「Wh, what is it?」
「The bandits, Bandits are attacking north of the village.」
「What did you say? Ku, at a time when Walkins isn’t here…… It’s the worst timing」
「Wh- what should we do? There are about 30 bandits.」
「Please make a private soldier squadron of about 50 members. I’ll join afterwards」
「Un- I underst—!?」

As the maid started to nod, I rushed out.
Damnit, I thought they would attack under cover of darkness.
Because they thought Isabelle was going to leave ahead of time, you decide to raid now?

「He- hey Regis! Where are you going?」
「I’m going to make a friend.」
「Wh, What the heck are you saying-!?」

I feel bad but, right now Shadverga’s voice isn’t even registering.
Sooner or later the village is going to get damaged.
Moreover, the bandit’s aim is in all probability Isabelle.

Attacking the establishment is the easiest to imagine.
If possible I wanted to leave quietly.
Now that it’s like this it can’t be helped.

「……Don’t die, Uncle of the Inn!」

Also, Isabelle.
Her body is hopelessly in danger.
I put on my shoes, and looked straight ahead.
Just like that I went out the front gate, and ran straight toward the village.


The village was noisy.
Most villagers shut away their domestic animals near their house and holed up inside their houses.

That’s the proper response.
The bandits moved at such a bright time.
They had intended on finishing their work before the private soldier squad arrived and leave.
Therefore, they shouldn’t be ignoring the crops.

「Or so it looks like」

Although it’s a little early to harvest, its already possible for these farm products to become food.
Several bandits would swarm the fields and plunder them repeatedly.

Did the boss give out incomplete instructions?
Or could it be that the true purpose was not to abduct the Elf?
I lost my way for a moment, but the answer arrived soon enough.

「It’s a feint?」

For the sake of one’s long cherished achievements, they were being thrown away as pawns.
In this way, the first thing that needed to happen was to stop the private soldier squad.
By causing trouble with these guys, they could achieve a different goal.
In that case, there is just one thing to do.

I passed by the bandits that were plundering and headed toward the inn.
After all, there was only one entrance to the village.
Moreover the entrance to the forest was right beside the inn.

If you were to crush there, the guys in the area could be captured handily.
Therefore, I tried to ignore those guys but ――

「Don’t touch the things I put my heart and soul into with your dirty hands」
「Aan? What is this old geezer? 」
「Kill him. Our job is to stand out; if a red flower blooms all the better right?] (Tln: basically means the more blood the better)
「That’s right. Well, die old geezer」

Wh- what are you doing? Gramps.
Even if you were to capture them, they would have been collected later anyways.
Well, it might not be meaningless.

They’re crops that were frantically by one’s self.
If someone were trampling on them in front of me, there’s absolutely no way I’d keep silent.
Change of plans.

「Balls of light clad in demonic flames, bore through the enemy ――『Gun Fire』! 」

After chanting, the flame bullets flew.
They hit the bandit’s body and ignited magnificently.

「Gu, guwaaaaaaa!」

Bandit number 1 screamed as he writhed.
Because of the sudden attack, the surrounding bandits become enraged.

「Who the hell is that kid?!」
「Get him!」

The remaining bandits ran toward me.
Each holding edged blades in both hands.
If those were to hit your head you would 100 % ascend to the heavens. (Tln: stupid flowery sentences)

As a precaution, I backed up little by little.
While retreating backwards, the bandits came off of the field.
Nice timing.
If it’s right here then, even if the area catches on fire there won’t be any complaints. (Tln: he won’t catch the field on fire)

「Crimsion light fall to the ground. Extend to the earth and turn all to ash ――『Cross Blast』! 」

The small flame dripped toward the bandit’s feet.
At that moment, the area burst into flames and caught everything it its path on fire.

「A, it’s hooooooooooot!」
「I’m dying, I’m going to die!」

Feel free to die all by yourself.
If possible, in silence.

Even though I say that, they probably won’t die because I had reduced the thermal output.
The bandits that had been ruining the bandits hand been swept away, and had ran toward the village entrance.
That time, the tension left the old man and he fell to the ground.

「Re, Regis-sama!? 」
「That’s right. The private soldier squad will be here soon, go inside the house.」
「Regis-sama what are you doing!?」
「I have someone that I need to help right now, I’m going to the inn.」
「Don’t be unreasonable! You’ll be killed! 」
「It’s alright. Because I――am strong against pain, that is my only value」

That’s right, for example, even if were to be an unexpected reaction to magic.
I would stand and endure it. Without fail.
I’m different than the baby from 7 years ago.
Even if it were painful enough to die, I have confidence that I would endure it.

I ran for a little ways, the inn had finally come into view.
However, there were about 20 people surrounding the inn.
The guys were all looking at something.

I changed position and saw the front of the inn.
Before the inn, a man and girl were standing.

However, the man had a severe injury to one arm and blood was dripping to the ground.
But, even still he stood between the bandits and the girl.

「I’ll never hand her over! Get lost bandit scum! 」
「This guy…… even though he’s all cut up he ain’t given up」
「Close in――, go in 3 at a time――」


The man swung a wooden cooking utensil.
The tool struck one of the bandit’s on the head and they fainted.
Why go that far?
The bandit’s eyes had a panicked expression.

「If you stay there, you’ll die you know? Why not just give us the girl behind you?」
「If an inn is a place to rest, then it’s the duty of that inn to protect its guests!」

The man covered in cuts stood.
It was him after all, the uncle that I had met at the inn yesterday.
It wouldn’t be weird if he fell at any moment.
Though that being said, his body was the only thing preventing the invasion of the bandits.

「Because our rooms are so dirty, we have to make up for it by guarding like this……
O, oh? What is this, my strength is―― 」

The shopkeeper fell with a dosa.
He seems to have fainted.
Now that I look closer, Isabelle who had been behind was holding a hand sword.
While sighing, she avoided the shopkeeper as he fell.

「Haa…… It looked as if you were going to die for me, it’s not a happy feeling.
It’s an important shop after all; you have to keep yourself alive.」

From here it looked like the old man’s wounds were just scratches.
The fatigue from the previous night had finally knocked him out.
As if the tension on a string had been cut, the shop manager fell fast asleep.

「Ha, you gave up?」
「We won’t do anything bad to you. Until you’re sold to a noble you’re a precious commodity after all.」

Isabella drew a large sword, and took a stance.

「Did that you think that because I am an elf that I do not have the power to resist?
――conceited lowly species. Do not look at me with those filthy eyes.
The crime of targeting me is heavy. I will make it so none of you will recover」

Saying that, Isabelle moved like a gale.
First, mowing down the bandits immediately in her presence and then cutting the ones further away.
At the quick fast movements, the bandits stirred

「……Hii, what is she?!」
「Mo –she’s a monster!」
「–che. Move, you all!」

The man who clicked his tongue came out in front.
It seems that he’s the bandit chief.
He grasped something hear his chest and threw it towards Isabelle’s feet.
A globe rolled around on the ground.


Isabelle stops and looks suspiciously at the object.
That instant――the ball flashed.

It was a flash that burned the retinas.

By reflex even I closed my eyes but, there I couldn’t see anything but red.
Isabelle who was covering her eyes groaned nearby.

「…Na. What is this? 」
「Ha, elves have abnormally sharp senses. That combined with high physical strength and it’s nearly impossible to do anything.
But, even those thought to be invincible still have at least one weak point. In this way, you just have to get them to stop moving.」

The Chief shows a vulgar grin.
That light before, was probably some magic that exploded and conjured light.
If it’s a normal human, they would be incapacitated for a few seconds.
For the sensitive elves, the answer was obvious.

「……gu, unfair」

Was her sense of equilibrium paralyzed? Isabelle tottered.
With this advantage, the bandits all sprang at her at once.
Isabelle alone can no longer hold out.

I understood that and went in front of the inn.
And, I steeled my determination and chanted.
For the possible unimaginable backlash from the reaction.
The one that I failed 7 years ago, the superior flame magic――


「Overflowing my body with demonic blood, Flame kind to be Hell fire not to be, ―― 『Astral Fire』! 」


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