TSO CH 9 Update

TSO chapter 9 will be delayed 1 week due to circumstances which will be explained upon release. Thank you for your patience.

The delay was going to be because we had a potential new translator but the issue has been resolved and it was posted. Thank you.

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Silva Lau

You should update the index no?

There are only up to 8 chapters here: http://raisingthedead.ninja/current-projects/#TSO

Silva Lau

Oh and seriously…. I think it is very messy to put ALL the Projects in a single page.

I recommend making an individual page for each Projects…


Mm…at least there’s an index. I’ve had to hunt down chapters on other sites before. Even going so far as to look for them by scanning through the dates.

Silva Lau

Yea…… I seriously hate those people who do not know how to make a proper index >.<