Slave Harem – 081 – Steamed Bread

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Steamed Bread.

“This is good, we’ll buy it and go home.”

I was excited after finding a bamboo steamer in a shop in the Imperial Capital.
Though it seems to be intended as a colander, and not a steamer.

“Ah, yes.”
“Let’s make some dessert with this today.”
“What kind of dessert?”
“Look forward to it.”

There doesn’t seem to be many kinds of dessert in this world.
Fruit and a hard biscuit at best.
Though people like the Duke & Cassia may have something.

There’s probably no helping it for commoners.
Roxanne really enjoyed the caramel too.

We went home first, and then out to buy eggs and milk.
Sugar is a good price in this world.
High level kobolds seem to drop kobold sugar.

I haven’t made dessert so far.
I could make crepes with milk, flour, egg & sugar, but I never made them in Japan, so I haven’t tried it here either.
However, if I have a steamer, I can do something.

Like crepes, I’ve never made pudding either, but I suddenly have a craving for it.
Pudding will require milk, egg, and sugar.
Vanilla essence is impossible.
I can get caramel by boiling down the sugar, so I’ll manage somehow.

Will there be problems with the quantity and steaming time?
Perhaps I’ll have to try it several times.

I have previously made steamed bread in a class at home.
The raw materials were flour, sugar, milk, egg, and bicarbonate soda.
For bicarbonate soda, there is the shell powder that I use to make soap.

First of all, the dough is made and placed down.
Roxanne watches as I make the dough.
Water is boiled in the wok, and the steaming basket is placed over the water. The dough is wrapped in a cloth, and placed in a cup in the steaming basket, and a wooden board is placed on top.
While it’s steaming, Roxanne watches the low flame to maintain the temperature.

In the meantime, I went to meet Sherry in the Imperial Capital.

“There’s a sweet smell.”

Sherry smells like sake, but Roxanne isn’t commenting on that.
I can’t smell it, is it sweet?
People who can sniff out demons are different.

After dinner, the steaming basket is removed from the wok, and Roxanne takes a pudding.
It’s soft when you remove it from the cup.
It steamed well, and has increased in moisture.

“Let’s eat.”

When I bite into it, it has a springy texture.
It’s not bad.
Maybe a little too much sugar.

“Oh, it’s delicious, Master.”
“This is great.”

It seems to be quite popular with these two.
They put the steamed bread in their mouths with a smile.
I will increase the harem members.
This might have atoned for my sins a bit.

I’ll make it sometimes from now on.
It’s inconvenient that the steamed bread is high in calories.

“Well then, Master, this is a gift from me. Please continue to look after me in the future.”

When the meal ends, the clothes that Roxanne bought today are handed out.
I stand up and receive it gratefully.

“Thank you. Please continue to look after me as well.”
“Yes. Next, this is a present for Sherry from me.”
“Ah, thank you. I’ll take good care of it Roxanne.”

Sherry stands and receives some clothes from Roxanne.
Sherry seems to have reduced the amount of sake she drunk at the library.
I handle the work after dinner properly.
Sherry’s kiss still smells a little of alcohol.

The next morning, after adventuring in Haruba’s labyrinth, we deliver the tenth mirror.

“We should complete some frames for the mirrors soon.”
“I see.”
“Michio, have you known the broker Luke long?”

When I put the gold coin away in the item box, Gozer is there.

“Not really that long.”
“He seems to be quite an excellent broker. I employed his father who was also a broker.”
“You did?”

Luke’s father was a broker?
For a broker, a connection with an order of knights and nobles is a lifeline.
It’s understandable that he could inherit acquaintances.

“He’s a broker I can trust. If I have work for you, is it alright to contact you through Luke?”

A broker as a middleman.

“Through Luke.”
“I hear that you live in Quratar, Michio. It’s difficult for me to go there, but Luke often has messengers here on errands.”

Ten mirrors might not be enough.
If they use them as gifts, they’ll need to replenish them.
They’d like to make contact whenever they have business.
So they’ll use Luke?

“If that’s alright, it’s fine with me.”

I okayed it and left Bode.

After breakfast, Sherry fuses a monster card.
I was a bit worried about her state after drinking sake, so I didn’t let her do it last night.
Would it be alright even if she was drunk?

Is there a chance to fail because of sake?
Since it’s a skill, does it matter?
If you get too drunk to use the incantation, the skill will fail to start.
It’s not something I need to forcefully try out.

“It worked.”

Without alcohol, of course it succeeded.

Rod of Offerings: Skill slots – 2xIntelect, empty, empty.

It’s a Rod of Offerings.
There are still two remaining empty skill slots as well.

“Great, as expected of Sherry.”
“Thank you.”

Sherry exhales greatly.
She still seems to be uneasy about fusing monster cards.
There were two monster cards at stake this time, so it can’t be helped.

Immediately, we went to Haruba’s labyrinth to try it out.
First, a group of two NT Ant’s and a Mino appeared.
I use a [Water storm].

Water magic is the ants weakness, and I use a second shot.
They are annihilated before they get to us.
I use a fireball on the remaining cow.
Roxanne dodges the mino’s attack, and I use another fireball.

The demon falls.
Two water spells on the NT Ant Lv11, plus an additional two [Fire ball]’s on the Mino, so four spells total?
Mino was five before, and is now four.
Even if they say 2X, it doesn’t seem to mean double damage.

Since the spell amount decreased, our hunting improved.
If I double it, it’s eight for the demons on the 12th floor.
That should be enough.

We advanced quickly, and arrived at the boss room.
When you open the door, there’s just another room with a door at the other side.
The standby room.

“Should we try the 12th floor today?”

The 11th floor boss is poked full of holes with Durandal.
It tried to use it’s skill several times, but everything was cancelled.
After the boss, we set foot on the 12th floor.

“The demon on the 12th floor is the Grass Bee. It flies and shoots needles from a distance. You might get poisoned because there is poison in the needles.”

Poison attack from a distance.

“As expected, the demon on the 12th floor is strong.”
“It doesn’t have magic resistance, and has a weakness to wind magic. That’s not just limited to Grass Bee, any flying demon seems to have a weakness to wind.”

After the explanation from Sherry, Roxanne leads us to a place withΒ  a Grass Bee.
One huge bee is flying.
Is it the bee version of NT Ant?
It’s body is black, and it’s legs are yellow.

I use [Breeze storm] from a distance.
If I used a single target magic from this distance it would be avoided.
I could hit it if I let it get a bit closer, but it’s the first time facing this type of demon so I want to attack as early as possible.

When the [Breeze storm] hit, the bee was tossed around, up, down, left & right very intensely.
It looks to be effective.
If it was a human, the brain would be shaken up.
It might not be that serious since it’s a bee.

The second shot is the [Breeze ball].
The 3rd is used straight after.
The Grass Bee did not use it’s distance attack as it approached.
It makes a strange buzzing sound as it approaches.

Roxanne takes the lead, and dodges a sword like dash from the bee.
Sherry thrusts her spear.
Because of Roxanne, I get a good chance and use another [Breeze ball].

The buzzing stops, and the bee falls.
It was hovering, and then suddenly fell with a crash.
A yellow leg is lying on the ground.

It’s the same number as the demons on the 11th floor.
Demons on the 12th floor are twice as strong as demon on the lower floors, but wind magic is it’s weakness and is twice as strong against it.

I only need to use wind magic on Haruba’s 12th floor.
Four will be alright even if NT Ant appears.
It seems we can fight on Haruba’s 12th floor.

Before long, the Grass Bee becomes smoke and disappears leaving Beeswax behind.

“It’s beeswax? Can you make candles from it?”
“If you sell it to the guild, craftsmen will turn it into candles. It’s not a very precious material, so the guild is the only place that really buys it.”

Sherry tells us.
There doesn’t seem to be a skill to make candles from beeswax.
They can still make them despite that.

“It is useful for maintenance on leather equipment. If you don’t mind, can I use some?”
“Thank you.”

You use it just as wax?
Giving some to Roxanne will be good.
I put it in the item box for now, but I’m running out of space.

Now that I know we can fight here, that will do for today.
It’s time to visit the slave trader in the Imperial Capital.

“As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to the Imperial Capital. Do the two of you want to come as well?”
“Yes. I’ll come.”
“Um, is it alright?”

Sherry hesitated.

“It will be a new companion for the two of you, so I want to hear your opinions.”
“It’s alright, Sherry.”
“Oh, Roxanne was there when you met me. Please let me come as well then.”

Roxanne and Sherry will come along, so the three of us go to the adventurers guild in the Imperial Capital.
Towards the business of the slave trader.
I heard about the place from Alan.

There’s a place surrounded by a wall.
An amazing building comes into view.
The gate is beautiful.
It seems they are quite profitable.

“This must be it.”
“It looks like it.”

Is the wall to prevent people from getting out?
The gate is opened, and we went in.
A man came out to meet us straight away.

“I have come by a referral, and I would like to speak to someone about a purchase.”
“I understand. This way please.”

I pass over the letter of introduction, and the man guides us into the building.
The man left us in a room near the entrance.

“Welcome, I am the master of this business.”

After waiting a while, a different man comes to us.
He is a slave trader Lv6.

“I look forward to doing business with you.”
“Come with me please.”

The slave trader guides us to one of the back rooms.
I sit on the sofa, and three herbal teas are prepared.
Since I gave him a letter of introduction, there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding about me selling Roxanne & Sherry.

“Thank you.”

I drink a bit of the herbal tea.
If I consider that this place trades people, I can’t trust them that much.
Though I shouldn’t comment, since I’ve bought slaves.

“I saw the letter of introduction from Alan the slave trader in Vale, and that you’re looking for a master smith.”
“No, I no longer need a master smith.”

The slave trader looks at Sherry for a moment.
You can tell she is a dwarf just by looking.
I am not selling her.

“I’m looking for a woman who can fight in the labyrinth.”
“A combat slave, an adventurer, or explorer?”
“And someone who can speak Brahim.”

Young and beautiful would be good, but I won’t say that.

“In the Imperial Capital, a beautiful female combat slave is in high demand because there are a lot of people who explore labyrinths in the capital. We have prepared a lot of them, so surely we can find one that is to your satisfaction.”
“I hope so.”
“Lets go to their room for a look then. If there is any you are interested in then you can have a talk with them.”

He seems to have realized even if I didn’t say it.
Are they sorted by looks?

“I understand.”

I follow the slave trader to the third floor.
Roxanne and Sherry can come along since it’s the room for females.

“The second floor has women who are older, or not suited for combat. If you are interested we can have a look through there afterwards.”
“That probably won’t be necessary.”

There is a sign for war potential on the framework. I hope they aren’t recommending something strange.
The slave trader went in, I looked to Sherry and then went into the room.

“An explorer is looking for party members. Will everyone that understands Brahim please line up here.”

The slave trader arranges the slaves.
There’s about ten people.
It’s not really much.

There are people with no motivation, and some interested, with various different expressions.
All the members seem better than the unmotivated ones in Vale.
It must be true that there is a lot of demand for combat slaves in the Imperial Capital.

Even so, it’s over quickly because there is only a few.
Is a woman with a nice face, or a motivated face better?

We cross the room, and are guided to the next room.
As expected, there are more than ten people.
They spread them out instead of packing them into one room.

There isn’t anyone extremely beautiful in the next room.
We went around other rooms, and there wasn’t any there either.
Is it impossible for me to expect the same level as Roxanne and Sherry?
I’ll have to compromise a bit.

“Is that all?”
“The following room has people without any experience with men. They are a bit expensive for a combat slave.”
“That’s alright.”

They had a category like that.
The ones that understand brahim arrange themselves.
There is one beautiful woman in this room, but she is obviously unmotivated.
They don’t want to look at me.

I see.
They are the ones aiming for a wealthy man like Sherry mentioned.
They know they are beautiful.
If they have good looks, they can lead their master around by the nose.

It’s troublesome and dangerous to go into the labyrinth, and they want to avoid it.
Beautiful women are aiming for rich men.
A woman aiming for a rich man can’t aim to be a combat slave?
Roxanne and Sherry are beautiful, and wanted to be combat slaves.

If I bought them, would they fight?
Would they help our war potential?

“On to the next room.”

We enter the next room.
Some women line up.
After they have lined up, a cat girl who stood up late lines up.

Ah, she’s beautiful.

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