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Chapter 09 – Starting Village

『Iya~, I can really talk to ya! It’s the first time in mah life! For someone to listen to me this much! G-awawa!』。
He was looking at me with sparkling eyes and pouted his lips at me.
Ugh, It’s been jibber jabbering for around an hour now.
『However isn’t it that? Bro has the heart of a woman right? Then don’t you like men instead?』
Did the topics die out?
Having no other topic it suddenly brought up an inappropriate question

「Well … … yes.」

I answered while stuffing my cheeks with the grilled corn.
Yep. The taste is palatable.
For an empty stomach it was just right.
If I had a selfish desire it would be to have some Koikuchi soy sauce…

『Would you… … go out with me?』


『I see.』

It took a step closer, so I retreated back in reply.
I mean he was a toumokoroshi.
Well, since it was calling itself [ore], I have been thinking that it was male.

[Gochisousama deshita] (thank you for the meal)

I stand up to give thanks.
However, it looks at me with a sad face.
What’s with that face?
Please stop.
Don’t look at me with a teary face.

『Hey… can I ask something hopeless?』

I stand and look straight at the Toumokoroshi.
Even though I have a bad feeling, after having been treated to a meal, I can’t be cold.

「…What is it?」

In a moment, silence falls upon us.
I wonder what this subtle mood is.
The wind blows through my hair.
The moment I brush my hair out of the way suddenly—

—with shining and glittering eyes he pointed his lips towards mine—

「What are you doing, Pervert!」 『Bu-!』

Suddenly I performed an upper cut.
This person…!
He tried to take advantage of the situation and steal my lips――

『Ah, you’re wrong! You misunderstand! This is… that! Suddenly the image of you brushing your hair out of the way bewitched me to say…!』

Toumokoroshi tried to explain profusely
Whether it’s the dzurime from earlier or the witch, what is with this world’s monsters…
After knocking it on its rear I glared at the toumokoroshi, I wanted to head that situation off.

『Ah, wait! Hey, what I wanted to say was that I wanted you to make me a [Monster Companion]—』

From behind me it yelled, but I ignored it while heading toward the city.
If this guy were to be a monster companion, there’s no telling what it would do.
Absolutely Impossible. Never Ever.

『Ah, Bro! At least… At least give me your name—』

Good bye, Toumokoroshi-kun.
Your grilled corn, was delicious.

I walked through the wilderness for 3 hours.
I finally arrived at the first town.

「Wah… there’s a lotta people…」

Being amazed by the bustling town I let out a noise.
Are these all first time login players?
All of the people going around the town have a readable【LOGIN NAME】displayed over their heads.


「Ah, I’m sorry –」

Being distracted by the amount of people around, I bump into someone.
However I replied automatically.

「Ah, sorry. It was also because I was distracted.」

There was an unbelievably beautiful young man, I looked at him with a smile.
Above his head was the text 【௭௮௯௱௲】I had no idea what it meant.
However in my mind it was translated into [Kuroa].

If I remember correctly, other than people with visible names, everyone else was an NPC.
Then, does that mean this guy is also one?

「Un? What’s wrong? Is there something stuck on my face?」

Kuroa took notice of my gaze.
Oh shit.
This is, dangerous.
This is dangerous in a lot of ways, such as the beating of my heart—

What should I do?
There’s that.
Counting the number of sheep.
Iya, It might be better to count the number of Dzurimes.

1 dzurime, 2 dzurimes, 3 dzurimes, 4 hagedzuras—


While I was being delusional and grumbling, trying to think of what to say I looked at Kuroa.
Calm down, Calm down Mana.
Right now I am a man. That’s right, a man
There’s no way for a man to fall for another man.
In this world that has the genders swapped, I shouldn’t fall in love with a girl.
Yes. That’s right, Mana.
If that’s the case then there’s no problem.
Iya, even if that’s the case he really is handsome, Kuroa-san.
Ahh…That silky purple hair, beautiful facial features, mystifying green eyes….
The skin is also so white, those long legs, his fingers are also beautiful—

No, I can’t….!
…I need to count more dsurimes!

5 hagedzuras, 6 hagedzuras, 7 naughty witches, 8 friend murdering corns—

「… hmm I wonder if you hit your head. Would it be best if I took you to Susan-sensei’s place?」


While being delusional I began to float.
Iya, that’s wrong
This is—?


『Yes, Master』

Suddenly with a “Bon” A fox like monster with nine tails appears at my feet.
Eh? Eeeh?

[Could you run to Susan-sensei’s place?]

『With ease』

Then, Kuroa gets on to the bushy and fluffy back of the fox.
With a loud “Kon”, the fox begins to run through the town at an amazing speed.

I mean—

—Why am I, being princess carried by a handsome man

The drool won’t stop…

USER NAME: Satsuka Manami
SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME: 0010:25:09

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It amused me!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!


Is it yaoi or is it yuri? Or is it being straight? I’m confused!


Amazing translation, 10 out of 10, Thank you for the translation.


Is it possible to give status update on Slave harem series? Cause Granberry said that he planned a double release but ch81 is still not so any1 picking it or you going to wait?


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