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“It was splendidly negotiated.”

Sherry compliments me upon leaving the room. After I paid the amount, I was asked by the slave merchant to wait outside.
She doesn’t seem to mind using underhanded methods against brokers.
Sherry is nasty when it comes to negotiation.

“It was? Thank you.”
“However, I still don’t understand why the slave merchant lowered the price further without any apparent reason.”

Because of 30% discount.

“As you would expect from master. He could see master’s virtue.”
“Thank you but I’m not exactly a man of virtue.”

Really, I’m not virtuous. I can lay with you right here, Roxanne.
If skill could be considered same as virtue, then I might be virtuous.
From a third person’s viewpoint, I may be a skilled merchant to be able to get the price down by 30%.

“Not at all. It was splendid.”
“She seemed to have violated god’s sanctuary but it won’t be a problem.”
“If master says so.”
“Divine punishment is only superstition. Had it existed, she would have received it when she was fishing in the restricted area.”

Sherry is rational after all.
Roxanne nods as well upon hearing it.
After a while, the slave merchant comes back with Miria.

“‘Thank you very much for fish,’ she says.”

Really? But I have yet to give her fish.
So tonight’s dinner has already been decided?
She seems to be skilled at negotiation.

“Not now.”

She glares at me when Roxanne translates it.
Did I ever say that I won’t give her fish?

“Then I’ll rewrite the Intelligence Cards.”

I extend my hand out upon the slave merchant’s instruction.
Miria is told something as well. She reluctantly extends her hand out.
Finally, after Sherry extends her hand out, the slave merchant rewrites the Intelligence Cards.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 years old | Explorer | Free
Owned slaves : Roxanne | Sherry (to be free upon death) | Miria (to be inherited upon death)

After our Intelligence Cards get rewritten, Miria appears in the list of my slaves.
After my death, she will be inherited.
It doesn’t mention, however, whom she’ll be inherited to.

I receive Miria and leave the building.
As I expected, Miria is barefoot.
When we come out of the building, I pass leather shoes to her.

“Well then, put these on.”
“She says that she’s sorry for receiving these shoes in addition to fish.”

In other words, she wants fish.

“It’s also for use as equipment in labyrinth.”

When Roxanne translates it, she accepts the shoes and put them on.
I add her to my party and return home via the Imperial capital’s adventurer guild.
Immediately upon arriving at home, Roxanne explains something to Miria.

“She says that it’s unbelievable for an explorer to do that.”

Were they talking about Warp?

“Explain it to her and tell her that it’s confidential.”

Because it’s bothersome, I leave it to Roxanne.
When Miria listens to Roxanne’s explanation, her expression turns respectful.
Exactly what Roxanne explained to her remains unknown.

Whatever, it’s not like I mind being respected.
Because I know how scary she can be at times.

“Once again, I am your master, Michio. I’ll be in your care from now on.”

I put my hand on Miria’s head.
After confirming that there was no resistance, I start to caress it.
I play with her cat-ears for a bit.
So soft!

I was of the idea that they would be more stiff but they’re not.
There’s a cushion of soft, white hair inside her ears.
This fluffy feeling is a bliss.

“She says that it felt good.”
“Tell her to say ‘yes’ in Brahim language.”

When Roxanne translates it, Miria tries to say it.

“Oh, you said it properly.”
“That’s great.”

Roxanne, Sherry and I appreciate her effort.
“People don’t do things unless you perform it, tell them how to do it, get them to do it, and praise them.”
— Yamamoto Isoroku


Miria looks bashfully happy.
Hopefully, we can teach her Brahim words one by one.

“She’s Roxanne. She will take care of interpretation. Treat her like your sister.”

When Roxanne translates it, Miria bows to Roxanne.
I wonder if she translated it as I intended.

“Okay then, try to say ‘sister’.”

I try to teach Miria one more word.
If she successfully says ‘sister,’ then next will be…

The excitement from a cute catgirl calling you ‘brother’ is something totally else.
Nothing comes even close.

“Yes, Miria.”

Alright, that was good.
And now…
When I was about to teach her next word, Sherry looks at me with despising eyes.

No, it must be my imagination.
It has to be my imagination.
It was undoubtedly my imagination.
I’m becoming paranoid.

“Sh-She is Sherry. We four are the only members of the party for now. We’ll have more party members with time.”

Damn it!
What’s wrong with me?

Well, at the very least, I have made it clear that I’ll be expanding my harem in time to come.
Well begun is half done.
Iron must be hit when it’s hot.
It’s better to inform her of this before she gets attached to me.

“She says that she had a younger brother, so she’ll do just fine.”

Miria sticks her chest out proudly.
There’s no need to drag your brother into it.

“Let’s talk about job then. Is there any particular job you want when you enter labyrinth?”

While asking that of Miria, I open Party Job Settings interface.

Diver Lv2, Villager Lv5, Merchant Lv1, Explorer Lv1, Warrior Lv1, Pirate Lv1.

None of the jobs are high level.
She most probably acquired Pirate job by fishing in the restricted area.
Do beastkin become pirate instead of thief?

“She says that It’s good as it is.”

Well, she obviously won’t say that she wants to be a ‘pirate king.’

“The guild contracts with you which requires you to keep Diver job for at least ten years after you become a diver.”

I try to change her job to Villager Lv5.
I can’t change it.
Ah, I see.

“She says that she will become a pirate if she tries to change her job.”

When I close the Party Job Settings interface and use Appraisal, she was Pirate Lv1.
I open Party Job Settings interface again in a hurry.

Thank goodness.
I was able to change her job back to Diver Lv2 successfully.
I close the Party Job Settings interface and check her job again. It’s Diver Lv2.

As an experiment, I try to change her job to Warrior Lv1.
She doesn’t become pirate.

“Apparently, the contract is no longer in place.”

Roxanne translates that I have changed her job and that the contract no longer exists.
She doesn’t get that I can change jobs using Job Settings option.

If I say that it’s normal, will it be considered normal?
Of course not.
She obviously won’t get it.

“Is it divine punishment?”

Miria says something anxiously to Roxanne and she translates.
It was I who did that.

“N-No, it’s not divine punishment. I-It’s something that I did.”
“Can you do something like that?”

When I deny it in a flurry, Roxanne looks at me with eyes full of respect.
When Roxanne translates it, even Miria looks at me with respect.
They seem to have totally misunderstood it.

Well, I have done it now.
And I can’t undo it.
It can’t be helped.

“Sherry, what kind of job this Diver is?”
“It’s a racial job for females of catkin tribe. They display strong offensive ability against aquatic monsters.”

Diver Lv2
Effects: Medium Increase in Stamina | Small Increase in HP | Small Increase in Strength
Skill: Anti-Aquatic Enhancement

Diver job has a skill called Anti-Aquatic Enhancement.
Is this the reason why they display strong offensive ability against aquatic monsters?
It’s probably a passive skill.

Should I leave her job to Diver?
It may come in handy against aquatic monsters.

“What type of weapon do you use?”
“She says that she uses spear to catch fish.”

Is it perhaps harpoon, not spear?

“Can she use spear in labyrinth? Also, is it alright for two vanguards to use spear, Roxanne?”
“If you want her to be attack-oriented, she can use a two-handed sword. If you want her to be defense-oriented, she can use a one-handed sword and a shield.”

Roxanne says after discussing it with Miria.
Should I have her use both a sword and a shield?
I’m the main damage-dealer anyway.

“Then let’s go with a one-handed sword and a shield. Can she make do with dagger for now?”
“Yes, it’ll suffice.”

Because Roxanne has approved of the idea, I go to get a dagger.
I didn’t put it in my Item Box. It’s the same dagger, with an empty skill slot, which Sherry made earlier.
30% discount is not effective on purchase of single item.
For the time being, this dagger will do the job.

I come back from the storeroom with the dagger and hand it to Miria.
Miria says ‘okay,’ and receives it.

“What about armor? Leather cap and leather gloves will be enough, I believe, but I’m not sure about leather armor.”

Because it was not enough against Green Caterpillars Lv11, we had to upgrade it.
It’s even less likely an option for Miria whose level is low.

“Leather jacket will suffice.”

Yes, but only for Roxanne.

“She’ll need a few things, for she has only just started. Let’s go to the armor shop first. If there’s anything else you need, let’s buy that as well.”

I jump to Quratar’s adventurer guild.
Miria is still surprised, so I leave her in Roxanne’s care.
I don’t use incantation either when I use Warp from inside home.
Miria doesn’t fuss about it outside however.

We head to the armor shop in the centre of the town. On the way, Miria stares fixedly at fishmonger.
She just can’t be helped.

Even though I say fishmonger, not many fish can be seen there.
There seem to be only three or four kinds, including carp and salmon.
They are fresh-water fish, so they must be from somewhere nearby.
Quratar is far away from sea, so there are no sea-water fish.


When we pass by the fishmonger, the wind carries Miria’s murmur to my ear.
I thought that I wouldn’t be able to budge her from there but she obediently follows us along.

“What were you saying?”
“Snakehead, Rock Sole, Baiji. These are the names of the fish at the fishmonger.”
Roxanne says after confirming with Miria.
Names of the fish?
As you would expect from Miria, she knows them all.

“We will buy fish after this.”

When Roxanne translates it, Miria looks at me with wide, round eyes.
Eyes filled with surprise, joy and hope.


She replies vigorously.
Do you know where we are going?

When Roxanne chides her, she returns to normal.
She doesn’t know after all.
Miria lines up next to Roxanne.
Roxanne is explaining something to Miria.

“What is she telling her?”
“Formation, most probably.”

Because there was no end to the explanation in sight, I ask Sherry.

“Yes. Until now, Roxanne and I used to take front-back or left-right position in order to guard you. But we have one more now.”

So, is this why they didn’t use to rush out and stuck close to their positions?
Was that their formation?
I never noticed it.

“Really? I’m so pathetic. Thank you and Roxanne too.”
“Not al all. It’s our duty.”

Of course they’ll guard me.
They’ll guard me unless I order them not to.
Because I didn’t give any instruction, Roxanne came up with it herself.
I’m such an incompetent master.

When we arrive at the armor shop, I first pick a shield.
I choose iron shield, which is next after wooden shield, for Roxanne.
There are two empty skill slots on it.
It’s not much heavier than wooden shield probably because it’s small and thin.

“Which one would you like to have, Miria? Hard leather jacket or chainmail?”

After choosing iron shield for Roxanne, I ask Miria.

“As long as I don’t have to catch fish, I’m fine with chainmail.”

She can’t swim with chainmail on, of course.
I pick some chainmails with empty skill slots.
The moment I ask Miria to choose, she immediately points her finger at one.

“Is this one that good?”
“The quicker we are done with this, the sooner I can get fish.”

So fish is more important to her than armor?
Well, all these chainmails are essentially same.
Therefore, you don’t have to scold her for this, Roxanne.

After buying the iron shield and the chainmail, we leave the armor shop.
Miria picks her clothes and other items of her use without wasting any moment.
Shopping with Miria is so easy.
I’m not sure, however, if it’ll be same at the fishmonger.

“Is roasted white fish alright, Miria?

I ask her before deciding what to make.
When Roxanne translates it, Miria nods to me happily.

“It seems to be alright.”
“Roxanne, Sherry, choose one item each beside roasted fish for dinner.”
“I’ll make soup then.”
“I’ll stir-fry something.”

Roxanne will make soup and Sherry will make stir-fried food.
It’s Miria’s first day. We have to make it memorable.
Miria looks at me with burning eyes.
Has she fallen in love with me already?

“She wants to thank you for fish.”

I figured that much myself.
After buying clothes, items of daily use and a magic crystal, we finally buy fish from the fishmonger.
Miria sticks close to me all the while.
I receive the white fish from the explorer uncle.

By the way, I have finally found out why there’s a fishmonger in Quratar.
White fish is a dropped item.
Some monster from some higher floor seems to drop it.

Because it’s a dropped item, it can be carried in Item Box.
It’s a good part-time work for a retired explorer.
Because the man at counter of the shop is a merchant, 30% discount is effective.
Sourcing, rather than selling, seems to be the main part of the fishmonger’s business.

“Miria, can you fillet the fish?”
“‘Leave it to me,’ she says.”

Because she stuck her chest out proudly, I knew the answer before Roxanne translated it.
I knew she could do it.
I only ever bought it from supermarket, so I don’t know how to fillet it.
Well, I don’t have to worry about procuring fish at least, for there’s a fishmonger in Quratar.

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