Alice Tale ~ Chapter 31 ~ Intermission: Remembering a Shooting Star

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Intermission: Remembering a Shooting Star

I these days, the times that I have been absent-minded have been often.
There wasn’t the desire to go adventure, or handle any requests nearby, return and pass the time doing nothing.
When I felt like it, I would go out on the plain, past the forest, and go to the ruins.
These few days, I would really do just that.
I held the expectation in my heart that she was really there.
That suddenly coming, showing off, holding a laughing while crying face girl.
As if she were a shooting star, passing in front of me.
Thus, I reached the plains in the midafternoon, and looked at the field of flowers without meaning.

“Is it time yet, like this……”

She who I had embraced, was really delicate, far too delicate to be an adventurer.
Just one mistake and they could die, it made me so insecure that but there was nothing else to hold on to.

“Well, the chibi Elf and the Dragon girl are with her”

Especially, the chibi Elf was fathomless.
The fight with the ice dragon was absolutely not serious.
After all, right at the end before the ice dragon used its breath, she chanted an outrageous magic spell.
Because the dragon girl moved, that’s how it appeared.

“Fuu, it’s not like me. Let’s go back”

Looking at the view in front of me, I found 4 Syracuse flowers.
To find 4 lucky flowers, just by chance while walking through the plain remembering.

I returned to town, it had only been a few days since then, and the town had returned to its former self, I felt everyone’s enthusiasm around me.
The spirit around here, makes me proud to have been born and raised on this town.
Rinnal is a ruaral area but, it was built from an expedition to the North in an unexplored region, an adventurer’s town.
It wasn’t one that would lose heart over something so trivial.
It mourned those that perished, the following day after the event, everyone including me cried a lot, and then we held a service festival to send our brothers off back to the goddess’s arms.
Then, we feel sad when we feel sad.
And then the next day, we live at our best.
That is the town that I was born and raised in.
That girl, I want to see that blue faced girl once more.
Anyways, in a manner of speaking, the this town has become independent from the capital and those guys on the council were enthusiastic, after handing over the 50 gold coins they were used for revival and development, after is just to move on I guess.
In the dark green forest where none have tread, there is said to be a fairy village.
To reach there, is said to be the dream of the adventurers in this town.

“I’m home”
“Oh my, welcome home Shion. A friend just arrived”

Chatting in the living room with mother, a girl with red hair sitting on a chair turned around.

“Aa, Shion. Welcome home”
“Eleanor huh?”

You couldn’t really call this town big, she was completely the same age childhood friend.
Is it because her family manages the service trade shops, she had a natural smile on her face, she was someone that could make you feel at ease.

“Nene, Shion. You’re free today aren’t you?”
“Well, it’s not that I’m free………”
“What is this child saying, spending everyday just wandering around”

From mother’s perspective, it really looks that way to her.

“I came because I have a request for Shion”
“Request? You went out of your to specifically nominate me?”
“Un, because I don’t know adventurer more wise or reliable than Shion”
“You’re sure piling on the praise aren’t you?”

I let out a sarcastic laugh at the mind reading Eleanor

“To tell you the truth, I was thinking of going to the Royal Capital to open my own shop there. Because I want to go to the capital and do a preliminary inspection I want to request Shion as my guard.”
“Royal Capital……”

The Royal Capital you say?

“The dream you were talking about earlier.”
“That’s right! Not someday, right now at this moment is what I thought. Because those things happen in this world.”

Eleanor’s eyes were shining.
The eyes of people with will power are different, I looked at my reflection in the window pane.

“I see. I’ll do it. When will we leave?”
“After I finish preparing, after about 3 days? You’ll accept it? I’m so glad”
“Dummy, of course I’ll go with you. People that are about to do business shouldn’t waste money.”(tln:Meaning ‘Don’t waste time asking something that has already been agreed to’)
“It’s an investment. While you’re my childhood friend, you’re also a promising adventurer.”
“Fufu, it’s a welcome thing. Alright, see you in three days.”
“Thanks, Shion!”

While thinking about Eleanor’s dazzling smile, I was only a little depressed.

That evening, while preparing for the journey, my father entered the room.

“You know, you really shouldn’t enter your adolescent daughter’s room suddenly, I always say that.”
“I don’t remember having that kind of sensitive daughter”
“Yeah yeah, so, what did you need?”
“Shion, you’re going to the capital?”

As close as always this married couple.
Did you tell him immediately, mother?

“That’s right. As Elenor’s guard, we’ll just go and come back though.”

Dad lets out am exaggerated sigh at to my answer.

“Even though it’s the capital?”
“……yeah, and?”
“What are you being strangely obstinate for, my unworthy daughter?”

Obstinate, huh?

“No, Dad. It’s not that……”

I suddenly remember, tears start to fall.

“She didn’t say it”

I couldn’t stop.

“That girl…… She didn’t say, come with me together!”

Remembering that evening, my chest felt as if were about to burst.

“Well well……you understand why the little miss didn’t say that don’t you?”
“In my heart, I can’t accept it……”

What kind of face I should show, I don’t know if I can meet her.

“Your mother, for the first time since you’ve been born, it’s the first time she’s worried about you, it’s a fairly late adolescence”

Gahaha, my dad cracks a laugh.
Adolescence huh? It’s unbecoming of an elder sister right?

“Hey Shion. Even if you set aside what you think about the little miss, what do you think her reason was?”
“Don’t you think that is important? Feelings are something that if you don’t put into words they won’t be understood. You aren’t God.”

Did I say it?
Take me with you?
I see……I didn’t say it huh?

“Shion, when you let a shooting star pass by, you won’t become happy you know”

A shooting star huh?
She really shows off.

“Did you break something? You’re starting to get up there aren’t you, Dad?”

He still has some good muscles, I’ll give them a punch.

“Ogu! Geho, that hurt! Unlike the little miss, it’s heavy, Shion’s is”
“Naturally, the power behind the feelings I got from you are heavy, there’s no way they’d be light”
“Fu-n, I’m not finished yet”
“Fufu, we’ll see who reaches the fairy village first, it’s a race”
“Yeah, I look forward to it. Bring your little sister with you when you come.”

The two laughed with each other.
Looking through the window outside, there was no shooting star conveniently flying by.
The shooting star, had already gone by.

“Don’t be late”

Wait for me.
I’m going to be there soon!



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