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Chapter 10: Medical Examination


Heading south of the city, there was a clinic.
I am in the middle of a medical examination after being brought here.
A young glasses wearing doctor named Susan-sensei had【லநள௱க】above his head.
Which would mean that he is also an NPC—

「How is it? Susan-sensei」

Kuroa asked worriedly from behind.

「Ah, there doesn’t seem to be any abnormalities in the head.」

Susan-sensei then slowly brings out a stethoscope.


「Now then take off your shirt」

「…What? 」

Taking off your shirt.
Nothing suspicious, the sight of a normal medical examination.

「Since I need the stethoscope to touch you, I’m asking you to take off your shirt」



Unmoving, Susan-sensei explains with a wearisome expression.
While removing my shirt on his own.

「? Are you okay? Your face is kind of red」

Kuroa, who should have been behind me, peeks at my face anxiously.
Wait a second.
Iya, Certainly, I am currently in the body of a man—

「Oioi, could you move your arm please. The stethoscope can’t reach like this」

Becoming red and topless, I do my best to cover my chest.
What is this.
Why has playing doctor started in a man’s body…?
Wait wait wait.
This is just a medical examination.
This was just to use the stethoscope to listen to my heart.
That’s right.
It’s alright.
Calm down, me—.

Then I gradually lower my arm just as told.

Pito~tsu. (sound of stethoscope being placed)


Due to the stethoscope being too cold I let out a cry.
Susan-sensei and Kuroa let out wry smiles from that.
Calm down, Calm down Mana
I am, a Man.
Even if I am being seen naked by the two handsome men, it isn’t my naked female body, but the naked body of a male.

That’s right, there’s no reason to have my heart beat so much—



Ugh, no more.
My heart is pounding, it’s cold, and my voice won’t stop.
Hurry and end…!

「…The heart beat is a little too fast, it also seems like you have a fever…」

Finally removing the stethoscope, Susan-sensei is writing something on the medical record.
I equipped my shirt at light speed.
Then took many deep breaths.
For some reason Kuroa is stifling a laugh on the side.
Dammit…! I’ve become very vexed for some reason…!

「I’ll prescribe some medicine for you, umm, your name is――」

「……It’s Mana」

「I see, Mana-kun. You should rest and take it easy for today, please come again tomorrow」

While leaving Susan-sensei’s clinic, I give my thanks to Kuroa and start to leave.
For now I need to search for an inn.
Since this town seems pretty large, I’ll make a base here and wander around in order to learn about this world.

「Isn’t this the first time you’ve been to this town Mana? Have you decided on an inn to stay at?」

As if reading my mind, Kuroa asked the question.
Meeting his gaze for a moment, I immediately look away.
As I thought it’s still embarrassing…

「…I haven’t decided」

I replied in a very quiet voice.
With my heart pounding so much it’ll eventually burst out of my chest.

「Then how about it, want to come to my estate?」


Just now, what did he say?
My, estate—?
「It’s just an old estate though, just now I was looking for someone to lease it to. You’re an adventurer right? A pretty strong one I believe, how about it? 」


Certainly, in this world of 《TSO》I am a beginner, however I have played all other VRMMOs until I was sick of them. After one thing or another I defeated many monsters, and have slowly gotten used to the way this body moves.

「The price for one night at an inn is… let’s see… a night averages at about 250G. My place is already pretty old so, right now I’m renting it out at 100G per night」

With a refreshing smile Kuroa begins his business operation.
But personally this way is more convenient.
If he instead wanted to let me borrow a room for free, I would fully suspect him.
…『I’ll have you pay with your body』or something could be said suddenly…


「? Why do you start drooling? You’re really interesting you know. Even at Susan-sensei’s place I had a hard time holding my laughter in 」

With or without knowing my delusions.
Unchanging, Kuroa still had a refreshing smile.
What should I do?
Should I take him up on his offer?
It saves me the trouble for having to search for an inn, furthermore I do owe him.
It’s been decided that I need to visit Susan-sensei tomorrow, and since going alone makes me nervous; I might have Kuroa accompany me there.

「…Un. Okay, I’ve decided. I’ll be in your care at your estate」

「I see. That helps. I wonder if this is a kind of fate as well? 」

Haha, Kuroa says while laughing.
That smile is foul play.
I would no longer want to return to the real world.
To live in this world forever or something, these kind of desires come out of my mind—

That’s right—

At this time I was still having leisurely thoughts—

USER NAME: Satsuka Manami
SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME: 0013:12:58

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