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Chapter 11: Noble’s Son


The old estate Kuroa brought me to.
It’s that.
It had the old country house feel.
Or rather, the garden is really wide.
There’s also a pond, a household garden seems possible.

「For now this is your residence. There is also a newer main building though―」

「Un! Here is good! I like it! 」

I immediately remove my footwear at the porch, and head inside.
Then I proceed to lay down on the tatami floor.
Uwa, it’s like I’ve come back to the country.
It’s been cleaned really well, my mood is at its best.

「Haha, I’m glad you like it」

Kuroa sits happily on the porch watching me roll and tumble on the tatami.
Ah…It’s picturesque…

「That’s right, Mana, after this could you go out with me for a little bit?」


Suddenly a love confession…!
I immediately straighten my posture into a seiza.
What should I do…!
Mother…! I have finally been proposed to by a man—
「Above that hill area is a dojo. My house teaches kenjutsu over there」

「…Un? 」

Well, what is this about…?

「I thought that I would like request a match with you once. Because you seem strong」


That’s what you meant…
I collapse from a seiza position on to the tatami.
Then softly wipe my tears.
Well, Life is always something like this.

「How about it? You can observe the grounds while we’re at it」

「…Yes…with pleasure…」


The slightly puzzled Kuroa is also dazzling

Standing up with distant eyes, I head over to Kuroa’s side.

「Somehow I don’t really understand…well, let’s go then」

Under Kuroa’s guidance, I come outside from the entrance, and quickly climb the back hill.

Seriously, this place has the same feeling as the country back home.
Where all the houses are large, and still have old fashioned architecture.
In the real world, most no longer exist made out of wood.

「Hey, Kuroa. Is it possible that all the houses around here…」

「Ahh, they are the Exfreed family’s property」

「? Escu…what?」

「Un? Ah, sorry sorry. My full name is Kuroa ExFreed. Speaking of which, we haven’t been properly introduced」

Kuroa sticks his tongue out a little after saying that.
That tongue, is it okay if I suck on it.

「You’re called『Mana』right. Even though you’re a man that’s a strange name」

「…Is it…weird? 」
「Nope. It is a very good name」

This is why handsome men are troublesome.
They say heart pounding lines to me without even blinking.
May I jump you now?
From there on after climbing the hill for a few minutes, a gigantic dojo appeared.
I hear shouts coming from the dojo, I wonder if it training time for the disciples.
More like—

「Eh? Is Kuroa a noble’s son or something? 」

Finally catching up to the conversation the words 『Exfreed Family』echoes thoughout my mind.
Although it’s my fault I let the『Sticking out Tongue』to steal my heart…

「Noble’s son…while I don’t know anything about that, well, all of the land around here does belongs to my oji-sama…」

「Wouldn’t that be considered being a noble’s son…」

「Is that so?」

「Ah, Iya, I wouldn’t know」

Noble’s son.
And a friendly personality.
This guy is…yea.
My heart has somehow started making dark plans—
Women, are scary—

「Ah, waka!」

「Otsukaresama desu, waka!」(Good job, young master)

In the middle of training, disciple like men greeted Kuroa one after the other.
More like, waka…
That makes you a noble’s son!

「Sorry about this. Could I borrow the dojo for a little bit?」

「Waka… who is that young man over there?」

Everyone turns their gazes to me.
What should I do.
Should I say『I’m his lover』.
Well, I’d probably be killed after…

「While I was out shopping I hurt him, so I took him to see Susan-sensei. I am currently having him stay over at my mansion―」

Kuroa begins to explain plainly.
Well, it’s not like I got hurt anywhere, I got pulled into the flow so it couldn’t be helped.

「He’s an adventurer isn’t he? Which means that waka’s 『Bad Habit』has come out」
「Ah, If that’s the case. Certainly, the man over there seems to meet your expectations…」


Bad habit—?

「Well, something like that. Could everyone dismiss for now」

With a single phrase from Kuroa, all the disciples take their dougi and shinai while scattering.
What is this.
I have a really bad feeling about this—
Then suddenly a place with just the two of us was created.


Cold sweat flows down my forehead.
What is this?
The atmosphere is a little—

「…Now, shall we begin, Mana」


Turning around Kuroa became the face of seriousness.
Wait wait wait.
Eh? Weren’t we supposed to just spar a little?


『Yes, Master』

The fox that carried me to Susan-sensei’s place appeared without a sound.
Along with the thing in its mouth—

「This is my weapon。《Wakou Jiraiya》。Now, you should draw as well」

From the fox, Kuroa catches a long katana.
Wait wait wait.
What’s with that sinister violet mist like aura covering that katana?
Isn’t that totally a demon sword?
Are you okay.


「How about a serious match, I would love to see your strength」

「Iya, I mean, um」
「At that time, when I carried you I immediately realized. You are strong. Could you please show me that strength」

…it is useless.
He totally isn’t listening to what I’m saying.

『Bad Habit』?

『Meeting Waka’s Expectations』?


Does that mean that Kuroa—

「Fufu, I’m excited…to make my blood boil so much…you’re also a sinful man」


This handsome noble’s son is—
—a 『Battle Freak』with a friendly face that doesn’t match it.


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