Alice Tale ~ Chapter 32 ~ Shopping

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Chapter 32 – Shopping

「Ok, the only thing left after this is shopping for clothes.」
「I see, Ojou-sama. Fufu, I- l’m looking forward to it.」
「Is that so? You’re looking forward to it?」

After seeing Ilia’s smile, picking out clothes is fun after all. Picking them out with someone is fun too…
After saying that, I guess I’m expected to go along too. Even picking out underwear…
So we went over to Rufin Third Street this afternoon.

After completing the escort and ruin exploration request from yesterday, we had brought Saira, who was fast asleep, home and completed it safely.
We walked to the blacksmith’s forge, the 40 year old blacksmith master came out from inside the workshop and took Saira in his arms and went back into the workshop.
As he did that, he stopped momentarily and said

「Sorry bout that」

Simply saying, the master carried Saira inside just like that with a somber expression.
Because the signature for the request completion had not been received, we thought we were going to come back to the blacksmith shop after buying clothes.
It was painful to wait and see.

Because we were exhausted, we went straight back to the inn that day, and slept immediately.

I was woken up in the middle of the night at the sound of odd rustling, for some reason Til had found her way into my bed.
She was incredibly cute, I wondered what I should do, but there was nothing to be done.

Regardless of her age, she looks exactly like a child, it’s calming.
Especially her sleeping face could be called innocent.
Holding her just like, I completed my Til-pillow and slept soundly until morning.

Then the following morning, I was awoken with an unjustified chop from Til and told to prepare for tomorrow’s journey.

The distance was 3 days travel by wagon however, not knowing what might happen, I went to purchase 5 days’ worth of supplies.
Things like a tent for sleeping in the open, and various tools of that kind were available in Rinnal, basically the main things this town held were ingredient related.
Of course, not forgetting the fodder for the horses that do their best pulling the wagon.
The pair of fawn-colored horses were pulling the carriage, Til would frequently tell me, that they listen well.
When we rested along the street, I gave some rinnals to the horses, They were really happy and nuzzled against me.
That cuteness isn’t just for show.
I got carried away and wiped their sweat with a towel in one hand and almost got stepped on.

We don’t need that trap, horse-san.
As not to be careless, we left the horses at the hotel.
There was a service along with the deposit, but three people in a room was a pretty good deal.

Anyways, including the horse’s supplies, I finished purchasing all the little every-day items this morning, and after finishing the meal, in another meaning we arrived at our current situation.

「Let’s start by choosing from the clothes from before. I’m fine so, let’s buy Ilia some.」
「Ok. I am pleased to receive clothes chosen by Ojou-sama」
「……no, Ilia. Please chose the things that you like today. I think you have something you like」

I want you to stop trying to test my sense of women’s clothing.

「Is that so? I would be very pleased to receive the clothing chosen by Alice-sama.」
「Well, someday」

Maybe I should study about females a little more?
No no, what do you mean by learning a little more about females……


After receiving a map of the city outside the guild, while drawing near to the clothing store, a man who shouts at me as if it were a joke while approaching.
Somehow, being overly friendly with me.
Apparently not having mistaken me for someone else, without a doubt he has business with me it seems, he makes a bee-line for me.

「I’m following nee-san’s advice, I’ll show my courage and try confessing to Saira!」
「Eh!? Saira!?」

Why are you confessing to Saira thanks to me!?
……Aa! This guy, he was one of the pair that was fighting at the bar!
I see, now that I think about it the name of the girl from that time was Saira.

「You have to make a decision after all, you can’t move forward or backwards otherwise」

You’re saying that with a good smile but, who the heck are you?
I wonder about moving backwards though.

「I see.」
「I see?」

Why is he looking at me with that strange expression?

「I mean, that’s right. Who are you?」
「Eh!? It’s me onee-san, Takashi!」
「Takashi!? Japanese!?」
「No no, what are you talking about!?」

What are YOU talking about?!
I never thought I would hear that name in a different world!

「……Eeto, Takeshi-sama. Ojou-sama is about to go shipping」

For some reason Ilia answers like it’s a headache and puts her hand on her head as follow up.

「A, aa! Sorry nee-san, I’m holding you up. Well, see ya!」
「E, eh……Good luck?」

Leaving while still not knowing what was going on, the boy was seen off.
Just what happened……


After going with Iria go choose clothes and leaving the shop, another man calls out to me.

「Eeto, are you going to go confess to Saira too?」

I ask him casually.

「Geez, that means that guy already came?」

Fu, the man laughed clumsily

「That guy seems to have misunderstood but, I don’t think there’s any way that Saira would like me. Just because you spent a lot of time together with someone.」

Why am I listening to other people’s love afairs?

「But, I love Saira, thanks to nee-san it’s become clear to me」
「I, I see.」

Saira, you sure are popular.
That kid, she seems a little younger than me…… which reminds me how old am I?
I mean, just what have I done?
A doppelganger?

「No hard feelings, welp, I’m going too」
「A, please wait a moment!」
「What is your name?」

The boy’s clumsy smile widens and answered

「It’s Kenji」

His dashing retreating figure is pointlessly cool.
I should have asked if I should sing the Japanese national anthem.

Now, although such strange coincidences happened, today’s main dish has yet to end.

Moving to a different clothing shop, standing in front of the shop, we’ve finally arrived.

「Because it’s such a rare chance, I’d like for Ojou-sama to choose for me. Please, by all means.」
「Me, here!?」

If that was going to be the case, wouldn’t it have been better to choose the clothes earlier!?
What a blunder!

「Um…… Is it too much to request after all?」
「No! Please don’t make that face, Iria!? I really think that Iria is really important to me. So you are prohibited from putting yourself down ok?」

I do not wish to see such a gloomy face.

Which reminds me, recently she hasn’t shown me that kind of face, which makes me feel even worse.

「Ojou-sama……I am unworthy of your words」
「No. I am the one that’s sorry…… there are a few circumstances」

There, for some reason Ilia looks at my chest.
Then looked at her own chest.
And once more looks at my chest.

「Compared to me I Ojou-sama is more lovely……」
「I’m not worried about THAT what-so-ever!?」

What do you mean by misunderstanding.
I should have packed in more dreams……(EN: If you don’t get it, Iria was comparing bust sizes. And Alice meant she should have made them bigger)

There are more than I thought, although it is very rude to this world, the clothing, even the underwear, it can’t be compared to my former world, is the impression I had looking around the shop.
As expected there wasn’t anything you could consider as Japanese modern clothing but, it was fantasy like, there were a lot of likable designs too.
It’s good that these aren’t cosplay.
They can be worn openly.
By the way, my everyday clothes are high-laced work boots and black knee-socks.
Along with a mainly pale green, short sleeve one piece, and a slightly orangy-white overskirt.
A limp leather sack rolled into a belt that hung at my waist, it was refreshing.
They were the clothes that Onee-chan had selected.
Onee-chan recognized me as being part of the cute group right, that’s right.

And returning to reality――
Inside of the store, lay the tempting lingerie.

I haven’t even done anything wrong, why am I being blamed?

「……By the way, apart from the designs, I don’t understand sizes」

That’s why it’s better to choose it yourself?
I path was cutoff and I hit the counter.

「I see, well then Ojou-sama. Would you measure my size?
Would you measure my size?
How strange. Does this conversation happen often between men an women?

I don’t want to be a criminal……

「No, it’s just that Ojou-sama’s troubled face was so cute. It was really hard to restrain my laughter just now.」


「Since just now?」
「More accurately, ever since we started shopping today」

A devilish smile floated on Ilia’s face.

What, did you say…?

「It was a plot wasn’t it?」
「Yes my lady. Fufu.」

There are no feelings of respect at all!?

「Ojou-sama is so very pure. Even I’ll become shy.」
「There are some things called unavoidable circumstances」
「Is that so? Fufu」

Iria was a bad girl, was the story……
After that, she chose her own underwear.
And they lived happily ever after――

「Shall we choose Ojou-sama’s now?」
「I’m fine for now thanks!」
「Fufu, next time someday.」

How strange, what is Ilia to me……?
Well, whatever.
Anyway, we’re setting off for the royal capital tomorrow.
It’s mainly for safety and to escape, well it’s also to have fun after all.

It’s the Royal Capital after all.
There’s also the tournament too, but the reason for entering has disappeared but I’m still interested.
Shall we consult Til?

Thus the 3 days in Rufin ended.

After that, I think all that is left is to see Saira.

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