Tran Sexual Online Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Studying

After watering the field, I should once again head back into town. Quite a bit of time has passed. There should be a lot of people playing the game now. This means that more people with management goals like me should have appeared.

I locked the door, and then headed to the town.
After walking for around thirty minutes I arrived at the town. Compared to before, the town was vibrant and overflowing with energy.
There are shops open, and even some food stalls are set up.
Last time I was here I didn’t have the time to leisurely look around; there are a lot of weapon-like shops around. Well I guess that’d be obvious in this game.

Weapon and Armor shops.
And finally a normal General Store.

This seems like the place I will be visiting a lot.
It seems like I’ll be able to learn something in this store.
I want to know the ingredients and tools in order to make sweets.
I also need to ask whether or not the store would sell the sweets I make.
From here on I’ll need to study.


I’ve decided to call out to the merchants who have opened stalls.
Getting involved with these people early on would be good. Yep.

「Excuse me」

「Oh, ojou-chan. What would you like to buy? 」

The old merchant responded with a gentle smile.
I feel relieved, I was wondering what I would do if it was a scary person.

「Umm, I am planning on opening a store」

「Oh, a merchant. What kind of store?」

「A bakery, with a focus on recovery type items…」

「I see, cakes huh. Perfect for a cute little lady」

I can’t get used to being called a little girl.
I mean, I am a boy.
Right now I’ve become a girl, but I am a boy.

「With that said, I wanted to ask those that have opened shops somethings」

「I see. Are the candy and sweets handmade going to be made by you?」

「Yes, right now I am raising the ingredients…」

「Hahaha, that’s commitment」

Oji-san laughed with his mouth open.
Do you usually not go that far?
Am I weird? I wonder if it’s because I’m new to games…

「And umm, Instead of just having my own store I was thinking that if other stores and stalls like this sell my sweets, it would be nice…」

「Ho ho. That’s a good idea. Do you have the items now?」

「Ah, no, not yet. Right now I’m in the middle of obtaining ingredients……so, for now I wanted to talk to various people and study what I need to learn」

「That’s great, ojou-chan. If it’s especially for a cute and serious little lady, I’ll stock any item you make at my stall.」

「Really!? Thank you!!」

I did it!
Isn’t this promising!?
Am I, pretty suited for this? Future success!?

Wai-wai-wait, getting a big head here is bad.
This isn’t due to my own ability, this is all because oji-san is nice. All of this is due to oji-san.

「And umm, it’s about the ingredients…」

「Hmm? What is it?」

「What ingredients are exactly needed in order to make sweets here?」

「That’s right. An easy ingredient to obtain is the dropped liquid from dzurimes which can be processed. Once processed it becomes a sweet honey」

「…Dzu, eh?」

I probably heard incorrectly. That’s right, yep.
It had to be slime. Most games have that kind of cute monster around.
More like, monsters become ingredients? Are they delicious? I can’t picture it.
More like, is it necessary to fight monsters in order to obtain it?
I didn’t intend to do any combat though.

「Since you’re saying that, do you buy them?」

「Yea, we deal in them as well」

Oh, thank goodness.
That means I won’t have to fight.
I feel relieved hearing that.

「Umm, would it be okay if I asked you to teach me about things?」

「A study bug huh. That’s fine, ask me anything」

Afterwards I had the merchant teach me about a lot of things.
Such as: which ingredients to combine, how much the sweets would recover, other items that could become ingredients, and what is needed in order to open my own store.

He also told me about other businesses that would benefit confectionary making.
I may be studying harder than when I am at school.
If I had listened this intently in class, I wonder if I’d be able to get good grades.


After this is done, I’ll need to study.

So bothersome.

USER NAME: Kataoka Haruomi
SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME: 0009:30:21

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SEX: Female?
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