Din No Monshou – Chapter 07

Jammerg55 here, this was a really hard chapter, no not technically challenging but I kept being called away every 10 minutes making it extremely hard to finish…
Anyways it’s a good chapter that you’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy.

Chapter 7: First Friend

……It’s heavy.
As if my body had become stone.
The headache was horrible, I felt nauseated enough to want to vomit.
But, I completely mastered the pose and image.

Therefore, this level of pain wouldn’t affect my control.
What appeared before me was a large fist sized fireball.
Now I just have to set the target,
Then the target would burn non-stop.
It could be considered the very essence of scorching hell fire.

「The target is those guy’s 『hair』and『clothes』. Go――」

That moment, the fireball exploded.
As if being dragged into the bowels of hell itself, it attacked the bandits.
Those guys that were being bombarded, let out screams.

「Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hooooooooooooooooooot!」
「Da, damnit! It ain’t dissapearin’! What is this fire!!」

The fireball hit one bandit directly, then reflexively attacked a different bandit.
It was an overwhelming mass of flames, they covered the bandit’s clothes and hair.
They tried to put it out by rolling around on the ground.

There was a reason it wasn’t specifically set to target bandits.
If the target was set to the bandits then they would burn until they died.
I didn’t want to go that far.

If their bodies caught fire then they would run around town causing a different problem.
I didn’t particularly want to kill these guys either.
If they just stopped their foolish behavior then that would be fine too.

「……Bastart, I’ll never forgive you. I’ll surely kill your entire family.」

From the over whelming stench that shrouded the place, the chief said and glared at me.
But it was you guys who started it, declaration of revenge is a no no.
I would rather just stamp out the root of evil right here.
It’s iffy as to whether it will go well or not, let’s try and shake him up.

「Is that so? I don’t want to be killed, Well then, shall I just kill you here now?」
「Well, you’re going to kill me and my family aren’t you? In that case might as well deliver the finishing blow」

If you were to harm me or any of the others, then there would be no mercy.
Having experienced the pain of not being able to protect anything, I’ve had more than enough.

At my words, the chief turned pale.
Apparently they respond only to authority.
Using a justified tone of voice.

「No, that was just a joke! Hey, we’ll never do this ever again, please forgive us.」
「After three strikes」
「The first is for the uncle of the inn.
The second is for obstructing my escort.
The third is for attempting to kidnap Isabelle.
――resign yourself」

With a dosu the first finger was raised.
Then, the chief raised a loud voice with his hopeless face.

「I’ll die with that!」
「Possibly. People must reap with you sow as they say」
「Then, then let’s do this!
We’ll give you that girl over there, so please overlook this!
Elves are nice, they fetch a high price on the market!」
「First is the first portion. This is for the ossan」

I raised a finger and put magic into the finger tip.
Then above that, I chanted fire magic at the chief.

「Light balls clad in demonic flames, bore through the enemy ――『Gun Fire』」

The fireball hit the chief directly in the forehead.
He couldn’t hold it in and screamed.

「I don’t see any signs of reflection. And this is the portion for obstructing my escort――」

I began the chant a second time.
The chief’s eyes were wide with fear.

「Light balls clad in demonic flames, bore through the enemy ――『Gun Fire』」

A second time the fireball appeared.
This time it hit directly in the chief’s abdomen.
A dull sound retorts, it causes explosive damage to the body.


Making an ugly face, he let out a soundless scream.
Did he fall unconscious?
I adjusted the magic output just a little and looked down at the chief.

「This is the end. This is the thing that makes the most angry. It’ll be really intense. This is for Isabelle’s `――」

I raised my finger.
Then a hand gently grasped it.
Looking behind, Isabelle, who had recovered, was standing dizzily.
She silently shook her head.

「For only this, they are not worthy of punishment. If you are going to use my name then don’t do that.」
「……I see. Ok」

The last one was supposed to be just a threat.
Oh well.
I removed my gaze from the chief and looked around the area.
All the other bandits had been downed by the Astral fire.

Apart from that――there was still a little anxiety left.
The flames spread from the men in to the vicinity.
It’ll be bad if I don’t extinguish it right?

「While the fire doesn’t spread out, need to put it out」

Was there a bucket around anywhere?
While looking around―― I felt a strong sense of vertigo.

「H, huh?」

It was a terrible sense of fatigue.
It was if I had just finished running a full length marathon.
Like the time when I was made to run 400 meters at full speed.
Unable to remain standing, I fell to the ground.

「Dam- n it. Not enough guts……」

I heard the voice of the private soldier squad in the distance.
I could somehow leave the extinguishing to them.
But I was too sleepy to move.
I couldn’t even lift a single finger.
My eyes closed and I fell into blissful unconsciousness.


A small bird’s voice.
The murmuring sound of the river was pleasant to my ears.
I opened my eyes, this is the inside the mountains.

I had probably fainted from using too much magic.
In addition to using the strong astral fire, I used other magic many other times.
My small body just couldn’t handle the load.

「Aa, you woke up? Regus-kun, was it?」
「……Isabella huh? Why am I here?」
「I abducted you and ran here」

How strange, I must have misheard that.
That’s right.
Elves, who hate kidnapping more than anyone else, wouldn’t say something like that.

「Sorry, what did you say?」
「You were nice enough to fall unconscious, so I kidnapped you.」

She gave a concrete explination.
I’m so happy, for the first time in my life.
To experience being kidnapped.

「I’m joking. Don’t look at me like that」
「Why did you bring me here?」
「We were almost found by the private soldiers. Even still I wondered if it would be alright to just bring you here」
「So that’s why you brought me this far into the mountains?」

Isabelle nods strongly.
She had a short-circuit; couldn’t think things through clearly and this was the result.
Although I understand not wanting to be caught by the minions of a noble.

「Which reminds me, Regis-kun. Why did you want to see me off?」
「……A- do you want to hear the reason?」
「Well, I basically know why.
You were probably going to try and ask about the Elf’s Canyon again,
You were looking to increase your chances by even a little.」
「Well there is that. But that wasn’t my primary goal」
「……Nn, what do you mean?」

She sent me a suspicious glance.
Do you really intend on making me say it all?
What a helpless girl.
I restrain my embarrassment as much as possible and say seriously.

「Well because I wanted to talk with Isabelle more.」
「Well until now, I’ve never been able to make a friend.
I mean of the same age group……is not something I can really say but,
To find someone that is able to stand equal with me. It makes me happy.」

Of course, at first I only thought that it would be ok to guide her.
But, after meeting her sword, she’s one hell of a tomboy.
At the first meeting, she had her caution at max levels.
But I didn’t hate that behavior and was able to have a friendly chat afterwards.

I mean, a sense of intimacy sprang up.
I could make contact with this girl, and be happy, normally.
What is it, don’t those feelings reach the elf’s ears?

「Is- isn’t that just because I’m an elf?」
「I think you are mistaken. If I had to give a reason……u-n.
I think it’s simply because, I think I can get along with this guy, kind of feeling」

That’s right.
Since I’d come from my previous world to this one, I’d never made a friend.
Loneliness inside of solitude. (Tln: lit. lonely inside of lonely)
King of loneliness.
The best skill was probably 『Sore loser』

But, when I’m with this guy, it’s something fun.
Because I remembered that feeling, I only wanted a point of contact with Isabelle.
It was the same when I rushed out of the house this morning,
I wanted to meet this guy, was the motive I had.

Aa, now I understand.
The mysterious feeling that I had this morning, it was surely this.
I had never had this experience before, so I didn’t recognize it immediately.

I surely, wanted to become friends with this guy is what I thought.
Probably from the very first meeting.

When I answered honestly, Isebelle’s cheeks blushed suddenly.
The day had grown long.
It’s probably hot.
You should take care not to get heatstroke.

「Yo- you wanted to know about Elf’s Canyon?」
「That’s right but, you weren’t going to tell me where you?」
「Of course it’s forbidden to tell about it.
However, there is nothing to prohibit inviting a friend.」
「There was that option……」

I see, I could have asked directly about the medication,
Even before that, it’s not normal to have an elf as an acquaintance.
If Isabelle guides me, then I can go to the canyon too?

「However, right now I still have some important work left.
It will take another 7 or 8 years to complete.
When that is over, you can come with me.」
「Of, of course. What would be the point of taking advantage of a child and lie to them?」

What reassuring words.
For me who had no network, there was nothing more reliable.
With Sefina’s illness would take 10 or 20 years to die.
If it was that many years then it would still be ok.

Even still, this guy suddenly became all nice.
There was a glint in her eyes when I helped her, did she think she it was a debt?
Although there was no intention of patronizing one bit.

「After I finish my work, I’m going to the Academy in the royal capital to learn magic.」
「By the royal capital you mean the Royal Capital Magic Academy?」
「Un. After graduating from there, it’s easy to move into a guaranteed position.」

If done well, you could obtain a dragon king’s silver spoon.
I had intended on going to the Royal capital academy in the first place.
Given that schedule, it was possible to obtain both things in the same time frame.

「Actually, I’m planning on going to there as well」
「I see. If we meet at the school, at that time be good to me.
――Well then, I’m leaving now.」
「Aa, thank you. For bringing me here」
「Thank you for saving me as well.
I don’t really like humans, but I don’t dislike Regis-kun」

Saying that makes me happy.
Isabelle slowly stands up.
She starts to walk slowly, then glances in my direction.

「……Well, it’s ok right?」
「N, what is it?」
「Don’t move. It’ll be over quickly」

What could it be? I requested an explanation with a glance.
But, Isabelle only expressed a laugh and wouldn’t answer.
She abruptly approaches me.
And then――


She sweetly bit my ear.
How abrupt, it felt like a surprise attack.
It made my heart jump.

It was ticklish in a good way.
The tip of the tongue licked the skin, it was a sensual sensation.
At the same time I felt a little pain.
Isabelle’s canine tooth had bit the soft part of my ear.

「Fuu, don’t get so excited.
This is a smell that elves know, I’ve injected it into your body.」
「Un. Most elves are cautious of humans at their first meeting.
So it’s not easy to become friendly. So this is necessary right?」

Isabelle doesn’t see humans as allies after all.
Is the chasm between Elves and humans that deep?
While she patted my ear softly, she explains with a smile.

「But the smell just now, is sign that tells people of the same family 『This person is safe』
With this I think it will be easier to talk with other elves.」
「Hoo, that’s convenient」

Ah, so there wasn’t an ulterior motive?
What exactly was it that caused my heart to flutter so strongly?
Was it a lump of evil?
There’s no mistaking it.

「Well, this marking has another meaning but――
I don’t need to explain it right?]

With a giggle Isabelle turned around.
I’m extremely worried by that.
What could it be, that other meaning?

「Well then, I’ll be going ahead」
「Aa, take care along the way」

With a hand flutter, Isabelle leaves like a gale.
She’s clearly stronger than any human.
She would knock out any one that tried to bully her without a doubt.
I’m glad I became her friend.

「……Now then」

I had no idea that meeting with Isabelle would have her agree with my objective.
You never know what life has in store.
I was thankful to the mountain for allowing this meeting.

That’s right, this strange uncivilized mountain.
I nodded in admiration, and looked up at the sky.
After coming here, I finally realized something important.

「How do I get home?」


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