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It’s Echo again <3 Bringing you a QUAD RELEASE, I wanted the penta but due to me and Jammy having separate schedules it took awhile to get these chapters out. Enjoy~
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Chapter 13 Beautiful Onee-san

 While being taught by the stall merchant, I was introduced to an acquaintance of the General Store.
If you own a store, it would be good to talk to those who are also opening stores.

That merchant, he really is a nice person.
I should’ve learned his name.
More like, if I remember correct there should’ve been a name about his head. My name should also appear above my head.
That oji-san from before had random letters I didn’t understand above his head.
Ah, what was it, I think they were called NPCs?
That’s right. Non-Player Characters.
That means, those people are a part of the game. Not like how my character is being controlled by me.
Umm, those with visible display names are normal players then.

Ah, that person is also a player.
Ah, the person that passed by just now too.
Ah, looking around and staring is rude isn’t it. It makes me look like a beginner. I’m so embarrassing.

The store I was directed to was located near the fountain plaza I think.
He said there are flowers drawn on the sign, It was named something I’ve never heard of before.
I wonder if I’m just ignorant.

Ah, there, there it is! It’s probably that.
There’s a red flower painted on the sign. Wow, it looks so cute. It really has the image of the town’s General Store.
Once I open my store. I think an appearance like this would be good.

With a store this cute, the owner has to be a cute person. I can relax.


I open the door gingerly and peek around the store.
The interior is also beautiful.
The shelves are also decorated cutely, there are tiny bottles lined up on the shelves.

Waa, I wonder if it’s due to the gender swap, even my mood has become like a girls?
Cute things make my heart throb.

「Ara, a customer? Welcome to the store」

「Eh, ah! umm…」

The one who welcomed me was a woman with fluffy pink hair.
She was wearing a headband with a flower corsage.
With a uniform like one piece dress covered by a frilly apron.
Along with, big breasts.
Wow, when I became a woman I also wanted that much volume.


「Ah, umm! I was directed here by the stall owner…」

「Stall? Ah, is it possibly Sig-san you’re talking about」

The woman replied hitting her palm with a “pon”.
That oji-san is called Sig huh. I need to remember that.
I wonder what this woman’s name is. I took a glance above her head.
Ah, there’s those strange letters again. Which means, this person is also an NPC, a character in the game.
Umm, the name is—

「Myusera Katetsua…-san?」

「Ara, did you hear from Sig-san?」

「Eh? Ah, ha, yes!」

I see, the only ones that are able to see the display names are players like me.
More like, that was obvious.
I mean, even we usually don’t have our names displayed over our heads in the real world.

「You can call me Mira. Everyone else in town calls me that」

「Mira-san. I am, umm, Haru-desu」

「Haru-chan right, now what do you need from me? Since you’ve been sent by Sig-san you aren’t a normal customer right?」

Mira-san replies while smiling at me.
A lovely person, yet somehow she comes off as very mature.
What’s it called? An onee-chan kind of feeling.
It’s nice, this kind of friendly atmosphere.

「Umm, I am planning on opening a store next time」

「Ara ara, what kind of store?」

「A bakery…with things such as cakes」

「Maa, how cute, isn’t that fine. Gaia doesn’t have that many stores like that」


When I tilted my head, Mira-san told me that it was the name of this town.
This town is called 《Commercial City Gaia》it seems.
I didn’t actually properly look.
I need to really learn more about this town, yep.

「Haru-chan, is it possible that this is your first time in this town?」

「Umm, yes. I would be glad if you could tell me more about this town」

「Sure, of course. We’ll become people in the same business soon anyway, let’s get along well」

Thank goodness, this town is full of good people.
The previous Sig-san and even Mira-san, everyone is friendly, everyone is nice.

「And so, Haru-chan, what kind of sweets are you going to make?」

「Various-desu, not just western sweets, I also want to try to make eastern sweets」

「A confectionary specializing store then, where are you getting your ingredients?」

「I plan on growing what I can grow, and for everything else I was thinking about asking other businesses」

「I see. That means that I’ll be able to help you as well, since we stock various rare items through Sig-san」


「Yea, since Sig-San is a traveling merchant he has a lot of ties in other countries」

That person, he was such an amazing person.
How surprising, I thought he was just a merchant.

「If you buy through me I’ll get it for you pretty cheap」

「Thank you! 」

「It’s fine, if Haru-chan’s store flourishes, then my store will also reap the benefits」

Alright. Yay yay!!

All that’s left is for me to create delicious sweets.
Since I haven’t made anything in this world yet, I’m starting to feel pretty nervous.

Well, becoming timid is bad.
It’s okay, it’ll turn out fine.

I gave my thanks to Mira-san, and then headed back home.

Ah, I wonder when I should return to the real world.
Since one year in the game is a full day in the real world, all I need to do is make sure to get off after six months for half a day.
Then, I guess I’ll stay in the game long enough to make the store turn out well.
First of all I need to get used to the game.

Let’s do that.
Even still, Mira-san is really cute.

Having that kind of older sister around makes me really happy…

USER NAME: Kataoka Haruomi
SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME:0010:51:59

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