Tran Sexual Online Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 Alcohol is for Adults

「Now then!」

I put the things I bought on a table in the kitchen.
I bought these things in order to taste the various game ingredients.
It’s not right to cook when you don’t know the taste of the things you’re using.
Inside it seems like there are various monster like drops as well. It should be fine right, yea.
It’s full of things recommended by Mira-san anyway.

「I wonder what I should taste first」

I think I’ll start with this fruit.
It is a fruit I found at the grocery store. 『Panaru』is what this red fruit is called.
It looks like a large grape.
But instead of being in clusters, it is a fruit that grows individually.
I try to peel the thin skin.
The inside is pink colored, and instead of being soft like a grape it feels more like an apple.

「Ahn」(NOM, in a cute way.)

Biting into it made a “shari” sound.
Then a sour and bittersweet taste spreads through my mouth.
If I had to describe it, it would be close to a lemon.
It is more sour than sweet.
Un, this is delicious.
This can be used raw, and if I boil it, it should still be delicious.
With this I should be able to make a lemon-pie like sweet.

「Now then, next one is this!」

This is a bottle with a honey-like substance in it.
The color is a beautiful amber.
I wonder if it will probably be sweet.

I open the like, and dip the tip of my pinky finger to get a small taste.


Bitter!! Super bitter!!
I was surprised because I thought it would be sweet.
This seems like its vanilla essence.
The aroma is sweet, it seems like I can use this.
I think I’ll use this as vanilla, this is a happy discovery.

Now, how about this sugar like thing over here.
I also bought a single seasoning set, I wonder if there’s anything I can use.
I wonder if there is something like baking powder.
I’ll need to ask Mira-san next time.

「I wonder what this is, a drink inside of a tiny bottle…I think」

It was a box full of bottles with assorted colors.
I took one out and opened the lid.
It smells like grapes, I wonder if it’s juice.
While smelling the scent, I took a sip.

「…Oh, delicious」

It’s sweet and easy to drink.
I wonder what it is, it’s like a juice that tastes just like the fruit.

「…Somehow, my body has started heating up?」

For some reason my head has become fluffy.
What’s with this, my mood has become better I think?

「I think, I’ll drink another one」

I wonder what this orange color bottle tastes like.
If I don’t properly taste it I won’t be able to make sweets.
This is for the future, it’s a very important job.

「Gulp, gulp…. Puha~!」

This is also delicious!
It’s refreshing; the feeling on the tongue is the best…!
Super Delicious!!

「Fu fu, ufufufu-Hic」

Somehow, I feel good~.
This game, ish da best~.

It’s really fun~…


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SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME:0013:35:12

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