Tran Sexual Online Chapter 15

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Chapter 015 I’m Alone but I’m Alright


Are~, it seems bright outside?
Is it possible that I was sleeping? Huh, when did that happen?
Somehow my head hurts for some reason.


The juice I drank yesterday.
Looking at this closely, it has alcohol. I see, it was due to this.
What should I do, I’m a minor…
I-Is this okay? Am I going to get in trouble?
This isn’t the real world so I wonder if it is okay.

「W-well it’s fine I guess. I should check the field」

If I get in trouble I can just apologize. Yea.
I’ll water the field again today, then see if I can make something from the ingredients I got yesterday.
A cake is probably impossible, but I could try to process the liquid drop from the dzurime.
It’s used to make a jelly I think.
I guess I didn’t mishear the dzur part yesterday.
I wonder what it is, dzurimes, I kind of want to see one.
I wonder if it’s wearing a wig, while being bald?
Or is the wig the main body?
This bothers me…

「Now then!」

After watering, I put on the apron I received from Mira-san yesterday.
It’s a matching apron with frills.
Except, mine is pink.

That’s right, what should I do for the store uniform.
I’ll discuss this with Mira-san later.
For things like that, it’ll be good to have the opinion of a real woman.

For now, I wonder how I’m supposed to process this into jelly.
This house is also equipped with a refrigerator and other appliances, lucky~.
It somehow feels like I’m having a lot of fun, well, that’s fine~.
The hard part starts here on out.

「Umm, First off…」

Let’s put in the fruit I tasted yesterday.
Half is squeezed while the other half is cut into bite-sized pieces and put into the jelly.
Un, it’s going to turn out delicious.

Tomorrow I should be able to harvest the wheat, with that I should be able to make an actual cake.
Then after that, I’ll bring it to Sig-san and Mira-san to ask them to sell it, and then it’s time for my shop.
Management, I’m a bit nervous about that but I’ll do my best.
Because this is the first step to my future.

「Alright! Now with this I’ll put in the previous fruit…”tou”!」

After pouring it into a container all that is left is to cool it.
With only this the recovery effect is probably very small.
I wonder if we can increase the recovery effects in a bite sized amount.
Making dried fruits and putting them into cookies might be a good idea.
That’ll make it easy to eat and carry around.
A larger portion of fruit would make the recovery effects stronger too.
Un, isn’t that fine?

「Before I sell it, I wonder if I can ask them to taste it, I wonder if it’ll suit everyone’s taste…」

While this house is full of appliances and convenient, it is way too far away from town.
Having a quiet area is nice, but I’m a little lonely.
I wonder if I can buy a pet, being alone is sad, at the very least I’d like a pet.
I wonder if there are cats in this game.

「Am I…Lonely?」

What should I do, why would I be lonely in an online game…
Since starting, I’ve only talked with NPCs.
I would like to talk to the other players.

Well, once I open up shop there should be a lot of various people coming.
Then I could became familiar with the customers.
To the point where I get regular customers!!

「Alright! I wonder what I should make next!」

How do you make eastern sweets.
I wonder if there’s a substitute item for anko. (red-bean paste)

That’s it.

That dzurime from before.
Shouldn’t I be able to make something from that liquid by boiling it and adding ingredients?

Alright, yeah!
A pretty good idea has come out.
With this pace, let’s fill up the menu!

Bring it on loneliness!

It’ll be fine to just focus on work!
Ah, I’d like to listen to some music while working.
I usually listen to music while I make sweets or study.
I’d like a work BGM. (Background Music)

「I guess I’ll look for it a bit」

I bring out the status window and look for anything like that in the menu.
Player…It’s talking about me so this isn’t it.
Music…I wonder if it’s this.
Ah, but there’s nothing in the playlist. I guess that’s expected.
I wonder if this needs to be paid for or something.
Ah, that’s wrong, it seems like I can make searches.

I find a well-known site, then search for my favorite artist and begin playing my work BGM.
Un, my switch has been flipped. My motivation meter has shot up greatly.
As long as I have this, I’ll be able to focus on my work forever.

—I’ve, awakened.

As if~.
I might be embarrassed now.
Please forget that.

Really, seriously.

USER NAME: Kataoka Haruomi
SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME: 0022:12:45

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