Tran Sexual Online Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 New Friends?

「Did I make too much…」

I wonder if it was because I was listening to music, but I went over the top and made a lot.
Somehow with trial and error I was able to create anko.
With this I can also make eastern sweets.
With that thought, I also tried to make yokan. (sweet bean jelly)

I wonder what I should do.
For now, let’s head over to Mira-san’s place.
I want her to taste test, I also want to discuss what kind of uniform my shop should have too.


I put all of the sweets I made into a box, and then prepped myself to head out.
I wonder if it’ll suit Mira-san’s taste, I also want Sig-san to taste it too.
I also want to thank them for teaching me so much.

Upon going to the city, it is filled with various people just like yesterday.
It should already be night in real life.
In that case, then I wonder if people coming home from school like me are beginning to login?
Well that’s fine.
Instead of that, I need to first head to Mira-san’s store.

I progress through the town like yesterday and head to Mira-san’s place.
After a while a cute sign appears in sight, I arrived without getting lost and open the door with relief.


「Ara, Haru-chan. Welcome」

As usual she’s busty.
I handed over the sweets I made for Mira-san, and gave my thanks for yesterday.

「Thank you very much for yesterday, this is for you」

「Ara ara, especially for me?」

「Yes, If possible could you taste it for me?」

「Sure, that’s fine」

While smiling Mira-san opens the box.
What I brought was fruit jelly.
The Yokan is in the refrigerator. (sweet bean jelly)
That is for a later date, for now I will have her taste this.
As expected the two sweets wouldn’t taste good eaten together.

Mira-san uses the wooden spoon that was included in the box and brings the jelly to her mouth.
H-how is it. I start feeling nervous.
I start remembering the first time I made sweets.

「H-how is it?」

「Un, it’s delish! The sweet and sour taste feels good on the tongue」

「Really? Thank goodness」

Feeling relieved my chest lowers, then suddenly a “gasa” noise is heard from the back of the store.
Looking towards the origin of the sound, there were men that weren’t there yesterday carrying luggage.
I wonder if they’re employees…

「Nn? Ah, that person is my brother」

「Eh, brother?」

Which means that that person is also an NPC.
The display name above his head is definitely the letters of this world.
Umm, the name is…

「Resli, come over here」

Being called over by Mira-san, Resli came over with a sour face.
More like, he’s super tall! He’s about two heads above my height!?
Is he about 180cm?
He’s expressionless with short red hair, he seems a little scary.

「Haru-chan, this is my younger brother Resli. Feel free to call him Rei」

「Uh, huh…」

「And over here is Haru-chan. She plans on opening a store soon, so help her out okay Rei」


Rei-san nodded while remaining silent.
Expressionless and silent, even though he looks cool he gives off a scary impression.
There’s a large difference from Mira-san.
Even though the sister is so friendly.

「That’s right, how about a bite Rei? This is the sweets made by Haru-chan」


Mira-san scooped some jelly with the spoon then Rei-san bent down to put it in his mouth.
They seem to have a good sibling relationship.

「H-h-hh-how is it?」

He is munching in silence.
I wonder if it doesn’t suit his tastes, is it alright?
He won’t be angry for feeding him something bad will he? Is it okay?





He simply mutters his reply then returns to work.
His voice was really quiet, but he did say it was good…right?
Did I also see a little smile?
Is it my imagination?

「Arara, that Rei really likes Haru-chan’s jelly」

「Eh, do you think so?!」

「Yea, that child tends to be very expressionless so it’s hard to tell, but he seemed pretty happy」

「Is that so…」

I see.
It seems like he isn’t a scary person.
I see, I see so that’s what it was. Heh~ I’m relieved.
That’s right, he is that Mira-san’s brother
There’s no way he’s a bad person.

「How old is Rei-san?」

「Rei? He’s 12 years old」

「Twelve!? The same age as me!?」

「Ara, is that so? Then, please become friends」


Wait, wait wait.
I still have my growth period ahead of me, I can still grow.
While I am the shortest in line, from here on I’ll definitely grow.

…When I log out I think I’ll drink some milk…

USER NAME: Kataoka Haruomi
SEX: Female?
LOGIN TIME:0026:35:11

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