Slave Harem – 084 – Tapetum


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After buying ingredients for dinner, we return home.
I start heating the bath.

Well begun is half done.
Miria became a slave as punishment for violating god’s sanctuary. She didn’t explicitly consent to becoming a sex slave.
In this respect, she’s different from Roxanne and Sherry.
This will be a make or break moment.

If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just use fish as bait.
Forcing her into it, however, is the last resort.
If possible, I want her to consent to it.

And to do that, we’ll first have to take bath together.
One step at a time.
Taking a bath together won’t be a problem for she can’t deny her master’s order to wash his back.
After that, we’ll have all the time.

It’s fine, right?
Yes, as long as I don’t force her.
Bed has been laid.
What’s left is to unravel the buttons.

I can’t endure anymore.
It’s fine, right? Yes, it is.


Miria starts making a fuss all of a sudden.
I shrug in confusion and go out to see what the matter is.
Roxanne is explaining something to her.
Because I was using water type magic to fill the tub, is that what the ruckus was about?

Was she surprised?
Or did she hear what I was thinking in the bathroom?

“She says that it’s really amazing that you can also use magic.”

Miria looks at me with respect.
She didn’t hear my thoughts. That’s a relief.
Miria has been making a fuss for a while but she seems to be convinced now.
The matter has been resolved without my intervention.
I’m grateful to whomever came up with the idea of delegating work.

After having used magic several times, I head to the kitchen.
Miria was there in the kitchen with Roxanne.

“It’s a pot. Pot.”

She seems to be learning Brahim language at her pace.
I’m impressed.

“Roxanne, are you having any difficulty?”
“Not at all.”
“Miria is doing great.”

I pat the heads of the two and incidentally stroke their ears.
Dog-ears and cat-ears.
Roxanne’s lop ears are lovely. Miria’s erect cat-ears, on the other hand, are cute.

“She says that she won’t eat fish if she doesn’t learn a new Brahim word.”

I didn’t mean it when I said that.
Oh well, it’s not like it’s bad.

“She won’t? By the way, can you help me with labyrinth?”
“Would Miria like to go too?”
“That’s a good idea.”

Roxanne says something to Miria.
Miria nods.
She seems to be willing.
Let’s go then.

“I’ll stay here to keep watch.”

Because Sherry intends to stay at home, I pass equipment to Roxanne and Miria.
Chainmail, leather hat, leather gloves, iron shield and wooden shield.
Although there’s only one iron shield and one wooden shield, they’re occupying two separate slots in my Item Box.
Was buying iron shield not a good decision?
Or should I discard wooden shield and buy one more iron shield?
Because I have used gold coins to purchase Miria, one slot has been freed up.

“Miria, you have to just observe for now. You don’t have to take part.”

After telling that to Miria, I take them to Haruba’s labyrinth.

“I can smell Minos from there. The smell is dense, however, which means there are more than one. About three, to be specific.”
“Let’s head there.”

Under Roxanne’s guidance, we proceed on 11th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.

Because it takes time to find monsters, it’s inefficient to look for lone monsters.
Since Sherry isn’t here this time and Miria is only observing, a group of four is out of question.
NT Ant is not an option either for Sherry has Antidote with her.
It’s selfish of me to make so many demands.

Minos or Escape Goats in a group of two to three will be perfect.
It’s a vague and selfish request but I can’t help it.
I’m really grateful to Roxanne.

We hunt a group of three Minos.
I start off with a Rush attack on first Mino. After I dodge second Mino’s body slam, I take first one out with another attack.
Roxanne is holding third Mino, dodging its attacks by a hair’s breadth, attacking it all the while.


After we take all three monsters out, Miria says something to Roxanne.
From her expression, she looks excited.
She is most probably impressed by Roxanne’s ability to dodge.
I can understand that much from the respectful expression she has on her face toward Roxanne.

Well, I dodged a Mino’s attack as well.

If you get to see Roxanne dodge, however, you can’t help but be in awe.
That said, you need to be apt at fighting to be able to appreciate Roxanne’s prowess. I look forward to Miria’s prospect.
It is I, however, who takes the monsters out.

But I have no power of my own.
Credit is due to Durandal.
I will not admit defeat however.

“Can I ask of you once more?”

My MP is not fully recovered yet, so I decide to hunt some more.


On our way to next monster, Miria says something.
She points at the turn ahead.

Magic Crystal

It’s a magic crystal.
When I use Appraisal in the direction where she was pointing, I find a magic crystal there.

“Fish savings? Yes, it seems to be there.”
“It’s magic crystal. Well done, Miria.”

Empty magic crystal is black, so it’s often neglected in the dark of labyrinth.
I found one after a long while.
According to what Sherry said, magic crystals are found more on higher floors.
There was no need to buy one earlier.

“Her parents told her that she can eat fish if she collects it from labyrinth. Therefore, she calls it fish savings.”

Miria says and Roxanne translates.
So her whole family is genuine fish-lovers.

“I see. So you can find it. That’s great, Miria.”
“Miria can also see perfectly in the dark.”

Miria proudly sticks her chest out.
Cats have a reflective layer in their eyes, Tapetum, which reflects light back through retina.
This is the reason why their eyes are sharp and glow in the dark.
I wonder if people of catkin tribe possess Tapetum too.

So the reason I don’t find magic crystals in labyrinth is because her kind have swept them all?
It is impossible for me to find a black crystal in a dark labyrinth unless I use Appraisal.
Miria, on the other hand, found one before even turning around the corner.
If other parties include catkin, it makes sense that we don’t find magic crystals often.

“Is that so?”

I receive the magic crystal, recover my MP and return home.


When we arrive at home, Roxanne and Miria start talking about something.
Roxanne moves exaggeratedly and explains something.
She waves her body several times while explaining.

She’s probably teaching her how to dodge.
I don’t think Roxanne’s lecture will help her in any way however.
As a fellow ordinary person, I empathize with Miria.

This is strange.

Miria is listening to her explanation eagerly.
She imitates Roxanne and waves her body.
Roxanne’s lecture seems to be effective.

“Miria is suited to be a warrior.”

Roxanne seems satisfied with Miria’s effort.

“S-She is?”

Is Miria perhaps not a fellow ordinary person but Roxanne’s fellow?
All beastkin seem to be so.
But they can’t express themselves fully because they don’t speak Brahim.

I divert my eyes from them and look at Sherry. She has same look on her face as me.
Sherry is puzzled.
She is a fellow ordinary person.
I entrust the two to Sherry and head back to the bathroom.

I heat the bath again.
Now that the bath has been heated, it’s time for lemon to do its job.

I leave a lemon to float in the bath, grab two more and move to the kitchen.
I take a peek at the soup that Roxanne is making.

“It doesn’t seem to be seasoned yet. Can I have a little?”

Roxanne’s soup is in the stage of boiling meat and vegetables together.
At this point, it looks similar to bouillon.

“I want you to tell Miria to squeeze these lemons. Is it alright?”
“It’s alright.”

Roxanne translates it to Miria.
There doesn’t seem to be any instrument here to squeeze lemons, so you have to do it with bare hands.
My hands feel sore by just imagining it.

“Squeeze- fish- apply- tasty- okay?”

I hand the lemons to Miria and tell her in broken Brahim.


Roxanne translates, I nod and Miria repeats.


Shouldn’t she already be familiar with how to say fish?


She seems to be learning quickly.
I’ll let her taste what tasty is. This way, she will learn what tasty really means.
Because my words get automatically translated into Brahim, I don’t know how difficult it is.

Sherry’s eyes look scary.

I add the lemon juice, which I received from Miria, and wine to the bouillon, which I received from Roxanne, and leave it to simmer after sprinkling some salt and pepper.
Afterwards, I apply flour to white fish meat and roast it in olive oil, and present it with lemon sauce.
Miria was staring fixedly while I was roasting the fish.

“Roast fish.”
“Roast fish.”
“Eat fish.”
“Eat fish.”

I take the opportunity and teach her more Brahim words.
Words related to fish must be easy to remember for her.

“I want to eat fish.”
“I want to eat fish.”
“When I eat fish, I’m happy.”
“When I eat fish, I’m happy.”

I feel like I’m learning Brahim myself in the process.
Was the sentence structure really like this?

After dinner was ready, I line it up on the table.
Miria sits by Roxanne’s side.
It’s natural because she does interpretation for her.

To Roxanne’s other side is Sherry.
Three people on that side while I’m all alone on this side.
Even though we have one more person now, I’m still lonely.


When I was sulking, Miria stares at me.

“She probably wants to eat right away.”
“She does?”

I distribute the soup upon Roxanne’s indication.
When I ask Miria as to what she would like to eat, she jumps at meuniere.
She’s not good at using knife. She immediately stuffs it into her mouth.


I appreciate her for using the Brahim word which I taught her earlier.
I’m glad.

However, is it the fish that’s tasty or the dish?
Miria would find any fish tasty. What about the dish?
Actually, it might indeed be the fish that’s tasty.

I take some meuniere to try it myself.
Hmm… it tastes great.
It seems to be a success.
It’s safe to assume that she called the dish tasty.

“Now that I think about it, did you use to eat raw fish?”
“Umm… master, beastkin are different from beasts.”

I was meaning to ask if there’s a thing like sashimi in this world but I get reproved by Roxanne.
It was a needless thing to ask.
Beasts would eat it raw, not beastkin.

“My bad. I didn’t mean it that way.”
“Not at all. I’m sorry for interrupting you.”

There’s a risk of parasites if you eat raw fish.
But I’m not sure if it’s same for white fish meat dropped by monsters.
Whatever, there’s neither soy sauce nor wasabi here. What good sashimi is without those?

Miria is stuffing meuniere into her mouth like crazy.
Shortly afterwards, she has her shoulders drooped and head hung.
It doesn’t seem to be a compliment.

“Do you not want to eat?”

When I hold my platter out to her, she snatches it immediately.
She doesn’t seem to be modest when it comes to fish.
She stuffs the fish in her mouth with a joyful expression.

“She says that she’s happy that master bought her.”

Ah, so it was that.

“She says that she would serve master for the rest of her life.”

It’s not gratitude but more like a debt due to providing her a place to live and food to eat.

After that, Miria receives some fish from Roxanne and Sherry as well.
Although I said ‘receives’, it was more like ‘snatches.’
I can see the desire for fish burning in her eyes.
Roxanne reprimands her initially but gives her the fish in the end.

“Have you eaten enough?”

When the fish was all gone, I ask Miria.

“She says that she had never thought she would be able to eat this much fish.”
“Is that so?”

Four pieces, to be specific.

“Miria says that she will do the dishes. Well, I’ll do maintenance of equipment then.”
“Okay. When all of you are done, we will take bath.”

I take beeswax out of my Item Box and pass it to Roxanne.
I casually take a look at Miria.

“Okay, sister.”

When Roxanne says something to Miria, she immediately gets on her feet with a plate in her hands.
She starts to pick other plates up from the table.

What about bath?
Do you want to go together with us or not?
Which is it?
Yes or no?


While handing Miria the tableware, I teach her more Brahim words.
I don’t understand.
Did Roxanne tell her that we will take bath or not?

They were talking for long, so they must have talked about bath.
Or perhaps she was just explaining details of dishwashing to her?

“Later, Miria wash.”

It didn’t go through.
Did it not go through or did she refuse?


When Roxanne translates it, Miria immediately leaves the dining table.
No? Yes? Which is it?
While I was having Sherry perform smithing, my mind was restless.


Miria comes back shortly after.
She says something to Roxanne and looks toward me.
So bath is no good?

“Soap seems to be new to her.”

Says Roxanne after Miria leaves for the kitchen.
Don’t be so intimidating.

Miria comes back after a while.
Wait, naked?

“She thinks bath will be fun.”

Did she take her clothes off after she was done with dishwashing?
So, is it okay to take bath together?

“She says that she’s good at playing in the water.”

So there can be that kind of problem too?

“If there’s a fish in the water, she says that she can catch it.”

I see. There will be no fish in the bath however.
I hope that she has no misunderstanding in regard to bath.

Miria looks at me with clear eyes.
Cent per cent pure eyes.

It pains my heart.

Although I’m not being accused, I’m feeling guilty.
I’m feeling guilty for my nefarious thoughts.
I’m feeling guilty for my devious motives.
I’m feeling guilty for my lustful eyes.

Miria exposes her slender body without any reservation.
Like I thought, there’s not plenty on her chest.
No! Don’t look at her with lecherous eyes!
At least, Sherry shouldn’t be envious of Miria’s chest.

Her body is drawn with beautiful curves.
From above her lovely ass, a cute tail is extending out.
Because she’s a beastkin like Roxanne, is that why she has tail?

“Ah, tail.”
“Unlike us, wolfkin, they can move their tail on their own.”

Unlike Roxanne’s brush-like fluffy tail, Miria’s tail has same thickness all the way to the tip.
Apparently, she can move it.


Miria shakes her tail.
While wagging her tail, she shakes her ass right in front of my eyes.

Because it was right in front my eyes, I grab her tail.
The tail is sticking firmly to the core.
Can I shake it?
Like you shake hands at Korakuen Garden.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting.”
“Let’s take bath then?”

Roxanne seems to be done with maintenance of equipment.
We move to second floor.
Roxanne and Sherry start to take their clothes off upon reaching second floor.
It looks like a strip show.

I take my clothes off as well.
On my side, Roxanne has taken off her clothes.
Her melons spring forth the moment she removes her clothes.

Like water gushing out.
As you would expect from Roxanne.
Miria is undoubtedly beautiful but she falls short of Roxanne’s appeal.
Roxanne is by far the best.
There’s no need to compare however.

Four of us enter the bathroom.
One man and three beautiful women.
Sherry checks the water temperature before entering the bath.
I add a little more water and stir it.

In the meantime, I wash Roxanne’s body.
I recall the moment from earlier when her melons spilt out.
No, i-it’s not like that.
Order comes first.


While washing, I teach Miria one more Brahim word.
She repeats after me.
Body wash and dish wash are two different words in Brahim?
Is that why it didn’t go through earlier?

“Wash firmly.”
“Wash firmly.”
“Wash thoroughly.”
“Wash thoroughly.”

I keep washing Roxanne while teaching Miria more Brahim words.
It’s soft and supple, so I wash it firmly and thoroughly.
I wash Sherry next.
I wash her gently and softly.

“Alright, next is Miria.”

When I say that, Miria comes in front of me.
Finally, at long last.
There’s no hint of reluctance on her face.
So it’s fine.

“She says that she’s ready.”
“Is she?”
“P-Please take care of me.”

Miria lowers her head and says in Brahim.
Did she learn it beforehand in preparation for this moment?
I’m going to take full care of you, of course.

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