Master of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 4

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Volume 2 Chapter 4 ~Rose’s viewpoint~

For me, creating things is almost equal to the significance of my existence.
When I picked up my favorite knife as always, I have begun to sharpen the wood and carved it down to a reasonable size.

Any individual magic puppet can create magic knives to their heart’s content.

However, the creator’s skill is important of course.

Though usually magical puppets only make tools when it is necessary, I by master’s order, always make a new tool every day. It is probably because of that, that my technique of making magic tools has improved recently.

I only have to make better things.
By doing so, I’ll be able to help master more.

The time spent shaving wood is blissful for me.
There is a certain feeling of being useful.

I am living now.
Despite being a doll without any blood, I have this outrageous thought.


For me who was given the name Rose, there are two moments of birth.

The first, is becoming the monster called a magical puppet.
My parent, a monster with the same body as I, wandered around this deep forest collecting magic from the air little by little and created a clone of itself.
I am the culmination of this work.

Needless to say, the other is the time I met master.
At that moment, this nameless magical puppet received the name Rose.

From that time, I was given the important duty to make various items including weapons and protective gear by master.

Sometimes I would make equipment, other times necessities of life and simple furniture.

Now I’m in the arachne’s nest, remaking the destroyed equipment.


There were eyes quietly watching my work.

It is not master.
He has gone to search the forest.
Pushing my objections aside… No, it is fine.

The subject now, should be this current gaze.

“Is it fun to watch?”

To my question, Kato who has wrapped her body in a sheet, smiled a little on the corner of her mouth and nodded.

“I think it’s very interesting and strange.”

Kato said so and took the buckler I made in her hand.
A black shield with a smooth surface.

“Though it’s only using wood, the finished product looks like metal.”

She said so, and played on the black surface of the shield with her nail which had grown a little.
GIIN, I heard a dull sound.

Recently, my work changes into a blackish shade.
The change wasn’t only cosmetic, it was also incredibly hard and durable.
It feels totally different from the original wood material.

However, she mentions it as “strange”.
As for me, I didn’t think so.

The things I made, will be goods with magic.
Since I am a magical puppet, that is my characteristic as a monster, no part of it was strange.
I do not really understand what Kato was questioning.

“It’s strange?”
“Yes… Huh? Isn’t this strange to Rose-san?”

Kato sees me nodding and has a slightly difficult expression on her face.

“Ah, is that so? Rose didn’t learn the concept of the atom with a textbook like us. …Come to think of it, Mizushima-senpai said that I was like a swallow at a sandy beach; whenever I was there, I would roost forever.”

Kato mutters.
I answer her by carving the wood silently.

This scene occurred often recently.

By the way, Lily-neesama is taking a rest away from us, and didn’t participate in this conversation. Though it is safe if she moves slowly, our overly worried master gave neesama a strict order to rest until she is completely recovered.

These were the details, and I was to serve as Kato’s companion alone.

“Creating magic tools.”

Kato-san patted the black shield with the ball of her finger
“It may be normal to Rose, but it is amazing to me. Magic is amazing isn’t it?”
“I only use magical power, it isn’t magic in the strictest meaning.”
“Because it is not magic, to be able to make all these things, it is Rose’s skill that is amazing.”
“Thank you very much.”
“I think that Mashima-senpai thinks so too.”

When I took my eyes off my hand and looked up unconsciously, Kato smiled cheerfully.


She seems to know precisely what I’m gladdest about.

“If there is something I can do please tell me.”

Just how much does she understand what is said?
While thinking about that, I presented her the buckler I had been fixing.

“Then could you take this to the disposal site?”
“Oh? Is this one also to be thrown away?”
“It’s because idle thoughts were mixed in.”

I hand over the shield which was only roughly completed, to Kato.
Kato lowered her eyebrows slightly and took the shield.

“Have I possibly disturbed you?”
“No, this is an unrelated matter.”
“Then it’s fine…I’ve thought this for a long time, but Rose makes quite a lot of failures.”

Kato glanced at the worthless wood piled away from here.
Since I’ve been making things over the last few days, those are the results of repeated failures.

Although there is plenty of resources nearby, the time spent still feels a bit wasteful.
However, I do not intend to compromise with my work.

“Everyone’s lives depend on my armour, I can not offer something poorly made.”
“Ah. I see. Rose is a craftsman.”

Kato said in an understanding tone as she threw away my failure.

In the meantime, I chose a new piece of wood and broke it into a rough shape.

There are peculiarities in each piece of wood. Processing it it is necessary to understand the peculiarities. This, doesn’t change even if it’s me finishing the work with magic.

When I touch it, I naturally know what form will suit it best.
I just molded the wood in my hand into a long and slender shape. The final shape will be a sword. Generally the image appears in my head at this point. I can only bring it close to the image afterwards.

Whilst I do that, Kato returns and sits down in front of me.
She pulls the sheet over her shoulders, and up to her lips looking content. During yesterday’s conversation, I heard that she seems to feel relieved when wrapped in the sheet. Like the metaphor ‘When a baby has its towel it settles down’ (Note: Some Japanese metaphor) To me who was never a baby, it is difficult to understand.

Kato wrapped in sheets, slowly began to talk as usual.

“Is Gerbera the cause of the failures?”

A bakiri sound is made, and the piece of wood broke into two in my hands.


I was stunned for a while.
Kato lowered her head apologetically, and then I began to move again.

“I’m sorry, I have disturbed you this time.”
“…Not at all.”

Though Kato was the cause, I’m the one who made the mistake.
I shake my head side to side disapprovingly, and put aside the wood which had become useless.

I pick up a new piece of wood. While shaving it down, I ask.

“Why are you talking about Gerbera?”
“I’m sorry, I overheard you speaking with Mashima-senpai before.”

Is it the conversation from 3 days ago?
That’s the time I appealed for master to be wary of Gerbera.

She seems to have overheard that.
There is no meaning in hiding it now.

“It’s as you say.”

The idle thoughts disturbing my work were about Gerbera.
I was worried about Gerbera.

Master forgives Gerbera.
As his familiar I should also forgive her.
My mind understands this.
However my heart disagrees.

I am master’s shield.
I want to shoulder his burdens with this artificial body of mine.
I wouldn’t mind even if my body is destroyed as a result.

For me who has that determination, the events of that night where I was not able to do so, are a very bitter memory.

That night, I felt despair when master was taken away.
I felt rage when I reached the arachne’s nest, and saw that master was hurt.
Both feelings left an unpleasant burning sensation in me.

That alone, makes it incredibly difficult for me to forgive her.

Furthermore, the thought that is fatal for each other…I can not understand the reason why Gerbera decided to act so violently.

『I want to make master mine alone.』

Gerbera’s actions were born from that impulse alone.
The emotion of wanting to make something important to you, yours alone, is an emotion anyone can have.

However, I was born without those feelings in hand.

This isn’t a problem of good and bad anymore.

The problem is that, I can not understand her because of our ingrained differences of personality.

It is difficult to forgive someone without understanding them.
Such a thing is fatal.

Even I want to forgive her, whom master forgives.
…I have that feeling, but the problem is still there.
I feel that I can not forgive her.

Even if my mind understands that master also wishes for it…

“…I am ashamed.”

I can not comply with master’s will.
It is shameful as one of his familiars.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to feel ashamed.”

However, Kato shook her head in disapproval to me.

“Rose tends to deny her feelings too much.”
“I deny my feelings too much?”
“Though the position of putting Mashima-senpai’s thoughts and feelings first is a virtue as a partner… When you go too far, that is called denying your own feelings.”
“Is that no good?”

The things Kato said did not really appeal to me.

“Master accepts Gerbera and decided she is forgiven. I should go along with his decision. It’s because we exist to grant master’s hope. For that reason my will does not matter.”
“I figured Rose would think that way…”

A bitter smile was mixed with her voice as Kato spoke.

“However, even if that is the case, is Mashima-senpai pleased with Rose denying her feelings?”

It was difficult to deny what she said.
Master cares deeply about his familiars.
He seems to think of us as more important than himself.

“In that case, what does Kato think I should do about Gerbera?”

This time, I asked Kato.

I can not manage myself in my current state.
I do not understand Gerbera or what action I should take.
Therefore this chance to hear Kato’s advice was not bad for me.

The figure of Kato facing a battle without a weapon was still clear in my mind.
She has a great understanding of what is in a person’s heart.
She may find a destination for this impasse in my heart.

There was something that made me expect this of the girl called Kato Mana.

“Isn’t it fine if Rose just forgives her once you think you can?”

Kato opened her mouth after I paused a little.

“You shouldn’t deny your feelings. Mashima-senpai does not wish for that and surely a strain will begin to form.”
“A strain?”
“For example, Rose-san killed her feelings for Gerbera, but at the same time, also took away the chance for atonement for her. So to you, even after a while has passed, she won’t be forgiven.”
“…There is also that way of looking at it.”

Kato’s opinion was interesting to me.
I noticed my hand had stopped working and I was facing towards Kato.

A conversation with her only had that value.

“Afterward it’ll be up to each other’s effort with Gerbera…Well I believe senpai will surely do something.”

Kato had a faraway look.

Her eyes look gloomy, but her gaze looks reliable.
The world she sees is surely, remarkably different from me.

“Rose wants to accept Gerbera.”
“Yes, but I do not think that I can forgive her.”
“Really?… That might be so. In a sense that may be only natural.”

Only natural.
Kato expressed my current state as such.

“Because Rose does not have any desires.”
“Desires huh?”
“There is a bad impression when I say so.”

Kato let out a small laugh.

“However, for example, even Majima-senpai has thoughts of 『I want to be by the side of someone I love』. Senpai’s 『Love those people and desiring to meet with them』is a hope that Rose-san, who is like his family, should be familiar with. Even this is a form of greed. I think that is the case.”
“…A desire”
“Even if I say desire, you’re free to express it as hope. Because it doesn’t change the meaning much. The important thing is his『Humanity』. That is the same for Lily-san and Gabera-san.”

For example, is it Lily-neesama’s wish to be loved by master?
Or it may be that Gerbera hopes to get along with the rest of the family.

“Rose seems to have a bias against this desire. 『something I want to do.』, 『something I want you to do.』, and 『something I want you to give.』……. Though there are various forms of desire, Rose seems to be particularly biased against this last one.”
“Simply put, is my character defective?”
“That’s not true.”

Kato denied my doubt with a strong tone.

“It’s just an undeveloped bias. Even if you make a mistake that isn’t a defect.”
“Asserting it is so…”
“It is possible. It is possible to assert it. Because it has not even been a few months since Rose obtained sentience. Even if the mind is immature, isn’t it natural?”

I was caught off guard by what she pointed out.
It was certainly just like that.

I have two moments of birth.
The birth as a magical puppet and secondly, the birth as the individual named Rose.

However, it must be the latter where you can say “birth” in a more essential meaning.

When I only had a crude will as a doll and my existence was quite thin.
Compared to that, I have a master to serve, and everyday I serve him has a very vivid colour.

For me who is a magical puppet there is no infancy.
However in respect to feelings, my recent birth is something like a newborn baby.

My emotions are undeveloped and immature.
To say nothing of Lily-neesama, they aren’t even as developed as Gerbera.

I want to be there for Master. I want to work for him. Everything beneficial to him『I want to do it』. It was just that, although all of it was what I wanted to do, it could be undeveloped feelings.
That is to say, I like Master….so Gerbera’s out of control feelings of『I want to do something』, was something that I couldn’t understand.

Perhaps, it is the reason I do not understand the subtleties of a person’s heart.

“However, are there even any desires in me?”

Even if I am a doll who is not provided with perfect emotion, if it is one outcome of 『Humanity』,it does not seem to be strange.

However, Kato shook her head and denied my concern.

“There is. What Mashima-senpai wishes for, wouldn’t be a convenient doll. It should be for others with the firm character. The relationship of Rose and Gerbera is the reason it is becoming complicated in this way at the moment. Then Rose- can have a wish.”
“But, I can’t think of anything.”

Whether or not she understood that I was perplexed, Kato had a considerate expression.

Being lost in thought for a while.
A wrinkle disappeared from her eyebrows which stopped before long.

“So far, has Rose not thought about happiness?”

To Kato’s question, I tilted my head to one side.


Kato nodded.

“Is it not the desire of Rose to have happiness like that once again?”
“I see”

With a simple suggestion, I was lost in thought for a while.

Happiness huh?
For now, being able to serve master is my happiness however…

“Other than, I was able to serve Senpai, or I was useful to senpai.”

Kato gives me a warning. Well I understand what she’s saying.
A wish that I must find must be a desire 『Something I want to do』 or 『Something I want you to do』. Because I’ll be finding a side of myself that I did not know until now. I can grow up simply by doing so.



When I had the word in my head, there was something that flashed across my mind incidentally.

-…Rather, it is so happy it is frightening.


It, was a memory worthy of being called the first treasure in my life.

“Did you think of something?”
“Ah, no. That…no I didn’t.”

I have denied Kato who noticed a small gesture.
Rather than deceiving this was a mere lie.

Because surely there won’t be 『This』.
No matter how you look at it 『This』 will not be permitted.

Kato definitely asked me about any happy memories I have from my short lifetime.
In that department, 『This』 is perfect if I say so myself. It is a memory of my first happiness and it definitely fulfills the conditions she told me.

However that is once 『Again』.
It isn’t at an amount which can be called ambitious. This is surely exceedingly audacious.

I should not desire it.
There is no way I can wish for it.

Because I am just a doll.

“Your lie is obvious Rose.”

Kato vigorously cut down my lie.
If you lie poorly to her, she’ll probably know.

“Rose has already quite seriously thought of something which is『something I want to do.』”

I am grimly reminded of the night I cornered Lily-neesama.

Only one thing is different.
She was doing it for master’s sake.
And she is doing that for me today.

She might be seeing through me with her inherent sensitivity.
This is an absolute necessary rite of passage for me.

It’s fair to say her conviction gave me a push on the back.
But there was another decisive factor.

I have been made aware of my wish.
It is impossible to go back to not knowing it.
I want to follow the wish I was made aware of even for an instant.
It was decisive for me.


I gather my courage resolutely and express it in words.


I made words

“I want to hug… master…”

As I thought… I regretted forming the words.

I want to hug master.

What is that?
What kind of intention is that?
It may be both a good and bad thing to say.

I have certainly been hugged by master on one occasion.
It was the day I slew his mean male schoolmate.
I hugged him back and snuggled up with master, who fell in a sleep overnight in the evening.

For me without sleeping, that single night was a dream.

Of course that is an exceptional event.
Even I understand it repeatedly.

When a dream is only a dream.
Only a fool would expect it seriously.
Know your place.
I am just a doll.

…Even if I was told so, I could not feign what was in my heart.

My goodness!
I seriously wish to be hugged by master…

“…Oh really! That’s lovely Rose!”

Suddenly, I was embraced from the front.
By Kato.

Though I had stiffened, I pushed back her shoulder cautiously when I came back to my senses.

“I am sorry. Kato. Could you get away?”
“Ah, I’m sorry. I unintentionally…”

I separated my body from Kato’s and she seemed to feel awkward, lowering her eyebrows.
In that way, she resembled Lily-neesama… Not quite. She resembles Miho Mizushima, whom neesama is imitating.
It is truly the natural appearance of a girl.
Perhaps this is the true appearance of the girl called Kato Mana.
“It is not me whom Rose wants to hug, it’s Mashima-senpai.”
“Eh, yes. That is, no. However.”
“What is it?”
“It is far too presumptuous for a doll like me to be hugged by master.”
“That’s not true.”

Kato said with a criticizing tone.
“By saying that, does that mean Rose will give up?”
“No, if I bother master with my selfishness…”
“I’m sure Mashima-senpai will be pleased if Rose tells him her selfishness.”
“If I tell him my selfishness?”
“As far as I see, Mashima-senpai’s personality is the sort where he’s sorry to always have you carrying out work.”

…I think that’s possible.
Though I think it is natural that I serve my master, he doesn’t assume that’s good.

Then, is this a good thing for master?

Ah, no but.
It’s no good. It’s no good. This is the devil whispering.

“You mustn’t give up.”

Kato says.
Rather than a devil whispering it was the gentle voice of a kind mother’s support.

“Rose doesn’t want to annoy senpai. Then if senpai wishes to hug you would it be ok?”
“That would be ok?… It is an unlikely situation.”

Despite the events of that night happening.
I don’t think they’ll happen twice.

“Therefore, you must not give up.”

I clenched my hand tightly.

“If you make an effort to achieve your wish…Rose’s wish will definitely come true.”
“What would you do if you were me?”
“That’s simple.”

Kato quietly watched me.

“Rose should become so cute that Mashima-senpai wants to hug you.”
“That’s right. Fortunately, Rose-san has the ability to make tools. Even if there isn’t a charm from a witch or mother, or even a special stage direction device, there should be a tool to make oneself cuter.”

Kato’s suggestion was not at all impossible.
I’m a magic puppet. A monster with a magic knife.

For me, creating things is almost equal to the significance of my existence.
I should be able to remake my existence once again.

But, it’s possible that it’s impossible, it’s not fixed whether or not it is feasible.

“But, would I be allowed to do such an imitation when I’m merely a doll?”
“It’s fine already.”

Kato asserted.
It might be her strongest tone of voice today.

“Look, when a girl wants a boy to hug them, it’s natural for them to try to become pretty. They do make-up and refine themselves and…These acts are very important for a girl. Even senpai has no right to criticize it.”
“But I’m a doll.”
“What are you saying? Please think about it. Doesn’t a doll think that it’s natural to dress up to be hugged by their master? Whether you’re a girl, or a doll, there is no reason to obstruct Rose from becoming prettier for senpai, because Rose is a doll of a girl.”

Kato repeated that I must not give up.

I was at a loss under her earnest eyes.

Criticism as a familiar about whether it’s allowed.
Rationality would be useless if I do something like that.
Everything tied me down completely.

I compared my wish with all of them on one side of the balance.

Which I am really inclined towards.
Staring at the result…I suddenly noticed what I was doing was very stupid.
Because it was clear to me of the weight of my desires when I weigh it.

There’s no reason.
This unreasonable and illogical feeling.
Ah. so that’s it.
This is 『Something I want to do.』

I might finally understand a fragment of the heart of a person.

“For example, saying that I was dressed to the best of my ability-”

I asked at last.
I think that I want her support.

“-would master be pleased?”
“He’ll definitely be pleased.”

Kato blessed my decision with a smile.

There is no lie in her words, only affection in her words of encouragement.
I could now feel that properly.

I’m really thankful for that.

If she wasn’t here, my wish would have stayed locked up in a corner of my heart until I grow old and rusted.
Without noticing how important it is, it would have rotted away.

Just now, I feel like I’ll even be able to forgive Gerbera someday.
What she had done was exasperating, but still, the feeling of dismissing her motive as something incomprehensible, faded away.

It maybe be impossible right now, but sooner or later. Before too long. Surely…

“Of course I’ll cooperate with every effort so that Rose can become pretty.”
“Thank you very much.”

I had pure feelings of gratitude towards her, as an individual, beyond the bounds of familiar or human.


Therefore I had a question.

“…You’re not angry with us?”

Kato’s eyes became round.

“Me? Of Rose? What on Earth, why?”
“After we decided to protect master we were cautious of you and regarded you as an inner enemy. Were you already aware of that?”
“Yes, Lily has told me so face to face before.”

It happened before the desperate struggle with Gerbera.
It seems she really did not mind it, and Kato’s tone was as steady as the tone used during the times we talked about casual everyday events.

“Because I said at that time that I had already noticed before.”
“Then isn’t it ordinary to turn your anger to me? At least, that man Kaga, had raged furiously before he was killed by master.”

I remembered the figure of the only human who I had seen besides master and Kato in my mind…
…Though I was slowly forgetting his features.

“Being grouped together with that guy…As expected I hate it.”

Kato furrows her brow as she expresses her displeasure.

“I am sorry”

I lowered my head.

However I don’t think he’s necessarily irrelevant. Usually when keeping a secret from someone, that person will think it’s unpleasant. It wouldn’t be strange if Kato was holding some ill feelings towards us.”

It was not possible to be helped like this, and leave this question alone.
Kato had spared her time this way, and helped me solve my troubles.

Kato nodded to my point.

“It’s true. I think it’s normal for Rose to have some doubts from your viewpoint, still it is normal for there to be unpleasant feelings.”
“But, I’m not particularly angry.”

It was a cryptic remark.
Kato says it’s normal in such cases to become angry and that she is not particularly angry.

I understood that I could not understand and Kato inclined her head.

“…Hmm. Is that so?”

Kato held the shield which I had broken to her chest, while putting a finger to her lips, and then started thinking while wrapped in a sheet.

“To put it plainly, I think I feel sympathy for you familiars.”
“Sympathy…To us who are familiars for master who is a human being?”
“Yes. For you.”

Except for one point, what Kato says is convincing.
Because she sympathizes with us, for her point of view, there is no anger.
I understand. I understand this much.

But, I do not understand why she is sympathetic in the first place.

We are master’s monster familiars.
Our existence is devoted to Master. It is a reality which did not change even when I became aware of my own wish.

In what way does Kato, who is a human sympathize with us?


And, Kato continued.

“I wish to express my gratitude to Rose.”
“Aren’t you talking to me normally without doubting me in particular? Only Rose does that.”
“What do you mean?”

When I asked in surprise, Kato made a wry smile.

“I heard the conversation on that night about whether to bring me along from the beginning… I know that Rose has a serious character and is not the type who can possibly hide her doubts from appearing on her face.”
“My face is flat though.”
“Yes, that part was a joke.”

I don’t understand whether I’m serious or whatever, but, I may indeed be simple.

It is something I’m aware of, but including master, I’m probably the stupidest in this party.

It’s good to hear that I’m serious and faithful, but in actuality, I’m honest to a fault and am not flexible enough to think of the correct answer by myself. This matter with Gerbera is a good example.

If I temporarily doubt Kato, she’ll be aware immediately.
I see. What Kato says is reasonable.

I surely do not doubt her unlike master and Lily-neesama.

Of her maybe betraying us.
Or what she is thinking about.

I do not think about these things.
Or, is the person who doesn’t understand the reason that she’s doubted correct?

To be honest, I do not have a good impression of the creatures called human beings, who bullied master. Therefore I did not like Kato in the first meeting very much either.
However, whilst spending time with her, my opinion of her has gradually changed.

Probably the circumstance surrounding me are different from Lily-neesama.
Originally I was given the role of protecting 『master who doesn’t have power to fight』 there is some similarity with 『she who doesn’t have power to fight』. Also unlike Lily-neesama who has Miho Mizushima’s memories, I don’t have the large amount of time spent with Kato occupying my mind.

Because of this, when we were attacked by the white arachne, I didn’t have any hesitation in bringing Kato along with us.
At the same time, Kato put her life on the line for master and acted.

There’s no longer any reason to suspect her.

I don’t want to, and never intend to say it.

To me, the suspicions master held towards Kato was a little strange.

How should I put it. When speaking clearly, even I thought it was abnormal.

However the cause of master’s suspicions was so clear, that even I as a doll could guess.
The massive wound carved in master’s heart.
The pain which continues to torment him.

Probably, master will not accept Kato unless this pain is cured.

“I really thank Rose for believing in me.”

As a result, I have been interested in the lonely Kato for a long time.

“If it’s possible I want to be friends.”

When having this suggested to me, I was surprised and convinced.

“A friend…?”
“It’s difficult after all.”

I once thought it was difficult.
She has been kind to me. She has taken care of me about matters regarding master today too.

I must return that kindness.

However I am a familiar, and she is a human.
Our views are different. Our positions are different. Our sense of values are different and above all, our races are different.
Everything is so different, it’s hopeless.
Therefore it’s difficult to become friends.

No, but.
Isn’t an important thing the same.

“…It’s useless after all.”

Kato makes a thin smile.
A smile formed to express that just now, was a joke.

I feel my heart tighten when I saw her face laugh so fleetingly.
Incomprehensible feelings rushed wildly within me.
I might have suppressed this impulsive thought as a useless thing before now.
However today I knew what it was.
I only just learnt it a little while ago.
She had just taught it to me.
I truly understood how important it was.

I was supported by this impulse, and I spoke to the sad smile I had noticed.

“If master orders it, I will point my blade at you.”

Kato’s eyes are wide open in surprise at the words I said.
I would be surprised. Even I’m surprised by the things I said.

Kato looked puzzled after a little while.

“Why suddenly say such an obvious thing?”

Do you think this is something obvious?
Yet why did you say you want to be my friend?

This mentality is impossible to me to guess at the moment.
It isn’t even possible to guess just a fragment of the inner thoughts of this girl called Kato Mana.

There was one thing that had become clear to me.
That is, she was serious about what she had said earlier–she truly wanted to become my friend.

Then, I will also answer her sincerely.
Fortunately, I was taught the important feeling 『something I want to do.』 by her. I was supported by my impulse, rather than rationality, on what I’d like to do when responding to her.

“If you think that I am good enough…”
“I…I think I also want to be your friend.”

Kato’s eyes opened wide.

It could be said that I don’t understand what I just said.
A colour of understanding was gradually spreading through my immature features.


For a split second, her face warped and seemed like it would cry.

“… Thank you very much Rose.”

Kato shifted it with marvelous mental power.
However the smile engraved on her lips, was as if she was unable to bear it.

With that alone, I was convinced that this choice was not a mistake.

“Then, my best regards in the future Rose.”

Kato stretched out her hand to me.
It was unlike a reproduction of the night I confronted Gerbera, it was a completely different scene.

“Though this feeling now is enough”
“No. This is a necessary thing.”

I put down my knife, and clasp the hand Kato held out.

“My regards to you too Kato.”

This, was the first event of my friendship with Mana.


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