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Field trip.

I awoke hugging Roxanne, like usual.
Sherry is behind me, and Miria is the other side of Roxanne.
Sherry is against my back, and Miria is close enough to reach as well.

I can touch three people when I move.
The population density in the bed went up because there are more people.
It’s a nice fit.

Roxanne kisses me.
How does she know I woke up? It’s a mystery.

Quietly, without any sound.
I stuck to her, twining with her smooth tongue, wet with saliva.
Roxanne’s tongue wriggles with passion.
After thoroughly twirling our tongues with each other, I released her mouth.

Next is Sherry.
Or so I thought, but she seems reluctant.
Things have changed, so she’s thinking about something.

“Are you sure?”
“The order doesn’t change?”

Sherry whispered as I held her, and drew her close.
I see.
Does the order change?
It’s clear that Roxanne’s position is solid.

Now that Miria is here, there is a chance to change order.
That Miria might get a more favored position.
Are you afraid of it?

“It’s fine, there won’t be any changes soon.”

I answered quietly, and searched for Sherry’s lips.
I won’t deny that things will never change, because things might get too relaxed.

The kiss order last night was Miria, then Sherry, then Roxanne.
This morning we will maintain it with Roxanne, then Sherry, then Miria.
I didn’t use Sex Maniac last night.
I shouldn’t go all out on the first day.

“Good morning-desu, Master.”

When I release Sherry’s mouth, something is said by Roxanne and Miria greets me.
Did you teach her to finish things like that, Roxanne?
There’s no helping it.

Finally, I exchange a kiss with Miria.
Just lightly.
There will be plentiful use of the tongue in the future.
After poking her lips with my tongue, she pulled back a bit with anxiety, so I separated from her lips.

“Good morning Miria. Everyone get changed and we’ll go to the labyrinth.”

I get up and change my clothes.

“We only fought once yesterday. We will try the 12th floor. Miria, be on your guard.”

Miria answered when Roxanne translated.
Were the desu’s taught by Roxanne?

Entering the pitch black wall of [Warp] takes us to Haruba’s 12th floor.

“Good. Miria come as well.”

She was told it was safe even though it’s unknown, so there’s no problem?

“The labyrinth is dangerous. Every second counts. You don’t have to speak in a polite way in the labyrinth.”

Roxanne guides our search through the Labyrinth.
Grass Bee, and Mino were defeated easily with four wind spells.

“I’ll use the sword in the next fight. If a Grass Bee appears, since it has a ranged attack we will charge it without waiting. Roxanne take us to the next one.”

I pull Durandal out, and continue with Roxanne’s guidance.
Grass Bee has a ranged attack, so it would be a disadvantage to wait for it before fighting.

There isn’t a problem using magic.
However, magic takes time to cast enough spells to defeat the enemy.
There will be chances for enemies to attack if they rush in quick.

When I use Durandal, the strategy reverses.
I need to approach a demon to use my sword.
While I am approaching, I am completely exposed to the enemies ranged attacks.
Don’t wait. You need to run at the enemy as quickly as possible.

We encountered demons.
It’s a group of three Grass Bee’s.
Roxanne begins to run.

“Me, then Miria, then Sherry. Sherry you’re the rear guard.”

I followed Roxanne without waiting for an answer from Sherry.

“It’s coming.”

Roxanne stops along the way.
It’s the ranged attack from the Grass Bee.
I hear a small sound, and Roxanne begins running again.

I was worried about if it was avoided, but it seems to have been blocked with the shield.
It’s reassuring.
I am safe if I am behind Roxanne.
I’m running in the safety zone.

After making it to the Grass Bee, I circle sideways and use [Rush].
I attack again straight away.
The bee attacks my head as it hovers.
I barely avoided it.

I make a severe attack on the Grass Bee’s body.
The bee falls.

Three [Rush]’s?
It’s the same as Tare’s 13th floor.
I could probably defeat it with two [Rush]’s and a normal swing.

The second one was defeated with 2 [Rush]’s, a regular attack, and a pierce from Sherry’s spear.
It’s just like I thought.
Miria looked to be observing carefully.

The third one had Roxanne as it’s opponent.
I knocked it down with five swings from the side.
All the bees disappeared and left behind beeswax.

“Roxanne blocked the ranged attack, and was a great help.”

I thanked Roxanne as I received the beeswax.
Miria had been picking them up.

“Because we had Miria today.”

There was also Sherry and I.
Roxanne, I’d like you to understand that not everyone can dodge like you do.

“I’d appreciate you to keep blocking them in the future.”
“I understand, though it takes more time than dodging them.”
“I don’t mind.”

I gave Roxanne an order.

“Next, can you find some Mino or NT Ants.”

I check the toughness of a Mino Lv12.
One [Rush] and a regular swing.
Grass Bee on the 12th floor is twice as strong.
I understand that we can fight on Haruba’s 12th floor without problem.

The next challenge is how to get Miria accustomed to it.
Should I let her keep watching until divers level increases?
The ranged attack from the Grass Bee could be a problem.
There is always the chance of receiving an attack.

Should we start fighting on a lower floor in Vale or Quratar’s labyrinth?
How is Quratar’s 12th floor?
I don’t plan to make it a regular hunting ground for now, but we should pass Quratar’s 11th floor and go to the 12th.
There isn’t any downside to it.

“I want to go to Quratar’s 12th floor, do you think it will be safe for Miria?”
“I think it will be safe.”
“The cane has been strengthened, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Roxanne and Sherry give their agreement.
Roxanne’s opinion might be an overestimation, but if Sherry says it’s safe is it safe?

“The map is in the house, so we’ll get it, and make it to Quratar’s 12th floor, then leave it til tomorrow morning. For today, how about we go to Vale’s 8th floor?”

When Sherry was a master smith Lv1, we fought on the 8th floor.
The demon of Vale’s 8th floor is the Collagen Coral.
Fighting it should be good.

I don’t know if the Collagen Coral demon is considered aquatic.
It feels like it might be aquatic.
Coral is.


“Um. Miria would like to be taken along instead of being left in the house.”

Roxanne reports after speaking with Miria.
I see.
Will Miria be alright even if it’s unfamiliar?

“Shall we go?”

I [Warp] to the storeroom in the house where the map is kept.
It’s before sunrise, and the room is pitch-black.

“There is a booklet on the shelf. We need the 11th sheet of papyrus. There is a spear leaning against the shelf, take it.”
“They have been taken.”
“That’s fast.”

Miria has grabbed the map straight away.
I can’t even see Miria.
The ability to see in the dark seems to be extremely good.
I call out, and we go to Quratar’s 11th floor with [Warp].

“Is here alright?”

Roxanne receives the map from Miria and checks it.

“It’s the room near the entrance.”
“I understand. This way.”
“Miria, use the spear. Attack if you get a chance. Think about safety first, and don’t step out front.”

Miria starts to pass the spear, but I leave her with it.
It’s the copper spear Sherry used previously.
Since it has an empty skill slot, I didn’t sell it.

It’s possible to attack demons with the spear, while keeping some distance.
It’s a good weapon for Miria to use at the moment.
I receive the wooden shield from her.
She wears the dagger like a sword.

We move along the path indicated by the map, while beating several demons.
If the Green Caterpillar is defeated with 4 spells, then it isn’t much of a threat.
Miria succeeded attacking several times without taking a hit before we arrived at the boss room.

The boss on the 11th floor is the White Caterpillar. Roxanne makes all it’s attacks useless at the front, while I cancel all it’s skills.

Miria also pierced it with the spear from the side.
It is such a majestic battle.
It would probably calm me down if this was my first time in the labyrinth.
Do you feel that you’re fitting in as a party member?

“The demon on the 12th floor is the Sarracenia. It has a special attack that shoots digestive fluids. You might get poisoned if you are hit with it. It doesn’t have a tolerance to any kind of magic, and fire is it’s weakness.” TN: It’s a real plant if you want to google it.

We entered the 12th floor, and Sherry gave a briefing.
It shoots digestive fluids. It seems to be a scary demon.

“We’ll fight once.”

It’s the demon on the 12th floor, and I just have to use fire magic.
If I use fire magic on it, since that’s it’s weakness I’ll just have to use four.
It’s not a major threat if it’s just four.

“The 12th and 13th floors will bee good money for our party. It would be good for hunting, unless you want to go to the labyrinths in the Harz territory.”
“Why is that?”
“The Sarracenia drops aconite root, which is a raw material for the nourishment pill to be made.”

Sherry explained it, since I was puzzled.
I can make nourishment pill?
I should be able to make it from the herbalists skill [Herbal medicine generation].

Selling antidotes made from leaves makes more profit than just selling leaves.
So it’s the same for aconite root, it makes a higher profit as nourishment pills?

It’s natural.
If the aconite root was more valuable, people making nourishment pills would disappear.
The payment a herbalist gets from making nourishment pills must be high.

“I see. Roxanne, can you guide us to a Sarracenia?”

Roxanne leads us forward.
A demon with a grassy appearance appears.
It has two green leaves, and a green head.
The leaves stick out to the right and left. They appear to be it’s arms.

It’s almost the same height as Sherry.
You could say that it’s big, but it’s not especially big if you think of Japanese pampas grass, and goldenrods.
A brown root wriggles eerily towards us.

I used a [Fire ball].
The flames lick it’s grassy surface for an instant.
I use a second shot.
An orange magic formation appears at the base of the Sarracenia.

“It’s coming.”

Since I went to the side, even if Roxanne hadn’t mentioned it I had already seen it.
I hid behind Roxanne immediately.
I am pathetic.

The Sarracenia lowered it’s head.
I say head, but it’s more like a tulip’s flower.
The inside is hollow.
The Sarracenia’s head is like a bag.

It has a feeling like a pitcher plant.
An insectivorous plant.
Is that why it shoots digestive juices?

The digestive juice is launched from the head of the Sarracenia.
I give it a [Fire ball] in return.
Roxanne blocks the demons attack with the Iron Shield.

Sherry & Miria pierce it with their spears.
The Sarracenia swings a leaf.
Roxanne avoids it.

I use a fourth [Fire ball].
The Sarracenia is covered in fire, and it collapses.

“Is the digestive juices alright?”
“Yes. It should dry soon.”

I check with Roxanne, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem of it melting the shield.
Saracenia Lv12 is defeated with four fire spells, which is it’s weakness.
It’s the same as Grass Bee Lv12.

“The attacks are usually more dangerous than the digestive juices. It has a wide swing range which is hard to discern, and difficult to block with a sword or shield.”

Finally, an enemy has appeared that annoys Roxanne?
The swing is hard to see because it’s a leaf.
It’s possible that it bends as it moves.

Sherry brings the dropped aconite root.
I remove monk, and add herbalist.
I put the aconite root in my palm, and use [Herbal medicine generation].
Three pills are made from the aconite root.

Nourishment pills.
Unlike antidote pills, there seem to be three.
This is how nourishment pills are made?

“Okay, I can make the nourishment pills.”

Miria is saying something to Roxanne. She has an amazed expression.
Getting her used to things seems to be progressing well.


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