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We kept hunting Sarracenias on 12th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth until one slot of my Item Box was completely filled up with nourishment pills.
I pass ten pills to Sherry for contingencies.

Miria has acquired Herbalist Lv1.
Because she picked up dried aconite roots, most likely.
Dried aconite root is considered a medicinal herb like leaf, it seems.

Surprisingly, fighting against Sarracenia wasn’t that difficult.
Because it’s plant, its offensive ability is not that great.
Even when I engaged it in close quarters with Durandal, it was an easy victory.


When I was lost in thought, I get attacked with digestive fluid.
While I was focused on my sides, it drops on me from above.
I tried to jump out of the way but couldn’t dodge it in time.

“So it has such an attack pattern.”

Roxanne says casually. I was about to die here!
I swing Durandal and manage to take it out.

“Sherry, do you think Collagen Coral is an aquatic monster?”
“I think it is.”

Because Sarracenia seems dangerous, we move to 8th floor of Vale’s labyrinth.
Sherry agrees with my notion of Collagen Coral being an aquatic monster.

“Have you heard about a skill called Anti-Aquatic Enhancement?”
“I’m afraid I haven’t.”
“Miria doesn’t know about it either?”

Because it’s a passive skill?

“Miria, which is the highest floor you have visited?”
“Only first floor, she says.”
“Well, 8th floor may be difficult for you but the monsters there are aquatic, so you shouldn’t face any trouble due to your Diver job.”

We start hunting on 8th floor.
It took three spells to take out a Collagen Coral Lv8.
I adjust bonus points and increase Intelligence so much so that I can almost take monsters out in two spells.

I leave a Collagen Coral, that had already received two of my spells, for Miria.
Steel spear, scimitar or bare hands?
Miria neither has Swordsman job nor Monk.

Miria attacks using spear and easily takes the monster out.
When she attacks it with sword, however, it counterattacks.

As expected, her movement is not on Roxanne’s level.
That’s a relief.
I would cry if it were standard for beastkin.
When Miria tries to attack it with bare hands, she receives an attack.

“Are you alright?”

I apply Plating and cast two Treats.
Miria receives one more attack before taking out the Collagen Coral.
When I open Party Job Settings interface, Miria had Monk Lv1 and Swordsman Lv1 jobs.

“How were the attacks of the monsters?”
“She says that it was alright.”
“Can you fight against monsters other than aquatic?”

Miria replies energetically.
She seems sufficiently motivated.
I’m glad.

We move to 8th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth and fight against a Needle Wood Lv8.
I ask her to use sword again. While attacking, she receives an attack again.
I cast Treat and apply Plating again.

“How was it?”
“Although it’s more difficult than Collagen Coral, she says that she can fight.”
“Okay. So, do we advance through 9th, 10th and 11th floors? The number of attacks required to take monsters out increases by one with every floor. Or do we jump to 12th floor and have Miria stay in the rear?”

I was not sure myself, so I ask the three for their opinion.

It will be safer if monsters can be taken out in one hit.
Receiving attacks from monsters is desired the least.
I don’t want Miria to suffer pain.
However, even if we enter lower floors, it won’t be 100% safe.
It won’t be funny if she receives attacks during this experiment of mine and dies.

I take the gamble and move to 12th floor.
Even if you’re in the rear, it’s not entirely safe for you are in labyrinth.
There’s a possibility of stray magic coming your way.
On the contrary, if I have her observe 12th floor, she may grow more quickly.

“In my opinion, we should have advanced through the floors in order. Receiving attacks is not a big deal. In labyrinth, there’s always risk of receiving attacks.”

Roxanne opines.
To someone like Roxanne, it may really not be a big deal.

“Advancing through the floors in order is indeed better from safety viewpoint. It’s not like we are going to receive attacks intentionally.”

Sherry is rational as ever.
It will be nice if Miria is rational too.

“Miria says that she agrees with what sister said.”

Are you sure Roxanne didn’t force you to say that?
Oh well, if she says that she’s fine with it, so be it.
Due to popular opinion, we decide to advance through the floors in order.

We move to 9th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth and then proceed to 10th.
I take out all monsters but one and leave that one for Miria to take out.
Whenever Miria receives an attack, I finish it off myself.
Because she has already acquired Swordsman and Monk jobs, there’s no need to overdo it.

“Are you okay?”

She answers when I ask her while casting Treat.
She seems to have learned the word ‘okay.’
Miria has been able to endure attacks of monsters up to Green Caterpillar Lv11.

“12th floor will be difficult. Should we proceed?”

When Roxanne translates, Miria replies determinedly.
Miria seems to be brave by nature.
It’s a necessary trait to be able to fight in labyrinth.

I wonder if it’s natural for people to be so in a world filled with labyrinths such as this.
No, it’s people such as these who choose to fight in labyrinth.
Had I chosen a beautiful woman instead, I don’t think it would have been the same.
There’s a possibility that Miria is saying so superficially because she’s our party member.

“Well then, we’ll now move on to 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth. You will not actively take part in fighting. For now, just try to get a hang of it. Poke your spear from the distance if you find an opportunity. You will be in the rear while Sherry will take your place in the front for the time being.”

Having advanced through prior floors, she has now leveled up to Diver Lv3.
12th floor won’t be a problem as long as she doesn’t get killed in one hit.

We move to 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.
We start hunting in usual manner.
Miria is observing from the rear.
Like I thought, there’s no problem in having her observe from the back.

Because I can take monsters out in four wind type spells, battles don’t take long to end.
Ranged attacks appear sporadically but Roxanne takes care of those.

Over the course of morning, Miria’s Diver job has leveled up to Lv5.
Because she’s low level, the pace of her leveling up is quick.
If this keeps up, she’ll soon be able to hold her own.

We finish hunting and head to Quratar’s adventurers guild.
To buy ingredients for breakfast.

I was afraid as to what would happen at the fishmonger but Miria passes it by normally.
She’s no longer insisting on eating fish.

Because she said earlier that she wants fish every ten days, is that why?

“The fish doesn’t seem to be fresh.”

While I was pondering over it, Roxanne whispers in my ear.
I see.
It’s probably leftover stock.
Did they really put unsold fish from yesterday on stall?
That’s bad for business.

“Does Miria want to make something?”
“Roasted meat. I’ll help her out, so it’ll be alright.”

There really won’t be any fish today.
If Roxanne will be cooking with her, it’ll be fine.

“Then I’ll make soup.”
“Would you like to add egg to the soup?”
“Egg? Okay.”

It seems to be Sherry’s turn to make soup today.
After buying egg, bread and other food ingredients, we return home.
I’ll make something else then.

I first take egg yolk and add some vinegar into it.
I bend a wire to blend it.
After that, I add some olive oil to the mixture.
Because I don’t know the exact quantity of the oil to be added, I add it little by little.

I keep whipping it until it thickens.
I whip it.
And whip it.
Until it’s ready. Mayonnaise, that is.


I pass egg white to Sherry.

“I understand that this is egg white but what is that thing?”
“It’s seasoning. We will make fish for Miria in the evening after tomorrow. It makes fish delicious.”

Miria looks at me with shocked eyes.
She seems to have understood that we are talking about fish even without Roxanne translating it.

“You seem to be doing well in labyrinth, so this is your reward.”
“Tasty, desu.”

She hasn’t eaten it yet but she’s already calling it ‘tasty.’

“It’s reward. Reward.”
“Reward, desu.”

Miria repeats it after me.
As for the meaning of the word ‘reward,’ I’ll teach that to her later tonight.
I’ll teach her the essence of the word.
I put the lid on mayonnaise.

“Don’t eat it just yet or it’ll upset your stomach. Also, don’t take it out with bare hands.”

I leave with that note.
There’s a chance for raw egg to contain salmonella.
It is, therefore, suggested not to eat raw eggs.
Because there’s vinegar and olive oil in mayonnaise, however, it’ll die out in about a day.

Apparently, Miria can make dishes other than fish.
It’s delicious.

I continue hunting after breakfast and then head to the Imperial capital in the evening.
To buy negligee for Miria.
Negligee here is made of thin, translucent fabric.
I wasn’t able to buy one yesterday.

We have already spent a night together, so she won’t be shy about it.
Miria is choosing her negligee with Roxanne and Sherry.
The three of them are making too much noise.

It will obviously take time.
I have made a mistake.
I should have done it before buying fish.
She would have immediately finished shopping had that been the case.

“Do you sell palace maid outfits?”

Because there was no end to waiting in sight, I start conversation with an attendant.
It’s better to ask that from a male than a female.
Miria doesn’t have any maid outfit.

“You can have it tailored. You just have to choose fabric and we will get it ready in ten days.”

That’s great.
It seems to be in demand.

“Ordinary fabric will cost you 3,000 Nar. Silk-blend fabric will cost you 6,000 Nar. If you opt for pure-silk fabric, it’ll cost you 10,000 Nar. It’s incredibly soft and has the best texture.”

He leads me to the fabric section.
I touch the pure-silk fabric which he shows to me.
So smooth. So soft.
I imagine embracing Roxanne, Sherry and Miria wrapped in this fabric.

This man knows exactly why I want maid outfit.
It was a mistake to have asked this from a male.

“This time, I intend to have only one outfit tailored, so I would like to go with ordinary fabric.”

I can’t have only Miria wearing outfit made of pure silk.
I ask him for ordinary fabric which costs 3,000 Nar.
The maid outfit which I bought from the slave merchant costed me 4,000 Nar.
If I eliminate his profit margin, it’ll be same as this ordinary one.

In other words, he charged a profit of 1,000 Nar!
That’s too much!
But it’s too late now.

Miria finishes choosing her negligee.
It’s blue. Same color as her hair.

“Well, I’ll take measurements then.”
“It’s for her.”
“Very well.”

I send Miria to a female attendant.

“You both received your outfits from the slave merchant in Vale but there’s no outfit for Miria, so I’m having one tailored for her.”

I explain to Roxanne while enjoying the spectacle of Miria giving her measurements.
They may think that Miria is receiving special treatment, so I explain it to them.

“Indeed. Miria is the only one who doesn’t have any.”

Replies Roxanne.
Are you okay with it?
I let out a sigh of relief.
If you have a harem, you need to take care of everyone.

“Thank you very much.”

Miria comes back after giving her measurements and expresses her gratitude after hearing from Roxanne as to what was it about.
She’s not as happy about clothes as she tends to be about fish.
Or perhaps she’s not happy about maid outfit?

“How would you like to pay? You can make advance payment either in full or half.”
“I’ll pay in full together with this.”

So there’s an option to pay latter half when the outfit is ready?
If I pay later, I’m not sure if 30% discount will work at that time.
At this time, however, 30% discount is effective for I have bought a negligee as well.
I pay for the maid outfit fully in advance.

“I heard from grandfather that you can pay in advance if you are going to have your clothes tailored.”

Sherry remarks at dinner.

“You heard from your grandfather?”
“To pay fully in advance is a token of trust.”
“Ah, I see.”

There’s a risk of merchant running away with your money if you pay in advance.
But there’s no such risk here for the store is in prime location of the Imperial capital.
On the contrary, it is I who may die in labyrinth.
So my paying fully in advance can be taken as an expression of trust.

“As expected of master. xxxxxxxxxx”
“M-Miria, do you like any dish other than fish?”

When Roxanne translates it, Miria’s expression turns respectful, so I try to change the topic.
What did she translate it to?
For some reason, I feel it’s not right to leave the matter of her education to Roxanne.
By the way, Miria properly made stir-fried food for dinner.

“She seems to like only fish.”
“I guess.”
“She also ate crabs and shrimps when she used to fish.”

There are crabs and shrimps in this world?
I have yet to see one.
They’re probably sold in areas near the sea.

“What about shellfish?”
“I don’t think there exists a person who doesn’t like shellfish.”

While Roxanne was translating it, I ask Sherry.

“Umm… normal shellfish can’t be eaten. Only shellfish that are dropped by monsters can be eaten.”
“I-I see.”

It’s my first time hearing this.
I haven’t seen shellfish anywhere.

“Shellfish is truly delicious. However, it’s in short supply, so it’s quite expensive. For this reason, common people eat it only on holidays or special occasions.”

In this world, holiday is the first day of a 90-days-long season.
So they eat special food on special days?

“Miria has yet to eat one. I ate clam once. It was delicious.”

What Roxanne ate was clam.
I wonder if it really is delicious.

“Clam huh? Is it sold at the fishmonger?”
“Umm… sorry. It wasn’t my intention when I said that.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Also, Miria says that she has eaten enough fish for now.”

Miria might have said that.
But I’m sure that it didn’t come from her heart.

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