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Clam Chowder

When I wake up in the morning, Miria greets me.
I somehow feel unusually refreshed upon waking up.
It’s best to go to sleep after getting pleasurably tired.
Once you’ve got a good night’s sleep, you would feel pleasantly refreshed.

I never felt tired with Roxanne and Sherry.
Now that they have increased to three, with the addition of Miria, I feel slightly fatigued.
However, this doesn’t mean in any way that I have expended my all.
If push comes to shove, I have Sex Maniac.
I’m quite surprised at my own vigor, actually.

After kissing Miria in the last, I get up from bed.
She’s still clumsy at kissing but it feels good in its own way.
The way Roxanne aggressively squirms her tongue in my mouth feels better, so does the way Sherry gently entwines her tongue with mine.
I’m lucky to be able to enjoy three varieties.

After changing into our equipment, we move to 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.

“Because we have already advanced through the floors in order, Miria should be familiar now. Try to fight in the frontline. Don’t overdo it however.”

I pull a copper spear out and hand it to Miria.
She’s Diver Lv10 now.
Because her level has hit two digits, I can afford to have her up front.

Three of them line up in the front.
Roxanne positions herself in the centre with Sherry and Miria on her left and right respectively.
With this formation, we start hunting.

I can take monsters out on 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth in four spells.
Battles on this floor are not lengthy.
I can take the monster out before it’s able to attack Miria successively.

I continue to hunt and observe her state.
She seems to be doing fine.
Miria has yet to receive an attack.

Ironically, It was I who receives first attack of the day.
When I swing Durandal, I receive body slam from a Grass Bee.
When I use Durandal, it becomes dogfight. Consequently, the battle lengthens, so I can’t help but receive attacks.
This is the excuse I have come up with.

Plating is indispensable for Miria.
Therefore, I can’t remove Alchemist.
Because I have other skills at my disposal, I decide to remove Warrior.
Without Rush, it takes four normal strikes which requires time.

Before long, it becomes easy to take a Grass Bee out in four strikes of Durandal.
Miria leveling up being the reason.

In the beginning, it used to take about five strikes due to missed hits. However, I can consistently take them out in four strikes now.
I can’t become strong overnight.
It takes time. One step at a time.
Coincidentally, the more Miria is leveling up, the more I’m becoming strong.

Miria’s Diver job has an effect ‘Small Increase in Strength.’
Job effects seem to be shared by all party members after all.
‘Small Increase in Strength’ effect of Diver job is definitely being shared by the party. The extent of increase depends on Miria’s level.
Apparently, if all party members are high level and one low level member joins the party, they can fight without any trouble.

First experiment is over. Time for second.
Although I’m a little apprehensive, I change Miria’s job to Villager Lv5.
I send Miria to the rear. It now takes five strikes of Durandal to take a Grass Bee out.
So it was thanks to Miria’s Diver job that I was able to take monsters out in four strikes.

By the way, when I fight using Durandal, I join Roxanne in the front.
Miria connects with her spear from the back.
Depending on the number of monsters, Sherry switches between the frontline and the backline.

When I’m in the front, fights take longer to end compared to when Miria is in the front.
It can’t be helped, however, for I receive attacks from monsters.
Never before had I thought as to why people in the front take longer.

Today, Roxanne receives an attack as well.
When you’re in the centre of the frontline, you’re exposed to most of the attacks.
In other words, I shouldn’t even think about taking central position in the front.

There’s no other option.
Nothing can be done about it.
She has to bear with the attacks.

I receive another attack. This time, from an NT Ant.
I return the favor with Durandal and take it out.
When Grass Bee, Mino and NT Ant appear together, we take out the NT Ant first.
Reason being, it can use poison attacks. Also, I can take it out in two strikes.

NT Ants appear together with other monsters.
So I can’t help but receive attacks.
I don’t receive attacks, however, when I fight one-on-one.
I believe so, at least.

After taking out NT Ant, I rush toward Grass Bee.
The ant turns into smoke and dissipates.

What remained in its place was not poison sting but a white card.
A monster card.

Monster Card | Ant

Ant Monster Card?
While glancing at it, I take two Grass Bees out.
I didn’t receive any attack from the Grass Bees.
I could afford to take my eyes off them because Roxanne was there to hold them off.

I receive the monster card from Sherry.

“What skill does Ant Monster Card give?”
“If fused with an armor, it gives Poison Resistance skill. If fused with a weapon, it gives Poison Fang skill.”
“Poison skills huh? Well, I intend to use Kobold Monster Card with Rabbit Monster Card. Should I use Ant Monster Card as is?”
“You can have it fused with your armor. It’ll give you protection against poison attacks. When you upgrade your armor, you can just resell it for good price.”

Should I attach the skill to my armor then?
It’s understandable because I’m the one who receives attacks from monsters the most.
Thus far, I’m the only one who has been inflicted with poison.

“Should I fuse it with my leather cap? Or should I buy new hard leather gloves?”
“The better the equipment, the higher the profit margin upon reselling it.”

I see.
You should have told me so before attaching Water Resistance skill to leather mittens.
I would have bought better equipment at that time.

Perhaps Sherry was not confident that she would be successful?
If you use expensive equipment, you have to succeed.
If you don’t think you can succeed, you should better use either that equipment which you can remake or cheap equipment.

Because she is confident now, is that why she’s recommending me to fuse it with better equipment?
It’s natural to be confident if you succeed consecutively without failing even once.
I must do my part, so that she doesn’t lose this confidence of hers.

We finish hunting and move to Quratar’s adventurers guild.
It’s still too early for the armor shop to open.
I head to the fishmonger.
Miria comes right by my side.

There was a fish which she was staring at intently.
I wonder if it’s a quality fish.
She doesn’t say anything however.

I have already announced that there will be fish for tomorrow’s dinner.
So it’s probably enough for her.
It’s serving as her restraint.

“Do you sell clams?”
“Of course.”
“I would like to buy two.”

I speak with the old man explorer and receive two clams.
It doesn’t have shell.
It looks like a shellfish without shell.
When I use Appraisal, it says clam.

I try to put it in my Item Box.
As expected, it’s a dropped item.
It goes into the Item Box without any problem.

It’s small however.
It really is ‘small,’ not ‘not big.’

“Thank you very much.”
“Can I have two more?”

Freshwater clams are not this small.
It might be oriental clam.
Whatever, it’s clam nonetheless.
If larger ones are not available, I’ll just get more.

“Thank you very much. Four clams will be 896 Nar.”

I pay the amount to the merchant.
It’s pretty expensive.
If you compare it with the prices of eggs and vegetables, it’s quite high.

Because it’s a dropped item, most likely.
If it were cheap as kobold salt, no one would bother selling it.

In respect of serving per person, prices of meat and fish are about same.
Clam, however, seems expensive.
No wonder it’s eaten only on special occasions.

“Are you sure about this?”

When we leave the fishmonger, Roxanne asks.

“I’ll make soup this morning, so I bought extra.”
“Okay, I understand.”

When Roxanne translates it to Miria, she looks at me wide-eyed.
I’m still not sure if Roxanne translates my words accurately.
After buying bread and vegetables, we return home.

First, I add a little wine to water and simmer the clams.
In case of shellfish, you keep the pot open. Because it’s clams, however, I don’t know the time it’ll take to boil.
If I leave it for long, it may get overcooked.

After that, I dice vegetables and ham, and stir-fry it. Next, I make white roux.
I take the clams out from the pot and add it, along with stir-fried vegetables and ham, to white roux.
I then heat it up to slightly below the boiling point. It’s ready. Clam chowder, that is.
I take the pot off fire and put it on dining table.

“Miria says that it’s her first time eating clams.”

Oh, so she was watching me when I was cooking?
The surprise has been spoiled.

“Although there are clams, it’s basically soup.”

One clam with some soup for each of us.
I wonder if the soup is failure.
It can’t be. No ingredient is missing if I remember correctly.
Smell wafting from the soup is great, at least.

I taste it to confirm.
It’s a success.

I pick the dark clam up from the thick soup.
The clam is chewy and rich in flavor.

So delicious!
It was worth every Nar.
How can it be so delicious?

And whats with this amazing smell?
I know it’s awkward saying that about something I made myself.

“Master, it’s really delicious.”
“It’s by far the best clam I have eaten.”
“Tasty, desu.”

I receive positive feedback from the three.
I wonder if I’m master or mistress.

I should make it again sometime but not so often or they’ll get used to this luxury.
It’ll be troublesome.

After breakfast, I visit the armor shop by myself.
I buy a hard leather cap and hard leather gloves.
There’s hard leather headband too but it seems to be an accessory for females.
Because Roxanne isn’t here, I get done with it in no time.

After returning home, I pass hard leather cap and Ant Monster Card to Sherry.
Sherry takes a deep breath and fuses the monster card successfully.

Poison Resistant Hard Leather Cap | Head Equipment
Skills: Poison Resistance | Empty

“Oh, I did it.”
“Well done, Sherry.”
“Amazing, desu.”

Miria leans forward.
Now that I think about it, Miria must have seen Sherry doing this for the first time.

“As expected of Sherry.”
“Miria says that everyone in this party is so amazing.”

She looks at Sherry with eyes full of respect.
If you work hard, you deserve appreciation.
Roxanne isn’t the only amazing one in this party.

Kaga Michio | Male | 17 years old
Explorer Lv37 | Hero Lv34 | Wizard Lv36 | Alchemist Lv31 | Monk Lv35
Equipment: Rod of Offerings | Poison Resistant Hard Leather Cap | Leather Armor | Hard Leather Gloves | Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Roxanne | Female | 16 years old
Beast Warrior Lv26
Equipment: Scimitar | Iron Shield | Leather Cap | Hard Leather Jacket | Leather Gloves | Leather Shoes | Sacrificial Misanga

Sherry | Female | 16 years old
Master Smith Lv24
Equipment: Steel Spear | Leather Cap | Chainmail | Waterproof Leather Mittens | Leather Shoes

Miria | Female | 15 years old
Diver Lv12
Equipment: Copper Spear | Leather Cap | Chainmail | Leather Gloves | Leather Shoes

We put our equipment on and move to 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.
Because I can’t afford to test Poison Resistance skill, I fight in usual manner.
Should I try to deliberately receive a poison attack?

I don’t mind receiving antidote mouth-to-mouth from a party member however.
Okay, I’m ready.
When I want to receive attack, no one is attacking me.

This time, it’s Miria who receives the attack.
It’s a group a four Grass Bees.
I take all four of them out in four Breeze Storms.
I apply plating and cast four Heals.

“Are you okay?”

It looked like there was quite an impact but her face doesn’t suggest so.
So, is she really okay?
Her Diver job has leveled up to Lv15.

“I’ll give her wooden shield now. She’ll be in the frontline with you, Roxanne. Tell her not to overexert herself however.”

Roxanne translates it.
I take copper spear back and pass wooden shield to her.
Miria pulls out the dagger on her waist.

Under Roxanne’s guidance, we encounter a group of three Grass Bees and a Mino.

“Miria, stay back until the monster approaches.”

When I shot first Breeze Storm, Miria lost her footing.

“Here it comes.”

Right after Roxanne says this, one of the Grass Bees shoots a needle.
It’s better to have Roxanne take on this ranged attack.
After Roxanne deflects the needle with her shield, I launch second wind spell.
After I shoot third Breeze Storm, Sherry and Miria step forward.

One of the Grass Bees tries to shoot another ranged attack but it was too late.
Sherry and Roxanne take on a Grass Bee each. Miria takes on the Mino.
It’s one-on-one now.
Sherry thrusts her spear into the Grass Bee.
Roxanne slashes with her scimitar while Miria waves her dagger.
Miria parries the Mino’s ram with her wooden shield.
I launch fourth Breeze Storm.
Bees collapse one after the other.

Miria seems to be able to fight in the front just fine.
Once she gets accustomed to this role, it’ll be great.

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