Smartphone Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: A New Home, and Moving

I accepted a house. Even I didn’t really understand it myself, anyway I accepted a single house. From who you ask? The King of course.

On the day of the title presentation, the scenario went like this:

「As the savior of my life I wish to grant you a title」
「I am unworthy of your words. I was just doing the utmost as my role as an adventurer」
「I see, therefore I will not force it upon you」

As previously planned, until here.

「However, I believe that it would be rude to my benefactor if I were to just send them home empty handed. Accordingly, I have prepared an estate and these (things) as a reward instead. Please receive them instead of the title.」(Tln: this part is supposed to be rather formal so I tried to write it accordingly.)

As the King said this, an elderly gentleman stepped forward with a silver platter, a bag of money, they house (key) as well as other things rested upon it. While having my attention stolen by the Kings words I, inadvertently, took everything just as they were.
I returned to my senses when I felt the weight of the bag but, the gentleman had already moved away, I missed the timing to give it back.

「Which such a large ceremony, I would have thought there would be more activity going on.」

And closed it.

「Western district, Palaran Way 21A……. The outer layers of the district are affluent as well.」

Yumina mutters while looking at the list.
At center of the Royal capital, resides is the Castle. The rest of the capital is it’s divided into two parts, the inner and outer districts. In the inner district live the Royalty and the Aristocrats; persons such as great merchants live on the other side of the river in the outer district.
There are various kinds of people that live in the outer district, it is further divided in quarters, Eastern, Southern, and Western Districts (The water supply of the Royal Capital is in the north named Parrot Lake so there is no Northern District). The Western District is the area where many of the affluent live. That is where the estate, which had been accepted from the King, resided.

「And, what now?」

After having finished participating in the practice that had been offered by the general, Lindsey was fascinated when I went over to the watering hole to wash off sweat but, I still felt it hard to accept everything that had been offered.

「Is it really impossible to return it?」
「…Returning something that had once been accepted is extremely rude. It would crush the other party’s honor」

Well, I see. It would be like, after accepting 「I don’t like it after all, I’m returning it」. It’s just as Lindsey said. I can do nothing but accept it huh?
In a corner of the training area in the castle, they were rolling around in the jungle of weeds. A cloud floated in the clear blue sky. It was the first time I’d seen it like this since I’d come to this world.

「Not just a house, but we received money as well…. What should we so with that amount?」
「How much was it?」

Yae asks me who was laying down.

「…20 King’s gold pieces…」
「「「20 King’s gold! pieces?」」」

Elsie, Lindsey and Yae all let out a surprised voice in perfect harmony. Well yeah, one would normally be surprised.
The King’s gold coin is one step above the White gold coin, I heard that 1 King’s gold coin = 10 White gold coins. It’s so large that you would never be able to spend it normally at the market it seems.
Referring to my former world 1 King’s gold is approximately equal 10 million yen. In other words in total it is 200 million yen. The King’s life is worth 200 million yen. I’m not sure if that’s high or not. Moreover, is this money the King’s pocket money? I didn’t ask whether or not he had earned it.
Could it be that these are betrothal presents…? After accepting them there is no longer any room to refuse marrying Yumina……? Besides, isn’t it usually the groom’s side that hands over the money to the new wife’s side? Well, because I’m becoming part of the family then its fine…? I don’t get it any more.
For the time being, it’s scary to carry that amount around, so I entrusted it to the duke.

「You already accepted the house, why not just retire?」
「That in and of itself is running headlong in to being a useless person I think.」

I lifted my upper body and answered Elsie with a sigh. Because there is money there is no need to work, I think it’s a little different than that. Although it doesn’t hurt to have money.

「Should we go take a look for the time being? It’s about 30 minutes from here」

At Yumina’s suggestion there was no one that opposed it, everyone decided to go see the house.


I muttered unconsciously.
It was in the outer western district, the residence had been built to a nice commanding height. It had a red roof and whitewashed walls. It was a European-style 3-story fashionable building. This is nice. There are no complaints about the design either, placement wise it was a little away from the street and in all it was a good place that I am pleased with. However……

「It’s too big…」

Well, in comparison to Duke Orutorinde’s residence or Viscount Sodoreku’s house it was on the small side. Even still, it’s the size that could be called a luxury home.
I used the key that I had accepted, opened the gate and entered the site. There was a wide garden with a lawn and a planted flower bed with various flowers in bloom all over, there was also a pond with a small fountain. On the other side of the garden a little away there was even a stable.
I opened the double doors and continued into the entrance hall, there was a red carpet that invited us up to the second floor.

「This is quite a nice house. I like it」

From within our group the only one used to this kind of environment, Yumina, said calmly while holding Kohaku. I followed up with my honest opinion.

「With such a big house, even just trying to clean it will be terrible…… even for 5 people living here it’s still too big」

Elsie, Lindsey, and Yea all stared at me in surprise. What?

「Umm…… Touya-dono? Could you be saying that by 5 people you mean we’re going to live here as well degozaru?」
「?What do you mean “Could you be saying”? Isn’t it obvious?」

What all of a sudden? There are so many rooms that I couldn’t possible use them all. Elsie asked timidly.

「But, the King gave you this house. Isn’t it for you to live together with Yumina?」

Aa—so that’s what it is? The King is being overprotective of Yumina so therefore this house huh? I received a troublesome gift.
I don’t dislike Yumina at all, it’s just that I can’t see her as a wife yet. If I had to say she was closer to a little sister right now.
Lindsey said to me in a small voice, while looking down.

「…If this is a house for people that like each other, then us living here is a little…」
「Person I like you say. I like all 4 of you equally, I think you’re like family to me. Therefore there shouldn’t be a problem if everyone lives here……」

Oh? Lindsey’s face is red, what happened? I mean, Elsie and Yae’s are red too?

「A, I’m going to look at the second floor!」
「I, I’m going to see if there’s an attic…!」
「I-I-I’m going to go look at the kitchen, I’m really interested in it degozaru!」

Like little spiders, they all ran away, Why?

「I see. You like all 4 of use equally, like a family, is it? It’s one step forward I suppose」

I looked at Yumina who was standing there with a big smile.

「Even though I’m going to become Touya’s bride, I wish to walk with you through life. However, I do not intend to monopolize you, so this is fine. I’ll go speak with everyone. Touya-san please wait in the living room」

Eh? What? What is happening? Yumina left Kohaku with me and went upstairs.
I don’t really get it but… I’ll go wait in the living room for the time being.
Along the way, I saw things like the bathroom, reception hall, pantry and wine cellar, it really is magnificent. Not a single shelf missing.
And opening the first door in the entry way was the living room. It really is wide…… It should be obvious but there was nothing save for drapes and the fireplace. I guess we’ll have to arrange for thing to be purchased. Did the King foresee this and that was the reason for the money?
From the window on the wall to the terrace, you could see the western district and wide garden.
I opened the window off the terrace and a pleasant breeze blew in.

『It’s a nice garden. It’s as if to invite me to take a nap here』

Kohaku lies and rolls on the lawn.

「Do you like it?」
『Yes, very much』

Kohaku says so as well, this place isn’t bad to live in. There are a lot of preparations that needed to be done though.


I turned around and saw everyone that Yumina had brought with her, but, for some reason none of the 3 girls would look directly at me. Why? Their faces still look a little red….

「A, um, Touya…. Is it really ok for us to live here?」
「? Of course」
「… you won’t say something like get out, um, right?」
「I won’t」
「You’re going to treat us the same, um, as Yumina degozaru?」

Why this now? I don’t have any family in this world, but I fell that everyone is close to a real family. That is the truth.
……But, why is everyone fidgeting like that? Certainly, there might be some mixed feelings about living in this house, however I’ve already received it, so there’s nothing to be reserved about.

「Well then, everyone, we will all be living here. No need to rush so, let’s just confirm the feelings from the previous discussion」
「Ok degozaru」

With red faces the three nod affirmatively at Yumina’s words. What do you mean by “confirm the feelings”? What the heck did you discuss?

「The discussion from earlier is… what?」

Again in unison? Really? Huh, could it be that the one with the weakest position in this house is me?

「Well then, shall we decide on the individual rooms?」
「My room is going to the one in the corner on the second floor.」
「I’ll take the one on the interior of the third floor.」
「I’ll use the one on the first floor facing the garden」

The girls talked excitedly. What is this since of alienation? Well, there are a lot of rooms so they should pick the one that they like. Even still, there are still a lot of rooms left over.

「Well, just us taking care of this house alone is questionable……」
「Not possible」
「You say that so lightly……」

Yumina answered quickly. Certainly, cleaning would be terrible. There’s the work at the guild, even cleaning the garden wouldn’t be possible.

「Therefore, lets employ some people. I know of a few」

If Yumina says so, why not just leave it to her? We certainly need people. If pull some from the palace then there is bound to be good talent.
Now then, shall we prepare to move? We can move the belongings with Gate. But we will still need to arrange for furniture right? There’s nothing in this house after all.
Plus, there are people we are indebted to that we wish to give farewells to back in Leaflet.
In combination with recruiting employees, we decided to move in 3 days. It’s going to be busy.

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