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Slave Harem’s author put up another chapter recently. They’ve been monthly or bimonthly for a while, but at least it isn’t dead. 🙂

So, nobody could find raws for Shinde hajimaru after the author removed them. What’s a good program to save all the files in a location on the net so I can make a regular backup of Slave Harem and other RTD projects as a “just in case” precaution?


I breath a sigh of relief, and collect the treasures the thieves left.
All the items are taken.
I’m reasonably sure I don’t need to strip search them.

“I’ve let you experience something serious.”
“Not really, Master defeated everyone.”

While picking up the equipment, I looked at Roxanne’s expression.
Is it alright that I killed thieves?

“This can happen at any time, and we survived.”

Sherry has something reasonable to say.
These three have grown up in this world where thieves attack people.
Killing a thief is something they expect.

“It seems that Miria was quite surprised, and thinks it seemed easy for Master despite it being a place like this, and she will keep it a secret.”

There seems to be a person with different assumptions.
Something bad happened, but intervening was difficult.
The wrong person is in charge of education.
I don’t comment, and devote myself to collecting equipment.

The thieves leather equipment has hard leather equipment mixed in.
A hard leather hat, hard leather gloves, and hard leather shoes.
It would be an upgrade for everyone.
There is only one item with an empty skill slot.

After I’ve checked them, I put them in the item box.
Hard leather armor… Ah, am I the only one who can use it?
Sherry glares at me as I look around.
Women have a certain chest shape, so none wear this.

There isn’t enough room in my item box, so I give it to Sherry.
Should I remove alchemist, and use cook?
Miria has leveled up a bit, and should be fine without [Plating].

“There is a Ring of Determination.”

There was a Ring of Determination in the thieves equipment.

Accessory: Ring of Determination: [Attack power increase], [Personal strengthening ].

The accessory has skills.
One of the bandits had it equipped.

“I think it’s a high grade item.”

Sherry informs me.
A high grade item?
It’s definitely a good accessory.

As for weapons, there are two steel swords, and an iron sword.
There isn’t any skill slots in any, so nothing awesome.
I might keep one steel sword for now.

Next is one rapier, and one steel shield.
The pirate had the one handed sword.

“A rapier?”
“Yes, it’s a thrusting sword. It’s a higher level sword for stabbing instead of slashing. It uses a different combat style too.”
“Is it good for Roxanne?”
“It’s good. The rapier also has a blade, so it can be used for slashing as well.”

Is the attack style for a rapier like fencing?
It should be alright to use.

“Then, the rapier goes to Roxanne, and the scimitar with iron shield go to Miria.”

I pass the steel shield and rapier to Roxanne.
Roxanne tells Miria something, and passes her the iron shield and scimitar.
Sherry receives the dagger and wooden shield from Miria, and puts it in her item box.

There were ten magic crystals.
The thieves seem to have had one each.
When you sell magic crystals in the guild, they don’t check your intelligence card.
The thieves must know that.

There was one yellow magic crystal.
A yellow magic crystal is quite precious.
More than 100,000 demons have been defeated.
It might be more valuable than the reward money.

“Umm. Even though it’s still early we should return to the house. You should wipe your body, and your clothes should be washed. The equipment needs to be given maintenance as well.”

After we’ve picked up everything, Roxanne makes a suggestion.
There is blood on my clothes.
There might also be blood on my face.

Should I return straight away?
I can’t fight with this bundle of hands.
I don’t need to take a stamina pill since I absorbed MP from the thieves, so I have enough MP.

I returned to the house.
The eastern sky is getting brighter, the sun will rise soon.
I take my clothes off at once, and wipe my body in the bathroom
Roxanne washed my clothes for me.

“Roxanne, today was bad.”

I was able to defeat them, but it was careless to have fought with them.
It was planned well, I was invited into a trap set by the thieves.
I don’t know how things would have gone if there was a strong thief as an opponent.

I’ll have to be more careful.
It would have been traumatic if I had just come to this world.
I would have withdrawn from everything, and spent all my time in the labyrinth.

Why aren’t I doing that now?
It’s because of my experiences.
I have been used to fighting for a while now.
I’m willing to fight, and can handle that much.

I was able to win, so I’m not wrong.
I live in this world now, and it’s not bad to be accustomed to combat.
But, it’s still a frightening experience.

About fighting, everyone has a different potential, and you have to judge it carefully.
If you don’t, at some stage you’ll be caught off guard.
I win, and I tighten the cord on my helmet.
Today might be a good lesson.

“What do you mean? It was a splendid fight. It’s natural to defeat a thief.”

Even fighting is common sense in this world.

I leave the bathroom, and change my clothes.
I reorganise my item box.
Three people are bringing their equipment together and performing maintenance on it, and I’m freeing up space in my item box.
I can go for a bit longer without needing to use cook.

I will merge the magic crystals the thieves had into one.
A white magic crystal has the magic power of 1 million demons, and is apparently the highest.
I already have a green crystal that has the magic power of 10,000 or more demons.
If the thieves yellow crystal has 900,000 or more magic power, and my green crystal has nearly 100,000 magic power, then there would be some waste if I merged them.

I keep my green magic crystal, and only merge the thieves crystals together.
The yellow crystal did not become white.
I’ll keep the green magic crystal, but I’ll fight with the yellow one from now on.

I keep the one I’m using in my item box, and any ready to sell are kept in Sherry’s item box. Now the spare one will be kept in the store room.
The copper spear is put against the wall in the storeroom.

I used [Character reset] while alone in the store room.
I added points to [Bonus equipment], and [Second accessory].
It’s the first accessory I saw when I came to this world.
When I ended the [Character reset], a ring appeared on the forefinger of my left hand.

Accessory: Ring of Determination: [Attack power increase], [Personal strengthening ].

There it is.
The Ring of Determination.

I had been curious since I used [Analyze] on the accessory from the bandit.
Apparently the accessory from my [Bonus equipment] skill, and the accessory from the bandit are the same thing.
The same name, the same ring, and the same two skills.
Are there people other than me that can use [Character reset]?

The Ring of Determination I made is brand new.
The other ring is dull and has scratches.
I can tell they are different from a glance.

I used [Character reset] again, and cancelled the Ring of Determination. Then I put on the ring from the bandit.
Sadly, the skill for [2nd accessory] didn’t light up.
If it had, I could have gotten 3 bonus points.
Naturally, it’s impossible.

Now for a different experiment.
I used [Character reset] to activate [Second accessory] and then swap the ring with the ring left behind by the bandit.

It seems I can disable it.

I boldly do it.
The Ring of Determination disappears.
There’s no abnormality showing in my bonus points.
When I activate [Second accessory] again, the ring re-appears.

But, it’s a new item.
The ring doesn’t have the worn look and fine scratches on it.
The item seems to be a new item when created with [Character reset].
The Ring of Determination with the worn look and fine scratches is gone.

I cancel [Second accessory] and return to the main room with the new ring.

“Do you know what kind of person can make something like this?”

I asked Sherry.

“It’s the Ring of Determination from earlier?”
“A Fixation.”
“A Fixation?”

There seems to be something.

“That’s right, you aren’t part of a guild.”
“The blessing of fixation can be received at the guild temple. If you receive the blessing you can’t change your job anymore. It is believed that you become stronger and it’s a blessing from the guardian deity of that guild.”

So that’s fixation.
There are guardian deities, and shrines in guilds?

“Are the guardian deities in the guilds?”
“Nobody has actually met one, so I don’t know if they are real or not…”

Sherry is always rational.

“So, fixation is locking in a job?”
“Yes. When fixing, an accessory might appear on the person, and it’s assumed to be a gift from the guilds guardian deity.”
“Like this ring?”
“I’m not certain, but I assume that ring came from a fixation.”

I don’t know what Sherry thinks when I take out Durandal.
Maybe she thinks that I put it away in my item box.
It’s not really different from using the item box, since I can use the item box without the incantation.

Is there someone that can take out the ring like I do?
Fixation might be related to [Character reset] and bonus points.

There is a connection.
When you take out an accessory.
It becomes impossible to change your job.
Since you get bonus points from each level up, it becomes impossible to switch to a lower level job while you’re using them.

There’s something else.
You become stronger with fixation.
Bonus points can also be added to your status.

“Do you know what kind of equipment appears?”
“It seems to vary according to the person. There are wizards who get swords, and fencers who get canes. Fixtures always create equipment with a skill, and very rarely something amazing appears.”

It’s a little different.
I only use my sword as a bonus weapon.
Does it vary from person to person?

“What kind of people get what kind equipment?”
“It’s quite easy to get the blessing if you’ve been doing the job for a number of years, and the increased strength and equipment is good. But since you can’t change your job after fixation it’s normally done by people who are thinking about retirement. If a good piece of equipment comes out it can be passed down to your descendants as a family heirloom.”

It’s not quite what I was asking, but it doesn’t matter.
Is it random? Is there a rule to it?
The armor that I get from bonus points is equipment for men.
If a woman gets bonus equipment, it would not be strange if something different appeared.

If the Ring of Determination came from fixation, you could think it relates to bonus equipment.
Since bonus points are based on level, if you raise your level more it might be more profitable.
A person who was active in their job for many years will get the blessing easily, that seems like evidence that fixation requires bonus points.
Are fixation and bonus points related?

After hearing the story from Sherry, I checked the intelligence cards.
There were eight of them.
I know what to do with the intelligence cards.

I can take them to the Order of Knights in Quratar, or I can take them to the Order of Knights in Vale.
I can get a reward straight away.

The less people that know I’ve defeated thieves is probably better, so should I take them to Vale’s Knights?
Maybe it’s dangerous there and people are watching for me to take them in?
Should I take them to Quratar’s Knights?

The first option is to take them to the Order of Knights in the Harz Duchy.
If I pass them to Gozer, it shows I was in a labyrinth in their territory like I promised.
I’ll be in their favor for exterminating thieves hanging out in a labyrinth in their territory.

Special connections I’ve gained in this world.
I need to value them.

It would be troublesome if I’m seen as being too useful.
There’s always another side to things.
Is there a problem in how I found the thieves?

The problem is checking my intelligence card.
If they check my intelligence card to give me the reward, they’ll know that I’m not an adventurer.
I shouldn’t expect them to skip the check since they know me.

Should I bring the card to the Order of Knights in the Harz Duchy after I become an adventurer?
Then I can’t get the reward until after I’ve become an adventurer.
Explorer Lv50 is the lowest condition, so it will still take some time.

“Sherry, can you tell when someone died from their intelligence card? Do you know?”
“I haven’t heard anything like that. The age someone died can be checked though, so you can narrow it down to some degree.”

You can guess by the age when they died?
Unfortunately, if the thieves birthday is tomorrow, you can understand they died by today.
Will they know when thieves birthday’s are in this world?

“Do they know when thieves birthday’s are?”
“Um, only by every season when the age on the intelligence card increases.”

It’s like that?
It’s the first I’ve heard of it.
They base years on seasons?
It’s fine if I start the count from each spring.

If it takes too much time to become an adventurer, I can just take it somewhere else.
For now, I’ll keep the thieves intelligence cards for a while.


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