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Wanted man.

Author note: The thieves defeated on Haruba’s 12th floor included a bandit that I changed to a pirate.

I asked Roxanne to find a place with a group that includes carniverous plants.
After shooting down a Grass Bee with six wind spells, I finished the Fly Trap off with three [Fire ball]’s.
I hadn’t experienced a long battle like that before.

“One Saracenia or Fly Trap would be good, can you find somewhere like that?”
“Just one might be difficult.”
“Going up to the 16th floor might be better.”

Sherry makes a suggestion, and Roxanne seems to agree.
They seem to be in high spirits.

“What is on the 16th floor?”
“The 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth has the Bitch Butterfly. Wind magic is its weakness. The Hat Bat can be defeated with wind magic as well, so the 16th floor might be easier than the 15th.”

I see.
It’s a decent idea.
As expected of Sherry.

The Bitch Butterfly is the demon that appears on the 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.
The Grass Bee is the demon from the 15th floor.
The Hat Bat is the demon from the 14th floor.
So wind magic is the weakness of the main three monsters that appear on the 16th floor?

The chances of Saracenia and Fly Trap appearing decrease a lot after the 15th floor.
Will it be easy if I just have to use wind magic?

“That’s fine. We’ll see how well we can handle the 15th floor for a while, and then move onto the 16th floor.”
“I think that’s good.”

It’s dangerous to go suddenly, so we’ll take our time.
The number of attacks received increases on the 15th floor.
The Hat Bat avoids the vanguard, and hits me.
It shakes our stability.

I take out Durandal, and exchange hats with Sherry.
I used [Heal], so my MP has decreased quicker than expected.

My experience gain decreases because I’ve taken out Durandal.
When we go up a floor, we get more experience, but I take out Durandal more often as well, so the experience falls.
I’m not sure if there is any profit going up in floors.

“Roxanne, can you find somewhere with a variety of demons?”

When my MP completely recovered, I asked Roxanne.

“Well, I can smell a place with four kinds of demons.”

The 15th floor can have four or less demons, so four is the maximum possible.
I had forgotten it.
Up to five demons can appear on the 16th floor.
Is the 16th floor difficult?

No. If I use area effect magic, the numbers won’t be a problem.
Roxanne is up front, so it should be alright.
Because I can defeat more in one go, will the 16th floor be more profitable for experience?

Grass Bee, Hat Bat, Fly Trap, and Sarracenia. To this group, I give them a [Meteor Crash].
A scorching rock flies through the cave.
All the demons except Grass Bee are defeated.

Only the Grass Bee isn’t defeated?
Wind magic is the weakness of Grass Bee, and it was not defeated.
Fire magic is the weakness of Fly Trap and Sarracenia, and they were defeated.
But the Hat Bat was defeated, I don’t know why.

We finished hunting without going to the 16th floor that day.
It is dangerous to advance too fast.
Going to the 16th floor tomorrow morning is fine.

Explorer has risen to Lv38.
I can use [Incantation omission] if I go up another one.

When I return to the house, a message from the broker Luke is there.

“It’s written that he has made a successful bid of 5,400 nars for the kobold monster card, and he’d like you to come at once.”

Roxanne reads the memo.
It’s the kobold monster card.
Why does he need me to come immediately?

“Ok, I’ll be gone for a bit. Can you three prepare dinner?”
“Certainly. Have a safe trip.”
“Please be careful with the broker.”

I went to the merchants guild.
When I asked for Luke at the reception, they took me through right away.
I met him in the small room for business discussions.

“Sorry for calling you out. First of all, the kobold monster card.”

Luke takes out the monster card.
After I confirmed it with [Analyze], I pay the 59 silver coins which includes the commission.
Luke only delivers genuine articles.
It seems I can trust him as a broker.

“The previous successful bid on the kobold monster card was 5,400 nars as well. It was previously taken by people who had been watching me bid. If I keep making successful bids at the same price it becomes troublesome.”
“There’s a problem like that too?”

Being a broker seems to be quite troublesome.
If you know another group will put up a fight til 5,400, then you know you won’t make a successful bid at 5,300.
There seems to be some difficult bargaining.

“Therefore, I had to bid the maximum price this time.”

I don’t know if I should be pleased about it.
The other party now knows our best planned price is 5,400.

“Well, that might do for kobold monster cards for now.”
“Ok. I’ve also received a message from the Order of Knights in the Harz Duchy. They would like you to come immediately.”

The Order of Knights in the Harz Duchy wants me to come there immediately?
Did they sell the mirrors?

“The Order of Knights in the Harz Duchy, I understand.”
“I’ve finished passing the message on.”

I’ve received the kobold monster card, and I leave the merchants guild.
I was thinking about ordering the ant monster card, but I didn’t.
It’s definitely not enough to just have it on one hat.
I want to arrange for some more poison resistant equipment.

But it will take time between ordering it, and obtaining it.
When we get the ant monster card, I don’t know which floor we’ll be fighting on.
There might not be any demons that use poison there.
I might regret not preparing any, so I could save some for later.

When I get home, I prepare the bath.
Today was strenuous, so I want to relax.
I finished up early, and also visited Luke.

After dinner, Sherry does her smithing.
I got the kobold monster card, so we merged it with the rabbit monster card.
The skill of [Incantation interruption] is put on Sherry’s spear.
This will be useful.

All of today’s work is now finished, and I climbed into the bath.
Miria floats in the hot water.
I peek at her from the surface of the water.
It is quite pleasant.

Roxanne and Sherry are to either side of me.
I am.

“It feels good in the bath after today’s events.”
“Yes. It’s the best.”

The best part is Roxanne’s tail.
In the hot water, I put my arm under Roxanne’s body.
I like the feeling of her tail.
When I lightly hold her body and pull it close, a rich swelling presses against my chest.

“Is Miria comfortable as well?”

Miria gives a reply.
It’s a happy thing.
She floats around the bath tub.
She floats without being tied down by anything.

The bathtub isn’t especially wide.
Miria’s tail touches my foot.
Two mountains are floating.

“Miria, can you make the fish dish with the pan we bought the other day soon?”

When Roxanne translates it, a great force flies at me.
It’s right on top of me.
A face is near.

“I could do it-desu.”
“In this case it’s ‘I can do it’.”
“I can do it-desu.”

My important thing struck Miria’s smooth stomach.
Miria doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.
She is looking into my face hard.

“How about dinner, the day after tomorrow.”
“I can do it-desu.”

She left again after she got the answer out of me.
I’m the guy with the money.

The promise to serve fish is done, and I can see Miria is pleased.
Two days from now is good.

Tomorrow is too soon.
Four or five days would be too long.
For the day after tomorrow, we should be able to hold out til then.

The kiss of the day has returned to the regular light kiss.
Was the passion in the mouth to mouth transfer of the antidote a one time thing?
It’s alright because I can at least enjoy a passionate kiss with Roxanne.

It was the same the next morning.
I don’t think I can expect a passionate kiss from Miria.
After kissing three people, we head to Haruba’s 12th floor.
It might be good to fight against the boss of the Grass Bee on the 12th floor.

We teleported to the room that contained the thieves.
It would be bad if someone saw me using [Dungeon walk] in Haruba though.
When that time comes, I can just make Sherry an explorer.

We searched around the room.
When we passed into the right hand room, it was the boss room.
Just as we thought.

The thieves made their trap near the boss room.
When a strong party comes through, they’ll let them continue to the boss room.
It’s still early in the morning, and there is nobody in the waiting room.

“The boss of Grass Bee is Killer Bee. You need to watch out for poison, and it will use its poison skill as well.”

It’s still using poison?
Sherry’s weapon now has [Incantation interruption], so our anti-skill measures are perfect.

I kill the Grass Bee first, and then join the offensive against the boss.
The boss is focused on Roxanne, and can’t hit her.
The boss is defeated easily.

We’ve defeated the 12th, 13th, and 14th floor bosses in Quratar.
A 12th floor boss is an easy victory.

We left the 13th floor of Haruba without fighting, and moved to the 15th floor of Quratar.
It’s good that we can challenge it after already experiencing one earlier.
We head towards the boss room relying on the map.

“Can you Miria?”

Miria is sent off.
Miria checks the waiting room, and calls us.
There doesn’t seem to be anyone this early in the morning.

We don’t relax, even though we’ve won once.
The Killer Bee was defeated as carefully and quickly as possible.

“The demon on Quratar’s 16th floor is the Bitch Butterfly. Wind magic is its weakness. It is resistant to fire magic. It might try and use its paralyze skill when you approach.”
“It has the paralyze skill? It’s good that we prepared Sherry’s weapon in time.”
“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

The Bitch Butterfly is a huge moth more so than a butterfly.
It flies about noisily, and even though it’s elegant it isn’t pretty.
It’s a worthless demon.

Its movement is a little slow.
The [Breeze ball] successfully hit.
I defeated it with seven wind spells.

“Roxanne, wind magic is effective. Can you guide us to places with only Grass Bee, Hat Bat and Bitch Butterfly?”
“I think so.”

It seems like it’s going according to Sherry’s plan.
For the time being we’ll fight on Quratar’s 16th floor.
It’s difficult, but we handle it somehow.
We just hunted on the 16th floor during the morning.

We finish hunting and return to the house.
I ask the three girls to prepare breakfast, and I head to Bode alone.
I appeared from the wall in the lobby.

“Is the Duke or Knight Captain here?”
“Yes, I think that the Duke is in his workroom.”

I ask their whereabouts from a Knight, and enter inside.
It’s the house of another person.
They don’t seem to have gone out yet, because it’s early.
I head down the passage to the workroom.


When I knocked at the door, there was a voice in answer.
It’s Gozer’s voice.

“It’s Michio, I heard you were calling for me?”
“Oh, Michio? It’s good that you came.”

When I enter, the duke speaks as well while sitting in the chair.

“Actually there might be some trouble.”
“First of all, please sit.”

The duke is hasty, like usual.
I sat on the sofa, following Gozer’s instructions.

“Now for the troublesome thing.”
“Do you know of a thief called Heinz the Bandit?”

Gozer sits in front of me and asks.

“He’s a rough thief that likes to see blood. I heard he got the job of bandit at the shrine of lies and truth at Helene. I don’t know if that’s true. Anyway, I’ve heard he is a strong opponent.”

The bandit I defeated?
I’m sure his name was Heinz.
Was I called about that thief?

“That sort of thief.”
“He’s a thief who is originally from the Selmar territory.  He killed some members of Selmer’s order of knights. Heinz also has a pirate subordinate named Simon who uses a one handed sword. He also caused trouble for Selmer’s order of knights. Even without magic they are able to oppose the order of knights.”

Simon is the man I killed with [MP full release].
I’m sure he had the job of pirate.
It seems that he was good with the sword.

“The thief has entered your territory?”
“It’s not certain, but the information seems reasonably good. They might attack a village somewhere, or lie in wait in a labyrinth. Labyrinths don’t leave any remains behind when you kill someone, so murderers like Heinz favor them. There are three labyrinths in our territory. I think we need to consider this possibility.”

No damage has been confirmed.
After Heinz sets a trap, it might take a while.
How quick did they get the information after he entered their territory.
The information network of the order of knights seems to be pretty good.

“This being the case, we want to look after you Michio.”
“You contacted me to let me know? Thank you for that.”

Though the information is a bit slow.
I’ve already defeated them.

But, I can’t say that I’ve defeated them.
Then I might have to take out my intelligence card.
I’ll have to worry about that for a while.
Even though the order if knights is being vigilant for no reason, it’s not anything too bad.

“Bode’s labyrinth especially might need caution.”
“Bode, I see.”
“Heinz is an elf, but he seems to have many human subordinates. That’s the information we have. Tare and Haruba would draw attention because there are lots of elves near, so if Heinz was to enter a labyrinth I think Bode is the most likely candidate.”

Heinz was in Haruba’s labyrinth.
He outsmarted them.

“So you think he’s in Bode.”
“It’s possible, so we’ll let you enter labyrinths elsewhere for a while if you wish.”
“There will be patrols through our labyrinths, and people from the order of knights may ask to inspect your parties intelligence cards.”
“I understand.”

That’s bad.
I don’t know if I should keep quiet about defeating the thieves.
They said I could enter other labyrinths, so should I hole myself up in Quratar’s labyrinth for a while?


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