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North Sea

“The territory of Harz duchy is to the north. There is bound to be lot of seafood in the fishing village.”
“Is that right?”

For some reason, Sherry cuts in the middle when I was speaking.
This is bad.
I heard that the North Sea on earth is full of fish.

Though it may not be the same for this world.
I can’t say, however, that the South Sea doesn’t have a bountiful of fish.

“Yes. There is supposed to be plenty of fish in the north.”
“I think there are more animals and plants existing in south because the wind there is warmer than in the north.”
“But that applies only to land.”
“Miria heard that more fish can be caught in the north, but she doesn’t know the reason.”

If Miria says so, then it most likely is the case.
That’s a relief.
The conditions here seem to be similar to earth.

“Why are there more fish in the north? It is a mystery to me.”
“Mystery, desu.”

Sherry and Miria are getting along pretty well.
It is strange.
I am puzzled because these two are on opposite sides of Roxanne.

“There is only water in the sea. Therefore, basic nutrition isn’t enough.”
“Is that true?”
“That’s right. So, where does nutrition in the sea come from? When a fish dies, it sinks to the bottom of the sea. The small insects disassemble the sunk fish. Then big bugs eat small insects, which in turn are eaten by small fish. Big fish eats small fish, and when big fish dies, it again sinks to the bottom of the sea. The nutrition in the sea circulates like this. Therefore, the nutrition exists at the bottom of the sea. While the bottom is rich in nutrition, there is little nutrition in other parts. The number of fish in the sea will not increase without enough nutrition. This is the basic cycle of the sea.”

I teach them what I learned in biology class.
I don’t think they will understand bacteria, organic matter or food chain even if I explain.

“Water is cold at the bottom of the sea. In the South Sea, the surface heats up during the day, so the temperature of water increases. Therefore, it’s difficult for the warm water at the surface and the cold water at the bottom to mix well, so the nutrition at the bottom does not spread around the sea. On the other hand, in the North Sea, the water both at the bottom and at the surface is cold, so it gets mixed well. Therefore, the nutrition at the bottom tends to spread around the sea. This is the reason why the North Sea has plenty more fish than the South Sea.”

I wait for Roxanne to translate what I explained.

“As expected of Master. Miria says it is her first time hearing this.”
“Hmm… I smell a lie.”
“Amazing, desu.”

Sherry and Miria show opposite reaction.
While Miria is honest, Sherry is skeptical.
Miria’s response is probably due to Roxanne’s education.
But Sherry doesn’t seem to trust me at all.

“What do you mean by ‘I smell a lie’?”
“But it really is true.”
“You aren’t trying to deceive me?”
“I am really not trying to deceive you.”

Why would I?
I don’t think I ever lied to them.
“You found something wrong in what I said?”

Here we go again.

“The surface of the South Sea is warm while surface of the North Sea is cold. Up to this point, I understand. But wouldn’t that make the bottom of the North Sea colder than the South Sea? But the temperature does not change according to you.”
“That’s a good question. If the water becomes too cold, it will freeze and the ice will float to the surface.”
“Ice will float to the surface?”

Huh? Does sherry not know about ice?
Oh, apparently this world does not have a refrigerator or freezer.

“Ice will float on the surface of water. Have you not heard stories of how the surface of a lake freezes in winter?”
“I have heard that.”
“It is the same thing. When it becomes excessively cold even in the North Sea, the surface gets covered in ice, so the water at the bottom doesn’t become cold anymore. For this reason, the water temperature at the bottom does not greatly differ between the two seas. Only the surface temperature differs.”
“Hmm… I see. I feel some of what you just said sounds logical.”

I have finally managed to convince Sherry.
Victory for science.
Although this step is small, It is a great step forward for mankind.

After finally convincing Sherry, we head to 13th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth.
I needed five Water Storms to kill two Pig Hogs and two additional Breeze Balls for Grass Bee.
A total of seven spells.

“So it is as I expected.”

Seven spells huh?
It is not that different from 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.
Battle duration is almost the same as well.
I think we can clear all the way till there.

“It will be fine. We can already fight on 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth, so It will not be that difficult here.”

In Roxanne’s opinion, it’ll be safe here.
“However, the efficiency is bad.”
“Even if battles are long, we haven’t suffered any damage.”
The battle duration for 13th floor here is same as 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth.

“Well, there is no helping it.”
“There is the request of the Duke as well.”
There is no problem in exploring 13th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth but exploring 16th floor of Quratar’s labyrinth will help me in becoming adventurer quickly.

Later that day. After exploring 13th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth, I get some chores done.
First, I receive the maid clothes for Miria from the clothing store in the Imperial capital.
Has it already been 10 days since Miria arrived?
It will be better to get more familiar with her before increasing harem members.

Evening. I return home with Miria’s maid clothes.
Roxanne and Sherry bring their own maid clothes as well to the living room.

“Then I will teach Miria how to dress up.”

Roxanne says and starts to take off her clothes.
When Roxanne takes off her clothes, her big and soft breasts make their appearance.
I can’t get used to them no matter how many times I see them.
They are the best no matter how many times I look at them.

A big and fascinating chest is hidden in graceful, blue housemaid clothes.
Swaying, shaking, squeezing, but remaining hidden.

That’s outrageous.
Outrageous indeed.
They are held beneath the maid clothes, so they won’t move.
This suppleness is wonderful as ever.

As for Miria’s maid clothes, it is similar to Roxanne’s and Sherry’s maid clothes except for the apron.
Small cat ears on top of maid clothes look great.

“But why are you changing here?”

If you changed in the bedroom, I would have been able to push you down on the bed.
Or perhaps you didn’t want me to do that?

“Well, we change here and then master will carry us to the bed.”

So it was like that.
Of course I will carry you.

I pick Roxanne up as I put one arm on her back and the other one under her knees.
I hold her smooth body on my arms while I slowly and gently carry her to the bed.
I stare at her breasts jiggle like a baby.

I can feel her softness and suppleness in my arms.
Everything about her feels great.

Sherry’s petite body is lighter.
I place my arm above her delicate feet, and hold her tightly to my body.
I carry her small body easily.

Lastly, it is time to carry Miria.
As I hold her, her ears start twitching.
Miria became quiet as I gently carry her in my arms.

Now that I have carried them to the bed, it’s time to eat them.
Of course I will eat them up.
When I was eating the three of them, I forgot to prepare the meal.
It was delicious.

Next morning. We go to the fish market in Hafen.
There is a strong scent of fish and the sea.

I watch as Miria tries to say something.
She wants to say something.
I get what she wants to says.

“When would you like to eat it? At breakfast or at dinner?”
“I would like it for dinner. Although I’ll have to wait, it’ll taste more delicious later.”

Roxanne translates her answer.
She seems fixated over other things at the moment.

“Then choose your favorite.”
“Yes, desu.”

We follow around the market after Miria.
There was a good variety of fish on the market.
Although few, lobsters and crabs are being sold as well.
Before long, Miria starts a deep conversation with an old lady in a shop.

“Are they able to communicate?”
“I don’t know. The Bana language she is using is a little different, but understanding each other is possible if they speak slowly.”

Both Roxanne and Miria speak the same Bana language.
But it is not so in case of this old lady and our catgirl.
The language that Miria speaks and the language that the old lady speaks differ as much as Spanish differs from Portuguese.

“This, desu.”

Miria looks back at me while pointing to a fish.
The small fish looks like Mackerel.
Has she decided on Mackerel?

“Eight of this one, desu.”
“But there is nothing to put it in.”

I don’t have a shopping basket.
Bread is held in hands and vegetables are normally carried in the backpack at the time of returning home.
I want to avoid fish odor coming from the backpack.
Miria may like it though.

“She is saying we can have a bucket for 20 Nars.”

Roxanne negotiates with the old lady in the shop.

“Then a bucket and 8 of that fish.”

When Roxanne translates and places the order, the old lady leaves the shop and goes somewhere.
Probably to bring the bucket.


While pointing at the fish, Miria explains more about it.

“Internal organs of this fish need to be cleaned carefully, so that it doesn’t bleed.”
“I see.”

So you need to carefully handle it huh?
Or the taste will change.
Although modern-world fishing is vastly different from here, there are some similarities.
As expected of Miria.

The old lady is back with a bucket.
It’s a flat tub with handles, like the one used for delivery from sushi bar.
Miria puts eight fish in the bucket.

“That’s 28 Nars.”

Roxanne translates the price.
That’s cheap.
1 Nar for each fish?
30% discount doesn’t seem to be effective in the old lady’s case.

“Is this all?”
“Yes, desu.”

Since Miria nods, We go back home.

“They are small. Is this really okay?”
“It seems the fish were caught in seine. The fisherman who caught the fish said she can also catch fish smaller than her palm. The small fish are cheap, but if prepared carefully, they can be very delicious.”
“I see. As expected of Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria sticks her chest out proudly.
I pat her head.

We keep the fish in the kitchen until evening.
In the evening, Miria cuts it down into three pieces and sautes it.
It has crunchy texture but it’s chewy to eat.
It’s delicious.

“It is delicious.”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria finishes eating her fill quickly, and starts staring at the dish when I distribute it to others.
When the dish moves to left, Miria’s eyes follow it to the left.
When it returns to right, Miria’s eyes return to the right.

“…I don’t think I can eat any more fish.”
“I think I have eaten enough as well.”
“Me too.”

I knew it would come down to this.

“You can eat the remaining fish, Miria.”
“Yes, desu!”

We were forced to concede today again.

Next morning. It is the day I agreed with Cassia.
I assume the worst situation and warp to Bode’s adventurers guild, and then walk to the castle.
I doubt it will be pleasant introducing a person of unknown origin to the Earl.
They may even ask to check my Intelligence Card as well.

Still, I can’t think of an appropriate way to decline a request from the Duke and Cassia.

It was my grandfather’s will.
→ What exactly was his will?

It is a formal occasion.
→ Am I not always granted audience with the Duke?

Because my party member died in the fight with the thieves, I can’t be the only one to receive honor.
→ Didn’t I say that others are safe?

I have suffered critical injury after shameful defeat to a monster in the labyrinth.
→ It can be healed using recovery pills.

I have to go back to my hometown because my parents died.
→ It will be a problem if they find me in Quratar.

Sudden illness.
→ It will buy me a few more days at best.

No. I have really been feeling pain in my stomach for a while now.

Well, I can always runaway without saying anything, but I may not be able to continue being adventurer if I am declared as fugitive.
Well, there is nothing serious at present to run away under the cover.
There’s no helping it since I have already come this far.
I can quit later if it needs be.

I sort my thoughts as I enter the castle.
Both Cassia and the Duke were waiting in the lobby.

Cassia is wearing elegant light purple dress, with hair accessory resembling tiara.
She really is beautiful.
The Duke is wearing flashier clothes than usual.
Both are dressed up.

“Oh, if it isn’t Michio dono. We have been waiting for you. But why did you come from outside?”
“Err… no, I was just-”
“Well, it doesn’t matter now. Are you coming with us?”

How can you say it doesn’t matter?
So there is no longer a need to hear anything from me?

“We are headed to the Earl of Selmar’s place.”
“Right now?”
“That’s what we talked about three days ago.”

Didn’t you say you would inform me of the arranged date in three days?

“I am sorry, Michio Sama. I tried to arrange for a time that would work with the busy schedule of his highness. Today was the best time to visit the Earl of Selmar’s place.”

Cassia bows.
A faint fragrance drifts to me as her beautiful hair waves.
Did Cassia wear a perfume because she is visiting the Earl of Selmar?
It’s a sweet fragrance.

Cassia’s dress is elegant and pretty.
Gorgeous dress and hair ornamented with jewels make Cassia even more beautiful.
If I am going with Cassia, I don’t care about anything else.

“It doesn’t matter; it will be settled quickly. If Michio dono likes the place, he can visit again any time.”
“I’ll be in your care then.”
“Very well.”

I bow to Cassia in return.
I’ll just ignore the Duke. I’ll ignore him.
The Duke is unusually impatient today.
I should have expected it would come to this.

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Of course I will eat them up.
When I was eating the three of them, I forgot to prepare the meal.
It was delicious.
There is a strong scent of fish and the sea.
I watch as Miria tries to say something.
She wants to say something.
I get what she wants to says.

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Anything the author of this story says about science, chemistry, biological, or physical processes should be taken with several grains of salt. In other words many of his explanations for things are half-truths or just down right wrong. If anyone wants to know why the seas in the north are so rich then you should look it up. I just wish the author could have done a little research before putting it in writing.


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