Slave Harem – 096 – Unreasonable Demand

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Translated by: airsblue
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Unreasonable Demand

I respectfully receive the reward.

“Although I arranged a special case with the Emperor’s council to not check Intelligence Card, it was in vain.”

The Duke says.
Well, it was surely not in vain.
Don’t tell me that he is going to ask me to have my card checked now?

“Did you negotiate directly with the Emperor or his council office?”
“It was difficult convincing them but I finally managed to convince them that it is best using thieves to catch thieves. Don’t you agree, Michio dono?”

The Duke and Sherry seem to have same opinion.
However, as it turned out, the Duke was hasty with this idea.

“Well, in short term, it seems fine.”
“Oh, so you don’t think it will be effective in long run?”
“Err… no. When you hire a thief to catch another thief, a clear distinction between the controlled side and the controlling side disappears. It may not go well in long run.”

This is bad.
I have expressed disagreement with the duke. Damn it!

“So you believe that having knights take care of thieves is better? Actually, you may be right.”
“Hmm… so Gozer isn’t as inflexible as I thought.”
“But I believe it is effective in the short term.”

I follow up hurriedly.
I wonder if it was alright to express an opinion different from the Duke.
It will be purged.

“Did you call me?”

A voice comes in from outside.
We can wrap up this topic now.
God, is that you?

“Is that you, Cassia? Please come in.”

A goddess indeed.
The door opens and Cassia walks in.
As beautiful as ever.
She is dressed in a light blue gothic outfit with slight exposure of skin.

She is brimming with grace, serene and elegance.
She looks like a noble lady from a painting.
Rather, she is the real thing.

A maid follows behind her.
The voice from earlier seemed to belong to this maid.
She is a beautiful elf as well.
However, the magnificent beauty of Cassia stands out the most.

“Michio Dono have the same opinion as Cassia. He believes that it is a bad idea to use thieves against other thieves since there needs to be a clear distinction between those hunting and those being hunted.”
“Oh, is that right?”

Cassia looks at me and smiles lightly.
The smile of a goddess.

“Because there is a possibility of collusion?”
“That’s right. It’s not appropriate for a noble’s part to be played by anyone other than a noble.”
“Even if it’s an emergency, you need to consider when to hire a thief to catch another thief.”

I can’t help but stare at Cassia.
Earlier, I was concerned about disagreeing with the Duke, but it seems to have gone well.
It wasn’t purged.

“Well, that is no longer necessary. Rejoice Cassia for Michio dono has punished Heinz’s gang.”
“Oh dear.”

Cassia opens her eyes wide, and looks at me with a joyous expression.
How much these blue eyes extend to.
I feel like I am being absorbed.
Actually, I would love to be absorbed into her.

“Only Simon managed to flee, but he can’t do much by himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has dropped dead already.”

That is indeed the case.

“Thank you very much. Heinz was active in the Earl of Selmar’s territory, my parents’ home. A few Acquaintances of mine were murdered by Heinz. Thankfully, Michio sama took revenge for me, too.”

Cassia bows.
Her beautiful, shiny golden hair cascade.

“No, not at all. I am grateful for your words.”
“I got worried when I heard they were in the Earl’s territory. The residents of Selmar will feel relieved with this, too.”
“I am honored to be of help.”

It is enough for people of Selmar just to have had Cassia worried.

“Was anyone in Heinz’s gang equipped with a ring?”

I am asked by the Duke.
I take out the Ring of Determination from my Item Box, and pass it to the Duke.

“By a ring, do you mean this ring?”
“Oh. No, it should be different from what I remember.”

Well, Ring of Determination was reborn by the Character Reset.
It can’t go back to how it was before.

“I only found this ring.”
“Don’t worry. I do not doubt Michio dono. Gozer, what do you think?”
“Well, I think there were more scratches. May be the ring was polished?”
“Heinz stole the Ring of Determination from the Earl of Selmar. It originally belonged to my house. When i married Cassia, I presented it as betrothal gift.”

The Duke explains the situation.
So originally, it was an accessory that belonged to the Duke?
And then the Ring of Determination was presented as betrothal gift?

“Betrothal gift…?”
“It’s contrary to the custom of commoners. In case of commoners, males fight against monsters. Therefore, the number of males decreases while the number of females increases. For this reason, at the time of marriage, females need to offer dowry. If the dowry is not enough, it could lead to polygamy. However, in case of nobles, since very few nobles fight against monsters, males are not any less than females. Therefore, the male has to present a betrothal gift at the time of marriage.”

The Duke, thinking probably that I didn’t understand, explains about nobles’ betrothal gift.
Well, I did not even know about the dowry of commoners, let alone nobles’ betrothal gift.
In case of commoners, the female seems to pay the male money and goods at time of marriage.

In the past, men used to get killed in wars. I heard stories about Islamic religion allowing polygamy for this reason.
Is this similar to that?

“I see.”
“If this is the Ring of Determination Heinz had, I’d like to buy it by all means. Are you fine with it?”
“Does it have a history?”
“It is something my ancestors from five generations back received during fixation.”

It really seems that the Ring of Determination came out during fixation.

“So it has such a history.”

It can not be helped.
I don’t see any reason to refuse.

“Then I will receive the ring and have it appraised right away.”

The Ring of Determination was taken from me just like that.
What about the price?
Will It be the same as having to follow the price set by lords?
Since it concerns the Duke and Cassia, I don’t think the price will be low however.

It feels like receiving a blank cheque.
They will pay the price I write.
It will be a problem in itself.

“I want to take Michio dono to the Earl of Selmar. What do you think, Cassia?”

The Duke throws a frightening suggestion.
I am fine with just getting the compensation.

“Yes. There should be words of thanks from the Earl of Selmar, of course.”

Cassia agrees with him.
Now I have no choice but to go.

“There should be. Are you okay with that, Michio dono? They just need to spare some time and bow their heads. It doesn’t need to be formal. It will not go bad nor will it trouble you. I would like Michio dono to go in person.”
“I see.”
” The thieves were taken care of thanks to Michio Sama. I will appreciate if you give the Earl of Selmar the opportunity to express his gratitude as well.”
“I understand.”

Since Cassia is asking of me, I can’t refuse.
I want to decline it if possible, but I can’t find a reason to refuse.

“If I killed the thief which the Earl of Selmar couldn’t get rid of, It would be something I could take pride in.”

May be that is the true intention of the Duke.
I wonder if the relationship between the Duke and his in-laws is bad since he stole their beautiful daughter.
Can you please not involve me in your personal matters?

“I will arrange a day with the Earl of Selmar. It will not be immediate however. So Michio dono, can you come to Bode again in the morning three days from now? I will have the date decided by then.”
“Okay, three days. Then I will come here again in three days.”

I bow to Cassia and the Duke, and take my leave.
It is about time to end this conversation.

I don’t mind being forever near Cassia, but I can not say that.
There is also a possibility that I would be asked of more unreasonable demands.
Also, I should withdraw before I am asked to show my Intelligence Card.

“Michio dono, from here please.”

Gozar sees me off to the lobby.

“Gozer dono, is there perhaps a village or a port or may be a place where I can acquire a lot of fish from?”
“When you speak about fishing village, Hafen comes to my mind. It is famous for the quality of fish. If you wish to, I can ask one of our adventurers to take you there.”

As I thought, there seems to be a good fishing village in the territory of Harz duchy.
I conjectured that the Harz duchy is close to the sea when I heard that amber is mined there.
I guessed that the sea will be to the north.

“This is Hafen.”

The adventurer brings me to what seems to be the fishing market of the village.
The air is filled with smell of the sea and fish mingled together.
The sellers are displaying the fish and interacting with the buyers.

“You are not a member of the order of knights. How can I help?”

As soon as we arrive, an elf approaches us.
He appears to be from this fishing village.
Village Chief Lv3

“I want you to listen to this person’s request. With this, I am off.”

The adventure who brought me heads back immediately.

“So, how can I be of help?”
“Is it possible to buy fish from here?”
“Yes. There is no particular restriction.”

Since the adventurer went home, I speak directly with the chief.
This looks fine to me.
That’s all I needed to hear.

“Is it always busy like this?”
“Every morning, we drop the net in different location. The quality and quantity of the fish caught is purely based on luck. The fish we catch are sold here. Today, It was quite a catch.”
“Okay. From now on, I will be coming here to buy fish.”
“We will be waiting for you.”

I make a new acquaintance and go back home.

After returning, I confirm the prize money.
39 gold coins and 52 silver coins.
395,200 Nars.
Although the Duke said it’s less, is it really less?

Among the eight Intelligence Cards I had, six thieves had low levels.
About ten to twenty each.
Those six probably value around 100,000 Nars.

There was one high level thief. The bounty for that one should most likely be 100,000 Nars.
And Heinz the bandit’s bounty will be about 200,000 Nars.

It does seem less after all.
But can I say that now?
It is late now to say that.
Even if I complain, there is no reason for them to increase it.

“Now that I have turned in the Intelligence Cards, I can go back to Haruba’s labyrinth.”

I tell the three at breakfast.
Also, since the thieves were killed, I don’t think their companions will return to any labyrinth in the territory of Harz duchy.
I can insist that Simon’s whereabouts remain unknown if it comes to that.
But I don’t think they will stick to this matter.

“The monster on 13th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth is Pig Hog.”
“The weakness of Pig Hog is water magic, right?”
“That’s right.”

I confirm with Sherry.
The monster on 12th floor of Haruba’s labyrinth was Grass Bee whose weakness was wind magic, while the weakness of Pig hog, the monster native to 13th floor, is water magic.
It would be more efficient to go to 16th Floor of Quratar’s labyrinth, but I can’t help it.
I can’t afford to act out of convenience now.

Well, there is also the possibility of using guide to reach 16th floor of Haruba’s and Tare’s labyrinths, but it will be meaningless if the monster lineup is different.
It is safer to explore the floors in order then.
I should get the Adventurer job as early as I can, but I can not level Explorer job to Lv50 in two days.

“With the money in respect of bounty, we should consider increasing party members.”
“Yes, certainly.”
“I don’t mean right now. We will wait until Miria gets familiar.”

I reiterate my intention to expand my harem.
But I will wait until Miria doesn’t need Roxanne for interpretation.
And it will take time until she masters Barhim language to the level of being able to make conversations.

“Also, I sold the Ring of Determination to the Duke of Harz. Apparently, it was obtained by the Duke’s ancestor during fixation. I am sorry, Miria.”
“So it was like I thought.”

Sherry and Miria nod.
After all, when Sherry equipped the Sacrificial Misanga, Miria received the Ring of Determination.
However, It ended up being for just one day.

Miria doesn’t show any sign of disappointment at all.
But it was supposed to be her equipment. Is she really okay with it?

“As compensation, the knight leader introduced me to a fishing village in the Harz duchy. How about we go there the day after tomorrow?”

I follow up with a suggestion.

“Wow. Yes.”

Miria’s eyes shine when Roxanne translates.
As expected, she cares more about fish than equipment.

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