Slave Harem – 099 – Regional Activities

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Regional Activities

“Do you know about [Ignore Life and Death] skill of Bounty Hunter?”

I ask Sherry.

“I read this skill is used to give death blow to monsters and bandits.”
“I see.”

Nope, that’s what I thought too.
There is no doubt that Ignore Life and Death skill is a single target attack skill.
When I invoked the skill, it prompted me to select a target.
However, I was only prompted to select a target. There was no option to trigger it.

Or perhaps the skill only did slight damage?
I attacked Grass Bees many times before taking them out in 8 spells. So if it did any damage, it was insignificant.
There is a possibility that it relies on weapon. If that’s the case, the one I have is useless.
I can’t expect much of the rod in terms of attack power.

By the way, when I switched Monk with Bounty Hunter, I needed 8 spells to take monsters out, even though they were weak against that magic.
Five Water Storms to kill Pig Hogs, with another three Breeze Balls to take out Grass Bee.
To make sure, I fight another group of four monsters. Five Breeze Storms were needed to kill two Grass Bees, with two more Water Storms to take out two Pig Hogs.
(Since Grass Bees have poison, it is better to defeat them first if they are same or more in numbers.)

The only thing I changed was exchanging Monk with Bounty Hunter.
Monk is set as forth job, but the effect seems to be the same.
When it leveled up to 10 then 20 and 30, I didn’t notice it, but when it levels up, the effect seems to increase indeed.

Well, it was reduced from Monk Lv40 to Bounty Hunter Lv1.
A little drop in status is unavoidable.
I increase jobs to Six, and open job settings to add Monk and Knight.
Monsters were defeated in seven spells since Monk is back.

Monk was effective even as sixth job.
As an experiment, I switch Bounty Hunter and Knight jobs with high level Alchemist and Merchant jobs to test ‘Increase in Intelligence’ effect, but there was no change.
I knew such an unreasonably large effect would not exist.

I added two jobs with same effect, but the status doesn’t seem to have increased by the same degree.
If it were the case, it would be great to add seventh job.
So the bonus is small then?

I am starting to think [Ignore Life and Death] may be a recovery skill, not offensive skill, as it took eight spells to defeat the first monster.
Regardless of the target’s health, it remained alive after using the skill.
The result remained the same with or without using the skill.
However, the skill belongs to Bounty Hunter which is not a healing job.

“It can kill the monsters on first few levels with a single blow. I also heard the more experience you get, the stronger and easy to trigger it gets.”

Sherry further explains.
It will really be the strongest skill if it can deliver 100% guaranteed death blow without any risk of backfire.
Does it mean the trigger chance is affected by a parameter such as level?

So it might activate against level 1 monsters.
It will probably not activate here since it is only Lv1.
Although it hasn’t used MP yet, it doesn’t mean it’s a no-cost skill.
It would not be categorized as skill if only strength was needed to use it.

I take a look at the skills of Knight job next.

There is no prompt to select target in case of [Defense].
But there are no other options either. It seems to be a fully defensive skill from the name.
May be it increases defensive power?
I use it with Durandal, but I still don’t notice anything.

[Intelligence Card Operation] seems to work normally.
I am interested in what kind of operation is possible, but it is not a good idea to do it right now.

What does [Appointment] do?
It asks me to select a target as well.
It doesn’t look like an offensive skill, as it tries to select Roxanne.

When I use [Appraisal], her job was Village Chief Lv1 instead of Beast Warrior Lv32.
The skill is to appoint head of village.

I try to appoint Sherry and Miria as well.
Only Miria gets appointed as Village Chief Lv1.
I can’t appoint myself though.
It seems I can’t specify myself as target.

Perhaps I couldn’t appoint sherry because she was carrying a recovery medicine in her Item Box?
Earlier, I couldn’t change Explorer job when I had some items in my Item Box.
May be the reason it couldn’t change from Master Smith is similar since she has something inside her Item Box?

Since [Appointment] assigns Village Chief as first job, Master Smith needs to be removed first.
I take a look at Party Job Settings, but it seems she doesn’t have Village Chief job yet.

“Sherry, do you know about Knight’s [Defense] skill?
“It is a skill to increase defense for a while. It is usually used in boss battle.”
“I see. So it’s good for boss battles huh?”
“That’s right.”

Like I thought, it is a skill that increases defense.
Well, I can shut out almost all the boss fights, but it will be a useful skill in the future.

“It is a really useful skill. In the future, a knight will probably be necessary. Would anyone of you like to become a knight?”
“If I will be of use to Master, I would like to do it.”
“It will require a long period of training as warrior to become a knight.”

Roxanne immediately raises her hand. Sherry shows her concern.
Is there even such a problem?
Miria’s Diver is Lv30 already. In fact, it didn’t take much work.

“It is alright. It will work out somehow.”
“Will I use medicine?”
“Can you become a knight using medicine?”
“There is a medicine called ‘Dope Medicine.’ It’s believed that if you use it, you can become a little stronger. If taken in large quantity, it is possible to acquire superior job. But it’s said that the person who uses this method is weaker than the one who spent years in training and gaining experience.”

Is there such an item?
If change of job is possible, it must be a level up item.

There is a drawback, though.
It would only increase level, but parameters would most probably remain same.
It’s better if I don’t use it.

“I see. But we are not going to use the medicine.”
“We are not?”
“If she is willing to help, Miria is suitable for it.”

I can’t say that to Roxanne.

“But I would like to hear Roxanne’s opinion first.”

Actually, I’m enough as a knight.
But it would be nice if someone becomes a knight, and appoints me as Village Chief.
Then I will go to the Duke and tell him that I have become head of a village.

I really don’t think that Roxanne will need [Defense], but It will not be bad to have.
When fighting against stronger monsters, it is possible for some of them to have attacks that even Roxanne can’t dodge.
If you are specialized in dodging, it will hurt when enemy attacks hit you.
At that time, it will be reassuring to have [Defense] as an option.

“If only one person changed job, we won’t need to change the current hunting floor. Because multiple members can’t acquire Knight job, it is a good idea for Roxanne to become one.”

Miria’s job changes back to Diver Lv30. Roxanne becomes Warrior Lv1.
We will try 13th floor according to Sherry’s advice.
There should be ‘Increase in Strength’ and ‘Increase in HP’ effects from Hero job, and the effects should stack with the effects from Miria’s Diver job as well.
Even without retreating to lower floor, she will not be killed in one blow.

…Forget about getting killed in one blow, the monster attacks can’t even graze her.
Roxanne is not getting hit by monster attacks.
No sign of getting hit.

And she’s only a Warrior Lv1.
In other words, it wasn’t due to her parameters but her ability.

Rather, after losing ‘Increase in Agility’ effect from Beast Warrior job, it took more strikes of Durandal.
May be it is just my imagination.

“Yes, desu.”

During battle, Roxanne issues orders.
Upon hearing her name, Miria returns to the back in a hurry.

She seems concerned about Miria’s tendency to act alone.
There are times when she steps forward too much.
Are the people of catkin tribe not good at fighting as part of group?

“She didn’t show such behavior at first, but nowadays she occasionally starts heading to the front alone.”
This shows how much she has got used to fighting.
Her level is hardly different from Sherry’s.

If Roxanne is in front, the Grass Bee’s long range attack will be focused on Roxanne.
For Sherry’s spear to cancel the opponent’s skill, we need to keep proper formation.

Even so, hearing just one word from Warrior Lv1 Roxanne, she obeys.
She replied politely as well.
Even though I said there is no need to use ‘desu’ inside labyrinth.

In the evening, after leaving Roxanne exposed to attacks, we finish hunting.
I go to Quratar to buy ingredients for dinner.
While shopping, I was called by the old lady from the hardware store.
She is the person who introduced me to the landlord.

“Great. I was about to go to your house.”

“Due to the heavy rain from the other day, a part of the drainage broke.”
“Heavy rain…”

I haven’t heard about it.
Does it rain here heavily?
Because I warp to labyrinth and stay there, the weather outside doesn’t really matter.
Since it is raining these days, is it already that time of year?

“Permission has been granted by the town lord; we will start doing the repairs the day after tomorrow. We will work from past noon until evening. At that time, please do not throw anything into the sewage. Dredging and planting of licorice will also be done. Also, if possible, can you please send one person? We need one from each house.”

Regional activities huh?
It is something like a neighborhood association.
That’s bothersome.

“I cannot avoid responsibility.”

I reply appropriately, and then ask the three at dinner.

“It is alright. I will go.”
“It will be bad if no one participates. I will go.”

Roxanne and Sherry reply.
As expected, there’s no option to skip.

“No, I will be going. It doesn’t really matter.”
“Please Master, don’t participate.”

Roxanne stops me.

“Will it be bad if I participate?”
“You are not concerned about your face, but it is drainage cleaning nonetheless. They will look down on Master.”
“I see.”

I don’t get it. Is it because it is sewage?
It is a dirty place indeed.
Is it a kind of work that free people don’t do?

“Miria says she would participate at any cost.”
“I am in, desu.”

I wonder why.
I think she is getting the wrong idea.

“We are not going to fish.”

It’s not impossible.
If the fish is able to swim upriver, there is a possibility.
Even if it’s possible, I don’t want her to do it.

“Yes, desu.”
“Even if there is, don’t eat it.”
“Yes, desu.”

Her eyes are swimming already.

“Instead of ordering her not to eat, it will probably be better to buy her one to eat.”
“I think it will be troublesome if we don’t have fish for dinner.”

Roxanne and Sherry seem to have same concern.

“I will go, desu”

Miria keeps insisting on going.

“Miria is going to participate then, will it be fine?”
“There should be other beastkin among the participants, so it will be alright.”
“There may be someone I know.”
“The servant of the hardware seller is a beastkin. She will most probably be participating. I will ask her to take care of Miria.”

When did Roxanne have time to interact with neighbors?
If she says it will be fine, it will be, I guess.

“And the work should not be that difficult, so it will be okay.”
“It will be okay. We will have fish for dinner.”

Sherry says to console me.
I feel anxious about letting Miria go.
She obviously has different motive.
I will feel relieved if her motive is not the fish in the river the drainage is connected to.

Two days later. Since it has been decided that Miria will be participating, we go to the fish market in Hafen in the morning.
I intend to convey to her that she can eat fish without having to catch one.
I also brought the bucket.

“There will be fish for tonight’s dinner. Can you find small fish like the other day?”
“Yes, desu.”

Miria looks around the fish market with serious expression.
Before long, we were in front of the same place as before.
In the end, she went to the old catwoman’s shop.
Perhaps they have reliable method of processing fish.

“8 fish, right?”
“Yes, desu.”

It is the same mackerel fish as last time.
Miria places the order, and puts the selected fish in the bucket.

This shop has shrimps as well.
It looks like ordinary shrimps.
Can I cook them same as kuruma shrimps?

“Is it possible to bake shrimps?”
“Will it stay fresh till dinner?”

I ask Roxanne.
Roxanne translates what I said to the old catkin lady.
The old lady pokes a shrimp.
The shrimp jumps.

“It’ll be good for two to three days.”

It is still alive.

“Then add 8 shrimps as well.”

Roxanne translates my order.
The old lady wraps the shrimp in leaf and puts it in the bucket.
After putting the shrimps in bucket, she counts the fish inside.

“It is 1 Nar for two shrimps. The total will be 12 Nars.”

Even though I didn’t understand the words, I knew she was counting.
I pay twelve Nars and return home.

Once we entered the labyrinth, Miria told me how to cook them. After that, she went to repair drainage.
Miria doesn’t care that the shrimps are alive.
The fish was cut into three, the head of the shrimp was removed, and the back side stripped.
The way to cook shrimps doesn’t seem different from the Earth.

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