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Chapter 17 Unique Constitution

Kuroa wore a fearless smile in front of me.
If that smile wasn’t being directed at me I would be cheering 「Kya~ Kya~!///」in this situation.
Kuroa unsheathed the long sword wrapped in a violet mist.
Its dull glowing blade was just like a demon sword.

「…Do you know【Magic】by any chance?」

Kuroa unexpectedly asked me a sudden question.


I remember when a monster chanted a【Darkness】type of magic before I came to the town.

「Just a little bit…」

I answered honestly.
I unsheathe my silver knife as Kuroa asked.

「My specialty magic is【Thunder】it is the magic that《Wakou Jiraiya》is most suited for…!」

Kuroa’s expression takes a 180°
I’ve said it before but if I wasn’t in this situation I would be shouting 『Kya~ /// Kuroa-sama!///』
This is bad, I’m going to die.
I swallow my saliva with a gulp and take a stance with the knife.



Using the long sword Kuroa swung up from below.
From the tip of the blade dazzling light released electricity aimed at me.
I dodge predicting where the electricity will land.

Iya, this is slashing…?
To fling lightning by slashing…!

So cool~~~~!

「As expected! That relaxed expression! Fu fu, it seems like I’ll enjoy this!」

Saying that Kuroa kicks off the ground.
Ah, so handsome…
A handsome guy is approaching directly in front of me…

「《Thunder Slash》!」

This time Kuroa used consecutive attacks with his blade wrapped in lightning.
I do my best to parry the blows with the silver knife.
More like, so fast.
Every blow is heavy.
I can barely follow the actions with my eyes.

「Numbness! I’m getting shocked from the knife!」

「Do you plan on feigning composure the entire time…!」

「It’s not composure! It’s really making me numb!」

“Bachi”,”Bachi”, lightning weaves itself between us.
During that time Kuroa did not stop assault.
What should I do.
My hair has begun to stand up due to the static electricity…

「To be insulted to this extent, even I won’t stay quiet…!」

At once, Kuroa jumped back and raised his sword toward the sky.
His surroundings began gathering an enormous amount of electricity.
This…is the feeling of an ultimate move…!

『Oi you』


I noticed the monster Kuroa summoned was at my feet looking up at me.
I thought this before, but its super-duper fluffy-wuffy fur makes it super cute.
I want to bury my face into its nine tails…

『That’s Masters final attack, it would be best to run』

「…Ah, Iya, even if you tell me to run…」

After saying that the Kyuubi disappeared.
I wonder what that was.
I wonder if it’s a monster that can freely move through time and space.
That’s nice.
It’s a big difference from a certain Dzura monster…

「Is it time to be looking away…?」


Kuroa’s words brought me back to reality, yet, too late—
It seemed like even the revolving lantern which flashed my life before my eyes didn’t have enough time either.


—I was completely pierced by the lightning shot from the handsome man.

「Hey waka! That noise just now…!」

「Acha…. Did you do it again? Waka…」

「Ahh… There’s a hole in the roof of the dojo again…」

The pupils gather one by one due to the sound of the lightning.


In front of their eyes was a discouraged Kuroa with his sword stabbed into the ground.

「Ah, whoa, seriously! That boy took waka’s 《Levin》and is standing there with a calm face!」

One of the pupils yell that while pointing a finger at me.

That’s right—

For some reason after taking Kuroa’s lightning, my body was unharmed and I just stood there in a daze.
But I think I leaked a little…

『Master, that swordsman is probably covered by【Mismatch】the ability to nullify magic』

「【Mismatch】… No way…」



What’s that?

「…Mana, can you give me a second?」

Still wearing a startled expression, Kuroa approaches me.
And suddenly grabs my collar—


「Kyaahh! What are you doing!」

「It’s fine」

Suddenly tearing off my jacket, I am in a shirtless state.
Wait, It’s not 『fine』!
What are you doing!

「Move your hands」

「Of course I won’t! What are you doing!」

「It’s fine, I just want to make sure of something」

「Something to make sure of—ah」

Kuroa forcibly moved my arms that were covering my chest.
Placing a finger on my chest he murmured something.

「Please stop Kuroa!」

「It’s not appearing…」

「What isn’t!? Nothing’s going to come out from there!」

What are you trying to take out!
I’m a guy right now, nothing’s going to come out!
Iya, even if I was a girl nothing would come out—

『The emblem isn’t surfacing. As I thought this person has【Mismatch】…it’s a positive, Master』

The Kyuubi that suddenly appeared at my feet said as such.
Mou! What’s been happening!
I mean, let go of my hand already!
It’s embarrassing!

「…Can you listen to something? Mana」

Finally releasing my hand Kuroa asked with a serious expression.
I grabbed the torn clothes at the speed of light and wrap it around my upper body.
Ah, mou, my heart is pounding…

「Have you ever been hit by【Magic】before?」

「Eh? Ah, well, yea…」

In the forest I was hit by【Darkness】from the witch…

「How was it, at that time?」

「It became depressed」


「Ah, sorry, that’s my bad」

The witch becoming depressed when her magic didn’t work on me has nothing to do with this.


Magic…didn’t work…?

No way—

「…Looking at that face it seems like you’ve understood. That’s correct, you have a unique constitution that nullifies magic【Mismatch】it resides in your body. Just now I used a magic that would make an emblem appear on your chest so to speak」


It wasn’t that he wanted to touch my chest…
Well, that’s obvious.

「Your body doesn’t accept any magic into it. Within this 《Commercial City Gaia》the only one with【Mismatch】in their body is you. This is the maximum advantage you can have…as well as the maximum handicap」


「While you aren’t affected by any magic in return you have a constitution(…) where you aren’t able(…) to use(…) any magic(…) Mana」

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