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Prepare yourselves…
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Chapter 18 Merrill’s Clothing Store




『…he has frozen, Master』


…I can’t use…magic…?
Eh? What do you mean?
Even though I came into a long awaited fantasy world, I can’t chant magic?
Eh? Then, flying through the sky with a “gyun” is impossible?
No way~

「I wonder if this…was a considerable shock」

Kuroa waved his hands in front of my face many times, but it wasn’t time for that.

【Mismatch】the ability inside me seems to nullify【Magic】so that it doesn’t affect my body at all.

Eh? Then what about recovery magic? What about magic to dispel abnormal effects?

So if the entire party is poisoned and a full party cure is cast then I’ll have to be “dokudokudokudoku” sitting with poison the entire time? (sound of poison damage)

No way~

Eh? Then what about revival magic? Once I’ve died does that mean I can’t revive?
What about aging magic? If I become an old man, then I’ll be an old man forever?
A tranny grandpa who speaks using womanly words—

「Mana? Are you―」

「Who’s a tranny Grandpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」





—and then Kuroa flew far away.

「Iya, I’m really sorry」

In the rented room from Kuroa.
I apologized in front of the battered Kuroa.
Speaking of which, you managed to survive Kuroa.

「Haha, you’re really a mysterious guy…ouch…」

Kuroa lied on the bed while holding his head.
The Kyuubi looked up anxiously from the side.
The tail is really cute.
I want to fluffy-wuffy.


…I was glared at by the Kyuuni with fierce eyes…

「Kyuubi, Isn’t it time to sleep? I’m fine here already」

『…Yes, Master』

The Kyuubi reluctantly replied to Kuroa and disappeared from where it was.
Next time I see it lets bury my face into the tails.

「Ah… Iya, I’m really sorry, I got out of control in my head…」

Once again, I apologize by prostrating myself in a dogeza.
I have used a full force upper cut on a handsome man.
Even if I was burned at the stake by all the women in the world I could not complain…

「Please raise your head, Mana. I am also sorry; since I wanted to know your true ability my 『Habit』came out…」

Kuroa said this with an apologetic face as he got up.
Ah, a wounded handsome man is also good looking…
A sight for sore eyes.

「I also ripped your cloths…Let me reimburse you.」

「Eh? Is that fine?」

Kuroa removed money gently from his chest pocket and handed it to me.


The amount of money has been displayed overhead.



「This much? Is it okay, Kuroa?」

It was more expensive than I thought.
It’s possible that it’s an event reward…

「Ah, adding to the fact that I attacked you, this amount still seems lacking. I’m really sorry about that」

Once again Kuroa deeply apologizes by lowering his head.
Ah, I want to hug you right now.
But you need to endure, Mana.
If I go to crazy in a VRMMO the management is going to get angry…

「If you go down the hill and towards the west there is a 『Clothing Store』 The store is ran by my acquaintance so we can find clothes there」

「Clothing Store…Un, I’ll go look」

I depart while leaving Kuroa in the house.
What I’m wearing now is a coat borrowed from him.
I’ll need to return it after I buy clothes.


Leaving the rented house and heading down the hill, I arrived at the Clothing Store after heading west for 10 minutes.
『Merrill’s Clothing Store』 was written on the sign.

Who came out of the back was―

「Ah, good day, are you Merrill-san? 」

Merrill Haiderun
It seems that she is also an NPC in 《Commercial City Gaia》
The trait that stands out the most is her pointed ears.
That’s right.
She is an elf.
The largest race that lives in this city is human and following that is the elves.
Wearing clean white clothing, the atmosphere was excellent in the store.
How cute…those clothes…

For now I tell her that I was introduced to the store by Kuroa.
Looking at my ripped shirt under the coat, it was obvious what had happened.
Merrill looks at me with sympathy.

…As expected, his 『Battle Freak』personality is well known throughout the City…
「Isn’t he strange, that Kuroa」

「Eh? Ah, yes. Even though he’s usually nice, once he starts fighting he completely changes…」

「Fu fu, isn’t that right. His family was originally the royal family’s Mercenary group in the past which may have influenced him」

Royal families mercenary group…
『Originally』which means that I can infer that they are no longer in active service…

『Battle Freak Mercenaries』for some reason I really wanna avoid that…

「What would you like? Since your body line is really thin…how about this?」
Holding various outfits Merrill begins to coordinate a look for me.


However it just doesn’t feel right.
That’s right, It’s that.
I’ve never bought men’s clothes before; they have less types and patterns compared to women’s clothing.
I definitely prefer this type of thing being a woman more.
Saying that while being transitioned to male doesn’t seem right though…

「Huh…? You…are male right? Your voice is androgynous and the way you choose your clothing is like a girl…」

「Ah, yes. I am 『tentatively』 a male right now….」


「Ah, just talking to myself」

Merrill tilts her head.
Even if I explain an NPC in a VRMMO shouldn’t be able to understand.
However what should I do.
For some reason I can’t find any really good male clothes…

「…Hey, since you have a girlish face, how about trying on some girl clothing?」


For some reason Merrill is wearing an evil expression.
Then taking back all of the men’s clothing she brings over a huge selection of female clothing.

「See, something like this fits you perfectly, Ah, this too! Isn’t this skirt really cute! Ah! This is also very sexy…as I thought you look a lot better in female clothing」

「Ah, umm…」

「Just try them out a little! Come on, hurry!」

「Eh, ah, huh…?」

With great force I was pushed into the dressing room.
Why is she so strong.
It hwurts.
My arm hwurts.

「See, this hairband also matches really well and this ribbon…uwa, so cute…!」


「Since there are a lot of types of piercings want to try some? More like, let’s just try them!」


「Kya!/// Doesn’t this really suit you! With this your outfit is coordinated—」


Why are you in such high tension, Merrill-san…
The elvish tailor became drowned in excitement by crossdressing a man…

Ah, then again it’s not like I can’t understand her feelings.
Thinking of having Kuroa or Susan-sensei crossdress is…


「Ara? Your face is turning red……! That’s no good! I have an arranged marriage—!」

Merrill has somehow misunderstood.
Iya, I’m a woman…

「Ahn, but sometimes even I want to break from the rules my parents set…! But it’s no good! Ah but the immoral-ness of the situation will dominate my mind…Kya!///」


Umm…what about my clothes….

Afterwards, while saying Kya! Kya! the entire time I was constrained in Merrill’s Store for several hours.
But she isn’t a bad child.
While she might be a little 『Rotten』it is just her setting as an NPC.
And finally, we picked a few outfits and accessories.
All together 【1800G】
I got a discount by being introduced by Kuroa.
And all of those clothes were—

—『Women’s clothing』obviously.

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Thank you for the interesting.


So, this really destroyed the mental image of Mana’s body I had, I was imagining a super ripped body, like that of Johnathan Joestar, for the maximum dissonance, only to find out she was completely androgynous in this chapter.


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It had been hinted at previously so the body shape and such weren’t really surprise.


I really don’t understand why play a trans game just to be the same as before.