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Chapter 19 Crossdressing Man

The Next Day.

In order to head over to Susan-sensei’s clinic I decided to visit Kuroa’s House.
Because after all, going alone seems somewhat embarrassing.
I wonder if he’ll use the stethoscope again…

「Ah, you’ve arrive, then lets hurry over to Susan-sensei’s―」

While talking Kuroa became frigid.
Is there something strange?


『Yes, Master』

Kyuubi suddenly appeared at Kuroa’s feet after being called.
I wonder why he called Kyuubi…?

「…is that…Mana…?」


「…was Mana…a woman…?」

『…Iya, the scent was male』

「…I see」


For some reason Kuroa is holding his head while crouching like he’s in pain.
What on earth is wrong…
It’s fine, it’s nothing big, even if I dress like a woman.
Speaking of which, it was Merrill that coordinated this outfit…



「Why…are you wearing a skirt?」

「Because…It’s cute?」



Sighing loudly, Kuroa crouches down again.
On the side Kyuubi just shakes its head “yareyare”.
Then Kuroa slowly opens his mouth to speak.

「…It’s true, that you, look cute…I think」

「Ah, Iya, by『Cute』I meant this skirt―」

「Oh well, just listen to me」

「Ah, Okay」

I was silenced by force…

「Umm, well, I think your white outer shirt really fits you well, and your tied up hair is also cute」

「Un, my hair was surprisingly long so I was able to tie it into one knot「Just listen to me」Ah, okay…sorry」

I was forcefully interrupted…

「Let me get straight to the point. Are you…that type?」

「Your wrong」

That wasn’t even straight to the point…

「Then, why are you wearing women’s clothes?」

「Umm…because it was cute?」

At my reply Kuroa once again crouches down while holding his head.
Speaking of which, isn’t this conversation going in a loop?

「Ah, there you are, waka! Carpenter Gram-san and his helper are here to repair the dojo… ah what a beautiful lady, is she your ”this” waka?」(He has his pinky finger pointing up, which also means lover/girlfriend/boyfriend)

A pupil came in to the foyer with good timing.
We should’ve met yesterday, but it seems like he doesn’t recognize me.
More like what’s with that pinky…
That reference is old…

「Such a beautiful lady was living in Gaia! Waka sure is sinful! Gahahaha!」

「…Let’s go, Mana, if we’re here then it seems like various things will be misunderstood…」

「Ah, yea」

「Kyuubi, Head to Susan-sensei’s place」

『Yes, Master』

After Kyuubi confirmed Kuroa was on his back, I was placed behind him.
Last time I rode on the fox I was held in a princess carry…
Ah, then if I get princess carried now I don’t think I’ll feel uncomfortable…

「…W-what is it, Mana…your eyes look like you want something…」


When I open my arms and wink, Kuroa once again holds his head.
What’s with that, isn’t it fine, it’s just that much…

『…Haa, here we go』

Kyuubi leaves the house at high speed while sighing.
What’s with that, you didn’t need to sigh.

『With this, I’ll be off』

Once we reach Susan-sensei’s Clinic, Kyuubi disappears again.
I wonder where he usually lives.
Since he appears immediately once called by Kuroa he might be unexpectedly close.

「Hey, welcom—who?」

The handsome gentleman Susan-sensei came out to greet us.
However he had a question mark over his head.

「Mana-desu」(It’s Mana)


With his hand on his chin, Susan-sensei inspects me from head to toe.
It looks like Kuroa is holding his head again.

「Umm…you came yesterday…Mana-kun right?」


「…Did you hit your head somewhere?」


Even Susan-sensei is mocking me.
What’s with all this?

「Susan-sensei, this morning when he arrived he was like this…」

Being unable to bear it any longer Kuroa let out his voice.
He also summarized what happened from the rented housing to the fight in the dojo.
He also mentioned 『Merrill’s Clothing Store』as well.

「I see, so…this is Merrill-chan’s fault」

Susan-sensei seemed convinced.
And then slowly reaches out for my shirt.

「It’s okay without the stethoscope!」

I refuse profusely.
But Susan-sensei would not stop his advance.

「Isn’t doesn’t really matter does it, it’s not like your body has become female too」

「For some reason that sounds erotic!」

Thus I am slowly stripped.
Why does it become like this.

「Ah…iya, I’m sorry. For some reason it seems like things have gotten weird. Let’s stop this for now, anymore and…」

For some reason Susan-sensei has suddenly become red and is looking away.

Thank god…
That stethoscope is super cold, and being naked is really embarrassing…

I, have narrowly avoided death.

Afterwards the examination is finished with just talking.
Apparently Susan-sensei, Kuroa, and Merrill are old friends from school.
I wonder if the setting is that all of them are older than me.
This《TSO》also has the concept of age just like the real world.
Once I started to leave, remembering that I forgot to ask a question about my constitution I called out to Susan-sensei and he turns around.

「Sensei, I almost forgot, but I have the unique constitution called【Mismatch】with this ability does it mean that even recovery magic is no longer effective? 」

「【Mismatch】…? Is that the true?」

I thought he was asking me, but apparently I was wrong.
Susan-sensei directs the question towards Kuroa.

「…Is this fine Mana? It’s not something you go telling other people, so I stayed silent…」

「Eh…? Ah, I see」

Certainly I can understand what Kuroa is saying.

『Magic doesn’t work』Hiding that fact will give you the upper hand in a fight and you will be able to take one or two initiatives in combat。

Otherwise『Not being able to use magic』being known would allow the enemy to come up with strategies against you.


It’s a very complex situation.

「Fumu…This is the first time I’ve met someone with【Mismatch】…however in the medical records it’s written that “all magic is ineffective” which would mean that even recovery magic has no effect 」

As I thought.
Then that decides my next question.

「However『Recovery Items』have an effect right? Which would mean that, unless I stock up completely on those types of items I’ll be in quite a bit of danger? 」

This is what I have been thinking about yesterday while rolling around in the futon.
If I cannot use magic then I need to use tactics that don’t rely magic.
If magic doesn’t affect me then I need an item to replace it.

「That’s certainly correct, since you cannot use magic nor be affected by it. You can however, be indirectly affected by it. Technically, items also use【Magic】to cause effects and are also made with magic. The effects themselves however, shouldn’t be able to be nullified」

「Hoo…if that’s the case then you can relax to a certain extent…」

Then what I need to do is 『Collection of recovery items』in order to protect myself.
After I’ve gathered recovery items to the maximum limit, I will need to work on completing the skill system.
If there is a support skill that automatically uses possessed recovery items in an emergency I’d be a lot more relaxed…

「Kuroa, I was wondering if you could show me around to places like a general store or skill shop if they exist」

「Sure, it is a simple request; I have caused you a lot of problems. Showing you around isn’t a hassle」

Kuroa generously acknowledged my request.
That’s great.
This city is way too wide, without a guide I wouldn’t be able to tell which store was what.

「Well, keeping this a secret just between all of us would be a good idea. If certain people like slave traders find out about【Mismatch】then it’ll become a big problem for you」

「Slave traders…? So they still exist here… in this《Commercial City Gaia》」

I get slight goosebumps from Susan-sensei’s words.

Human trafficking…
Certainly with a VRMMO that is trying to copy the highest degree of freedom it is also fully equipped with that sort of system…
Being on the side that’s sold isn’t something that I could endured though…

「With that said, your crossdressing could be good camouflage in order to hide【Mismatch】since it is necessary to directly touch the chest in order to use the【Search】magic」


Is it that.
The magic that Kuroa used on me.
That, was really embarrassing.

「【Search】is used to determine the specialty magic of the person it is cast on. Once used, it will reveal the type of magic as an emblem, mine would be【Thunder】while Susan-sensei would have the ice type【Glacier】appear on his chest」

Following Susan-sensei, Kuroa gives an explanation.

How nice…【Glacier】
I like fire and ice magic the best…


Heaving a large sigh, I give my thanks to Susan-sensei and leave the clinic behind.
However, I can’t remain depressed forever.
Even if I can’t use magic, there are a lot of things to do.
First I’ll have Kuroa guide me around and then finally head toward the guild.

Since this city is so large, I’m sure various commissions【Quests】are submitted.

Do a【Quest】then save money in order to gather equipment.
Obviously I can’t just use this one silver knife forever.
For the amount of magic I cannot use, I need to save up enough money in order to spurge on equipment.
I also need to improve in using the item system.
I cost quite a bit of money.
More like my『Unique Constitution』is expensive.
However, I am having fun.

I still have quite a bit of spare time anyway, ne~

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SEX: Male?
LOGIN TIME:0033:14:46

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